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EXPOSED: New Disturbing Video shows NRA Director Grover Norquist As Agent Of Jihad

I have long exposed Muslim Brotherhood operative Grover Norquist’s jihad-terror related connections.



I have long exposed Muslim Brotherhood operative Grover Norquist’s jihad-terror related connections. He is a very dangerous man, particularly because the clueless RINOs welcome him into their exclusive circles. His mask of “tax reform” seduces the fiscal conservatives, but their ignorance of or refusal to evaluate his jihad ties is inexcusable. Grover takes stealth jihad to the next level.

If that wasn’t enough, he sits on the board of the NRA. They are currently tabulating the vote to remove him. Let us pray reason prevails. Inshallah 🙂

If the National Rifle Association keeps Muslim Brotherhood operatives on their board, we are going to need a new, competing organization. Seriously.  How can Wayne LaPierre make all those NRA televisions ads warning of “radical Islam” while having a soldier of Allah sitting on his board? ‪#‎RemoveGroverNorquist‬

Above photo: Copies of checks made out to Norquist’s organization from America’s largest al Qaeda financier, Abdurrahman Alamoudi (now serving prison time for jihad-related crimes).

alamoudi al qaeda finance grover

“Video shows embattled NRA director Grover Norquist as Islamist agent,” WND, May 5, 2016:
Results of gun group’s 1st-ever recall effort now being tabulated

As the National Rifle Association decides the fate of board member Grover Norquist, who is under a recall petition, a video has emerged of Norquist at a Muslim event that confirms fears the paid lobbyist is using his influence to open doors for radical Muslims on Capitol Hill.

This week, the NRA is tabulating the results of a special ballot cast in the gun-rights group’s first-ever recall of a sitting board member for ethics charges. Long-time members voted on a petition to remove Norquist from the NRA board over accusations he is an agent for the radical Muslim Brotherhood and has for decades aided and abetted its leaders, including one now imprisoned on terrorism charges.

In the video shot at a Detroit event with leaders of terrorist-supporting Muslim Brotherhood front groups, a teary-eyed Norquist is seen telling a story about how he convinced a sitting U.S. senator to reach out to “Muslims leaders.”

See the video here.

“I wasn’t quite sure I could tell this story without ID’ing the guy it was about, um, but I went to talk to a U.S. senator, leader, um, and I said, uh, I have seven projects I’m working on and one of them was: Would you like to meet with Muslim leaders to talk about issues of concern to the community?” he recounted for the largely Muslim audience.

“And he said, ‘Oh, I don’t know, I don’t think anybody in my town, state, uh, is comfortable with Nation of Islam stuff,’” Norquist continued.

A year later, Norquist revisited the senator and pressed him harder on the issue, this time with success. The unidentified senator agreed to meet with the Muslims whom Norquist represents.

“All of a sudden he discovered that there were (Muslims) in his state,” Norquist said, fighting back tears.

Get the the book that exposed CAIR from the inside out, and the only book ever to provide the real “inside” story of jihadism run amok in the U.S., “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

Norquist made the remarks Oct. 2, 2011, at the National Leadership Conference sponsored by the Arab American Institute in Detroit, where he was featured along with senior Council on American-Islamic Relations official Dawud Walid.

CAIR has been identified by the Justice Department as a U.S. front for both the radical Muslim Brotherhood and its Palestinian branch Hamas, which has been designated as an international terrorist group by the U.S. government since 1995.

Norquist has strenuously denied charges that he’s spearheading an Islamist influence operation against the U.S. government. But the video clearly captures him admitting he has aggressively promoted Muslim interests on Capitol Hill.

WND submitted a request to Norquist’s organization for  comment, both by phone and email, but did not receive a response.

The leaders he represents have become increasingly bold.

Last month, for example, several prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders – including some who have been investigated, even arrested, for terrorist activities – stormed the Hill to lobby lawmakers to fight measures to crack down on terrorism, curtail immigration and aid Israel.

Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney, who has sounded alarm bells over Norquist, called their campaign “Muslim Brotherhood Day on Capitol Hill.” The staff of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, reportedly turned the group away as soon as they arrived.

High-profile NRA member Glenn Beck charged that Norquist is acting as a deep-cover spy for the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been designated a terrorist organization in several countries.

“Grover Norquist is the modern-day version of that KGB handler,” Beck said. “The infiltration has happened and he’s the doorway to it.”

