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Keith Ellison is a Muslim Democratic Representative currently serving as deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, and is causing quite a stir across social media this week after taking a picture of himself with a book promoting the violent “Antifa” movement.

We all know that since President Donald Trump’s election, so-called Antifa activists have initiated violent clashes on college campuses and at right-wing gatherings throughout the nation. The group has even been accused of using coordinated violent attacks against people they deem to promote any kind of “far-right” ideology, which to them is pretty much anyone who doesn’t subscribe to Socialist or outright Stalinist/Marxist views.

Rep. Keith Ellison has close ties to Louis Farrakhan who is openly anti-Semitic.

What we as an ideology and a party need to ask ourselves is why everyone on our side was so focused on a scuffle between President Trump and his former advisor Steve Bannon yesterday, while at the same time ignoring how this man has sided with and promoted a group which for all intent an purpose is a terrorist organization? Who even cares if Trump and Bannon get along? They can fight all they want, it won’t change our lives, but what this “Religion of Peace” following fool votes on and promotes does affect our lives deeply.

Via WND:

DNC-chief candidate had pilgrimage to Mecca paid for by subversive organization

Keith Ellison has been making the rounds on national media circuits as he campaigns for chairman of the DNC. But can we believe anything he says?
Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., has been making the rounds on national media circuits as he campaigns for chairman of the DNC. But can we believe anything he says?

Evidence is mounting in support of the allegation that U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, the nation’s first Muslim congressman and a leading candidate for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is a Muslim Brotherhood operative and has been for years.

As a mouthpiece for that subversive organization, which Congress is considering declaring a terrorist organization, nothing Ellison says should be taken at face value, experts on the Brotherhood told WND.

This explains how he could speak before Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups like the Islamic Society of North America and later claim he has no relationship with the group. In fact, he was scheduled to address the annual convention of another Brotherhood offshoot, the Muslim American Society or MAS, on Tuesday but his name has suddenly disappeared from the list of convention speakers, reports the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

But Ellison has more to explain about his past than a few speaking engagements in front of dubious organizations. His ties run deeper.

The same group that he was scheduled to address, the MAS, paid for Ellison’s December 2008 pilgrimage to Mecca. MAS has been called a “national security threat” which has ties to the Brotherhood, as documented in a report Monday by IPT.

MAS paid $13,500 for Ellison’s pilgrimage, called the Hajj, to Mecca. It is listed as one of more than a dozen groups spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood in documents filed by the FBI during the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas in 2007-08. That trial, despite is unprecedented success in rooting out American Muslims involved in financing the terrorist group Hamas, was shut down by former Attorney General Eric Holder soon after the Obama administration took office in 2008.

‘Weekly strategy meetings with CAIR’

Chris Gaubatz is a national security consultant and vice president of Understanding the Threat. He told WND that the concerns about Ellison’s past are beyond disturbing.

“After my testimony before Congress this summer his office actually confirmed that he has spoken at Muslim Brotherhood conferences held by the Islamic Society of North America, so there is no secret there,” said Gaubatz, co-author of “Muslim Mafia,” an investigative book based on documents he was able to secure while working as an undercover intern for the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR.

“When I was working on the Muslim Mafia project Ellison would do weekly projects with CAIR, weekly strategy meetings at CAIR’s headquarters in D.C.,” Gaubatz told WND. “And then he’s got some ties to the MAS as well. So he covers the whole gamut from ISNA to CAIR, to MAS. All are affiliated with the Brotherhood.”

What can we believe?

That brings us back to the question: Given his ties to an international brotherhood whose stated goal is the spread of Shariah across the globe, can Ellison be taken at his word when he speaks to the media or on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives?

In fact, everything about Ellison’s public life, his support for far-left causes such as same-sex marriage and abortion on demand through the later stages of pregnancy, might be a smokescreen.

At best, he is a confused individual who doesn’t square his spiritual life with his political stances, which seem to be at odds with each other. Unless you understand Islamic law.

When his life is inspected under the lens of Sharia, maybe Keith Ellison isn’t such an enigma after all, says a former Islamic imam and expert on the Muslim Brotherhood.

‘The code of necessity’

To understand Ellison you have to understand Shariah, says Dr. Mark Christian, who converted to Christianity in 2005 and changed his name from Muhammad Abdullah, leaving behind a comfortable life in Egypt as part of a prominent Muslim family.

