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HOLY CRAP! Brian Williams Just Tried To School Trump About Reporting The Facts! WATCH It BLOW UP In His FACE!

Brian Williams just got slapped in the face Hard!



Brian Williams just said the funniest thing he’s ever said in ages. It was completely accidental, but what he said about President Trump is blowing up in his face BIG TIME!

You know Brian Williams, he was there when… (insert any historic event here).

Here’s what Brian said as a reply to USA Today Senior Politics Reporter Heidi Przybyla as she talked about Trump attacking the media:

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour,” anchor Brian Williams argued President Trump’s criticisms of the media were “Because when you reduce the media enough in prestige, they — when they do report facts, those facts are diminished.”


Here’s the part where it blows up in Brian Williams face! Twitter exploded on this quote!!

When I want honesty and integrity in my news, I always turn to Brian Williams.

How does Brian Williams have a job in the media? I thought making up fake news and telling lies would get you fired? I guess not! I should apply for a job at MSNBC. I was there when OJ committed murder. I was hiding in a tree, saw the whole thing. They wouldn’t let me testify.

I was also there when Moses built the Ark. I walked two zebras into it myself. Then I held stones so Noah could write the Ten Commandments in which we live upon.***

If you can prove that I was not there, then is it true?


Brian Williams commenting on truth in the media is hilarious. What does he know about that? Didn’t he shoot Osama Bin Laden? Wasn’t he there when 300 soldiers fought the Persian Army? He served six tours in Iraq too, right?

It’s always fun and games when someone in the mainstream media says something stupid and Twitter blows up on them. Social media sure has a lot of comedians!

*** I switched the names on purpose. Anyone catch that? That’s how I know you’re paying attention.

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BREAKING: Trump Just Made A Major Pardon And Where He Has Them Staying Now Has Liberals FREAKING OUT!

Snowflakes are melting down Everywhere!



Donald Trump announced a major pardon this year and liberals were running around screaming at the sky in a massive amount of left-wing disbelief. Trump’s latest pardon has caused major meltdowns like watching a blizzard turn to water on a sunny day. The controversial pardon is sure to be Trump’s most notorious move since he set Judge Arpaio free. Antifa couldn’t believe it either and they’ll be showing up masked in bandana’s if their mom’s let them out on the weekend. Even worse than WHO was pardoned is WHERE they are staying. This is unreal and unfair. I feel like protesting!

Liberals aren’t the only people fluffed up like a flock of feathers. The right-wing crowd can’t believe it either. They’re so shocked that they almost amended the tax reform bill and called Planned Parenthood. Right-wingers everywhere paid taxes early and had adult conversations while deciding how to react without screaming, but still considering if there’s a way to tax it.

Could this be the one time right-wing and left-wing supporters were on the same page? Almost.

President Trump has pardoned Wishbone and Drumstick. They are turkeys who were just saved from becoming the left-wing and right-wing of people’s dinner on Thanksgiving. When people first heard the news, they thought Trump pardoned a pair of gangster rappers. Nope, these are turkeys. Everyone let out a sigh of relief for the turkeys.

But that’s when it became weird again. Some very far left liberals came after Trump with some hotheaded words talking about where the turkeys are staying. Wishbone and Drumstick were partying in a luxurious D.C. hotel location.

Wishbone and Drumstick — the two lucky Turkeys chosen to be pardoned by President Trump — arrived at a luxury Washington D.C. hotel Monday to relax before their big public appearance.

The birds were lounging on their beds and watching football in their two-bedroom suite at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in downtown Washington.

On Tuesday, the turkeys will be granted clemency by the president as part of the 70th anniversary of the National Thanksgiving Turkey tradition.

The White House said that Drumstick weighs 47 pounds and its favorite band is Journey. Wishbone, however, weighs 36 pounds and is country fan who favors Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Since it was Trump who pardoned them, a social justice group claimed it was outrageous. They needed a reason to rage about this, so they picked on the color of the turkeys and the fact that it was Trump who pardoned them. Some people hate everything Trump does.

There were two main claims of massive outrage from some of the liberal extremists.

The first bit of bitterness is that Liberals claimed that the turkey’s had too much white privilege. The only reason those turkeys had a chance to live a life of luxury, staying in a hotel that poor people can’t afford under the Bernie Sanders socialist plan, and having connections to highly paid government officials and the President. The liberals claims targeted the turkeys for the color of their feathers, not their actions or merit of their work.

The second reason for rage is that the liberals claimed one of the turkeys were overweight and that people should stop fat-shaming the turkey by announcing it’s weight. That’s when the liberals claimed weight ain’t nothing but a number and that it was OK to be larger than normal and have an unhealthy BMI. The liberals called for us to normalize the fat turkey.

To make matters worse, the turkeys were watching football this weekend and White House staff allegedly overheard the turkeys gobbling about protesting players who take a knee. A White House translator pointed out that the turkey’s thought it seemed strange that some of the stadiums were very empty.