Beck has threatened to leave the NRA if Norquist is re-elected to the board.

Norquist’s bio on the NRA’s website describes him as one of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington because of “his ability to control Republican Party politics.” It does not mention his lobbying for Islamists and Arab nations, however, nor his founding of an Islamic institute, which solicited donations from a major Muslim Brotherhood figure who landed in federal prison on terrorism charges.

As first reported in the book “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washingon,” Norquist’s old lobbying firm, Janus-Merritt, was a registered agent for terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi and received some $40,000 from the al-Qaida financier.

At the same time he was giving money to Norquist, Alamoudi was funneling money to al-Qaida, according to the government. After his conviction last decade, the U.S. Treasury Department revealed Alamoudi was one of al-Qaida’s top fundraisers in America.

Norquist and his Muslim partner at his lobbying firm also represented the Pakistani government concerning military aid. Islamabad has been accused of protecting al-Qaida leaders, including Osama bin Laden.

In addition, canceled checks show Alamoudi gave Norquist at least $20,000 in seed money to start up his Islamic Free Market Institute, which was run by Alamoudi’s deputy and later appeared on a Joint Terrorism Task Force threat matrix, according to “Infiltration.” One of the stated goals of the institute is to promote Muslims to positions of power.

During his silent partnership with Norquist, Alamoudi made public statements in support of terrorists, including at a pre-9/11 rally for Hamas and Hezbollah across from the White House.

The top of Alamoudi’s agenda was convincing the president to eliminate the Justice Department’s use of undisclosed evidence in deportation cases against Arabs suspected of terrorism. On the eve of 9/11, Norquist personally went to the Hill and lobbied to, in his words, “get rid of the secret evidence laws which have been used to discriminate against Muslims and Arabs in this country.”

Norquist also helped several Islamists secure a meeting with President Bush on the issue before it was canceled by the 9/11 attacks, according to “Infiltration.”

After 9/11, Norquist and his Islamic Institute lobbied against the USA Patriot Act.

Norquist married into a Palestinian Muslim family in 2004. He and his wife signed a letter to Republicans in support of the controversial Ground Zero mosque planned for construction near the fallen Twin Towers, which angered the survivors and relatives of victims of 9/11.

“We’ve got a guy here that has been associated overtly with known terrorists, like Abdurahman Alamoudi, Sami Al-Arian and also with people that have at least been identified in court as being supporters of the Iranian government, like Khaled Saffuri. And then (CAIR executive director) Nihad Awad as well,” Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, said going into the NRA vote.

“This guy, Grover Norquist, is overtly connected to these people, and probably has been since at least 1998,” Boykin added. “Yet he is on the board of the National Rifle Association.

“This is not what we need at the National Rifle Association.”

However, former NRA president David Keene steadfastly supports Norquist.

“I’ve worked with Grover for 20 years. He has dedicated his life to constitutional principles,” said Keene, now editorial editor of The Washington Times. “NRA members should vote ‘no’ on the recall ballot.”

The ATR website features praise for the longtime activist from leaders in Washington and media.

CBS’s “60 Minutes” said, “Since creating Americans for Tax Reform at Ronald Reagan’s behest back in 1985, Norquist has been responsible more than anyone else for rewriting the dogma of the Republican Party.”

The New York Times called him “the high priest of Republican tax-cutting.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “It’s because of soldiers like Grover that the conservative movement is so vibrant today.”

Via Pamela Geller

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Theme Park Tells Muslim Her Burka Isn’t Safe For Ride – Here’s What Happened When She Didn’t Listen



A Muslim amusement park goer in California decided she wanted to ride the rides like the other patrons but didn’t want to follow the rules to do so. Wearing her full Islamic garb, she approached one of the thrill rides and tried to get on when she was told that her burka was a danger, as loose clothing poses an obvious risk of getting entangled. It’s not just a danger to the one wearing it, but everyone else on the ride as well, who were for forced to take a backseat to what she perceived were her rights. Now, the entire amusement park paid a dear price.

The attire rules aren’t new to venues like this which frequently advertise that no loose clothing or open shoes can be worn when on the ride. The reason is obvious to most sensible people, but for Muslims, they see it as an opportunity to claim discrimination and religious persecution at the cost of others.