Get the book former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is calling the “most important read of 2017.” It’s “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad” and it just arrived in the WND Superstore.

“So, does Sharia allow you to accept some stuff that is not Islamic in order to further the political agenda of Islam? Absolutely it does,” Christian told WND. It is based on a teaching that is called the code “necessity.”

This doctrine, based Quran 2:173, applies to one’s personal life as well.

“If somebody lives outside his native country in a country that is not Muslim – say Europe or the United States back when they still were European and American – it was allowed for Muslims to eat meat that was not halal, and to fast in ways they are not supposed to fast,” Christian said. “This is Sharia, again, giving them latitude under the code of necessity.”

Christian said American politicians and Americans in general don’t understand Islamic law and thus are easily deceived.

“It is put upon any Muslim to make the decision to abide or not abide with any Islamic rules or regulations based on if it’s going to serve the cause of Islam,” he said. “If it’s going to protect the life of a Muslim, or protect the person himself, you have the right to make changes to the rules if you are going to protect yourself or your family or another person who is part of your brotherhood as a Muslim in this non-Muslim country, or if it is going to protect and advance the cause of Islam itself in this society.”

One of the most ‘pro gay’ lawmakers in Congress

So Ellison can proudly advocate for LGBT rights to the point where the far-left named him one of its “11 Most Pro Gay U.S. Representatives.”

Where’s the outcry from Muslim leaders?

“They know without even saying the words that he is doing this to further the cause of Islam and they can actually cheer for him and help him out,” says Christian, who founded the Omaha, Nebraska-based Global Faith Institute to help Christians and Jews understand Islam.

That’s because pandering to left-wing voting blocs like the homosexual lobby helps re-elect America’s first Muslim congressman, term after term after term. And that’s a good thing for Islam, Christian says, giving it legitimacy in what was a predominantly Christian nation.

“Sharia law not only allows this but encourages it,” he said.

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Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult.
Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult.

Dr. Christian said he is himself a living example of the law of necessity.

As a convert to Christianity, the rules of Shariah say he should be killed as an apostate. Yet, despite having endured threats and harassment from the Muslim community in Omaha, he lives on.

“Killing me as an apostate is not encouraged in a land that is not Islamic because it might give Islam a bad name and may not further the cause of Islam in America while the Muslim population is still small,” he said.

President Obama is treated the same way, even more delicately in fact, without so much as the slightest rebuke thrown his way for denying the religion of his birth.

If Obama is truly a Christian, as he claims to be, that would mark him for death as an apostate. According to Sharia there is no way for a son of a Muslim father to avoid being Muslim, says Christian. There is only one exception – if he qualifies for the law of necessity.

“There is no budging on that,” Christian said. “Obama’s father was a Muslim. But you have not heard any condemnation by any Muslim that Obama is not practicing Islam and says he’s Christian! Why? I will tell you why, because such a condemnation would harm Islam, and the president himself is very helpful to the Islamic cause in America, so you will never hear any Muslim say Obama is an apostate and someone should kill him.”

Dr. Christian said the code of necessity as applied by Shariah law is the key to understanding Islam in a non-Islamic society like America.

“It is a way for them to put on the sheep’s clothes and deceive most Americans as to who they really are,” he said. “This is why the naïve Americans and especially the politicians have been deceived for years by Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“If people realized the fact that Islam is a political movement it would solve many problems we are facing in the West because of Islam and its deceptions,” Christian added.

“Taqqiya,” or the allowing of Muslims to be untruthful, is just a part of the larger Quranic principle called necessity.

“Taqiyya is a tool to cover for yourself in times of necessity,” he explained. “There are three things that justify it, protection of another Muslim’s life, protection of one’s self and protection of the Islamic movement. And as a matter of fact, it is not only that you are allowed to do that, it is actually praised, because it is looked at as an act of jihad when you are doing this.”

What is taqiyya?

Taqiyya is found in Quran 16:106 and also in 3:28.

“This is what Shariah teaches, as taught by Muhammad the founder of Islam. He practiced taqiyya, he practiced deceiving, he practiced all of that in his military career and in his political leadership career,” Christian said.

Muhammad was not just a military leader he was also a political figure, the model for Ellison and any Muslim politician.

“He made treaties, he negotiated with others, and the military was just one part of his structure,” Christian said. “The way he negotiated with his home town of Mecca when he was about to conquer it, he married one of the girls of the city so he was able to take over without spilling any blood, he was able to deceive them into believing things that were not true.”

