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Danya Feltzin – Tech Savy Businessman

Danya Feltzin, Portland Oregon

Tech-savvy results generating individual, strategic thinker with an excellent ability to multi task and problem solve. Highly analytical and detail-oriented with a proven record of producing quality results and meeting strict timelines. 14 years of progressive experience in a competitive corporate environment, with an exemplary record of vertical promotions. Danya Feltzin

Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to easily convey information in international business settings. Possessing an extremely high level of technical proficiency with broad knowledge across multiple platforms, and having software capabilities covering a wide variety of applications. Danya Feltzin

Specialties: Business Management, Sales Management, Marketing, Project Management, Global Sourcing, Costing, Negotiations, Logistic Management, Manufacturing Operations, Warehouse Operations, Distribution Management, Sourcing Management, Production Management Danya Feltzin

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