Park employees stopped the Muslim teen and her similarly dressed friends before they could get on go-karts. Pointing out the posted signage surrounding it, the worker explained the safety rules which specifically applied to attire. This policy wasn’t put into place to isolate anyone who follows Islam, it was to protect everyone in the park and ensure they had a good time, and that the business didn’t get a liability suit. Unfortunately, the Muslim girl didn’t listen to that common sense reasoning.

“If a scarf were to come partially off and get caught in the motor or wheels it could do deadly harm to the rider. This policy did not allow passengers to use the go-karts while wearing anything loose like a head scarf,” Conservative Daily Post reported of the park’s apparently problematic rules for the Muslim 13-year-old. The business’ policy put it bluntly, which apparently added to the perceived offense.

“If fashion, religious expression, or your hairstyle is more important to you than safety, that’s fine. You can do what you want with your life. You just can’t do it at our park,” the policy read. “When I read the policy, I was shocked — in disbelief — about the material I was reading,” the girl’s father, Nasir Abdo, said in his complaint, according to SF Gate.

Abdo took the policy personally while completely ignoring the fact that it wasn’t a target of his family’s religion, but a concern for the teen’s safety. This didn’t stop him from seeking vengeance and financial gain, having, of course, realized an opportunity at hand to exploit the overly politically correct climate in the liberal state of California.

SF Gate reports:

“A complaint against Palace Entertainment, an amusement park company and owner of the Boomers park in Livermore, was filed in August 2014 with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.”

“The grievance was submitted on behalf of seven Muslim girls and women, and a Sikh man after they were denied access to the go-karts because they refused to remove their religious hijab or turbans.”

It’s been nearly four years of since this complaint was filed, forcing the park to defend themselves and their safety rules. However, they just found out that none of that is as important as catering to Islam in the state of California. The company has now been forced to cave to the discrimination complaint, have changed their “no headwear” policy, and paid out a $32,000 settlement to the “victims.”

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) complaint:

“The law guarantees Californians of all faiths access to places of business and entertainment, and safety concerns must be founded on more than speculation or stereotype. We are pleased that Palace Entertainment worked with DFEH to achieve resolution of these cases without the need for litigation.”

CAIR insists that these seven females and the man in the turban were denied access based on religious bigotry, but failed to point out that each one of them were offered other headgear that would cover their heads as per their religion and make it safe to ride. They declined these options and have now made the entire place unsafe after forcing their religion on others, rather than the park being able to force safety rules on everyone equally — regardless of religion.

Coming to this settlement agreement, the amusement park has to allow ant an all Muslims to wear their headscarves despite risk or injury to themselves or others. There is no solution on how they will move forward with this new policy to protect a religion alongside the safety of other people.

This will inevitably open the park up to more lawsuits. If and when a Muslim’s hijab causes an injury, you can pretty much guarantee the park will be held accountable for that too. Discrimination won’t be the problem at that point, disability will and the turban/headscarf wearer will win again, while everyone else loses out to this religion who would never make the same exceptions for any other faith.


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Trump Just Lit The Fire By Blasting Who’s Really Responsible For Rise In Crime, Doesn’t Care Who He Offends!



Donald Trump sparked controversy, possibly offending a lot of people, after Tweeting about a 13% crime rise in the United Kingdom and linking the horrible stat to Radical Islamic terror and reminding readers that “we must keep America safe!” Some people criticized the President by accusing him of pushing “rubbish” that could make people commit hate crimes, fake news, and others spoke of statistics and tried to use facts to negate the point that Radical Islamic terror is a problem.

Leftists suggest that he was wrong in linking Wales and England to terrorism and Trump was said to be spreading fear and xenophobia according to Daily Mail.

Donald Trump was today accused of peddling ‘rubbish’ designed to provoke ‘hate crime’ after he wrongly linked the rise in offences in England and Wales to ‘Radical Islamic terror’.

The US president sent a tweet referring to figures out yesterday showing crime increased by 13 per cent last year and warning ‘We must keep American safe’.
But British MPs tore into Mr Trump for talking ‘nonsense’ and said he is ‘spreading fear and xenophobia’ by wrongly blaming the rise on terrorism.
Others accused him of peddling ‘fake news’ and pointed out terrorism accounts for a ‘tiny’ proportion of crime in Britain.

Mr Trump wrote on Twitter: ‘Just out report: ‘United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.’ Not good, we must keep America safe!’