Christianity’s folly

Christianity has got it all wrong in America, he said. If Christianity doesn’t change its response to Islam it is going to be silenced by Islam, says Dr. Christian, who penned an op-ed on this topic Thursday in the Washington Times titled Terrorizing Christmas.

Christianity’s response to Islam should not be to make Islam comfortable here in the West, trying not to offend by withholding from Muslims the hard truths of the gospel, he said. But before even the gospel can be shared, Christians must explain to Muslims how their religion is built on lies, he said.

“Christians are the most naïve of all Americans,” he told WND. “They are the ones who don’t understand and don’t want to understand the danger that is sitting on the corner trying to devour every church and very Christian on earth.”

Again, he says, look at the life of Muhammad if you want to understand the driving force behind Islam.

“The very prophecy of Muhammad is that Jesus will come back not to lift up the Church but to destroy the Church,” he said. “This is the prophecy of Muhamad, so you are talking about the complete opposite of what Christianity teaches, but Christians are the most lame and naïve of all because they are trying their best to do nothing in front of danger, which is something Jesus never did. He spoke truth to power. And He was not afraid of a cross. Christians nowadays are hiding behind the cross. We are told to be on the cross and to make disciples of all nations. We are told to face danger and face our own cross on a daily basis.”

So is Keith Ellison a dangerous man? Is he an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been declared a terrorist organization by Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, and is possibly going to be declared a terrorist organization by the United States if a bill now sitting in Congress gets passed under the leadership of a new president?

Dr. Christian did not hesitate when asked the question.

“Absolutely. He is a Muslim Brotherhood operative. His relationship with the Islamic Society of North America and CAIR tells us he is. This is not a hidden fact, and these two groups are the Muslim Brotherhood and he’s not denying his relationship and association with them whatsoever, so he already said he is a Muslim Brother.”

So how is he able to run for the highest office in the Democratic Party, chairman of the DNC?

“Again, Americans are naïve enough to believe that lipstick on a pig does not make it a pig,” Christian said.

I believe that us as a people from both sides of the political aisle need to start asking ourselves what’s important to us. A president and an ex-advisor at odds with each other? Or a man who has clear and very questionable ties to terrorist groups and who endorses ideologies which go against everything our nation stands for?

Please share if you agree we as Americans need to decide where our priorities lie….

Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He's worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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BREAKING: THIS IS IT! They’re About To Be Exposed!!!




Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch echoes statements he made on the Fox News program “Hannity” last week. He warned that a “tsunami of information” exposing “Obama, Clinton and their ties to Deep State scandals,” will soon be released and there will be no going back from letting the hands of justice take their course. It seems like the deep state is getting blasted on all fronts these days.

Judicial Watch also announced that a federal judge had ordered the State Department to speed up the release Hillary Clinton’s 72,000 pages of email records. Although these emails were expected to be released in 2020 after the presidential election, they now have a release date of September 28th, 2018. This is before the midterm elections. This is huge.

Sara Carter, who is an investigative reporter, recently confirmed to Fox News host Sean Hannity that the Inspector General’s report on the emails will be released sometime in January, but now believes the deadline may have been quietly pushed back.


Via Judicial Watch:

“Judicial Watch: Court Orders State Department to Speed Up Production of Clinton Email Records
JANUARY 11, 2018

State Department Must Complete Review and Release of 72,000 Pages of Records by September 28

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today announced that a federal court judge ordered the State Department to speed up processing and production of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails. U.S. District Court Judge James E. Boasberg recently ordered the State Department to complete processing the remaining documents that were recovered by the FBI in its investigation into Clinton’s illicit email server by September 28, 2018. The Court’s latest order accelerates State’s production rate which would have continued until 2020.

Last year, the FBI uncovered 72,000 pages of documents Clinton attempted to delete or did not otherwise disclose. The State Department had been processing the documents at a rate that would have required Judicial Watch and the American people to wait until at least 2020 to see all the releasable Clinton material.

Prior to the FBI investigation, Clinton repeatedly stated that the 55,000 pages of documents she turned over to the State Department in December 2014 included all of her work-related emails. In response to a court order in another Judicial Watch case, she declared under penalty of perjury that she had “directed that all my emails on in my custody that were or are potentially federal records be provided to the Department of State, and on information and belief, this has been done.” Clinton failed to turn over at least 627 emails in that 55,000-page production, further contradicting a statement by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails had been turned over to department.

