Chase Boredom Away: 72 Fun Things for Teenagers to Do

fun things for teenagers to do

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Every teen loves it when summer comes around. For starters, there’s no need to study for three whole months! But equally important, there are so many fun things for teenagers to do in the summer!

However, sometimes the euphoria of summer can last for about a week, and then they get bored. If you notice that your teen is moping around the house, not knowing what to do, give them this list of activities. It’s bound to keep them busy all summer long!

Fun Summer Activities for Your Teen

Outdoor Activities


1. Learn how to play a new sport. For example, bocce ball, badminton, cricket, crazy golf, etc.
2. Make a nook in the backyard where they can hang out with their friends.
3. Organize a camping trip in the backyard, or go on a real camping trip. Make a bonfire so you can make s’mores.
4. Make a kite and learn how to fly it.
5. Redecorate the backyard.
6. Make a vegetable garden and plant some seeds.
7. Fix up your dog’s house (if you have a pet) and give it a new coat of paint.
8. Make a tire swing in the backyard (if you have a tree to hang it from) or, if you have two trees, hang a hammock to relax in.
9. Make a fairy garden with string lights and tiny pebble-made or wooden houses.
10. Spend the entire day at the beach with your friends, or if you don’t have one near you, go to your local swimming pool.
11. Go rollerblading on the boardwalk.
12. Invite your friends over for a picnic in your backyard.
13. Organize a scavenger hunt with prizes.
14. Make a time capsule that you can bury and dig out in five years. Make sure to write down where you put it, so you don’t forget.
15. Have an outdoor game night with your friends and play tug-of-war, musical chairs, freeze tag, etc.
16. Invite your friends over for an outdoor movie night. Set out some snacks and put some blankets on the ground so you can lay down if you want to.
17. Have a sandcastle-building contest at the beach.
18. Go fishing with your friends.
19. Have a water balloon fight in your backyard.
20. Use plastic garbage bags to make your own slip-n-slide.

Indoor Activities


21. Have a sleepover with your closest friends.
22. Organize a movie marathon and watch your favorite franchise.
23. Have an indoor camping trip (if the weather doesn’t allow for an outdoor one).
24. Learn how to bake with a family member.
25. Have a clothes swap with your friends (but check with your parents first).
26. Learn how to apply makeup by watching YouTube tutorials.
27. Organize a game night with prizes. You can play anything from board games to made-up new games.
28. Start reading a new book series.
29. Take artistic photos of your pets.
30. Rearrange your entire room (re-paint it, put up new shelves, move your bed, hang some new art, add some plants, etc.).
31. Get a movie scratch-off poster and watch one of the recommended movies every night.
32. Fix up your attic or basement and make it a space where you can hang out with your friends.
33. Learn how to play an instrument (guitar, piano, bass, drums, etc.).
34. Start a band with your friends.
35. Invite your friends over for a pizza or ice cream party.
36. Teach your best friend a new skill, for example, something that you can do well so that you can do it together.

Simple Activities to Do Alone Throughout the Summer


37. Teach your pet to do a new trick each week.
38. Learn to speak a new language (you can use Duo Lingo to help you get started).
39. Learn how to ride a bike, or if you already know how to, learn some cool bike tricks.
40. Teach yourself how to ride a skateboard or learn some new skateboard tricks.
41. Start exercising every day.
42. Give yourself a complete makeover (new clothes, new hairstyle, etc.).
43. Start journaling.
44. Start thrifting.
45. Learn some cool dance moves and create your own dance routine.
46. Start a puzzle that you can hang on your wall once you finish it.
47. Go to the movies by yourself.
48. Make healthy popsicles and slushies using fruit.
49. Learn how to perform some magic tricks.
50. Organize a yard sale and get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore. You can even end up making some money!

Creative DIY Projects


51. Learn how to make your own soap.
52. Create your own jewelry.
53. Build a birdhouse for your backyard.
54. Learn how to sew.
55. Learn how to make resin trays, keychains, pendants, etc.
56. Make your own dreamcatcher.
57. Learn how to paint.
58. Learn how to work with clay.
59. Make some cute outfits for your pet.
60. Buy some plain white canvas shoes and some fabric paint and turn the shoes into a work of art.
61. Buy some plain white shirts and use acrylic paint to draw on them. Or, you can learn how to tie-dye the shirts.
62. Write a song or poem.
63. Write a short story or a script for a movie.
64. Make some cute fabric notebook covers for when school starts.
65. Make flower pens to go with your notebook covers.
66. Learn how to take artistic photos and edit them on your phone.
67. Make some hand-painted mini cacti to decorate your room.
68. Learn how to make rugs from old t-shirts.
69. Make friendship bracelets using a DIY bracelet loom.
70. Teach yourself how to make these adorable squishies.
71. Make some decorative pillows for your room.
72. Make a keepsake box filled with memories of the things you did over the summer. Or, you can make a collage of all the pictures you took and hang it on your wall.

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