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Firefighter Suspended & Jailed By Atheist Mayor For Praying At Scene Of Fire

This town chose very poorly.



A firefighter in Dequincy, Louisiana was suspended this morning for praying at a fire. I can’t think of a more in-your-face violation of your First Amendment rights than this right here. 39 year-old Ronnie Edwards is known by the locals as “The Praying Fireman.” He prays after each fire is put out and has since he came to work as a fireman at the age of 21. A devout Christian, he feels it is part and parcel of his work and I agree.

Everything was fine until the town elected a new mayor… a black, Democrat atheist woman. Her name is Lawana Jones. When she heard about Ronnie, she sent out a memo saying that praying was not allowed and violated their contract. According to DeQuincy city attorney Paul Horner, Jones made four previous attempts to address the issue personally with Edwards, but Edwards became more defiant with each meeting. I kind of doubt that. I bet he just stood resolutely and politely refused.

From News Examiner:

DEQUINCY, L.A. (AP) — Early this morning, a small town in Louisiana suspended one of its firefighters, 39-year-old Ronnie Edwards, without pay for praying at the scene of an uncontained fire. Edwards, who has been with the DeQuincy Fire Department since he was 21, was also arrested and sentenced to 30 days in jail.

“I just do what our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, would do,” Edwards told local DeQuincy news station DQLA6. “It’s not about me, it’s about spreading his message, you know? He works through me, I’m just fortunate enough to be part of that.”

According to sources within the DeQuincy Fire Department, Edwards, known to locals as “The Praying Fireman”, has been praying at the scene of fires since he joined the department in 1998, and it is only recently that the ritual has become an issue.

“Refusal to obey an official city order is a misdemeanor and we must take action to address the crime,” Horner told reporters. “We didn’t want to suspend the man and have him arrested but we were out of options.” That’s bull crap and he knows it. They are expunging Christians from their ranks. If that had been a devout Muslim or even a Satanist, this would not have happened. I’d bet on it.

This mayor claims she is not anti-religious… I believe that… she’s anti-Christian. The ACLU is backing the mayor and offering to pay all legal fees if Ronnie sues. I hope Ronnie does and takes it all the way to the Supreme Court.

To get elected, the mayor promised school funding and jobs. Some of that she has done, but is it worth it give your religious liberty? I think not. This town chose very poorly.

“My brother wasn’t hurtin’ nobody,” Edwards’s 30-year-old sister Tami Hobart said. “Most people in DeQuincy is Christian, and I think we all took comfort in knowing that his heart was right with the Lord before he risked his life. It feels like we sold our souls to get that cat food factory and them fancy new textbooks.”

In spite of all that has happened, Edwards says that he is not bitter. That is the mark of a good and devout man.

“The Bible says that there will be sacrifices when you choose to follow the path of righteousness; it says that you will be reviled by the wicked. I will continue to pray that Mayor Jones comes to accept Jesus Christ, and will keep praying that God sees fit to put Donald Trump in the White House, but whether or not any of that happens, I still trust God and know that everything is happening according to his divine plan.”

Every Christian in that city should stand with Ronnie and take it to the City Council. They should raise their voices as one and bring in the media. Donald Trump even says if elected he won’t let this stand. Bring Trump there and set Ronnie free and let him go back to being a firefighter. This is outrageous.


Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot’s Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.

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Backstabbing Muslim Student Attending CATHOLIC University Makes Sick Demands To The School – Gets SMACKED Instead!

This is how you deal with them!



I think now we can truly say we have heard them all!

“Religion of Peace” following students from a Catholic university are now expressing outrage because when Christmas time comes, the campus is decorated for the Christmas season, imagine that. They want Islamic holidays to receive the same attention even though they represent just a small fraction of the entire student population.

Loyola University Chicago which is a well known Catholic University where 60% of the students are in fact Catholic and 40% are a mixture of other religions, including other Christian denominations, Jewish, along with a very small percentage of Muslims.

Awww, how cute, they have their women well trained!

Via Loyola Pheonix:

Religious Holidays Aren’t Represented Equally on Campus

Students of Loyola’s Muslim Student Association celebrated Eid al-Adha, known as the Feast of Sacrifice, with a dinner on Sept. 8 in the Damen Student Center.

It’s that time of year again, and Loyola has decked out its buildings with decorations for the holiday season. But Christmas gets more attention on campus than other religious holidays.

Although Loyola fosters a space for non-Christian religions to practice their faith — such as in the Damen Student Center’s second floor of Ministry Offices for Muslim, Hindu and Jewish students — there is a lack of public festivity compared to Christmas, such as decorations and activities of other religions’ holidays the entire student body could be part of.