Judge Boasberg’s November 30 order came in a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on May 6, 2015, (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)) seeking:

All emails sent or received by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in her official capacity as Secretary of State, as well as all emails by other State Department employees to Secretary Clinton regarding her non-“” email address.

The court also ordered the State Department to identify and explain the basis for all documents withheld in full from both the 55,000 pages of emails turned over by Clinton and the 72,000 pages of records recovered by the FBI which have been processed thus far by April 6, 2018.”

Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft also reported that the Department of Justice turned over some of the 1.2 million documents requested by lawmakers this past week. The documents are related to the Obama Justice Department’s activities during the 2016 election where the Top Secret FISA Memo is now pointing to the fact that the Obama administration did, in fact, try to tamper with our election process in favor of Crooked Hillary Clinton.

According to several other news sources, Congressman Nunes and the House Intel Committee reviewed all FBI and DOJ docs on the dossier including the FISA apps. So we can now say the whole puzzle is finally coming together. Let’s hope Barack Hussein Obama and Crooked Hillary Clinton pay for their crimes and we show the whole world that lawlessness won’t be tolerated in the United States of America.

Please share if you want to see Obama and Crooked Hillary behind bars.

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BREAKING: Trump Just Did It Right Before Massive Women’s March This Weekend! Hell Yeah!



It’s that “special” time of year when liberal women and their emasculated male supporters gather together in hoards and flood the streets across the country in ridiculous pink hats. Despite saying they’re “empowered” by taking their “rights” back and screaming for free birth control, the Women’s March is really just an army of victims wanting to scream and accomplish nothing. It’s their hate for our supposedly misogynistic president that they’re putting on display, while ignoring the droves of liberal men this year who have been exposed as the true groping perverts.

Now, just hours before this embarrassing nonsense of pink hats fills the streets in a city near you, the nemesis of the movement, President Trump himself, has just ended it for all of them in a move he made. While they continually tout Trump as a misogynist and anti-woman in everything he does, they reap the benefits of what he has actually done for them already that Barack Obama never did, and they are currently benefitting from it as they march.

Conservative Tribune reports:

One of the many unfounded criticisms lodged against President Donald Trump by his liberal haters is that he is some sort of sexist misogynist that mistreats and looks down upon successful women.

Of course, anyone who knows or has been following Trump for any amount of time — and who has a bit of intellectual honesty — understands that such a smear couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality of the situation, as laid out in detail in an op-ed for The Hill by GOP strategist Jen Kerns, is that Trump actually has more women at senior levels in various parts of his administration than any of his recent predecessors, including former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Also, it is worth noting that several of those women are minorities or descended from immigrants to America.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the liberal media has decided not to report on that fact in favor of perpetuating the narrative that Trump hates women, minorities and immigrants.

It’s also of note that Trump has more females on his staff than any president before him and his campaign manager at the end of his election was a woman, who has received endless insults from the left. They want to talk about rights and respect, but trash the man who grants both the women in this country far more than his predecessor. So, it’s not about what they say, it’s about what they want which is free stuff and negative attention on Trump. Facts prove this.

On the other side of the spectrum, is a separate march the same weekend that women are getting involved in and is an actual worthy counter cause with a completely different message of empowerment. If a woman wants to really march for her rights and prove that she has a choice, this is the event she can be involved in to really make a positive difference and not a divisive one.

National Review reports:

This Sunday, hundreds of thousands of women across the country will storm the streets in the second annual March for Women. Last year, the first Women’s March took place the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, in a display of wrath against the new Republican administration. This year’s march promises much of the same sentiment. But all people who truly want to empower American women should turn their attention elsewhere, to an event that receives much less media acclaim: the March for Life, which will mark its 45th anniversary this morning on the National Mall.

It is this march, not the Women’s, that presents a unified, pro-woman message, instead of a narrow agenda driven by identity politics. The March for Women, in spite of its title, is defined not by what it stands for but by what it stands against — more specifically, who it’s against. It’s a direct response to the fact that millions of Americans elected Trump, and these women and their male allies are driven by animus against him, whom they view as the leader of an oppressive system that robs women of rights.

Maybe they’re correct, maybe not.

