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Chiefs Player Who Cursed Out Fans And Gave Them The Finger Just Trashed Americans And Says Why He Will Do It Again

This will piss you off!



They can make millions, drive fancy cars, and live in mansions, but they just can’t seem to be able to leave the ghetto, no matter how much they try!

Kansas City Chiefs player Marcus Peters has been protesting the National Anthem for quite some time now. Of course, the ungrateful millionaire has also made it quite clear that he is not obligated to talk about it or issue a reason for his decision to not stand. Instead, he blames those who have been insulted by his disrespect and accuses them of “Having it all wrong about him.”

Yes, I bet we all have it all wrong. Seeing as how NFL TV viewership and attendance has fallen since these despicable protests started, he finally decided to break his arrogant silence and to give excuses about his protests in order to shed more light on the issue.

“I ain’t trying to get into a back and forth conversation of me trying to prove that I’m not being disrespectful or that I am being disrespectful toward the American flag. Man … come on, man. I’m an American, bruh. I’m an African-American that was born in this wonderful country that we all can live in. How about we start all protecting each (expletive) other and come together, you feel me? It will be better for it.

It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be, bruh, but I’m just getting tired. We need to talk about something new. If y’all wanna talk about the protest, man, give my man Colin Kaepernick a call. And he’ll tell you straight up. Because nobody’s hollered at him and asked him.

When the first person raised his fist at the Olympics, right, he was showing that he was proud of who he was. (referring to John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s protest at the 1968 Olympics) That’s all I was doing.”

As you can tell by his very “eloquent” statement he is just making excuses for the inexcusable. He has never protested the culture of rape, abuse, and drugs the NFL has been faced with, so he decides to protest America and all she stands for, all WE stand for.

ABC Reports:

Chiefs CB Marcus Peters caught on camera shouting profanity at fan

KANSAS CITY, Mo. –? Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he has spoken with cornerback Marcus Peters about his apparent use of profanity directed to a fan during Monday night’s game against Washington?at Arrowhead Stadium.

“I had a chance to see what took place,” Reid said. “We can’t go in that direction. It’s been addressed. I love the compete in the kid. I appreciate his work ethic and everything else but as professionals that’s not something we want to take place.”

Peters was caught by TV cameras shouting at a fan behind the Chiefs bench after allowing a touchdown pass in the third quarter of the game, won by the Chiefs 29-20. The incident was shown live on ESPN’s broadcast.

After issuing his statement about Peters’ outburst, Reid declined to answer further questions about the incident.

Peters was also among several players from both teams involved in an incident at midfield during pregame warm-ups. Players were jawing with one another and had to be separated by coaches.

Peters was the last Chiefs player to be pulled from the incident.

Peters, who rarely speaks to reporters during the week, was not in the locker room Wednesday.

He spoke volumes after the game, though, telling reporters in front of his locker that “I killed my damn self” by giving up the touchdown catches. He claimed that Pryor pushed off on the first, “but that’s the game of football.” And he ultimately called his performance “hella weak.”

Peters also drew the ire of many fans for sitting during the national anthem, something that he’s done regularly since last year, even though he stood with the rest of the Chiefs for a moment of silence to honor the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

Asked whether the message Peters is trying to deliver by sitting has gotten lost amid his antics, Reid replied: “I’m just going to leave it with the statement that I mentioned.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

In a way, Let’s hope these ignorant players keep up this nonsense. People who clearly can’t even read, write, or speak English correctly, have no business being millionaires. All these ball tossers will have to go out and make an honest living like the rest of us. In a job where if you don’t understand the language you will suffer dearly for it.

It’s inconceivable that a person who tosses a ball for a living gets millions to do so, while the very soldiers who protect this thug’s right to spew his garbage make peanuts. It’s about time us Americans did some soul searching and started to put things into perspective. Sports are done for fun, not for millions or to be used as a platform to spew your ignorance and hate towards the nation who has given you all.

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Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He’s worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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BREAKING: Miracle On Ice Team Captain Just BRUTALLY Schooled Lindsey Vonn After She Trashes Trump – She’s DONE!

She got knocked right on her Face!



Ever since Trump won the election, liberals have been melting down in epic fashion. The great meltdown of snowflakes hasn’t been contained to just brainwashed liberals who believed that Obama was their messiah, it spread far & wide to include celebrities & sports figures & continues to this day.

We’ve seen entire NFL teams, spurred on by Colin Kaepernick’s example, disrespect the national anthem & our soldiers because President Trump said that they should stand & honor them. NBA players like the Warrior’s Stephen Curry have been disinvited from visiting the White House because of their hatred of Trump. Even some college basketball teams snubbed the president by declining invitations to visit the capitol.