Roman Catholicism is the largest religious group on campus, according to Loyola’s undergraduate admissions’ latest report. The report said the 2016 first-year class identified as 60 percent Roman Catholic and 40 percent other — Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox.

Sajid Ahmed, a 19-year-old Muslim student and prayer coordinator for the Muslim Student Association (MSA), said although the atmosphere of the Christmas season brings him happiness, he wishes Muslim holidays were just as prominent.

Christmas is a Christian holiday, but is observed by many non-Christians, too. Muslims, however, celebrate two major religious holidays: Eid al-Fitr — a religious holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan (the month of fasting) — and Eid al-Adha, known as the Feast of Sacrifice.

Eid is celebrated on different dates each year because the Islamic calendar follows a lunar cycle, as opposed to the more globally used solar cycle. However, Eid al-Fitr usually occurs mid-June and Eid al-Adha occurs toward the end of August.

Like Christmas, the Eids are celebrated differently among various cultures, but they traditionally begin with morning prayers and end with family gatherings. Muslim homes in the United States also put up lights and decorations, while Muslim-based countries include those lights and decorations on their streets.

So far, in honor of the Christmas season, Loyola has put up lights and trees in various campus buildings. The university participated in its Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony Nov. 28 in the Damen Student Center, which included Santa Claus, an ice rink, hot chocolate and art decorations.

But the Eid is celebrated only among Loyola Muslim students themselves, which includes a morning prayer service and a dinner, according to Ahmed. Decorations aren’t hung on campus buildings nor activities hosted by the university.

Last year, because the Eid fell during the school year, Ahmed said he had to continue his day with classes after the prayer.

“Eid [at Loyola] is a bit dampened just because you have to go about your normal routine along with Eid,” Ahmed said. “At home it’d be a big family thing, dress up and go to the mosque. We’d spend the day together and celebrate … compared to that, college Eid has been less.”

Ahmed said the lack of celebration impacts international students and students from out of state the most.

“The atmosphere [in Muslim based countries] is a lot different than [in the United States] it’s like Christmas here,” Ahmed said.

Omer Mozaffar, Loyola’s Muslim chaplain, said he helps Muslim students request time off to celebrate with their families by asking students’ professors to accommodate for the holiday, which professors usually grant.

But because this isn’t always possible for students with a strict school schedule, Ahmed said the university could instead be more festive for Muslim students who stay on campus.

“For someone who lives far away and doesn’t have the opportunity to meet up with family, I would say making Loyola’s Eid as festive as possible would be great so that [Muslim students] can feel connected with their heritage and with their religion,” Ahmed said.

Demographics within the university might be the reason the university doesn’t celebrate religious holidays to the extent of Christmas.

With about 800 Muslim students at Loyola, including international students, according to Mozaffar, there may be a lack of exposure.

“I think if the leadership is exposed to the Muslim voice, the voice who wants to make campus more festive for other holidays, I think that’s definitely one step,” Ahmed said.

Bryan Goodwin, associate director of the student complex, said demographics don’t guide the decorations during the holiday season.

“I don’t think [demographics] ever come to our minds in terms of the decisions that we make with Christmas,” Goodwin said. “I think what guides it … doesn’t have to do with faith, it has to do with that most common sort of feeling [of the season].”

With other religions in mind, Goodwin said the university tries to be as general as possible with its decorations, including banners that say “Happy Holidays” as opposed to “Merry Christmas.”

Goodwin said they’d be willing to incorporate as many religions during this holiday season and even during individual times, if those religious groups requested it.

“We feel that we do a good job at the student center of allowing other faiths to [join the holiday season],” Goodwin said. “We pride ourselves on wanting to make sure we’re aware. We always lend ourselves the conversation.”

Mozaffar also said he doesn’t think the Loyola administration would be opposed to putting up decorations for Muslim holidays, but the dates in which the Eid falls under makes it difficult to address because it happens toward the beginning of the school year. Mozaffar also said the MSA hasn’t proposed decorations either.

Ahmed said he still hopes Eid could become more festive at Loyola, though he isn’t confident.

“Will there be Eid celebrations on a scale of a Christmas tree? Demographically, I doubt it’s going to happen just because the prevalent holiday celebrated from the student body at Loyola is Christmas,” Ahmed said. “But if Eid was celebrated at the scale of Christmas, I would be so happy.”

For now, many Muslims on campus, including Mozaffar and Ahmed, enjoy the holiday season.

“It’s contagious happiness,” Ahmed said. “I don’t celebrate Christmas itself, but I respect that this is a time of happiness for people, so I enjoy it, too.”

