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Entitled NFL Player With $38 Million Contact Compared Himself To A Slave – Gets Brutal Smackdown



Over the last year, NFL players have been busy protesting the national anthem claiming that they are drawing attention to racial inequality in America. It is evident that they are missing the irony in their protest considering that these players are paid millions of dollars for throwing a ball and catching it, but that is a different story for another day.

At any rate, each week players kneel during the national anthem while the extreme left applauds their misguided protest comparing these entitled players to key civil rights activists of the past. Now, these arrogant NFL players actually believe they are fighting a “holy war” against racial prejudices in America instead of the ignorant individuals they really are.

Well, Michael Bennett who is an active national anthem protester who also started flashing the black power fist has stepped over the line with his latest unintelligent statement concerning his place in the NFL and is now receiving massive backlash. 

Last year, when Colin Kaepernick took a knee in protest, we all hoped his antics short-lived, but sadly that was not the case as more players have picked up where Kaepernick left off. Now, players in the NFL are kneeling each week comparing the league they work for to slave owners and themselves as slaves. However, Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks took that sentiment one step too far when and compared himself to 19th-century slave Dred Scott.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Bennet who will make around $15.4 million this year dared to say that he was being treated like a slave all because Jerry Jones wants his players to stand for the national anthem.

And here are Bennett’s excerpted words:

“I just thought it (Jerry Jones’ comments) reminded me of the Dred Scott case. You are property, so you don’t have the ability to be a person first. And I think in this generation I think that sends the wrong message to young kids and young people all across the world that your employer doesn’t see you as a human being, they see you as a piece of property. And if that’s the case, then I don’t get it. I just don’t get why you don’t see him as a human being, they don’t see us as human beings first.’’

If you were not familiar with the Dred Scott case let me give you a quick rundown of the landmark case. Dred Scott was a slave whose master traveled with him to free states in the years leading up to the Civil War. Scott challenged his slavery to the Supreme Court stating that his enslavement was over since he had been taken to a free state and lived freely there. The SCOTUS disagreed saying that once a slave you were always a slave despite whatever state you found yourself in.

So, for Bennet to compare his employment to slavery is downright insulting to those who were slaves in the past.

First of all, employment it is not the same thing as enslavement since as an employee you are free to leave whenever you want, and as a slave, you are not. And, to prove that point Outkick The Coverage slams Bennet’s stupid argument with this epic smackdown.

Here are top three reasons Bennet should be ashamed of this statement. 


Slaves, and I can’t believe I am writing this, ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STOP BEING SLAVES.

If Bennett does not like what his boss tells him to do, he can quit and get another job.

Every single person who is not self-employed and is reading this right now has a boss who assigns job responsibilities for them. This is not slavery, this is called working.

2. If you are paid to do a job, you are not a slave.

Again, I can’t believe I have to write this.

That’s because YOU ARE BEING PAID FOR YOUR LABOR, which is the exact opposite of being a slave.

SLAVES WERE NOT PAID and they also did not have paid vacation, collective bargaining agreements, six months without work requirements every year, and the ability to strike if their work conditions were not appropriate.

Performing work in exchange for pay is not, and has never been, slavery. Any analogy comparing the two should be ridiculed by anyone with a functional brain.

3. You don’t have the right to make political statements in your uniform at work.

I can’t think of any other employee who can make a political statement while wearing a uniform at work.

Not a single one.

Hell, you can’t even do it in the NBA, which mandates that all players stand for the national anthem.

Imagine if a soldier in uniform, a police officer, a Fed Ex or a UPS driver, a McDonald’s or Wal Mart employee decided to share a political opinion with you when they interacted with you in their uniform at their job. If a police officer pulled you over and told you to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’d think that person should be reprimanded or fired, right? If a soldier kneeled during the anthem, he’d be court-martialed if he didn’t obey orders to stand. If a UPS or Fed Ex driver showed up at your house, delivered a package and then told you abortion was murder, would you think that was appropriate? If a Wal Mart employee told you the second amendment was crap when you bought a gun or bullets, would you think that person deserved to keep their job?