The latest professional athlete to disrespect President Trump is 33-year-old Gold Medal skier, Lindsey Vonn.

In an interview last week, Vonn told CNN that if she is on the US Winter Olympic team competing in Pyeongchang, South Korea, that she will “represent the people of the United States, not the president.” When asked if she would accept an invitation from President Trump to visit the White House if she won in the Olympics Vonn replied, “Absolutely not.”

The backlash was immediate. Amanda Shea of Freedom Daily wrote:

Vonn just slipped down the biggest downward slope of her career that’s become all too familiar in the sports industry. Just like sponsors in the NFL fled in droves after major profit losses caused by protesting players, this Olympian is starting to feel the pain of making divisive statements where they don’t belong. After doubling down on her tasteless remark by adding, “I want to represent our country well,” Vonn explained. “I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that,” one of her biggest sponsors realized what a liability to their business she is.

Fans are already responding to the comments in the same way they did to the National Anthem kneelers in the NFL. A trending hashtag #BoycottUnderArmour has already picked up a lot of steam since she made her anti-Trump statements. We’ve already seen that this is more than words. Pro-Trump Americans will adamantly stand by our president and do exactly as they say they will – boycott a brand, a sport, an event, and anything else that condones anti-American attitudes.

Of course, Vonn experienced more Trump Train karma when she was injured during practice, yesterday. Her injuries forced her to withdraw from the World Cup, and she may not even get to compete in the Winter Olympics.

Now, Vonn is being slapped in the face for disrespecting Trump by one of her own. Olympic gold medalist Mike Eruzione, who “captained the 1980 U.S. men’s hockey team in a stunning victory over Russia in a game that has since become known as the “Miracle on Ice,” told Fox & Friends that Vonn should respect President Trump.

Via the Conservative Tribune:

“In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Saturday, Eruzione said that commander-in-chief ought to be respected.

“First of all, we had the honor of going to the White House, and if you will remember, at a very difficult time,” Eruzione recalled, noting that the victory came at the height of the Iranian hostage crisis and President Jimmy Carter’s unpopularity.

“President Carter had announced they were boycotting the (1980 Moscow) summer games, so a lot of Olympians weren’t very happy with President Carter and his decision.”

Nevertheless, Eruzione went, even though he faced questions over the boycott.

“I’m kind of an old school guy, I respect the presidency,” Eruzione said. “I respect the White House. I respect who is in that White House.”

“If it’s her choice not to go, that’s fine, but boy, I treasured my visit.”

It is, of course, Vonn’s choice. This being said, vitiating the quality of American discourse at this acrimonious juncture isn’t the spirit of the Olympics.

As bad as liberals may think Donald Trump is, few remember the kind of anger and rage Americans felt toward President Carter in 1980. He was despised for so many reasons, most of which were very good, and was decidedly unpopular among Olympians.

And yet, they went. They respected the office. They respected the White House. They respected the country they had done fairly well for themselves representing.

Vonn, as it turns out, might not even have to worry about a potential visit. According to the Washington Examiner, Vonn suffered a back injury during a race this weekend in St. Moritz, Switzerland.”

If butthurt liberal Lindsey Vonn wants to compete on OUR Olympic team and represent OUR great country, she had better put her personal feelings aside because guess what? President Trump is an American, also, & she’s representing him as well.

After all Trump has done & is doing for America, you’d think liberals like Vonn would show a little gratitude. It’s almost as if they hate that unemployment is at a 17 year low, the stock market is breaking records almost daily, illegal immigration is down massively, and consumer confidence is at an almost two-decade high. All of those things are good for Americans, and Trump is the one who made them happen!

If libs like Vonn don’t like what Trump is doing for our country, maybe they should go live in another one!

Share if you think President Trump should be respected for all of the great things he’s accomplished for us!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

By Jeff Rainforth
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Army-Navy Game’s Stunning National Anthem Rendition Puts Every Kneeling NFL Player To Shame

This is amazing & Trump is cheering them on!



This afternoon was the famous yearly Army-Navy football game. They met again this year on a snowy field in Philadelphia to play a game is now an American Pastime in its self. A game that has been played for over 100 years.

This year marks the 118th time the two teams have played each other. The teams meet in a neutral city between their respective academies. Which often means they have to play in NFL stadiums due to the enormous number of active duty and veteran fans who wish to attend. This year that number was over 70 thousand people.