The turkeys were later treated to pumpkin spice latte’s and a custom pair of Uggs, perfect to symbolize their epidemic ‘whiteness’ that has become the joke of the nation over the last few months, even though it’s OK to be white.

The White House translator overheard some other gobbling that suggested one of the turkeys was nervous to be around the Secret Service. The turkey hoped no one scanned its Facebook account because their friend the Islamic turkey may have joined ISIS. The pardoned turkey doesn’t want to get wrapped up in a scandal, unlike its friend.

The other turkey was allegedly fondled by a Hollywood celebrity, proving that no turkeys are left behind.

Later that night there was a knock on the lower part of the door. It was their friend, Black turkey. He was there to stage a sit-in because he’s the smart turkey. His other turkey friends were outside protesting in the street and blocking traffic while holding up a sign that said “Black Turkeys Matter” but it looked really dangerous. Some of the turkeys were run over when they became aggressive and surrounded a white man’s truck. The turkeys pecked out a few windows, but that’s when the driver pressed the gas pedal down and crushed a few birds under the wheels.

It’s been a long, weird, satirical day in the land of turkey pardoning.

If there’s one thing we can all enjoy over Thanksgiving, it’s good food, friends, family, and NOT talking about politics.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter who you are or what you believe in.

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Eminem Just Got DEVASTATING Dose Of Karma 1 Week After Telling Trump And His Fans To ‘F’ Themselves



Ever since Trump won the election, liberal butt-hurt has been on full display. Obama-worshiping celebrities are worst types of liberals, with rappers like Snoop Dogg now utilizing  their “talent” to act out Trumps assassination plots in their music videos, as they jive around making terroristic threats to a catchy beat.

Several weeks ago, washed up aging rapper Eminem was the latest celebrity to vomit his opinion about President Trump into the universe, where he tailored a song specifically for Colin Kaeprnick, praising the third-string quarterback’s disrespect for our country, where the remainder of the song was written to bash President Trump. Eminem then told any fan of his who had voted for Trump to basically “F themselves,” displaying yet again the “tolerance” of the left.

Now just one week after Eminem’s anti-Trump song went viral among liberals, karma has just smacked the 45-year-old so hard, he might just get launched all the way to the Compton trailer park where he belongs. “Slim Shady” recently decided to freestyle about how much he hated Trump, taking the stage on Saturday Night Live to perform his new single, “Walk On Water.”

The aging Eminem was hoping that his new hit single could rocket him back into the spotlight he lost back in the early 2000’s, but his uninspiring performance promoted several of his fans to give some unsolicited advice that has absolutely crushed Eminem’s ego.

 Not only were some of his fans disappointed and telling Eminem to go back to the trailer park, but the Daily Mail reveals even more brutal comments that appeared across social media following what should’ve been Eminem’s “comeback performance:

“Eminem is SKEWERED on social media after his bizarre performance on SNL.”

“Eminem doing a time machine performance and it ain’t helping the fact that he’s washed up and old,’ a user wrote,

“Awful performance on SNL. @Eminem.”

“Eminem sucks so bad and it sounds like he’s spitting every time he talks @nbcsnl make it stop,” one user wrote, breaking specific elements in the performance which they believed weren’t up-to-snuff.

Another groused: “Eminem is terrible…damn does the dude have any sense timing/rhythm? Well at least he got the grey dyed out of his beard… that’s something I guess.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, one said: “Wish I could text my 7th grade self like: ‘Omg b****, Eminem still raps in 2017 and he sucks!’”

What’s hilarious is this isn’t the first Trump-bashing celebrity to get a massive dose of well-deserved karma immediately after publicly bashing our president. Carrie Underwood delivered a disgusting anti-Trump performance  on stage at the CMAs, going on to break a bone shortly afterwards.

Amanda Shea via mPolitical reported:

Country music fans who are typically conservative and support our president and appreciate what he’s done to make America great again, lost all respect for Underwood and Paisley after they decided to turn against the fans and the president on stage at the CMAs. With total disregard for who was watching and the CMA executives orders, hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood suggested Trump’s a cheater in a song performance and put on skits poking fun of some things he’s done in the public eye. They clearly crossed the line and the show’s instant ratings plummet proved it, but Underwood just took a really hard fall that her former fans are calling “karma” for her nasty anti-Trump antics.

It’s pretty hilarious that no matter what liberals do to destroy our president, their antics always manage to blow up in their faces. But how fitting is it that


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Can You Guess What This Maverick Navy Pilot Drew In The Sky That Everyone Was Shocked To See

Wow! This is Huge!



And once again we have people who have nothing better to do with their lives making a mountain out of a molehill.

This time, several residents in Okanogan County took photos of an “artwork” done by a Navy Pilot and posted them on social media. One mother even went as far as calling the local news to complain and saying that she was upset she might have to explain to her young children what the drawings were. I don’t think you have much to worry about since your kids probably already know more than even you claim to know.

