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Hillary’s SICK Sex Secret Just Came Out In Disturbing Emails She Had With Pervert Harvey Weinstein



The Weinstein scandal is a lot better than what Hollywood has ever been able to come up with!

Wikileaks has now released some disturbing emails between Hillary Clinton and heavy Democratic donor and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. The email chain started with Weinstein messaging Hillary’s aide Capricia Marshall offering Hillary some insider Hollywood movie deals.

Conservative 101 Reports:

Wikileaks showed some disturbing emails between Hillary Clinton and Democratic donor/sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. The email chain started with Weinstein messaging Hillary’s aide Capricia Marshall offering Hillary some insider Hollywood movie deals.

“Dear Capricia, As time moves on, I realize I haven’t seen you and Mrs. Clinton (Hillary) in a long time, but I think of you both often. I don’t know if movie producers are still worthy in your world, but next time you’re in NYC I’d love to see you,” wrote Weinstein.

Weinstein then offered to send Hillary an advanced copy of the movie ‘Kings Speech’ which wouldn’t come to theaters for a few more months as well as a few other movies. Then he concluded his email with this: “Your bad friend, Harvey. PS — Please share this with Madame Secretary.”

“That is so sweet so pls let him know I not only want the movies, including The Tillman Story) but I’ve heard about some of his other projects from Jamie Patricof (Company Men, Blue Valentine) that also sound great. And pls wish him and Georgina every good wish w the new baby and that we all hope to see them soon,” wrote Hillary.

There is obviously a close friendship between this scumbag and Crooked Hillary Clinton. Which is odd because Hillary claims to not like “creeps” right? Except for maybe her own husband, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein and the famous pedophile Jeffrey Edward Epstein.

The Daily Wire Reports:

“Hillary Clinton now claims that she was “creeped out” by Donald Trump during their town hall-style debate, and that it took every ounce of her willpower not to chide Trump for “breathing down her neck” as she answered audience questions.

In her forthcoming book, What Happened, which Clinton claims will help explain why she feel short in the 2016 presidential election, the former secretary of state says Trump made her “skin crawl,” and that she felt completely intimidated by the Republican presidential nominee.

It was incredibly uncomfortable. He was literally breathing down my neck. My skin crawled. It was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone watching, “Well, what would you do?” Do you stay calm, keep smiling and carry on as if he weren’t repeatedly invading your space? Or do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, “Back up, you creep. Get away from me. I know you love to intimidate women, but you can’t intimidate me, so back up.”

This is the first time Clinton has spoken publicly about Trump’s stage machinations, but it’s just the latest in a string of excuses Clinton has used to explain away her loss to Trump in November. In excerpts and previews from the book, due out in stores in September, Clinton has blamed everyone from an incompetent staff to an absent Democratic National Committee for her second failure at obtaining the nation’s highest office.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe played a clip from the audio version of Clinton’s book, with Clinton herself reading an excerpt. In it she claims that she desperately wanted to tell her Republican opponent to “back up, you creep, get away from me,” and that she gripped the microphone “extra hard” in order to keep her emotions in check.

In retrospect, though, she says she believed it would have been better to call Trump out for his behavior, especially since the debate happened just days after an Access Hollywood tape leaked, and Trump was already in trouble for using profane language to refer to a woman he was attracted to.
It certainly would have been better TV. Maybe I have over-learned the lesson of staying calm, biting my tongue, digging my fingernails into a clenched fist, smiling all the while, determined to present a composed face to the world.

The clip ended shortly thereafter, but no doubt, deeper into the chapter, Clinton blames the high expectations placed on women in the public square for her decision to bite her tongue, taking the feminist line that any time a woman expresses emotion, she’s viewed as weak and hyper-sensitive. Because while Clinton is certain to devote hundreds of pages to the myriad ways in which deep-seeded prejudices turned Americans against her, it’s unlikely she’ll admit to actually making a mistake”.

I have personally read Crooked Hillary’s book, “What Happened.” Don’t worry, I didn’t pay for it, I just spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble reading it while I sipped on a cafe latte.

I have to say in all my years in politics and even more studying politics I have never come across a most sickening book written by a more vile individual. If anyone out there even for one second thought this venomous woman would have made a good Commander-in-Chief, you need to have your head examined. All she does in her book is write a journal about how she was “cheated” out of the presidency, and how it should have been her turn to sit in the oval office. But that racist, bigots, self-hating women and misogynists like you and I are too deplorable to see she was the right choice.