But this year the game meant even more. You see, before the game, the choirs of the Annapolis and West Point academies but their football rivalries aside and joined together to sing our national anthem. It was a solemn moment which was made even more beautiful by the falling snow. Just watching this will bring tears to the eyes of any Patriotic American soul who day in and day out has to witness the disrespect spoiled rich NFL ball tossers show for our nation and her flag because of so-called Social Justice.

Deadspin Reports:

The 49ers’ Stadium Is As Empty As It Deserves To Be

In the last few seasons the 49ers played at Candlestick Park, I got into the gate for roughly $50 per game. The swarms of ushers and ticket-checkers customary at modern professional sports games were conspicuously absent at the old concrete bowl, and so by the end of the 2013 regular season, I’d found a permanent place in the lower level on the 45-ish-yard line (visitor’s side). I was welcomed in without a real seat by some
older white men from Berkeley who’d inherited their season tickets from their father, whom they told me had held season tickets for the 49ers’ entire 42 years at the ’Stick, and a wild, often-drunk man in his mid-30s who drove in from Fresno and wore things like Batman masks with a 49ers cape.

The two parties clashed, but that wasn’t my problem. All I knew was that I’d been fortunate to find hospitable hosts in such an incredible section and that the men from Berkeley were kind enough to regale me with stories of their memories at Candlestick from before I was born, when the 49ers were the team of the decade.

The seats faced the big hill that made up the western border of the property; when the sun began to set in usually the third quarter or so, the sky would often turn bright, vibrant colors that made the whole aesthetic more than was deserved by what was really a comically antiquated stadium that somehow smelled stale no matter what time you were there.

From those seats, I watched the peak of the Jim Harbaugh years, the ones that now seem like they’ll ultimately be but a blip on the long, extended timeline of shitty 49ers teams since Eddie DeBartolo had to give the team to his sister, Denise, who then gave it to her son, Jed York.

But the Niners couldn’t have asked for better moment with which to move the team down to Santa Clara; the last 49ers game to be played at the ’Stick was the one saved by NaVorro Bowman’s miraculous pick-six, which seemed to play out in slow motion (though that was really just because he was slow as hell running across the field). The Niners won, fireworks were shot off, and “Hello, Goodbye” blasted from the PA, an allusion to the Beatles playing their final U.S. show at the stadium back in 1966.

Less than four years later, the team finds itself amid a perfect storm of waning fan interest at its new, hyper-modern stadium 40 miles south of San Francisco.

The 49ers spent $1.3 billion to build the new stadium and, incredibly, seem not to have thought to, among other things, assess just how hot it would be on the East side of the stadium during day games, especially early in the NFL season. Photos of the empty home side of the new-ish 49ers stadium are now as much of a tradition as the yet-to-be-broken-in stadium could be said to have.

Unfortunately for the Niners, their big, glass-paneled press box faces directly into the stands hit with the most glaring rays. (The view from the opposite side of the stadium is not quite as bleak as the one offered to sportswriters.) It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s exactly what Jed York should see from his owner’s box while the team he wrested away from its only competent coach since Bill Walsh continues to not just disappoint but enrage those of us who are emotionally attached to this dumbass team.

What you are seeing in that empty-stadium porn is the result of distance from San Francisco, early-season heat, and a team that is seemingly getting more anonymous by the snap; in all, it’s schadenfreude incarnate. It’s more than that, though—corny as it is to say, it can’t be understated how much the move to a new stadium cleaved any remaining bridge between the dynasty 49ers and the 49ers of the present and future. The move did away with the shared experiences of the franchise’s best years, even if each passing year proved Candlestick to be more dilapidated and outdated.

The move severed relationships among longtime ticket holders and priced out the old guard of fans who haven’t yet accepted that watching an NFL game on the couch is much more enjoyable than it is in person and, in conjunction with the proximity to the new-monied Silicon Valley oligarchy, it drove home who NFL games are for now.

This isn’t to gloss over Candlestick’s many, many issues. Candlestick, in many ways, sucked. But it had been around forever, hosting everything from that Beatles concert to the 1989 World Series as well as anything 49ers-related. The traffic sucked (as it does at the new stadium, anyway), and it was usually windy and cold, but it was a legacy site instead of a modern marvel headlined by Michael Mina’s tailgate with appearances by Ayesha Curry.

In Santa Clara, fans get more amenities (and, thankfully, wider concourses), but without character or any real indication that the football is the main event—though, really, why should it be?

Realistically, the focus on more amenities has fucked the 49ers in another way: with concourses and suites and porches from which to watch the game, it takes a lot of butts out of seats—which is, at least from a non–front office perspective, all anyone can quantify, anyway.

