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Trump has done it!!!



President Donald Trump took a huge step towards draining the DC swamp this week. With not as much as an explanation nor a thank you, the White House has terminated the employment of members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS amid a widespread discontent among these Barack Hussein Obama loyalists. The discontent seems to stem from President Trump’s approach to the epidemic.

This was the culmination after six members of PACHA resigned in June, so the White House took liberty on Wednesday by also terminating the remaining 16 members without any explanation via a letter from FedEx. Scott Schoettes, a Chicago-based HIV/AIDS activist and senior attorney for Lambda Legal, was one of the six who resigned in June over Trump’s inaction on HIV/AIDS and said on Twitter the remaining members were fired.

Sources with knowledge of PACHA said many of the council members were fired even though additional time remained on their terms as advisers. But sources did confirm that terminated members were actually given the option to reapply after Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

Keep in mind these are people with the same exact mindset as the ones who are here in California. And who gave us this law described in the article below which has already been signed by our lunatic Governor Democrat Jerry Brown.

Via Freedom Outpost:

It’s No Longer a Felony to Knowingly Infect Someone with HIV-AIDS in California

In the land of fruits, nuts and flakes, aka the State of California, the legislative body, along with Governor Jerry Brown, is proving their worth when it comes to idiocy.

From legislating the State as a “sanctuary” state for illegal alien invaders to criminalizing long-term care facility workers for using the wrong pronoun when addressing LGBTQrsuvxyz individuals, the intelligent brain cells of these individuals have truly been killed, not by an excess of alcohol or drugs, but by an excessive amount of disengagement from reality.

In the latest round of legislation, the State of California passed a bill, which Governor Jerry Brown signed on Friday, decriminalizing exposing an individual to HIV without disclosing the infection – instead of a felony, it is now a misdemeanor.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, “The measure also applies to those who give blood without telling the blood bank that they are HIV-positive.”

The rationale for this change in legislation, according to State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), the authors of the bill, is the advancement of modern medicine that allows individuals with HIV to live longer and the advancement in medical science that nearly eliminates the possibility of transmission. The operative word here is “nearly.”

These two “lawmakers” did not cite any study that substantiated their claims.

A bit of research produced this published study which appeared in August 2013.

After laboring through the text, checking the sources, and then looking at the acknowledgements, the conclusion drawn by this writer is this entire study attempted to reconcile the law with health and social issues.

This is not to imply this study was used by the legislative body of the State of California; however, several points present in the study are re-stated by the authors of the bill, which is now law in the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes.

Not being a lawyer, but a simple layperson, it comes to mind this new law makes “murder by disease” similar to driving while intoxicated without causing injury to another.

Let me explain.

While taking extended professional classes in forensic nursing, one particular class taught the determination of an individual’s death can be very important for law enforcement when applying the law. An individual receives a gunshot wound to the abdomen, lives, receives treatment and goes home. The individual then expires a few weeks later. Upon examination, the individual died from a pulmonary embolism (blood clot that developed somewhere else in the body then traveled to the lungs blocking blood flow). Further medical examination finds the blood clot initiated in the abdomen from the gunshot wound. The cause of death is the pulmonary embolism created by the gunshot wound to the abdomen, changing the nature of the crime to homicide.

While medical science may have resulted in individuals infected with HIV/AIDS living longer, the disease itself still causes death. Moreover, while claims of studies purporting to show the “near” elimination of the possibility of HIV transmission exists, one should consider that at one time medical science though it safe to give thalidomide to pregnant women in the late 50s and 60s. Later, medical science determined thalidomide damaged unborn children.

This 2013 study is premised on the researchers’ assumption the laws criminalizing the transmission of HIV/AIDS is somehow linked to preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS. That is not the purpose of the law. The law is there to punish criminal behavior and exact justice upon those who violate others. Should not those who knowingly inflict injury and/or death upon others receive justice under the law whether it is by passing on a deadly disease intentionally, knowingly feeding someone arsenic, or stabbing someone in the chest purposefully? The answer should be “yes”. But, not in California.

The Los Angeles Times continued:

“Today California took a major step toward treating HIV as a public health issue, instead of treating people living with HIV as criminals,” Wiener said in a statement. “HIV should be treated like all other serious infectious diseases, and that’s what SB 239 does.”

Supporters of the change said the current law requires an intent to transmit HIV to justify a felony, but others noted cases have been prosecuted where there was no physical contact, so there was an argument intent was lacking.

Brown declined to comment on his action.

