Donald J. Trump just did the UNTHINKABLE! He is “COMPLETELY OUT!”

For the last few weeks the media has chattered over what President Elect Donald Trump would do about the Trump Organization. Did he intend on continuing to run it while in office? Or would he step down? Certainly staying was not an option. The conflicts of interest are huge and it would make him look like a hypocrite considering how hard he was on Hillary for those same conflicts with the Clinton Foundation. Well, everyone can stop guessing.

As the master tweeter he is he took to the social media outlet Twitter to tell the world what he is going to do. He proclaimed on November 30th that he was going to leave the business entirely. Look at his series of tweets in the issue below,

The President Elect will be stepping down from his business in order to eliminate any conflicts of interest. As he should, which will be documented via legal paperwork. Which unfortunately didn’t happen with Clinton. Perhaps the President Elect will learn from the sins of the Clinton past.

Ensuring that his future home won’t be a jail cell. Some responses on Twitter compared Clinton and Trump while others congratulated him for doing the right thing. Clearly his head is in the game and he is doing what is best for America. This country needs a president now more than ever whose got their eye on the ball and is completely focused.

His company is less important in the grand scheme of things. Which goes to show that he has America’s best interests at heart. He is willing to sacrifice for the American people which is a lot more than most politicians can say or argue.

Let us hope he doesn’t so exceptionally well his haters and detractors are voting for his reelection in four years because he didn’t such an amazing job. We can dream can’t we.

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