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Colleges Are Cultivating America’s First Truly Authoritarian Generation



“It’s illegal to offend people,” said the UT-Austin police officer to a Christian evangelist. The officer then proceeded to write the evangelist a citation. Yes, that actually happened in America. Thankfully, the citation was later voided and the officer received re-training.

The event occurred just off campus where two evangelists were preaching against homosexuality. According to the police officer, a student complained that he was being “verbally harassed” which in fact he was not. The whiney student, if he exists at all, was simply being exposed to words and ideas that offended him. The accusation of “verbal harassment” is the authoritarian censor’s primary weapon against our constitutional rights.

Three officers responded to the call (three!) and together the five of them then proceeded to have a conversation that was cordial but nonetheless alarming. Most of the conversation occurred between an evangelist named Joshua Borchert and a certain Officer Wormsley, who proceeded to inform Borchert that he had a duty to enforce the law; and the law, according to Wormsley, is that any speech that offends anyone is illegal. He’s apparently never heard of this other law called the US Constitution.

“We had somebody that was offended by the gestures that you were making,” said Wormsley. “And that’s our job is to make sure that that doesn’t happen because these are students that’s walking in this mall right here. I know you’re not on campus. But you’re right off campus offending students on the campus. So the job here is to write you up as a citation, disorderly conduct, for offending someone.”

Officer Wormsley later conferred with another officer, saying: “He indicates that it’s [his] first amendment, he can say what he wants, freedom of speech, but that’s not what the law says. The law says, I mean, if you offend somebody, if they want to press charges, you can’t do that.”

Perhaps the most terrifying part in the video is when Borchert asked the three police officers if they have ever issued citations for the “crime” of causing offense. “Yes,” said one cop. “Oh yes,” said another. When Borchert asked what fine the judge might impose the officer replied: “We write so many, I can’t answer that question for you.” That alone should tell you that this is not an isolated incident.

Nor is it confined to UT-Austin. Across the fruited plain, on campuses both public and private, universities strictly regulate student speech. The first amendment watchdog group Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) annually rates colleges on their free speech policies using a color-coded system. A green rating means that a college adheres to constitutional free speech protections, a yellow light means that a school has at least one ambiguous policy that encourages abuse and arbitrary application, and a red light means that a school blatantly violates its students’ rights. UT-Austin received a red rating in FIRE’s most recent report, as did 49.3 percent of the 440 campuses studied. Only 5 percent got a green rating.

I wish I could say that I’m shocked by this but I’m not. College campuses are hostile environments for all of our first amendment rights but especially to our right to free speech. It wasn’t that long ago when I was studying at a large public university where I witnessed with my own eyes an utter disregard for freedom of speech. Within my first few weeks at the University of Massachusetts I was stunned to see a list of banned words hanging in a dormitory. This isn’t Communist China, I thought; public universities can’t just ban words. Oh but they do.

The list was composed entirely of “homophobic” slurs, including one which I hadn’t previously known to be “homophobic” at all. That word was “buttmunch,” which I had never before associated with homosexuals. I have since learned that munching butt is a common practice among male homosexuals which explains why they suffer from so many intestinal parasites. They eat a lot of feces, you know? So I learned something new that day—I’m not allowed to say “buttmunch” because it offends people who munch butt.

But really, who are they to tell me what words I may use? “Homophobic” slurs are absolutely covered by the first amendment, full stop. The whole purpose of the first amendment is to protect offensive speech. But alas, UMass received a red rating from FIRE and for good reason; it’s basically a gulag on a picturesque New England campus.

It’s important to note however that the campus authoritarians are not just cops and administrators. The students are cool with being told what to say and they won’t hesitate to rat you out for thought crimes. Censorship is accepted practice and no one bats an eyelash. A McLaughlin & Associates survey of college students completed in 2015 found that 51 percent of students favored campus speech codes while a mere 36 percent dissented. Thirty-five percent said that the Constitution does not protect “hate speech,” an imprecise term that basically means whatever liberals hate hearing. Among self-described liberals 30 percent said that the first amendment was “outdated.”