In every example I just gave you, you’d find it strange for an employee wearing the uniform of his employer to give you his or her political opinion while working.

So how have so many people just embraced the idea that NFL players should be able to endorse political stances while wearing the uniform at their job? Especially when those political stances directly reflect upon their employer, potentially in a highly negative manner. (NFL ratings are down 17.8% since Colin Kaepernick’s protest began. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the political stance of an individual player, many people in these highly charged times are not going to agree. That’s billions of dollars in potential lost revenue. Put simply, protests during games are bad for business.)

Of course, there are more reasons that prove Bennet’s statement is grossly inaccurate, but these seem to encompass it nicely, don’t you think?

These NFL players have every right to protest whatever cause they choose when they are not working. For Bennet and the rest of his buddies to say that they are being treated as slaves since people do not want to see them protest is disgusting and shows how ignorant they indeed are. Maybe if they flipped open a book every once in awhile and read some history, they would learn something, but till then we will have to listen to these sound bites and wonder how they got this far in life.

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H/T [OutKick The Coverage]

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Liberty Belle is a libertarian and provocateur who believes in freedom and liberty for all Americans. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington, while exposing politicians and individuals who wish to do us harm. Liberty’s legendary ability to piss off liberals and get to the bottom of corruption makes her an extremely dangerous foe to all the easily-triggered snowflakes out there.

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President Trump Wants To Spread A Message Of Peace While In Davos




President Trump is again on an overseas trip rubbing shoulders with other world leaders and clarifying his vision for America. President Trump ran on a platform of making America great which was a not so veiled slight toward his predecessor. Many conservatives considered the Obama Administration to have pushed America back in the eyes of many nations around the world. His desire to make sure that America lost its appearance of being an overpowering force, left us in somewhat of a compromised position.

The President’s stance on international policy has been simple; put America first, and help out other people second. Since it’s his job to make sure that Americans are looked after, it’s also his job to make sure the rest of the world knows that we won’t be hurting ourselves to bow to international political pressure. The President’s trip to Switzerland has been no exception, and the South China Morning Post reports that the first impression he’s left on the country has been an obvious one:

“Armed with his ‘America First’ philosophy, US President Donald Trump arrived in Switzerland on Thursday to tout his economic agenda and lure foreign investment at a global summit that stresses free trade and international cooperation.

‘We’re very happy to be here,’ Trump said as he arrived at the World Economic Forum. ‘The United States is doing very well, and will continue to do well and this will be a very exciting two days.’

He said he was bringing a message of ‘peace and prosperity’ to the gathering of world leaders, business executives and celebrities.

Asked whether he would be supported at the forum, Trump said: ‘I already am. You take a look.’

He had apparently not seen reports of the massive banner reading ‘Trump not welcome!’ that had been hung on the side of a mountain by Swiss activist group Campax.

Trump then went into a meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who is angling for trade deals for her country when Brexit takes place next year. He said that the discussions would lead to a ‘tremendous increase’ in trade with Britain, while May said the two countries were ‘on the same wavelength in every respect’.

While the president is expected to declare that the United States is open for business, the protectionist-leaning president’s attendance at the annual gathering for free-trade-loving political and business elites has raised eyebrows.

His decision to sign new tariffs boosting American manufacturers this week has prompted fresh concerns about his nationalist tendencies.

‘I’m going to Davos right now to get people to invest in the United States,’ Trump said on Wednesday before the overnight flight to Europe.

‘I’m going to say: ‘Come into the United States. You have plenty of money.’ But I don’t think I have to go, because they’re coming, they’re coming at a very fast clip.’

In a tweet sent before departing the White House Trump said, ‘Our economy is now booming and with all I am doing, will only get better … Our country is finally WINNING again!’

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin got to Davos ahead of Trump and insisted Wednesday that the United States supports free trade.

‘’America First’ does mean working with the rest of the world,’ said Mnuchin, who is leading the largest US delegation ever to attend the exclusive gathering.