Most of this was fully within the 49ers’ control, but they are suffering the misfortune of the football product collapsing just as they needed fans to become more committed to spending money, time, and other resources to watch games in person. Those stands are not just empty of bored fans who don’t want to sit in traffic to get roasted in the sun all Sunday watching a terrible team. (Though, for most reasonable people, that should be enough.) What people across the country may not see is how at the beginning of the fourth season in Santa Clara, the stadium has failed to be any more broken in than it was when it opened. Candlestick was a shitty home. But it was a home. The stands at Candlestick spoke loudly for the changing Bay Area; the lifelong season ticket–holders like my white pals from Berkeley blended with younger, Hispanic fans from more blended towns reaching down into San Joaquin valley.

When the team moved to Santa Clara, large swaths of those fans were cut out of the equation. Season ticket prices were reasonable—working-class friends of mine had been able to afford packages during the Alex Smith years, even—and suddenly, the privilege of watching the Niners required $4,000+ investments for anything below the 400 level. And more generally, for fans in San Francisco, the stadium might as well be on Mars. The team has attempted to provide reasonable access to Santa Clara, be it through Amtrak or Caltrain, but it’s still at the tip of a peninsula becoming more and more crowded due to booming development from the second Silicon Valley bubble.

This isn’t an accident. Teams across the four major sports have realized it is much more lucrative to cater to wealthy, mildly interested customers and corporate clientele than to the old rowdy fools in Ronnie Lott jerseys. Take the Michael Mina tailgate thing: It’s cosplay, a version of a traditional football enthusiast’s pastime laid out for the rich and snobby. It’s fine, I suppose, but inherently ridiculous. If I want to do some version of fine dining, the last place I want to be is at a football game, and if I’m at a football game, the last thing I care about is the best meal of my life. The Niners experience, I suppose, is now pitched at people who think differently. Is this working out?

I’ve been to Levi’s Stadium twice; I happened to move cross-country just weeks after the Niners lost in that wild NFC Championship against the Seahawks. I flew home for the first regular season home game against the Bears. It was a somewhat unremarkable game, other than Colin Kaepernick pissing away the lead throughout the fourth quarter. I bought a standing-room ticket for $180 and wanted to die. But wildly enough, as I posted up at a railing somewhere near the 50-yard-line, who should walk in front of me, but my Candlestick friend Adam, Batman mask and all.

Later, again, strangely, I ran into my older friends from Berkeley while waiting for the Amtrak back up to the City. They’d spent 42 years on the 50-yard-line and with season tickets rights, they’d now spend their Sundays in corner endzone seats a couple levels into the sky.

My second trip to Santa Clara was different; I was covering Super Bowl 50, boiling in an auxiliary press box vaulted over the end zone on the “hot” side of the stadium, watching Cam Newton crap his pants on the field and go totally silent after the game.

Neither experience was representative of the regular season ins and outs of 49ers fans still living in the Bay Area, but when we talk about empty seats and the distance from San Francisco to Santa Clara, a lot of the immeasurable things like relationships and tradition get lost. All of it indexes in ways you can measure. Tickets on the secondary market are cheap as hell for this season already. A Seahawks-49ers game the Sunday after Thanksgiving will cost you a whole $62, thanks to wildly deflated demand. Considering the cheapest season tickets run $85 a game, it amounts to people paying not to go.

And who can blame them? When it comes to photos of the stands in Santa Clara, the joke is clearly not on the fans, but on the team ownership. It’s the 49ers, and Jed York, who look like assholes—which they are. When you see the empty home-side stands throughout the season, ask yourself what York is thinking as he sits in an air-conditioned box, taking in the same view.

It seems like the concerns over the stadium are growing within the 49ers front office. In a statement, the 49ers said:

We empathize with our fans whose experience at Levi’s Stadium Sunday may have been negatively impacted by the unseasonably warm weather the Bay Area has recently experienced. We proactively communicated the anticipated conditions to ticket holders prior to game day so that they could make the appropriate preparations. On game day, our staff worked diligently to provide fans with free water, sunscreen, cooling towels and personal misters while directing people to relief in shady or climate-controlled areas of the building.

Last year, we engaged one of the largest stadium architecture firms in the world to help us review a number of aspects of the stadium with the goal of enhancing the fan experience. Much of their feedback has been implemented this season and has already garnered a great response from our fans. We have also asked our partner to investigate feasible solutions to address concerns regarding warm weather days, both for the short and long terms.