It was then reported that hate crimes in the UK rose about 30% and Trump was essentially blamed for it on the basis of his Tweet being the type of jargon that promotes hate crimes. Let’s not forget that many hate crimes have been hoaxes committed by delusional leftists looking to cause trouble.

Others have stated that crime has gone up, but that terrorism was only a small portion of it. That must be due to the fact that terrorists don’t strike on a daily basis. the amount of victims they take out in a single day usually isn’t as much as the rest of the location’s victims over a period of time. Obviously terrorism numbers will be lower than the rest of an area, over time, and that’s completely logical. However, the amount of terror attacks may have increased and that’s too high. Also consider that terror attacks are much different than someone stealing a purse. Crime is crime, but there’s variations of crimes and some are simply much more evil in nature.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper, chair of the influential Home affairs Select Committee, hit back saying: ‘Hate crime in the UK has gone up by almost 30 per cent and rubbish like this tweet from Donald Trump is designed to provoke even more of it.’
Figures released yesterday revealed that police forces registered 5.2 million crimes in the year to the end of June.
But while terrorism has surged, with five murderous attacks across Britain killing dozens and injuring hundreds in the last year, it is a tiny proportion of arrests.

This statistic is an attempt to dismiss the problem with terrorism. There could be several reasons why terrorists are a tiny proportion of arrests. One reason is that many terrorists don’t survive their explosive device or get shot by police. How can authorities arrest a terrorist if they’re blown to pieces or filled with bullets on the ground bleeding out into sewer? Terrorists usually only strike once in a while, taking out mass casualties, but it’s likely hard to arrest them due to the nature of the game in which they’re usually not alive after the attacks.

Tory MP Crispin Blunt, former chair of the foreign affairs select committee, said: ‘I think it is a bizarre lack of self-awareness from a supporter of keeping Americans armed to the teeth with wholly predictable consequences.’
He urged caution in using the police data as a basis for analysis, and added: ‘However linking overall crime levels to Islamic extremism is utterly bonkers. Fake news, to coin a phrase. ‘

What doesn’t make sense is this: why can’t crime levels be linked to Islamic extremism? Isn’t terrorism a form of a crime? If so, then terrorist attacks contribute to crime levels. Technically, that makes it real news.

When a terror attack happens and hundreds of people are injured or murdered, does that not count as a crime? Does it matter if it’s by an Islamic person or anyone else? It’s still a crime regardless of who commits it.

Maybe Trump is doing what he does best where he throws a Tweet out there and the media runs wild with it. Or perhaps Trump is reminding Americans to stay aware of the one culture andreligion that continuous spawns terrorists and commits acts of hate.

What’s funny about all of this is how maddening people get over one little Trump tweet. Trump could say anything at all and people on the left will eat it up. They’ll turn it into all sorts of stories. They’ll twist his words. They’ll do whatever they can to make Trump look bad.

Let’s look at it this way – if a particular group of people is well known to commit terror acts, then how can they remove that stigma and reputation? It’s easy. Don’t commit acts of terror and people won’t have anything to talk about.

Whatever you do, don’t let the mainstream media or far leftists spin the narrative.

Think for yourself.

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BREAKING: Warning Issued To All Americans Overnight Of ‘Mass Casualty’ Event Planned – Here’s What We Know



America might be distracted with the problems at hand, but we never forget that we are a country at war. No matter what happens on a day to day basis, we always remember that we as a nation were violently attacked over sixteen years ago and it’s a score that we haven’t settled yet because terrorism hasn’t been wiped out.

The rise of the politically correct movement and it’s acceptance of “non-radical Muslims” has somehow allowed them to worm their way into many places that they shouldn’t be, such as government. That is especially troubling, considering that the threat from the Islamic faith and it’s admonitions to kill is, is far from past.

In fact, according to top administration officials, the smaller attacks that we’ve been seeing in recent months are just a ploy to keep their members appeased while they plan a 9/11 scale attack. Daily Mail  reports that one a U.S. security chief is warning not just all of us, but other countries as well, to be vigilant:

Islamic State fanatics and other terror groups are planning another massive attack on the scale of 9/11, a top US security chief warned today.

Elaine Duke, Donald Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security, said jihadists were using crude knife and van attacks to keep their members engaged and their finances flowing as they plot another ‘big explosion’ similar to the September 2001 atrocities.