Free speech is all too often perceived as a shield for bigots to hide behind—which it is, of course, though I don’t mean to imply that everyone accused of bigotry by the campus authoritarians is guilty as charged. “Bigotry” is an all-purpose word used to describe Orwellian thought crimes, most of which are not bigoted at all. It nonetheless protects authentic bigotry too. There’s absolutely no need to parse out the difference between genuine bigoted speech and non-bigoted speech because both are constitutionally protected. Yet campus authoritarians don’t want anyone to have a shield to protect themselves so they attempt to delegitimize first amendment protections as somehow cowardly; as if standing against majority opinion doesn’t take guts. “Quit hiding behind the first amendment!” they shout. Why the heck shouldn’t someone hide behind the first amendment? That’s what it’s for—protection.

Part of the reason that censorship is so rampant on college campuses is that people are by nature selfish. They want protection for themselves but won’t extend it to others. The average campus liberal doesn’t appreciate the value of free speech because it never occurs to him that he might someday be the purveyor of an unpopular idea. In all likelihood, he never will need constitutional protections because, by the standards of his campus, he is in fact a very conventional thinker. He is a member of the “in group” who feels entitled to gag the “out group.”

He reasons, not incorrectly, that censorship only affects the other guy. But he errs in assuming that it only affects bad people with very wrong ideas. In this regard he shares a lot in common with the seventeenth century Catholic theologian Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, a very intolerant member of the French aristocracy who once said: “I have the right to persecute you because I am right and you are wrong.”

That type of thinking was common in Europe before the Enlightenment but it’s anathema to the ideals that America was founded upon. Granted, America has often failed to live up to those ideals, from Comstockery to official censorship during the Civil War and both world wars, if only because ideals are things we strive for even when they are not perfectly achieved.

But we aren’t even striving for that ideal anymore; at least not on college campuses. The very notion that people can just speak their minds is considered dangerous in and of itself. It’s a thought too scary for a generation raised in safe zones to contemplate. Ideas must be controlled!

My only hope is that the Constitution will protect us and someday this will all be straightened out, perhaps by some watershed court decision. But I doubt it. Our constitutional rights are only as good as the public officials who interpret and enforce them. I have little faith that tomorrow’s judges, cops, and college administrators will allow the first amendment to be anything more than dead words on a page, hypocritically maintained in theory while endlessly violated in practice. After all, the students who clamor for “safe spaces” today will someday be the public officials whose job it is to safeguard our freedoms. This is truly the first authoritarian generation reared on American soil. Should they fail to mature in their appreciation for the first amendment our freedom will be lost.


Racist NFL Player Just Started SICK New Trend With What He’s Doing After Tackling ANY White Player



As the 2018 football season is now officially underway, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for the NFL. Over the past week, fed up fans have proven they are sick and tired of witnessing these anti-American protests, and empty stadiums at several games over the weekend spelled disaster for the NFL of things to come. As NFL officials are frantically trying to do damage control as their protesting athletes are turning fans away in droves, they now have a new nightmare on their hands after a brand new version of nasty anti-American protests just started, led by a Seahawks player who’s now doing an unthinkable act of racism towards white players on the field.

49’ers stadium during the second half kickoff where large sections were completely empty (left) Across the nation in Los Angles, similar fan-inspired protests were taking place, as there were more empty seats than filled ones during the Colts and Rams game on September 10 (right)

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was the first NFL player to protest this season, where he’s been vocally leading nasty anti-American protests ever since.  Shortly after signing a $30 million dollar contract with the Seahawks, Bennett still somehow felt “oppressed” as a black man living in America, and decided to sit on his ungrateful behind during the game against the Los Angeles Chargers back in August.

While it’s these players’ First Amendment right to be ungrateful and disrespect every American Soldier who has fought, bled, and died to preserve their freedoms, now Bennett is taking his antics to a startling new level.

Not satisfied with quietly sitting on the sideline while the National Anthem plays, Bennett is now raising the black power salute every time he sacks a white player on the field, a disgusting racist symbol that black supremacists have used for decades to display their supremacy over the white race. 

During the second quarter of the game against the 49ers over the weekend, Bennett celebrated tacking white quarterback Brian Hoyer by flashing the black power fist into the air. This gesture was a head nod to black supremacists around the country, where the All Black Media confirmed Bennett’s actions were a pro-Black Power gesture in the following tweet.

