Disgusting Muslim Denied Role In Disney Movie, Then Look What He Immediately Did

We continuously see fake hate crimes being orchestrated by Muslims whenever we freaking turn around. Muslims screaming “you’re a bigot” and “you’re a racist” are the constant battle cry of these idiots, as they continue to play the victim and assert that all Americans have a case of Islamophobia for not accepting their barbaric religion practices. Now a Muslim actor is screaming that Disney discriminated against him after he got rejected for a leading role in their upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin. But the whining Muslim’s case for “Islamophobia” was quickly thrown out the window after everyone noticed something disgusting on his social media account that should alarm Americans everywhere.

After being rejected by Disney following his audition, Mohamad Adams immediately began trying to garner sympathy, whining on Twitter that he had been rejected because of his religion.

Mohamad Adams, Muslim who thinks rape is funny and that it’s okay to call blacks the N word

“Here’s my singing audition for @DisneyStudios Aladdin that was rejected because of my name ‘Mohamad.’ Please Disney, tell her to reconsider,” he tweeted.

A lot of liberals predictably fell for little Mohamad’s cry for attention. After an outpouring of support, the pissed off Muslim later tweeted out to his fans, “Appreciating all the support. Thank you for siding against Islamophobia and racism. Love you all. ?”

But unfortunately for this race-baiting moron, the real reason that Disney rejected him would soon come to light, proving once again that these people will never assimilate into Western civilization despite how modernized they may appear on the outside. After a quick look at his Twitter, the young man’s true demented nature would be learned by all, where a series of tweets revealed that he likes to rape girls and then brag about his disgusting conquests on social media:

But it only gets even more disturbing from there. Little Mohamad is also a fan of gays being thrown off buildings, thinks rape is funny, and is a vocal racist himself, referring to African-Americans as “n*ggers” in several revolting tweets that you can see below:

The old adage that “you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig” could never be more relevant than in this circumstance. Despite Muslims dressing up in modern day clothes, learning to speak English, and acquiring the skills necessary to use modern-day technology, the 6th century barbaric religion that has been ingrained into them since youth will always rear its ugly head, making it utterly impossible for these degenerates to assimilate into modern civilization.

Thank God Disney has some common sense about not casting this moron as Aladdin. What a PR nightmare that would’ve been for them!


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