Hillary Clinton will go down in history as the biggest sore loser in political history, if she is even remembered for anything more than her failed tenor as Secretary of State under the failed presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, who in effect killed off the Democrat Party.

Please share if you agree Hillary needs to retire from the public arena….

Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He's worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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What This DISGUSTING Muslim Basketball Player Did During Anthem SHOCKED Entire Stadium

Trump is pissed & you will be too!



An ungrateful Anti-American Muslim ball tossing student from Garden City Kansas has been swiftly removed from a junior college basketball team for actually shooting baskets during the playing of our nation’s national anthem.

But to add to the insult the 19-year-old student, Rasool Samir, is now claiming that his civil rights were violated when Garden City Community College, in Garden City Kansas, removed him from the team. School officials said that Samir was actually removed from the team because he didn’t follow a team rule that states that players must leave the court before the anthem plays.

Samir is no longer a student at the junior college but he, of course, has already filed a complaint with the ACLU claiming that the school violated his First Amendment rights on the basis that he has a “religious objection” to the anthem. Huh? Why are you here then? I bet our welfare system and free stuff don’t offend you.

Via The Garden City Telegram:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas has sent Garden City Community College a letter asking for clarification as to why former Broncbuster basketball player Rasool Samir is no longer on the team, following an incident between Samir and a Broncbuster booster after Samir shot baskets during the national anthem.

The incident occurred just prior to a Nov. 1 game against Sterling College, GCCC’s season opener. Samir was escorted out of the Conestoga Arena by a campus police officer, after Broncbuster Athletic Association member Jim Howard confronted him on the court. Howard, who said he confronted Samir because he felt his actions were disrespectful, was allowed to return to his seat, where he remained for the duration of the game.

Two days later, Samir was no longer enrolled at the college, and GCCC Director of Athletics John Green said it was Samir’s decision. However, Samir told The Telegram head men’s basketball coach Brady Trenkle told him he had to leave the college.

Now, Samir has filed a complaint with the ACLU, which then sent the letter, dated Nov. 9, to Green. The Telegram obtained a copy of the letter — which can be found here — and in it, the ACLU asks the college to address several allegations that the college may have violated Samir’s First Amendment rights.

“We believe any disciplinary action by GCCC against Mr. Samir for abstaining from the anthem is antithetical to our American values and a violation of his First Amendment rights,” the ACLU’s letter read.

The ACLU also asked for clarification of the college’s stance regarding why Samir was no longer at GCCC, citing The Telegram’s story in which Green claimed Samir left on his own accord, and then a KWCH-TV story in which Green said Samir had been dismissed for a violation of team rules.

“I think our objective with the letter is to discern the inconsistencies in statements to the media,” Lauren Bonds, ACLU’s legal director and author of the letter sent to GCCC, said Wednesday afternoon.

Bonds said that her office did receive a response from the college on Wednesday, but the ACLU had not reviewed it completely as of Wednesday afternoon. However, Bonds said that she believes the college’s response still contained inconsistencies.

When reached for comment Wednesday, Green directed questions regarding the incident and the ACLU letter to the college’s attorney, Randy Grisell of Doering and Grisell PA in Garden City. Following Wednesday night’s men’s home game with Barton, Trenkle also referred any questions regarding the incident to Grisell.

Grisell did not return a message left for him at his office Wednesday afternoon.

Samir, who is black and Muslim, previously said he wasn’t protesting, as many athletes across the country have done by kneeling or performing other actions during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial inequality. He told The Telegram and reaffirmed in the ACLU’s letter that “he refrained from participating in the anthem because he is a Muslim and his faith prohibits acts of reverence to anything but God,” the letter said.

Prior to leaving the college, Samir apologized for shooting around during the anthem, saying he did not “mean any disrespect at all to the fans or the flag at last night’s game. I am truly sorry to anyone that felt disrespected, and I am also sorry to the school. I apologize for what happened.”

The ACLU contends, and cites in the letter at least a dozen judicial rulings, that any discipline that Samir possibly received because of his abstaining from the anthem is a violation of the First Amendment because GCCC is a public institution.