It’s one thing to kneel or to sit quietly by yourself on the bench while the National Anthem plays. It’s another thing entirely to disrupt the game with your protests, and then display your anti-white sentiments by flashing a black power salute. Could you imagine the backlash if a white player was flashing Nazi salutes on the field every time they sacked a black player? Not only would the white player be receiving death threats by every liberal in America, but they’d be permanently suspended and have their multi-million dollar contracts revoked!

The black power fist is an infamous symbol of racism that black hate groups have used for decades. The Black Panther Party uses this gesture frequently, whose leader Khalid Muhammad called on his followers back in 2012 to kill all white babies, in a disgusting terroristic tirade that you can read in its entirety here.

Players protesting their perceived “injustices” towards blacks is one thing, but Bennett’s defiant act of racism towards white players on the field is absolutely startling. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a complete nightmare on his hands, as he had the opportunity during the pre-season to condemn these protesters’ actions, but disgustingly, put the problem back on the fans, demanding that fans be “more understanding of the protests.” Now these protests have metastasized from players simply protesting the National Anthem to all out defiant acts of racism towards white players on the field.  

Not only does Bennett apparently hate white people, he hates police officers too. Several weeks ago he tried to push the ridiculous nonsense that he was a victim of “racial profiling” by Las Vegas police, after his suspicious activity of hiding under a game at a casino while authorities were looking for a black shooter led police to arresting him for a short period of time.

“Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Undersheriff Kevin McMahill remembered the incident a little differently, saying that officers were searching for a possible active shooter at the Cromwell casino when they located Bennett crouched down behind a gaming machine,” Conservative Tribune reported.

It looks like empty stadiums will now become more of an issue for the NFL as outraged fans are now sending the clear message that they have better things to do with their time other than being bombarded by these disgusting acts of disrespect and racism on the football field every time they turn on the television or go to a game.

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Trump’s Motorcade Just Came To Abrupt Halt In Indiana After What’s Spotted Right Out His Window



President Donald Trump didn’t hold back when he expressed his displeasure with the National Football Lague (NFL) allowing players to kneel during the anthem. This lit a fire under the controversy, leading to more protests and liberals speaking out in support of this divisive message that entitled athletes were sending. It’s been nearly a week of this tug-of-war between right and wrong on this matter that has come to a head in an unexpected way, just inches from Trump’s motorcade today.

The protests have always been about disrespecting our flag and showing a complete lack of appreciation for those who died defending it. If it was simply to bring about “unity” and attention to supposed police brutality in the black community, these players could have shared their opinion on the matter outside of the National Anthem. They wanted the attention and reason to get publicly irate at a perceived problem they brought to the surface and have taken way too far.

Since the president spoke out about their actions, they protests become almost entirely as a way to show hate to the Commander-in-Chief who rightfully addressed the issue. All manner of threats and accusations ensued from there. On Wednesday, he was in Indianapolis when his security detail noticed what someone was doing just inches from the armored vehicles and snapped a picture.

This shot speaks volumes more than what these athletes have been doing all week on their knees. This background behind what brought this man to Trump’s ride sends a stronger message that what he realized he was making.

A black man was on his knee outside the motorcade for a different reason than those in the NFL, based on who he is and what he was holding. While what he had to say was not an opinion that everyone agrees on, there was another message that he didn’t know he was sharing but is the one that really needs to be heard.

The Hill reports:

An Army veteran who took a knee with a folded flag as President Trump’s motorcade passed by him on Wednesday says the president’s criticism of NFL players who kneel during the national anthem is “totally wrong.”

Marvin Boatright told The Huffington Post that he hoped someone in Trump’s motorcade would notice him kneeling while wearing an American Legion hat and holding a folded flag as the motorcade passed by en route to Trump’s speech on tax reform.

“For the commander-in-chief to call our citizens ‘sons of a bitches’ was totally wrong and beneath the dignity of the office that he holds,” Boatright told the Post.

A photo of Boatright kneeling went viral Thursday on Twitter.

While it’s Boatright’s opinion to think that what the president said was “totally wrong,” he has the right to feel that way without inciting violence since he did so in a respectable manner when the anthem wasn’t being performed. He knows what it means to honor the flag and respects what it represents while having a difference of opinion too.

The problem has never been people not showing compassion for their convictions or right to express them. It’s always been about a time and place and kneeling protesters knew what they were doing when they disrespectfully did so during our nation’s sacred anthem. It doesn’t make someone racist to expect respect either.