The FAA confirmed that some pilots at NAS Whidbey did some skywriting on that day. But an FAA official said there’s nothing they can do about this stunt because they “cannot police morality.” However, officials from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island admitted that one of their aircraft was used, and issued a statement to apologize. Claiming they just didn’t see it coming and added that the US Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and that they find this stunt absolutely unacceptable and of zero training value. They added that they are in the process of holding the crew accountable and that disciplinary steps will be taken as soon as they get to the bottom of this incident.

OMG, People, it’s time to lighten up. No crime no foul. If any mother has a hard time explaining this to their children it’s because they are failing as a parent. And it’s nothing worse than what the far left machine is teaching kids in the classroom about sex while they indoctrinate the new generation to be a bunch of brain dead left wing zombies that would make “Uncle Marx” beam with pride.

WND Reports:


Americans warned, ‘Get off of Facebook, turn off the TV, and educate yourself’

Public education in America today is almost the opposite of education, according to an education expert who calls the nation’s schooling “indoctrination.”

“This isn’t some kind of huge national accident that all these legions of Ph.D experts and all these legions of committees and the U.S. Department of Education – it’s not that they’re just incompetent fools and don’t know what they’re doing,” said international journalist and educator Alex Newman. “They want the system to be doing what it’s doing, and that is destroying real education.”

Real education, according to Newman, means developing knowledgeable, well-rounded Americans who can think critically, process information, make good decisions, support themselves and serve the needs of society.

In other words, real education produces productive members of a capitalist society.

“That’s what you do in a free market,” Newman said. “If you want to profit, you have to serve your fellow man. If you want to have a business, you have to make sure you’re selling a product that they’re willing to purchase at a price that they’re willing to purchase.

“So that’s what an education is, is to create an individual who can take care of themselves, who understands the Scripture, who understands history, who understands science, who understands, obviously, reading and writing and basic mathematics at the very least,” he said.

Newman made these comments during a recent appearance on “The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show.”

Jesse Lee Peterson, host of the show and a wildly popular WND columnist, already knew something was wrong with the American education system.

“One of the reasons I started my private school, BOND Leadership Academy, for boys and girls grades 1 through 12, was because I noticed that these boys and girls are not being educated – especially the boys. They’re coming out dumbed down rather than educated,” said Peterson, author of “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America.”

According to Newman, government schools are no longer teaching the components of a real education.

In Newman’s book “Crimes of the Educators,” co-authored with the late Samuel Blumenfeld, Newman condemned the “whole-word method” of teaching children to read. In this method, kids are taught to memorize words as if they were pictures, rather than sounding out the word based on the letters that form it. Newman calls it a “quack method” of teaching reading.

Newman also wrote in his book about how progressives have scrubbed the public schools of God and religion. He writes that they have rewritten American history textbooks to downplay patriotism and prepare children to be global citizens. They have confused children by focusing on mathematics to the exclusion of basic arithmetic, which people need to use in their daily lives, he says.

“Crimes of the Educators” reveals how the architects of America’s public school disaster implemented a plan to socialize the United States by knowingly and willingly dumbing down the population

 In the author’s estimation, it all adds up to indoctrination.

“We need to draw a clear, defining line between education, which enables people to know how to think, versus what the government is doing today, which is indoctrination, training people what to think rather than how to think and how to process information and how to have critical thinking ability,” Newman explained.

The public education system is too far gone to be saved, Newman argues, largely because progressive educators such as John Dewey designed it specifically to dumb down and indoctrinate children. Therefore, he says modern education reformers need to start over if they wish to save the system.

“If we’re going to have government-provided education, we really need to start from the very beginning, from the very foundation and build on a new foundation that’s based on proper reading, proper writing and real knowledge – not indoctrination,” he said. “And for that to happen, we’ve got to start from scratch and we’ve got to build from there, because the system, I think, is too far gone, it’s too corrupt to be salvaged.”

It’s possible for publicly educated children and adults to overcome the indoctrination, Newman asserted, but it’s very difficult.

“If you subject yourself to a government school or you subject your children to a government school, you’re automatically starting with a huge handicap because a government school is scientifically designed to dumb you down,” he said. “And it is possible to bypass that, but it takes very, very hard work.”

Those wishing to overcome the dumbing-down process need someone who can teach them to read properly, according to Newman. Once they can read well, they can acquire knowledge and truth independently and receive a real education.

“You’re not going to get the truth out of the government schools any more than you’re going to get the truth from the far-left media,” Newman warned.

He offered further advice for adults wishing to educate themselves: Read books.

“They hide all the secrets in the books,” he quipped. “Get books. Make sure you have a big library stocked with information on everything you need to know: history, economics, politics, culture, science – we all need to be well-rounded people, and if we’re going to educate others, we need to be educated ourselves.

“So there’s a lot of great sources out there, but I really recommend people just need to expand their libraries, get off of Facebook, turn off the TV, and educate yourself with books the old-fashioned way. I think there’s really no shortcut.”

Please share if you agree it’s time parents start worrying more about what the left wing teachers teach and less about a childish stunt a naval aviator pulls….

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