“It’s a kind of compelled patriotic salutes that we don’t think should be the basis on if a student-athlete is allowed to participate in athletics,” Bonds said.

Bonds said the ACLU has not decided on what step the organization would take next, if the college’s response was not satisfactory. However, Bonds said the ACLU has been able to resolve similar cases nationally using a demand letter, while the Nov. 9 letter was to gather information.

“Because we are concerned that Samir was kicked off the team for exercising his First Amendment rights, we ask that you please provide us with GCCC’s response to (Samir’s) allegations,” the letter read. “In particular, we request any documentation you have that establishes Samir: (1) was not chastised by Coach Trenkle for refusing to salute the flag; (2) was not ordered to leave Conestoga Arena for asserting his right to abstain from the anthem; (3) left the team voluntarily; and (4) was dismissed from the team due to a violation of team rules that carries the penalty of dismissal.”

Isn’t it great how these people come from third world cesspools, they take advantage of our generosity and our facilities and they are offended because of our national anthem? Isn’t it about damn time we start actually vetting the people who come into this nation? There are places in this world whose people have no positive influence to bring to our nation and our people. It’s not our obligation to be the place where the unwanted from other nations come to escape the slum they originated from. So that once they get here they can disrespect the greatest and most powerful nation ever known to man.

It’s really simple. If a person can’t even contain themselves long enough to at least show respect for our flag, and everything she stands for, we don’t need that person in this country.

Please share if you agree that people who are offended by our flag shouldn’t be living in our nation….

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Strange Woman Seen In Several Places Where Trump Has Been And You Need To Know Who She is

What’s going on?



Liberals out there would love to perpetuate the narrative that President Trump is cheating on his wife with another woman. They certainly have insinuated it in the mainstream liberal media. Irregardless, First Lady Melania Trump has been a class act. While liberals have insinuated something nefarious was going on with another woman, the woman they were really referring to Communications Director Hope Hicks. But there isn’t anything fishy going on.

29-year-old Hope Hicks is the current White House Communications Director who has been with the President since before he ran his presidential campaign. While some have referred to her as his girlfriend, she instead is one of the Oval’s most respected and loyal staffers. But the heinous allegations have only persisted the last few months.

Hicks has spent time with Kellyanne Conway and did especially during the presidential inauguration as well as other high profile staffers. But despite these allegations, none of them are true and her relationship with other presidential associates is nothing but great.

In reality, these accusations are nothing but they are sexist. The only reason people are accusing Hicks of this is because she is a beautiful, successful, intelligent woman. If she were ugly and not high profile, these accusations would not exist at all. Which is the definition of sexism, judging her based on her looks and her gender. And it’s being done by the liberal media no less.

AmoMama revealed,

“Moreover, it is no secret that Trump had a history of being a womanizer. He had been involved in several controversies involving other women. Also, he has been married three times. Twitter users have also pointed out that Hicks’ office is quite near the President’s, which could suggest that they might be seeing each other more often than necessary.

There has not been any sort of confirmation regarding the story, but as reported by Daily Mail, Hicks was with the President during his five-country tour in Asia. Hicks was photographed standing behind Trump while he was being interviewed by reporters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines on November 14, 2017. President Trump first visited Japan then headed to South Korea and China before going to his last stop in the Philippines.”

Smile 😉

A post shared by Hope Hicks (@realhopehicks) on

What she has to deal with is not unlike other women of her caliber. Instead of the media focusing on her achievements for the administration and her successes they focus on frivolous and superfluous things such as her looks and what she wears. For example the Daily Mail recently reported the following on her recent trip with President Trump to Asia,

“As President Trump continues his tour of Asia, Hope Hicks continues to add to her increasing list of fashion statements.  The White House communications director donned a pretty floral number as she walked into a news conference between President Donald Trump and Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang at the Presidential Palace on Sunday. The dress was ruffled at the hem, which rested just above the knee, and puffed at the shoulders, much like the grey sweater she wore earlier in the trip when Trump addressed the National Assembly in Seoul. 

Hope paired the pink, blue and black dress with a pair of simple black high heels and a burgundy Ivanka Trump tote bag. She added a hint of pink to her lips to match the floral pattern. She also had her hair pulled back into a bun at the base of her head with a twist on either side, as she arrived behind White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Carrying a brown bag, Sarah appeared in a long-sleeved black dress accessorized with a simple pearl necklace. Both women wore the same blue hexagonal pin. 