HIV has been the only communicable disease for which exposure is a felony under California law. The current law, Wiener argued, may convince people not to be tested for HIV, because without a test they cannot be charged with a felony if they expose a partner to the infection.

“We are going to end new HIV infections, and we will do so not by threatening people with state prison time, but rather by getting people to test and providing them access to care,” Wiener said.

Wiener is under the impression that HIV/AIDS has not been treated as a public health issue. It is and has been treated that way since it was discovered. No one has treated individuals who have or are living with HIV/AIDS as criminals unless the individual knowingly and intentionally infected others or attempted to infect others with the deadly disease. It’s the same as treating an individual who knowingly and intentionally stabbed someone with a knife as a criminal. HIV/AIDS is treated like other serious infectious diseases. Individuals receive care and treatment upon diagnosis. However, what SB 239 did was downgrade the commission of a felony to a misdemeanor.

A change in the law is not going to “convince” anyone to receive testing for HIV. Read again what Wiener asserted: “without a test they cannot be charged with a felony if they expose a partner to the infection.” So, Wiener asserted that people don’t get tested so they are not charged with a felony. In reality, individuals do not seek testing for HIV for various reasons, not because they are worried about a felony charge. Many individuals are unaware of an infection with HIV/AIDS until hospitalized for another problem caused by the disease, such as pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, or another rare bacterial infection. Still others are diagnosed when presenting with flu-like symptoms resulting in testing for a variety of causative processes when the symptoms do not abate. Wiener is dealing in apples and oranges. It is not until after someone is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and that person knowingly and intentionally infects another or attempts to infect another with the disease that a crime is committed.

Medical science still cannot explain why some individuals exposed to HIV/AIDS retrovirus take years to develop the disease while others contract it in less time and still others never develop the disease at all. It makes contact with the HIV/AIDS retrovirus a spin of the roulette wheel.

It would be best if individuals would engage in personal responsibility. However, society has degraded to such a point that some individuals refuse to accept responsibility for their actions or themselves. An individual with HIV/AIDS has the personal responsibility to prevent transmission to others. However, that does not happen in all cases. The only other protection innocent individuals have is the law and their personal responsibility to not engage in risky behaviors.

And, physical contact does not have to happen in order for the transmission of HIV/AIDS to occur – sharing of needles does not involve personal contact and neither does a blood or plasma transfusion. All of this is premised on the definition of “physical contact.” As we know with some individuals, definitions change with the wind.

According to The Los Angeles Times:

Supporters of the bill said women engaging in prostitution are disproportionately targeted with criminal charges, even in cases where the infection is not transmitted.

Republican lawmakers including Sen. Joel Anderson of Alpine voted against the bill, arguing it puts the public at risk.

“I’m of the mind that if you purposefully inflict another with a disease that alters their lifestyle the rest of their life, puts them on a regimen of medications to maintain any kind of normalcy, it should be a felony,” Anderson said during the floor debate. “It’s absolutely crazy to me that we should go light on this.”

Anderson said the answer could be to extend tougher penalties to those who expose others to other infectious diseases.

If a woman has HIV/AIDS, knows she has the infection, and engages in prostitution, the woman is knowingly and intentionally exposing a “john” to infection with HIV/AIDS, meaning he could develop the disease and ultimately die. How is this not deserving of a criminal charge? Transmission of the infection may not appear for years in some individuals or not at all. It’s a chance. It’s unreasonable to say a crime is not being committed when the infection is not transmitted via prostitution. Unless health services follow these “johns” for the rest of their life, how do supporters of this bill, now law, know the infection has not been transmitted? And, should that matter when the offender knows there is a possibility of infecting another individual but engages in the behavior anyway, putting the other individual at risk of losing their life?

Considering that contraction of this disease ultimately results in death, how can one not consider knowingly and intentionally engaging in behavior with another that could result in that person’s death not be considered a crime? How could one not consider an individual with HIV/AIDS knowingly and intentionally donating blood for transfusion to another a crime?

Wiener and supporters act as though individuals with HIV/AIDS are lacking counseling upon diagnosis about avoiding infecting others. Individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS receive extensive counseling about transmission and refraining from activities, such as sexual activity and blood donation, which could result in the infection of others. Some follow the counseling recommendations while others do not.

Yes, HIV/AIDS is a health issue as well as a social one. And, yes, health and social measures are in place to help prevent further spread of the deadly disease. Medical science is not exact. It isn’t called the “practice of medicine” because every microbe, virus, mold and bacteria is understood or there is a remedy for it. But, we are not talking about the disease itself, we are talking about the evil intent of humans. And some individuals with HIV/AIDS are inflicting evil intent upon others. Until the evil intent of humans is erased, laws are in place to punish evildoers and exact justice upon them.