‘It just means that President Trump is looking out for American workers and American interests, no different than he expects other leaders would look out for their own.’

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross argued that new US tariffs on imported solar-energy components and large washing machines are meant to deal with ‘inappropriate behaviour‘ by other countries and are not protectionist. Still, Ross conceded that China could respond by imposing its own tariffs on US products.

As he signed the tariffs, Trump said he was heading to Davos to talk ‘about investing in the United States again.’”

It seems obvious that a president would be looking out for his country and not others while overseas, but in recent years the waters have gotten extremely muddied by the idea that helping the world would help America. Perhaps in some cases that is true, but in the case of America, we tend to be treated like the wealthy uncle who everyone can just ask for things from, and give nothing in return.

Everyone wanted to know what was on the POTUS’s mind when he landed, and here’s what he had to say:

Didn’t get it? Once again for the cheap seats in the back:

If seeing is believing, then you’d better find that the President doesn’t plan to back off of his America first plan. His goal is to make our country better than ever. Whether you agree with him or not, he’s charted a path and is marching forward. We ALL will make America great again.

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BREAKING!! Trump Just Received HIGHEST Honor! He Just Beat Out President Ronald Reagan!




According to the highly prestigious conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, President Donald Trump has done a remarkable job during the first year of his presidency. His accomplishments are surprisingly a lot better than the American Conservative icon that was President Ronald Reagan!

The heritage foundation is rightly so calling President Donald Trump the most conservative president they have ever rated. And after the eight disastrous and downright anti-American liberal years of Barack Hussein Obama, this is very positive news for both the fiscal and social future of our nation.

After each liberal Presidential Administration, the Heritage foundation begins developing a list policies that a new Republican administration could adopt if he were to win. In 2016 this list included a variety of initiatives. Some of which included reimposing work requirements for welfare recipients, ending the DACA program which shields young illegal aliens brought here illegally as children, withdrawing from the disastrous and one-sided Paris climate accord, eliminating certain unfair gender identity protections, appointing conservative judges and gutting the heart of Obamacare by removing the individual and employer mandate. President Trump is a master at success according to his first year as President.

In a statement, this week The Heritage foundation confirmed that President Trump has checked off 64 percent of those items which were on the 2016 list. Most of which were enacted either executive order or other means of enforcement. They even went as far as to include President Trump’s budget which was great but never voted on by Congress.

Via The Heritage Foundation:

“Trump Administration Embraces Heritage Foundation Policy Recommendations January 23rd, 2018

One year after taking office, President Donald Trump and his administration have adopted nearly two-thirds of the policy recommendations from The Heritage Foundation’s “Mandate for Leadership.”

The “Mandate for Leadership” series includes five individual publications, totaling approximately 334 unique policy recommendations. Analysis completed by Heritage determined that 64 percent of the policy prescriptions were included in Trump’s budget, implemented through regulatory guidance, or under consideration for action in accordance with The Heritage Foundation’s original proposals.

“President Trump had an extraordinarily successful first year,” says Thomas Binion, director of congressional and executive branch relations at The Heritage Foundation. “He put a conservative on the Supreme Court and he enacted historic pro-growth tax reform. This analysis demonstrates the lesser-known policy success that his administration has been fighting hard to enact.”

Heritage Foundation research analysts began developing the policy recommendations in 2016 during the presidential campaign with the following principles in mind: free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

With approximately 70 former Heritage employees working for the Trump transition team or as part of the administration, the policy recommendations have served as guidelines for reducing the size and scope of the federal government through specific and detailed actions.

The first “Mandate for Leadership” was released in January 1981, containing policy proposals of reform that would make government more efficient and effective. President Ronald Reagan distributed Heritage’s book at his first Cabinet meeting.

“As President Reagan did in the 1980s,” Binion said, “President Trump has embraced the comprehensive recommendations made in the ‘Mandate for Leadership.’ These achievements have led to economic growth, a stronger national defense, and a restoration of the rule of law.”