She appears to have returned to her stylish self after Friday, when she favored comfort over fashion as she donned a baggy men’s shirt on her way to Vietnam for their eighth day of travel. Although the White House communications director has been turning it up in the style department for most of President Trump’s five-country tour of Asia, the 29-year-old didn’t look quite as put together in her wrinkled collared shirt as she waited to board Air Force One at the Beijing Airport in China.  Hope paired the ill-fitting button-down with black trousers and black pumps, and at one point she had her long, highlighted hair pulled up in an uncharacteristic high ponytail.

The former model had a large brown leather carryall in the crook of her arm, and she carried a Louis Vuitton duffel bag ahead of her flight with the president. While waiting outside on the tarmac, Hope wore her sunglasses on the top of her head as the breeze blew through her hair, which she had pulled back down. It’s been a whirlwind week for Hope who started the tour by giving First Lady Melania Trump a run for her money in the fashion department.  Within a week, Hope went from donning a ladylike pink dress in Hawaii to donning a wrinkled men’s shirt on her way to Vietnam. Hope also put fashion on the back-burner on Thursday evening when she wore a simple, slightly baggy outfit to a state dinner in Beijing.”

Dress to impress

A post shared by Hope Hicks (@realhopehicks) on

Couple goals 👌🏻 #Trumplicans #PresidentTrump #MelaniaTrump #MAGA #TrumpTrain #AmericaFirst

A post shared by Trumplicans (@trumplicans) on

While liberals complain how women are held to a different standard than men and are discriminated against they are completely silent about how unfairly Hope Hicks is treated. Nonetheless, she is mistreated by Democrats and the mainstream media simply because she is a Republican woman who works for the Trump administration.

Share if you agree.

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This Is The SHOCKING Identity Of Uranium One Informant And Video Of What’s Hidden In His Briefcase Will Bring Hillary Down

Hillary is Not happy about this!



The infamous FBI confidential informant who went undercover to look into Crooked Hillary Clinton’s role the now widely known Obama administration-era uranium deal has now been identified.

William Campbell, who is a Russian lobbyist is, in fact, the informant, according to the Reuters news organization. Campbell will be testifying before a congressional committee about the 2010 sale of Uranium One. The deal where a Russian supported company bought a uranium firm with mines in the U.S. and is responsible for 20% off all the Uranium we have in the United States. Campbell gave information to the FBI about what he saw while undercover as an informant.

All clues point to the fact that Campbell, who was undercover for roughly five years, worked to get information on Russia’s efforts to grow its atomic energy business in the U.S.

Reuters Reports:

Exclusive: Secret witness in Senate Clinton probe is ex-lobbyist for Russian firm

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Republicans say their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s role in approving a deal to sell U.S. uranium mines to a Russian company hinges in part on the testimony of a secret informant in a bribery and extortion scheme inside the same company.

The Senate committee searching for Clinton’s alleged wrongdoing is keeping their witness’s name cloaked. However, William D. Campbell, a lobbyist, confirmed to Reuters he is the informant who will testify and provide documents to Congress about the Obama Administration’s 2010 approval of the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian company with uranium mines in the United States, to Russia’s Rosatom.

At the time of the sale, Campbell was a confidential source for the FBI in a Maryland bribery and kickback investigation of the head of a U.S. unit of Rosatom, the Russian state-owned nuclear power company. Campbell was identified as an FBI informant by prosecutors in open court and by himself in a publicly available lawsuit he filed last year.

In a telephone interview, Campbell said he wanted to testify because of his concerns about Russia’s activities in the United States, but declined to comment further.

Campbell’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, who has not previously identified her client, said despite Campbell telling the government ”how corrupt the company was,” Rosatom still got permission to buy Uranium One. She did not say what Campbell would reveal regarding any alleged wrongdoing by Clinton.

Clinton has said the Senate probe is an attempt to shift attention away from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s alleged role in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. As the heat from Mueller’s investigation has intensified, Trump has repeatedly called for an inquiry into Clinton and the Russian uranium deal.

“This latest iteration is simply more of the Right doing Trump’s bidding for him to distract from his own Russia problems,” said Nick Merrill, a Clinton spokesman.