I don’t fully comprehend what the huge controversy is here.  Some people get fired and some people get hired. It’s the way it’s always been and the way it will continue to be. But since our current President is Donald Trump, of course, the leftists and the swamp creatures in the establishment have to make a big deal about it.

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Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He's worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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This is just unbelievable on every level!

The United States Justice Department has now announced that an ex-CIA agent suspected by FBI investigators of helping the Chinese intelligence dismantle American spying operations and identify informants in China has finally been arrested.

In addition to this stunning revelation, it’s also been confirmed that the way this former officer managed to act in favor of China´s interests is the most disturbing detail of this case, which involves the FBI and their corruption that runs through the core of the organization.

Since the agency took five years in executing actions against the suspected spy it gave him five long years in which he had more than enough time to successfully sell multiple batches of classified US Intelligence information.

But what appears to be one of the most curious details about this man is the fact that he decided to travel to the states back in 2012 in order to live with his family in Virginia. During that time agents of the bureau searched his luggage during hotel stays in Virginia and Hawaii and were able to find two small books which contained classified information giving the identities of CIA assets in China. But what’s perhaps the most disturbing part of this whole saga is that after being questioned by FBI officers in 2013, this traitor was actually allowed to return to Hong Kong. This is something the treasonous anti-American Barack Hussein Obama Administration should have never let happen.

But now this traitor came back to the states where he has now been arrested. And to add to the mystery no one seems to understand his motive for his return if he had prior knowledge he would be arrested the moment he got off the plane.


Conservative Daily Post Reports:

JUST IN: Obama FBI Gave Arrested CIA Officer FIVE Years To Sell Classified Material To China, Sources Killed

The FBI lasted five years in executing actions against the suspect, a time in which this person successfully sold classified information.

Yesterday, the Justice Department announced that an ex-CIA agent suspected by investigators of helping the Chinese intelligence dismantle American spying operations and identify informants has finally been arrested. In addition to the way this former officer managed to act in favor of China´s interests, one of the most revealing details of this case involves the FBI. After all, this agency lasted five years in executing actions against the suspect, a time in which this person successfully sold classified information.

Naturally, the collapse of the spy network represented one of the worst intelligence failures in the history of the United States. The name of the ex-CIA officer is Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a 53-year-old man who was quite useful to the Chinese regime.

His arrest capped a strong FBI inquiry that started in 2012, just two years after the CIA began losing its informants in China in the most mysterious way. When this situation was taken place, the main question was how the Chinese intelligence managed to get the agency’s most dearly held secrets and the information of so many sources.

Why the bureau refused to arrest Lee after originally finding the classified material in his books remains unclear. James Comey was the FBI director during that period.

At the time, some intelligence officials concluded that there had to be a mole inside the agency that was exposing its list of informants. Other intelligence officials believed that the Chinese regime managed to hack the agency´s covert communications. This one was used to communicate with the foreign sources of information.

Apparently, Lee has been living in China since 2007, the year in which he decided to leave the agency. At that time, he moved to the city of Hong Kong and started to work for a well-known auction house.

This man was apprehended at the Kennedy Airport in New York on Monday. Eventually, Lee was charged in federal court in Northern Virginia with the unlawful retention of national defense information.

The name of the ex-CIA officer is Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a 53-year-old man who was quite useful to the Chinese regime.

What seems to be one of the most curious details about this man is the fact that he decided to travel to America in 2012 in order to live with his family in Virginia. Reports revealed it was exactly during that trip that agents of the bureau searched his luggage during hotel stays in Virginia and Hawaii and found two small books that contained classified information. After being questioned by FBI officers in 2013, he went back to Hong Kong.

So far, it remains unclear why Lee decided to return to the United States this month, considering that he probably knew he was going to get arrested. While many believe this could be a part of a major plan, it is possible that this was nothing more than an intelligence move by the CIA and FBI.

In the books, the 53-year-old man wrote several details about certain meetings between the agency´s informants and undercover agents. According to court papers, Lee wrote the real name of these individuals, as well as their phone numbers. Prosecutors assured that the information that Lee had in those books reflected the same data contained in the classified cables that this man had written while he was working at the CIA.

The number of informants lost in China rivaled losses in Russia and even the Soviet Union during the betrayals of Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames, formerly of the FBI and the CIA.

Thanks to Lee´s act, more than a dozen informants of the agency were imprisoned or killed by the Chinese regime. According to the New York Times, the number of informants lost in this country rivaled losses in Russia and even the Soviet Union during the betrayals of Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames, formerly of the FBI and the CIA.