One holiday celebrated during the season is Bodhi Day, a Buddhist celebration of enlightenment that occurs Dec. 8.

At Loyola, Bodhi Day is recognized by some members of the Hindu Students’ Organization (HSO).

Recognizing smaller holidays like Bodhi day is important to Loyola, which desires intellectual diversity, according to Shweta Singh, associate professor in the school of social work and adviser of HSO.

“People should at least know about [other holidays],” Singh said. “They’re smaller festivals, but they’re not small to the people celebrating them.”

Singh said it’s the responsibility of both student organizations representing other faiths and cultures and the university to publicly celebrate as many religious holidays on campus as possible.

One of the Muslim students who is also a prayer coordinator for the terror-tied Muslim Student Association, Sajid Ahmed, stated that he likes the Christmas decorations around campus, but wished Muslim holidays were just as prominent. He added that the entire campus is invited to a huge Christmas tree lighting ceremony, while Muslim students have to celebrate in private without seeing the campus transformed into a Middle Eastern wonderland. Um, We’ve seen what a “Middle Eastern Wonderland” means and let’s just say most of us are very fond of keeping our heads attached to our bodies.

Out of a total of 16,673 students for the 2017/2018 academic year, only around 800 Muslims are currently enrolled at Loyola. That’s less than 5%. Yet, they want their own violent traditions to be represented equally. Because we are all well aware by now that it is part of their plan. They come to our great freedom loving nation, they take advantage of our idiotic generosity and instead of being grateful and keeping their big Islamic mouths shut, they complain and try to impose their Satanic Cult on the rest of America.

Please share if you agree American is a Judeo/Christian nation and that’s the way it should remain…..

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KFC Is Sick And Tired Of Being Bullied By Demanding Entitled Muslims – KFC Gives Them Beat Down Instead



Muslims around the world have a proud history of trying to mold  people and businesses around them to conform to their beliefs and standards. While it’s natural to want to convert people to a religion that you believe in, the Islamic community takes it to a whole new level. Even in situations where they are ignoring the parts of the Quran that tells them to kill the Infidels, they try to force us to adhere to their strict personal standards.

The United States is fighting this battle every single day but we’re not alone. The pervasive Muslim population in the UK and other countries have started a very damaging campaign to try and force businesses in the food industry to cook the food the way that they want. The most recent victim is KFC, whose recipe has been kept under lock and key since the 40’s. But that’s not going to work for Muslims.

According to the US Herald, Muslims have started a social media campaign to attempt and force KFC to change to make their food “Halal”:

“The campaign calling on KFC to serve halal food is gaining traction in New Zealand, thanks to a Facebook offensive on social media which includes the Islamic dietary requirements across the nation, with more than 2,000 likes in little more than a month.

However, not all those individuals on social media are in favor of bringing ‘HALAL KFCs Back In New Zealand,’ with the page dividing opinions saying they shouldn’t have to ‘fit in with the rules of your country.'”

Countries that have essentially great economies, like the United States and New Zealand, have them because the allow businesses to pander to whatever audience they wish to. Chances are KFC isn’t the place that you’ll run into a supermodel or your local yoga instructor, but you don’t see them launching a campaign trying to make the company change. They just walk on down the block and buy a salad, no harm done.

What is going on here is that Muslim people are trying to get special treatment to accommodate their religion of choice. They could avoid the chain, but they don’t, they want them to comply with Muslim law instead:

The movement is being led by Syeda Fouzia, who said the process of delivering halal food ‘is not that difficult.’

‘We’ve had some criticism, but having halal certification will only mean more people will be able to eat at KFC. It won’t affect non-Muslims,’ UK-born Ms. Fouzia told reporters.”

It might affect non-muslims. It will affect those working there who have to have special training, and it will affect those who have to wait longer in lines or pay more because of the difference. It won’t affect us in the sense that we might not know it’s going on, but things like this always do have a trickle-down effect. And it will certainly affect us if this is used as precedent to push other companies who don’t wish to change their ways into complying with the demands of the Muslim community.

“However what seems to be missing in all of this is KFC’s iconic branding within the fast food industry and whether it might actually affect its business model around the world, in that the entire concept of KFC is its branding persona of it’s carefully guarded ‘top-secret’ original recipe which includes a blend of 11 herbs and spices.”

In case you’re not understanding what that means, the loose translation is that some Muslims want a secret that has been kept for 70 years to be aired out in the open so that Muslims can consider eating at the chain. They also want the company to endure an overhaul, just so that they can be sure that us infidels are keeping thigns clean and in order enough for them to frequent the establishment.