Some people who know Campbell are skeptical that he can shed much light on Uranium One. Two law enforcement officials with direct involvement in the Rosatom bribery case in which Campbell was an informant said they had no recollection or record of him mentioning the deal during their repeated interviews with him.

Also, although both Uranium One and the bribery cases involved Rosatom, the two cases involved different business units, executives and allegations, with little other apparent overlap, Reuters found in a review of the court records of the bribery case.

Campbell countered those who dismiss his knowledge of the Uranium One deal. “I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist and I have it,” Campbell said. He declined to give details of those documents.

Reuters was unable to learn when the closed-door testimony has been scheduled.

Trump asked that a Justice Department gag order on Campbell stemming from the bribery case be lifted so that he can testify to congressional investigators, White House officials said.

The Justice Department has partially lifted that gag order.


Campbell potentially now has a larger starring role in the Washington drama after the Justice Department said in a letter to Congress on Monday that it was considering appointing a special prosecutor to launch an investigation into Republican allegations of wrongdoing by Clinton, Trump’s former political rival, in the deal.

Under Clinton, the State Department was part of a nine-agency government Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States that approved the purchase of Uranium One. Her critics, including Trump, allege large donations by people connected to the Uranium One deal made to her family’s foundation influenced the State Department’s decision to approve it.

Reuters has no evidence that Clinton orchestrated the approval of Uranium One.

In an email, Rosatom said the company had made no donations to the Clinton Foundation and had not asked others to do so. The foundation stressed the State Department was only one member of the committee that approved the deal and said Clinton had no personal involvement in the decision.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley said in a letter to Toensing, Campbell’s lawyer, that her client appears to have information “critical to the Committee’s oversight of the Justice Department and its ongoing inquiry into the manner in which” the Uranium One sale was approved.


Campbell worked as an informant for federal authorities investigating Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official in charge of U.S. operations for Tenex, a unit of Rosatom. Authorities later accused Mikerin of taking bribes from a shipping company in exchange for contracts to transport Russian uranium into the United States. He pleaded guilty in federal court in Maryland and was sentenced to prison for four years.

The Justice Department had also initially charged Mikerin with extorting kickbacks from Campbell after hiring him as a $50,000-a-month lobbyist.

Prosecutors alleged Mikerin had demanded Campbell pay between one-third and half of that money back to him each month under threat of losing the contract and veiled warnings of violence from the Russians. The demand prompted Campbell to turn to the FBI in 2010, which gave its blessing for him to remain part of the scheme.

Federal prosecutors were ready to use Campbell as a star witness against Mikerin, but they backed away after defense attorneys raised questions about Campbell’s credibility and whether he was a victim or had “entered into a business arrangement with eyes wide open,” according to court records.

Before it was taken down last year, the website of Campbell’s company, Sigma Transnational, did not suggest his firm was a lobbying powerhouse. The website listed four other employees and advisers, although one had died years earlier. A second employee listed said in a court document that she never worked for the company but had agreed in 2014 to pay Campbell to list her as an employee and allow her to use the Sigma name in a business deal. Campbell declined to comment on the staffing or his lobbying contract with Tenex.

Prosecutors dropped the extortion charges against Mikerin and never mentioned Campbell again in any charging documents. A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment on the case. Campbell also declined to comment on the issue.

Reuters has been unable to learn why Tenex chose Campbell as its lobbyist. He acknowledged in lawsuit he filed in 2016 that he was hired despite the fact he “had no experience with nuclear fuel sales.”

In a telephone interview this past week Campbell confirmed he was eager to testify because he has deep concerns about the Kremlin’s activities in the United States. Campbell’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing also confirmed that despite Campbell telling the government ”how corrupt the company was.” Interestingly enough, Rosatom still managed to get permission to buy Uranium One. She did not say what Campbell would reveal regarding any allegations of wrongdoing by the Obama Administration or then-Secretary of State, Crooked Hillary Clinton.

In typical Democrat Party playbook fashion, Crooked Killary Clinton of course deflected by saying that the Senate probe is a weak attempt to shift attention away from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s alleged role in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and election. As the heat from Mueller’s investigation has intensified, Trump has repeatedly called for an inquiry into Clinton and the Russian uranium deal. Wonder how long it will be until washed up Killary Clinton starts calling out “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” again? 

Please share if you want to get to the bottom of this mess….

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