One of the most curious details about Lee´s case is that the sworn affidavit unsealed yesterday doesn’t say whether there is any kind of evidence that he disseminated the classified data to the Chinese regime or any other foreign agents.

The affidavit was signed by FBI Special Agent Kellie O’Brien. He stated that agents of the bureau interviewed Lee in five different opportunities back in May and June 2013. Apparently, Lee didn’t mention having the classified documents. In addition, this man didn’t mention anything about the documents during certain encounters with former CIA colleagues.

According to court documents, Lee served in the U.S. Army from 1982 to 1986. He eventually joined the CIA in 1994 as a case officer, and eventually served in China during his career. Some former agency officials said that those who knew him always claimed Lee left the CIA quite annoyed.

Why the bureau refused to arrest Lee after originally finding the classified material in his books remains unclear. If convicted, this man faces up to 10 years in prison.

Please share if you agree we need to get to the bottom of this mess….

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Melania Handed Note About Barron During Meeting, Shocked When She Reads It!




The president and First Lady have been traveling abroad for White House business since Friday, on a week-long tour touching down in several countries. Melania Trump is far away from home and missing their 11-year-old son who she’s extremely close to and involved with in his everyday activities as a very hands-on mom. Adjustment to life as the First Family has come with more challenges than most, given the vicious nature of those who don’t like Donald Trump.

While on their short 24-hour stop in Israel, Melania stopped by a children’s hospital with the Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, to visit children facing insurmountable problems. As she showered them with genuine love and attention, she undoubtedly thought about her own boy who was back at home and being watched over by people she and the president trust. Later, when she was meeting with the Israel’s First Lady Nechama Rivlin, she was handed a note about Barron in a gift that left her absolutely stunned.

It’s no secret that Melania’s first and most important priority his her young son Barron. He’s who she stayed in New York for during the stressful first months of Donald Trump’s presidency. He’s also the one she’s fiercely protected against an adversary she never thought he would be relentlessly attacked by — grown adults of a different political party than his father’s.

Being a person in the public eye can be lonely despite the number of people who know your name and give you attention. The relentless ridicule and comments made about this child is not something any kid should ever have to face, especially since he didn’t choose to be the First Son of the United States. Nechama understands this struggle all too well as she too has faced similar scrutiny in her own country, as part of what comes with the territory of being the wife of a world leader.

While Nechama and Melania spent some time together, the gracious First Lady of Israel leaned in and handed Melani a gift. It wasn’t for the Melania, rather Nechama decided to do something special for Barron and within the gift of the book was a much deeper meaning that was especially touching for our First Lady.

Independent Journal Review reports:

“The first lady got copies in three different languages, but it’s the content of the book that matters.”

“According to descriptions, the book illustrates a mother and son, alone on a walk. Her boy is named Ben. The son is worried that he is alone in the world because he is “special,” but his mother reassures him with a hug.”

If anyone is in need of some reassurance, it’s Barron who has been the brunt of undeserved torment by adults in this country who simply hate who he was born to. Nobody knows how to comfort him the way his mother does. This incredible story written about two other people well before the Trumps moved to the White House, seems to perfectly represent this mother and son relationship now and the struggles young Barron is facing today.

The Israeli First Lady’s thoughtful gift was as much of a pleasure for her to give Melania as it was for our First Lady to receive it. Nechama could see that Melania was visibly “moved” by what the note said in the book and “immediately understood.” “It was important for me to give the Barron, who remained at home and is only 11 years old, a souvenir from his parents’ visit to Israel,” Nechama wrote on Facebook.

The Israeli First Lady also saw something in Melania that countless Americans fail to see, describing her as “a charming woman inside and out, sensitive and special, in her Facebook post. Melania exudes these incredibly compassionate qualities which are prevalent in her time spent with sick children in hospitals around the world and her warm approach to world leaders. As she walked with Nechama, who is ill herself and hooked up to a breathing machine, you can see the genuine love and concern for this woman in Melania’s face, which was captured in a photo from the visit.

What the world needs now is compassion for people which both Nechama and Melania show on the daily basis, both in their homes and abroad. It’s incredibly touching that with any number of gift options that this world leader could have given America’s First Lady, she thought to give her something meaningful for her persecuted kid who doesn’t deserve the torment he endures.

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Now, this is an interesting twist of events.

This morning over two dozen investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office raided the offices of Newsweek and its parent company, IBT Media.

