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THE BLAZE – Somerville Police Employees Association President Michael McGrath writes in a letter sent Tuesday to Mayor Joseph Curtatone that officers are “deeply troubled” the current banner remains. The letter says it’s “inconceivable” and “demoralizing” that the banner remains, given recent attacks on police across the country.

Click here to read the letter to the Mayor.

Here’s the truth about Black Lives Matter, and bare with me until the end, and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

I’ll give you the truth in list format, because if I do it in a long winded way that involves too much reading, then people might bail out early.

The truth about Black Lives Matter

  1. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a nonsense group of angry uneducated protesters who have followed the mainstream media’s hyped up and irresponsible reporting that makes things seem racist. If the mainstream media would stop reporting crimes as racist every time there’s two races involved, then the people who can’t think for themselves and don’t know any better would not be wasting time blocking traffic or hating cops. In fact, if mainstream media would be more responsible, then none of this nonsense would be happening. People really aren’t that racist. That went out of style ages ago.
  2. How do so many people have so much time to protest? Black Lives Matter people need jobs. If they had a job, then they wouldn’t be able to protest when and where they want. They’d have responsibility. Please go get jobs and be productive. When you’re a working man or woman and you’re happy with your life, then you don’t have time to complain about anything else. You’re too busy enjoying life to worry about anything else.
  3. Black Lives Matter is racist, violent, and ruins neighborhoods. Since when does it make sense to loot, steal, attack people, or block traffic? None of that works. In fact, it makes people despise BLM. If BLM was out planting trees, reading to kids, or cleaning up neighborhoods, then they would have my utmost respect. They would be making a real change in the community. Change ALWAYS starts from within. Change yourselves first, because all this violence, protesting, looting, etc just makes them look stupid and no one cares to be bothered with them.
  4. Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter. Just the other day an innocent young black male was shot in the head during a PEACE PARTY. Here’s a guy doing something the right way and he gets shot by his own people. Are you kidding me? He was trying to unite people in a fun and peaceful way and that’s what happens? That makes me sick to my stomach. He had a real future and lost it, but where’s the outrage and protests from Black Lives Matter? That’s right, they don’t actually care. They don’t care about the thousands of deaths from black abortion or black on black crime either, but that’s none of my business.

Ten ways Black Lives Matter can make a difference and gain respect.

  1. Care about all lives. Everyone matters, except rapists, terrorists, child molesters, and criminals.
  2. Stop acting like police are racist and only shoot people because they are black. Look up actual FBI data and statistics and you’ll see that more white people are shot by cops. If anything, I can say cops hate white people more than blacks, so think about that for a minute. White Lives Matter, right?
  3. Stop standing behind loser criminals who get themselves shot by police. Mike Brown? Oh well. Alton Sterling? Oh well. Sorry folks, but they got themselves in that situation. That was their own fault, no one else is to blame.
  4. Remind people on how we’re supposed to act when confronted by police. It’s called respect. If we give it, then we get it. That’s how it works. Also, not reaching for a police officers gun is a good idea too. Do that and you’re gonna get shot every time.
  5. Work in struggling communities to increase funding for education and have after school reading classes. Let’s face it, the drop out rate in urban America is trifling. If we can educate our kids, then they won’t be stupid enough to get caught up in a crime spree.
  6. Have more community groups that center around learning how to be responsible adults. If black lives matter, then teach people how to be better as an individual. Stop protesting and screaming in people’s faces and start looking in the mirror and thinking “how can I make myself better today?”
  7. Clean the streets and plant trees. I know it sounds like something an unshowered hippy would do, but if your neighborhood is filthy, then clean it up. People seeing clean streets does wonders for how you feel when you walk out your door.
  8. Team up with the police. If black lives matter, then call out the people who keep ruining your neighborhood. Put in anonymous tips when you can. Forget about being a “rat” and start caring about your own neighborhood. How many little kids are accidentally shot because someone didn’t say anything, but knew there was going to be an attempted shooting? Come on now, we need to protect our kids from violence, so the only way to do that is to get people locked up who are known criminals. If citizens fight back against crime, instead of fighting with police, then you’ll see neighborhoods come up in value and prosperity.
  9. Always remember change comes from within, not from protest. How can each one of the Black Lives Matter protesters make themselves a better person? And how can they help improve their own neighborhoods?
  10. Stop perpetrating violence and robbing 7-11. Stop being angry, start being productive. I know robbing a few hot dogs from 7-11 sounds like an awesome time, but remember that it hurts the people working in the store and it hurts the community. It also makes Black Lives Matter look like criminals. That’s NOT the reputation that will help solve problems. Peace and being helpful goes a lot further than screaming, attacking, and looting.