“As a veteran, and as an African-American, we have already and we continue to serve for God and country,” Boatright went on to explain to The Huffington Post. “But you can have a love of God and country and still be against social injustice. You don’t have to separate one from the other.”

While the injustice he speaks of is debatable, given that more black men are shot by other black men than they are by white police officers, he at least sets a good example that you can respect our flag and other people’s opinions while still making the point you say you’re trying to make.

I don’t agree with Boatright on this matter but can agree to disagree with him since he’s had the audacity to express his opinion in a peaceful manner that wasn’t meant as a distraction from honoring our country. He sent a powerful message in his own right and that’s what needs to be recognized by those who do it differently.

Trump can even appreciate this since his words have been twisted to mean something different than how he delivered them. All he wanted was for people to express their opinions in the right time and place, which Boatright did. If unity are what these kneelers are really after, then they can go about advocating for that in a way which actually promotes peace.


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Chicago Cop Get Horrible News After His Entire Department Sees What He’s Posing With In Picture



The national anthem protests reached a fever pitch this past weekend when hundreds of NFL players knelt when ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ began to play. This action ignited a social media firestorm with both sides of the argument battling it out online over why these players are being allowed to disrespect our veterans.

Some people claim that this protest is about fighting racial inequality, others argue that it is about police brutality, and then there is the logical option that is just about disrespecting our country and flag. In response, many conservatives have started staging their protests by boycotting the entire NFL season and canceling their NFL subscription channels.

One Chicago police officer wanted to make his feelings clear on where he stood on this anti-American protest. And, just as you would expect this officer has been reprimanded for sharing his “political views,” all while NFL players are treated like they are the second coming of Martin Luther King Jr.

A white Chicago police officer is in trouble today after he posted a picture of himself on Facebook holding the American flag. In the image you can see the officer holding the flag with a sign in front of him that says: “I stand for the anthem,” “I love the American flag” and “I support my president and the 2nd Amendment.”

(Photo credit: Facebook)

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this image, but according to Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, it violates policy.

Guglielmi states that while officers are on duty, they must refrain from making political statements which is why the officer was reprimanded. So, an officer that says he stands for the National Anthem, loves the American flag, supports the president, and the right to carry is a political statement? These messages are not political but have been our tenets for our country since we were founded.

Now, let’s couple this story with what a political statement actually looks like, shall we?

During the same time frame that this officer shared his love of country, two black officers were busy making a real statement. A black activist by the name of Aleta Clark entered a Chicago police station and asked the cops to kneel and put up a black power fist to protest the brutality of their profession.

Then these officers dared to take a picture of them doing this and post it on social media.

(Photo credit: Instagram)

And, of course, the image has quickly gone viral.

Here is more from WSMV:

Two Chicago police officers will be reprimanded after they were photographed kneeling with a civil rights activist in support of nationwide protests.

Activist Aleta Clark posted the photo to her Instagram account Monday showing her kneeling between the two cops, while all three held their fists in the air.

She captioned the photo: “That moment when you walk into the police station and ask the men of color are they against police brutality and racism and they say ‘yes.’”

Clark also said the officers took a knee to back San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The officers are now facing a reprimand for violating department policy against political activity while on duty, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he understands why the department is disciplining the officers, but can also see progress in his community.

“You have a community activist who felt comfortable enough to ask police officers, so the first symbol is we’re making progress on our community relations,” the mayor said.

More than 200 NFL players protested during the National Anthem on Sunday, opting to kneel or sit.

Kaepernick started the movement last year when he decided to take a knee during the anthem to protest police brutality.

For any logical person, it is clear which one is a politically motivated action and one that isn’t, and I will give you hint it isn’t the image with the flag.

The officers kneeling down on one knee with a fist raised is all about a political movement. Hello? Has anyone heard of Black Lives Matter? You know the group that calls for white genocide and the murder of police officers? Seriously, these police officers are actually protesting themselves.

On the hand, the white officer is expressing what we all have before liberal brainwashing took over our beautiful country. At least they are being consistent with their reprimands, but let’s be honest; the gentleman with the flag should be applauded and the other officers suspended. But that would make sense and we live in a world that is upside down.

H/T [ Chicago Tribune ]


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