Over the past several months, Heritage’s executive branch relations staff reviewed the 334 policy recommendations and met with senior administration officials in the several agencies. Heritage analysts briefed administration officials on the recommendations, provided additional insight and information, and advocated for reform.”

By contrast, during Reagan’s first year in office, Reagan can only claim 49 percent of Heritage’s wish list were checked off. This is excellent news and a big slap in the face to the so-called conservative leaders who to this day call themselves #neverTrumpers but who claim to pray at the altar of former President Ronald Reagan. This proves all of them were nothing more than just peons for the establishment and the swamp all along. They never cared about conservatism, all they cared about was keeping the gravy train going and maintaining the status quo alive. Maybe they just went with the flow of things to save their job and didn’t care about politics?

Please share if you are proud to support President Trump.

What will be President Trump’s next most significant accomplishment for the American people? Discuss this with your friends and talk about it in the comment section.

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Trump Just Pissed Everyone Off With The AWESOME New Picture That Went Up In White House!!




The White House is filled with historical pieces and artifacts that represent our nation’s history, but perhaps none are so controversial as what President Donald Trump just donned the walls of the West Wing with today. Among the painted pieces of notable figures in our nation’s history, is a new framed piece of work that comes with a clear message that cannot be ignored. Now, idiots everywhere are infuriated about what our leader had the guts to put up that we’re pretty sure his supporters are going to love.

The First Family is getting comfortable in their new home, just as the Obamas did in their disrespectful way that nobody seemed to have a problem with. When Trump moved in and began putting his personal touch on the People’s House, all hell broke loose with accusations of tactless taste that his predecessor never got when hosting rappers and their wives. Whether people agree or disagree with what our President just put on the walls, he had the right to celebrate his victory in the way he chose to decorate.

The White House isn’t just a place where the president lives, it’s a monument that represents milestones in leadership throughout our nation’s history. Perhaps not a single leader has been so controversial as our current Commander-in-Chief who overcame all odds to call this place home. Because of that, he has every right to document this incredible feat with a framed piece that shows exactly how that happened.

The media tried to portray that Trump’s opposition, Hillary Clinton, had a huge lead in the presidential race. However, one picture proved that wrong, which has now become the West Wing’s latest and perhaps most extraordinary piece of artwork.

Trump didn’t become president by a mere margin — he won by a landslide of votes where it counted most. The Electoral College is the deciding vote and the now infamous image of which way each area of every state went has become its own modern art on display in the White House, and for good reason.

Trey Yingst was among the first to spot this new display and seemingly without realizing the can of controversy he was opening with this Tweeted picture of it, he simply stated, ” Spotted: a map to be hung somewhere in the West Wing.” The image of the Electoral College Map from the election Trump swept in 2016 accompanied his sentiment and infuriated idiots around the country who couldn’t fathom why Trump would display such a thing.

It’s unknown at what point these Democratic degenerates forgot who they were talking about — thinking that somehow it was out of character for Trump to gloat. When it’s his right to do so by having earned it through honest means and against all odds, he should display that victory since it sends a message about what America is all about. Trump was truthful in his lead and the media was not, however, this is photo proof of that bias and that the American dream can be accomplished despite any adversary against you, and needs to be displayed for that reason..

Perhaps the most humorous part of the outrage over this imagery in the West Wing is that the same people who publicly express how tasteless and gross it is, in their opinion, were in support of a wife using the desk her husband received disgusting sexual favors at during his time in office. I think what it comes down to is that the truth hurts and no matter how much some people in America hate Trump, they can’t deny that he legitimately painted the country red in approval of him.

It’s often said that “a picture says a thousand words” but this one speaks volumes beyond that. Trump beat supposed frontrunner Hillary Clinton by far more than a thousand Electoral College votes. This wasn’t just a victory for him, but for the American people who were heard and deserve to have the piece of our country’s history commemorated on the wall of the White House. Every little girl and boy in America with a dream to make a difference and become president one day can do that, just like Trump did as a non-career politician. That’s significant and part of what makes America great.

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