“However, Ms. Fouzia has gained a lot of support online asking why the simple transition can’t be made to include ‘halal KFC?’

‘Just like to point out KFC is a multi-national fast food corporation, it has about as much cultural bearing on New Zealander’s way of life as Tacobell,’ one person said.

But not everyone was having it from the bully Muslims:

Fortunately, KFC has no intention of caving in to the demands of these pushy Muslims.

‘We appreciate their request, however, the issues relating to us being able to certify halal product for customers remain,’ said a KFC a spokesperson.

‘We have no plans to re-introduce halal in New Zealand.'”

The good news is that this is at least one battle won. While reverence for religion is a vital part of any society, we shouldn’t let that reverence be abused by those who call their hate a religion as a way of masking their violence and bloodthirst. And make no mistake, that’s what is happening within Islam.

[H/T: US Herald]

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Trump Just Stuck Dagger In Muslims By Telling America What Christmas Is Going To Be About This Year



An apologetic presidency catering to everything anti-American ended with Barack Obama. President Donald Trump is in charge now and is doing everything it takes to make America great again, no matter who offends. With all the distraction on the petulant players in the NFL throwing National Anthem temper tantrums, people have missed what else has been brewing which we’re about to face right now, just 20 days before Christmas. Knowing what’s coming, Trump has just issued a massive announcement to all Americans that is likely to cause outrage among some that could lead to riots.

When you’re the leader of the greatest nation in the world, you can do what you want, which we saw from Barack Obama who used that privilege for wrongdoing and the demise of our nation. Trump is turning that train around by using his power for good in long-overdue ways, which he promised to do when Americans voted him into office. After already warning everyone about what’s coming, he just doubled down on that declaration with what he just openly reminded everyone to do right now. It’s clear that he’s not backing down and that we have the right man in the White House.

The liberal war of words is alive and well in our country. The left wants to ban sentiments that trigger them and the right is pointing out the obvious that regardless of political standing, we all as Americans share the same right to the First Amendment. Now, Trump has just settled the most controversial argument in our country once and for all by making a new rule that’s infuriating liberals.

Conservative Tribune reports:

President Donald Trump reminded everyone in the nation during the White House tree lighting that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season.

As recorded on The White House website, the lighting ceremony took place on Nov. 30.

President Trump carried on White House tradition and spoke at the ceremony. Without hesitation or embarrassment, he took the stage and immediately began to recall the Christmas story.

“The Christmas Story begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son, and the most extraordinary gift of all—the gift of God’s love for all of humanity,” he began.

“Whatever our beliefs, we know that the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of his life forever changed the course of human history,” he continued.

The president wasn’t afraid to keep mentioning the name of Jesus or tell America the truth about the Christmas season: it’s all about the birth of Jesus Christ.

“Each and every year at Christmas time we recognize that the real spirit of Christmas is not what we have, it’s about who we are – each one of us is a child of God,” Trump continued, according to LifeSite News.

“That is the true source of joy this time of the year. That is what makes every Christmas ‘merry,’” he stated.

It’s refreshing to have a leader of the nation who also represents the groundwork that our country was built on, which was Christianity. This is a stark difference from his Muslim predecessor who only pretended to be a faithful Christian at his inauguration, but spent two presidential terms proving otherwise.

Trump doesn’t hide his faith, in fact, he’s proud of it as we saw during his campaign when he declared that if he becomes president he’ll bring “Merry Christmas” back instead of insisting on everyone saying the non-offending phrase, “Happy Holidays.” At a time when any mention of God has been removed from schools and the calls for it to be erased from the Pledge of Allegiance, our new president is reaffirming the Christian values that make up our nation.

Trump wants Christmas back in the agenda. I’m guessing he’s tired of everyone complaining about it. I am too. It wasn’t ever a problem years ago and it’s not a problem now. Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in America and we’re sticking to it.

We’re not getting rid of Christmas. We’re not calling it winter holiday. We’re not letting these politically correct crybabies bully everyone into feeling bad about loving Christmas. It’s our holiday and we’ll enjoy it and give attention to what the real reason for the season is. Anyone who finds it offensive can celebrate their own holiday, but don’t cry about ours.

You don’t see conservatives whining about other people’s holidays. Go celebrate! Enjoy your day and we’ll enjoy ours and we can all celebrate New Year’s Eve together. Unless that, of course, is offensive too. Is the calendar offensive to snowflakes as well? Are we starting a #NotMyNewYear hashtag trend? I think not.

Christmas is right around the corner, just 20 days from now, but here’s an early MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you and yours in hopes that it triggers some snowflakes and anti-Christmas goons.

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