Speaking at the US embassy in London, she said intelligence is pointing to extremists plotting to take down planes to inflict mass civilian casualties.”

Elaine Duke, Donald Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security


While the United States hasn’t suffered an attack on the same scale as 9/11 since that day, we have watched the terrorists grow both in number and boldness across the globe. Our war on terror in the Middle East might have overthrown some open leaders, but for every open leader that threatens the United States and is eliminated, there are three more willing to take his place in the “holy war crusade.”

“Mrs. Duke said ISIS is currently in an ‘interim’ period focusing on a much bigger endgame.

The security chief, who has served three US presidents, said: ‘The terrorist organisations, be it ISIS or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11. They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that.

‘However, in the interim, they need to keep their finances flowing and they need to keep their visibility high and they need to keep their members engaged, so they are using small plots and they are happy to have small plots.’

She added: ‘Creating terror is their goal and so a van attack, a bladed weapon attack, causes terror and continues to disrupt the world – but does not mean they’ve given up on a major aviation plot.’”

Islamic State fanatics and other terror groups are planning another massive attack on the scale of 9/11, a top US security chief warned

If you’ve gone through airport security lately, you know that the Transportation Security Administration has cracked down on possible threats in a big way since way back in 2001 when we were first faced with this problem. The issue at hand is that no matter how much we increase security, human ingenuity increases with it.

According to Duke, who is President Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security, there’s even a distinct possibility that any plan could be blown up using a laptop, and that’s just one of the many possibilities that she mentioned.

“She said the free movement of goods and people means security has to be tightened in individual countries around the world. 

She said: ‘The laptop is one of the many aviation threats, we will never be comfortable and we will always be evolving.

‘What we believe is that because of the movement of goods and people, we have to raise the baseline worldwide, we can’t only consider our borders.’ Mrs. Duke went on: ‘We think the level of terrorist threat against the United States too is extremely high.

‘I think that it is challenging for you because you have the proximities to other countries, the ease of movement from some of the terrorist safe havens is a little easier for you, but we feel the terrorist threat is very high in the United States.’”

The troubling thing about Duke’s statements isn’t “why or how,” but  when. She believes that another large-scale attack is going to be coming to us soon. We might not see it coming. This is the big reason that the United States, and other free countries like it, need to crack down on potential terrorists

This is the big reason that the United States, and other free countries like it, need to crack down on potential terrorists entering our countries. We can only be free if that freedom is respected; if we don’t protect the freedom, it will be taken either by those who want to kill us or those who want to control us. Either way, the freedom of living in America is a precious gift that is in jeopardy every single day.

Here’s more from our source on what is know about the possible impending attacks:

“Asked how the US is tackling the threat of another 9/11-style atrocity, she said: ‘We have worked on some strong measures that we can’t talk about. We are trying to play the away game and that is working against them in their terrorist safe havens and homes.

‘We do have some terrorist groups on the move, you just saw the take-over of Raqqa and so if we can keep them declining and moving they have less time to sit and prepare.’

Mrs. Duke warned that the number of home-grown violent extremists, mostly inspired by terrorist organisations, is increasing in the US. She said the ability of IS militants to put terrorist propaganda on the internet will appeal more and more to extremists as they are pushed out of Syria and Iraq.

Mrs. Duke said web giants need to do more to detect extremist content online, and one way of doing this could be using the same technology used to identify people in passenger lists.

‘Terrorists are strong, they are adaptable and the terrorist threat is the highest it has been since pre-9/11. We have got to have every tool that’s possible,’ she added.

A total of 2,996 people were killed during the September 11 attacks, when al-Qaeda suicide attackers hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

Earlier in the day, she met the British interior minister Amber Rudd to discuss how to force internet giants to do more to tackle terrorism ahead of the G7 summit.

Following the recent wave of attacks in Manchester and London, police chiefs have said the threat facing the UK is a ‘new norm’ that will not change. 

Her chilling remarks came 24 hours after MI5 director general Andrew Parker warned Britain is facing its worst-ever terrorist threat in his first major speech since the UK was hit by a wave of attacks. 

The British spy chief said it was taking terrorists just days to hatch plots as violent extremists exploit ‘safe spaces online’ to evade detection. 

It is harder for the UK to protect itself because of its proximity to other countries and the ease of movement from terrorist safe havens, she suggested.”  

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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