IBT Media was co-founded by Jonathan Davis and Etienne Uzac and from we have been able to uncover the IRS placed a $1.2 million federal tax lien against Uzac back in December 2017. Although the reports are still a bit sticky the IRS agents were observed photographing servers in the offices of Newsweek Magazine but they did not go as far as to download any files at the offices located at 7 Hanover Square. What they appeared to be doing was photographing the serial numbers on the machines instead of finding out what the contents actually are.

Interestingly enough IBT has previously been linked to a Christian church which was founded by the Korean-American evangelist David Jang and Olivet University. That’s the same university located in California that Jang’s followers founded, The IRS had not responded to a call by press time and the Manhattan DA has declined to comment. So we will see where this all leads to in the coming weeks.

Even the far left agrees:

Newsweek rehashes bogus scenario in which Hillary Clinton could still win the 2016 election
A story with no value and no newsworthiness is causing people to wonder what Newsweek was thinking

There exists, in some circles, a fantasy in which President Donald Trump is impeached, and Hillary Clinton is somehow named president. Those circles tend to be Republican ones, and one can argue they exist as some sort of nightmare fuel for conservatives itching for a reason to back Trump in his prolonged fight against special counsel Robert Mueller.

But a day after the president and his party tried to publicly shame the press with the term “fake news,” Newsweek gave us a story that makes absolutely no sense — one in which Trump was impeached, Vice President Mike Pence was impeached and Paul Ryan somehow gifted the presidency to Clinton instead.

That fantasy was borne out of a blog post in October penned by Harvard Law professor and activist Lawrence Lessig, who wrote that Mueller’s investigation would eventually lead to Trump’s impeachment. While that is improbable, it’s not completely impossible.

But Lessig took his theory a step farther, saying that, in some world, the presidential chain of succession would reach Paul Ryan, who would literally hand the most powerful office in the nation from himself to Clinton — a member of the opposite party and his party’s enemy number one.

Soak in this magical fairytale:

[If collusion is proven] the first step is obvious. Trump should resign or, if he doesn’t, he should be impeached.

The second step should be obvious as well: Pence should resign or, if he doesn’t, he should be impeached. He benefited from the criminal (and treasonous) conspiracy just as much as Trump. He shouldn’t benefit even more by becoming the residual President.

Under the law as it is, this leaves Paul Ryan as President. And the hard moral question that Ryan would then face is whether he should remain as President. By hypothesis, we’re assuming the office was effectively stolen from the legitimate winner by a criminal and treasonous act of the (previous) leader of Ryan’s own party. Ryan’s being President is just the fruit of that poisonous tree. So should he just ignore that? Or should he acknowledge the wrong, and act to make it right?

President Ryan would have the right to nominate a Vice-President. That right is specified in the 25th Amendment. That nominee then becomes Vice-President once confirmed by a majority of both houses. That’s how Gerald Ford became Vice President. And that’s how he eventually became President without ever running for that office.

If Ryan became President because the Trump/Pence campaign committed treason, who should he nominate as his Vice President? The answer seems unavoidable: He should nominate the person defeated by the treason of his own party, and then step aside, and let her become the president.

The theory is, to put it mildly, bonkers. No one should give it more than one second of thought.

But that’s exactly what Newsweek did on Thursday, revisiting Lessig’s old blog post to advance it with one simple question: Does he still believe that? That question is the only reason the Newsweek article exists. It was answered with a sure, why the hell not? Per Newsweek:

On Wednesday, Lessig told Newsweek this scenario was still a possibility.

“This is one way it could happen,” Lessig said. “But that’s very different from saying I think it will happen, or should happen, or [that] the evidence is there for it to happen.”

Since the essay was published, there hasn’t been “any evidence that’s come out that’s resolved the question, whether there was some conspiracy to steal the election,” the professor said.

So there you have it. Nothing has changed whatsoever. Indeed, if anything, improbable scenario has become less probable, as Lessig admits (he also concedes that there is no grounds for thinking it would be probable). The only possible news value here is that Newsweek asked Lessig if something has changed, and found out that nothing has. It’s pure air blowing in the wrong direction.

Many online came to that same conclusion.

No Newsweek, Crooked Hillary will never be our Commander In Chief, And you know this fact very well.

As you can clearly read in the above article, Newsweek Magazine, which was at one point a great publication for up and coming writers and journalists has, in the Trump era, become nothing more than a swamp propaganda extension of the deep state. An extension where they rely on shock headlines and fake news articles twisted in multiple leftist slants in order to sell their rag of a magazine. Let’s hope and pray Newsweek has its days numbered, for the sake of the nation.

Please share if you agree Newsweek needs to end its publication….

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