Ostensibly, a real solution would have to be something like an FAA-compliant and earthquake-proof canopy. For now, the team should probably invest in massive numbers of giveaway sunglasses and make sure the team stores are full of tank tops to replace the long-sleeve shirts most of us own from the Candlestick days. Their scheduling suggests an awareness of the issues, with its tip-toeing around early-season Sunday afternoon games; this is not only kind of depressing, but probably untenable, and so a perfect fit for a stadium that is truly remarkable in one way: It’s already not what anybody—anybody—wants for the 49ers.

If you would have told me in back in the 80’s while I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and watching Joe Montana, Steve Young, Will Clark and Jerry Rice with awe at their greatness that there would come a day that the 49er stadium would be empty I would have looked at you like you were from another planet. But that’s where we are now. The NFL as a whole is now ruined for all of us who love our nation more than we love Football. But at least we will always be able to take solace in the fact that we will always have the Army-Navy game to watch.

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BREAKING: Vonn Out Of Olympics Less Than 24 Hrs After Trashing Trump – Her Career Is Officially Over



The last 48 hours have been particularly rough for Olympic alpine skier Lindsey Vonn. Ever since she decided to use her public platform to slam our president, she’s suffered the recourse of that really bad decision. She should have learned from the immense fallout in the NFL but refused to. Now, Donald Trump has just gotten the ultimate revenge on the athlete who could be forcibly removed from the 2018 Olympics. Her goals of coming home with another gold medal have just been shattered by her own doing and it didn’t take too long to realize the ramifications.

It’s strange how athletes have no problem using Trump to bring attention to themselves by making such bold public statements, for how much they hate him. What’s even odder, is that they never seem to learn their lesson and can’t stop themselves from slandering him, regardless of the massive ramifications. The latest “victim” of this stupidity is Vonn who just got what she earned when she opened her mouth and said, “Well, I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president,”  according to CNN.

Less than 24 hours after a boycott of her sponsors was initiated, Vonn suffered a bigger, devastating blow.

Reuters reports:

American Lindsey Vonn was injured after finishing the World Cup Super G race in St Moritz on Saturday while Switzerland’s Lara Gut crashed halfway down the course.

Vonn, four-times overall World Cup champion and the finest woman skier of her generation, fell to the ground grimacing as she slowed down after the finishing line and she staggered away with what appeared to be either a hip or back injury.

Vonn spent just under an hour in the medical treatment tent before being escorted to a waiting car and driven away. The 33-year-old walked the few metres to the car with great difficulty.

An ambulance was initially called but was not needed.

The U.S. team said on Twitter that Vonn “compressed her back on the fifth gate, skied through pain but didn’t have the power to push. She was evaluated by the physio and doctor in the tent. Further information to come.”

It’s an unfortunate injury that could prevent her from participating in the winter Olympics, which some are seeing as nearly instant karma for coming out and attacking Trump in her initial interview. Vonn is no stranger to pain and recovery, having just spent the last couple years rehabilitating, training, and getting in condition for this Olympic competition after enduring major injuries from her last race.

This is the second blow to the Gold Medalist this week, suffered in the immediate aftermath of her tactless remarks about President Trump.

Fans are already responding to the comments in the same way they did to the National Anthem kneelers in the NFL. A trending hashtag #BoycottUnderArmour has already picked up a lot of steam since she made her anti-Trump statements. We’ve already seen that this is more than words. Pro-Trump Americans will adamantly stand by our president and do exactly as they say they will – boycott a brand, a sport, an event, and anything else that condones anti-American attitudes.

“So UnderArmour wants to attract more #BoycottUnderAmour attention with Lindsey Vaughn? Ok you got it! #BoycottUnderArmour,”  another user by the name “The Warden” posted.

If Red Bull, Under Armour, Hershey’s, and a list of other big brands she represents want to save their good names, they better get this alpine skier to leave politics out of the sport. It’s not going to end well for her or these sponsors if she continues down this steep path, nor is it worth wasting everything she’s worked hard at accomplishing to say such disgusting things. It’s truly astounding these talented athletes are willing to risk so much just to say something stupid.

Let’s also not forget that Vonn is really not in a position to criticize others who she considered to be morally depraved, as one commenter on Breitbart’s story pointed out:

“Nude photo shooting Lindsey who dated drug-addled philandering Tiger Woods now appoints herself a paragon of American virtue? You want to shoot your mouth off and enter politics baby, run for office. You want to suck my tax dollars on the Olympic team and represent me… you keep your mouth shut and focus on skiing, maybe you can win a medal for a change??”

The Olympics is a time and a place where Americans come together and root for the same team. That should have been the message that Vonn shared going into the games, instead of a divisive one. It’s proof that despite their claim of Trump being the divider, they are truly the ones preventing opposing sides from mending as they perpetuate the hate.

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