But a movement fueled primarily by what it’s against is not a movement that will last. The problems they lament existed long before Donald Trump, and yet there were no pink-knitted p***y hats marching en masse until his election. And while their concerns will outlast Trump, too, the Women’s March has already proven itself to be just another means by which the Left expresses the rage of the current moment. Its leadership and platform discourage broad cultural support. And, just one year into its existence, its internal fractures are already showing.

It’s time that women really take womanhood back and we have our president to thank for making that even possible. He’s recognizing talent, intelligence, and ability, in a person as to who to select for professional positions and not just their gender. Isn’t this what feminists say they want? It’s what they have now that they didn’t have before but they’re too busy protesting without a cause to see it.

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BREAKING News!! Secret Service Agent Just Went ALL IN!! Obama is DONE!!!




After the FISA memo news was released, a former secret agent named Dan Bongino adds to the accusations of corruption against Barack Hussein Obama. The former Secret Service Agent and Conservative Radio Talk Show Host, Dan Bongino, who served in the White House from 2006-2011 under both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama, believes this could be the evidence that will finally change the public’s view of Obama and show the world how corrupt this evil man really is.

Bongino also has predicted that to distract from what was actually in the memo, those opposed to releasing it would likely attack Nunes personally. We don’t fully know what is contained in the actual memo,  but we can predict with some certainty that it has to have something to do with the manner in which the CIA and DOJ spied on American citizens. The rumors also suggest that it has something to do with the discredited work of the Clinton Campaign who likely paid for Trump Dossier. The info may reveal how it came about and who were the people behind its creation. However, it’s all speculation and rumors since no member of Congress can give us much more information about the contents without getting into trouble for releasing top secret information. For now we’re stuck with possibilities and have to piece the puzzle together on our own.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Secret House Republican memo causes new rifts over Russia investigation
epa05931263 Republican Representative from California and embattled Chairman of the House Intelligen
House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) worked on a confidential and controversial memo involving how the Department of Justice pursued the Russia investigation. (Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA)
Chris Megerian Chris MegerianContact Reporter

Conservative Republicans are pushing to release a memo containing classified information about the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign, sparking new controversy in a case that has already caused deep partisan rifts.

The contents of the four-page memo, which was written by staff working with Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, have not been publicly revealed. But President Trump’s allies in Congress say that they are explosive.

“It’s some of the most alarming things I’ve ever read, and every single American citizen should be able to read that material as soon as possible,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Democrats on the committee have dismissed the memo as a dishonest attempt to undermine the Russia investigation, and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Hillsborough) called it a “pack of lies.”

Republicans have repeatedly said the Russia investigation, currently led by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, has been undermined by partisan bias. Mueller was appointed last May after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Rep. Devin Nunes plays defense for Trump by going on hard offense against Justice Department
Freedom Caucus members asked House Speaker Paul Ryan to support releasing the memo during Thursday night negotiations over the federal budget. Ryan deferred the issue to the House Intelligence Committee, which made it available to every member of Congress this week.

It was unclear Friday whether the GOP-led House committee would hold a vote that would lay the groundwork for making the memo public.

Not everyone in Ryan’s caucus wants it out. Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas), who is leading the House Intelligence Committee’s inquiry into Russia’s role in the 2016 election, said it would be “real dangerous” to release the memo because it includes classified information.

The document is the result of Nunes probing how the Department of Justice handled the Russia investigation. Nunes has said his work has uncovered serious problems involving the use of secret surveillance powers.

“I believe there’s evidence that abuses have occurred,” he told Fox News last month.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the memo also looked at Republican claims that Mueller’s criminal investigation has been undermined by partisan bias.

The reaction to the memo was sharply split along party lines.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) said the information was “jaw-dropping.” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) said Americans would be “outraged” if they read the memo.

Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s personal lawyers, said on his radio show Friday that it appears the memo reveals corruption that’s “breathtaking in scope.” Sekulow has previously called for the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate the Department of Justice.

But Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Dublin), another committee member, said the memo was filled with misinformation and should not be released.

“It is a perversion of the facts to brainwash our members and protect the president,” he said.

Tragically this is what happens when the American voting populace is convinced into electing a person with a highly questionable and mysterious past. He sometimes went by different names! Should someone be allowed to run for President if they had their college transcripts and birth certificate sealed? We may not ever know the truth about who he was or where he is from. Maybe now everyone will learn of the dangers of electing a president because of his skin color over the content of character.

Please share if you want to see the FISA memo released in its entirety!!

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