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Rory Grant

IED Rocks Start of Marine Corps Charity Run- MEDIA IGNORING

Why is mainstream media ignoring this?



An explosion in New Jersey has gone largely unreported due to a similar explosion that took place eleven hours later in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City. The charity run in New Jersey was cancelled after an explosion took place in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

The explosion took place in a garbage can which is where two unexploded pipe bombs were later found. Authorities have told residents to stay inside their homes and away from the area the race was supposed to take place.

Unfortunately, the explosion took place at 9:35 A.M. on Saturday morning, just yesterday. It was on the corner of D Street and Ocean Avenue right before the Seaside Park Semper Five 5K Charity Run. Luckily, nobody was injured or hurt and no structures had serious damage.

A Facebook post on the explosion states,

Out of extreme precaution, this year’s Seaside Semper Five has been canceled due to an unidentified suspicious backpack found at the race site. The safety and security of our participants, spectators, staff and volunteers is of utmost importance. We’d like to thank the Seaside Park Police Department, all the first responders and emergency personnel for their quick action. Further details will be posted when available. Thank you for your understanding.”

Apparently, Fox News is the only outlet interested in getting the truth out there.

Another incident also took place in Minnesota as well. However, all three incidents do not appear to be connected as the authorities have said. They do appear to have been premeditated and planned but it is unknown who the culprit is, their motives or why they chose the areas they did. Officials have also noted that as of now their appears to be no indication this is an act of terrorism.

The most important thing is nobody in any of the incidents have been seriously or permanently injured or killed. The situation as of now appears to be under control.


After Press Conference Vegas Shooting Victim Reveals HORRIFYING New Element Of The Attack – Feds SILENT!

Why aren’t they talking about this?!



The Las Vegas shooting massacre was a tragedy all across the country. As the deadliest mass shooting in American history, it hurt the hearts of many Americans. So many were killed and even quadruple that number were injured. While both sides of the political aisle have politicized this issue one victim of the massacre made a scary revelation that’ll make you look at this massacre a little bit differently.

One gentleman who was a victim of the Las Vegas shooting was Rocky Palermo who posted a video to social media and Youtube about the horrific attack. During his video, he admits that he feels there were multiple shooters in collusion with one another because the concert gates were locked. When people were running out of the concern he says law enforcement officers were telling concert-goers who were scared for their lives to go in the opposite direction.

Palermo has done several interviews since the attack and has been a vocal advocate. He appeared on “The Blast” where he made some rather shocking comments. None of them have been substantiated by law enforcement officials or authorities conducting the investigation. No other victims have come forward to verify the veracity of these allegations either. In his interview with a reporter he said,

“I definitely do believe that there was 100% more than one shooter, every other person that I’ve talked to that did unfortunately get hit as well, have all said the same things. I’m waiting and all of a sudden we hear a little whizzing going by us, all of a sudden bullets are just flying by. When something is coming up and down or at least from a different angle they are either going to hit the ground or… alot of different things are going to happen. When someone is shooting form a horizontal line its just going to keep shooting.”

He also went on to explain he heard shots from about 200 yards away and he hid behind a car to try and stay away from it. Unfortunately, he said he could hear bullets flying past him. He says that he was at ground level which means he is also alleging another shooter was at the ground level too. Palermo went on to say that the shots seemed to become closer and closer before he started running again.

Look at the video Palermo posted online here,

He said,

“Every other night at the concert, everybody kinda exited right off Las Vegas Blvd, that was standard, that was routine, you get out of the concert and you go down to the next casino. At 10pm they closed every exit on Las Vegas Blvd, every single one. They gated them all closed with chain-link fences, 10:08 the shooting started and we were pigs sitting in a corral. We only had one exit to go out of…..everyone was just kinda following the sheep. The same exits we had came in and left Friday and Saturday night were definitely closed. There were people that went over there and tried to leave and there were cops that were telling them no, you can’t go out here, you have to go the other way.”

This story is also in competition with the chronology given by the Sheriff and the police department in Las Vegas. Both agencies have given three different chronology’s of the events that took place that night but two of them have been recanted and changed. Leaving many people to believe they can not trust this latest chronology. Palermo’s story also seems to throw a wrench into the latest chronology. Surely if every victim spoke to law enforcement they would all have different accounts of the massacre that took place that night.

Palermo had been discussed in a Turn to 23 article where they said,

“A local man credits his recent EMT training for his ability to help save lives during the shooting in Las Vegas. Sheriff Search and Rescue member Howie Long and his wife Jennifer helped to treat wounded concert-goers.”When we got to the emergency room, the nurses were so busy with people in the back with people who were worse off there was nobody in the waiting room that knew what to do, so me and Jennifer kind of took over the waiting room and was saying ‘put that there and we need this.’ Just kind of had a little order in there instead of everybody running around not knowing what to do. He helped treat 31-year-old Rocky Palermo who was shot in his side. While Howie treated him, Jennifer helped by speaking to his parents. “And then we just continued… if someone came we gave them gloves, whoever wasn’t hit was available. I just told them ‘put your gloves on and here’s some towels,” Jennifer said. Howie has been with search and rescue for seven years and just received his EMT training last year.”

It is in times of tragedy that we see true acts of humanity and kindness occur and the Las Vegas massacre is no exception. We are lucky to have such amazing Americans who would sacrifice their life and help another fellow American in need.

Share if you agree there might be truth to Palermo’s statements.

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After Announcing Trump Assassination Plot, Missouri Senator Just Made Death Threat Even Worse – But Still Keeping Her Job?

She should be in Gitmo for this!



We sadly live in a day and age where we can no longer just disagree, but we must threaten, harass, and degrade the other whom we do not agree with. The 2016 presidential election proved this fact. President Trump understands this all too well. People who disagree with him cannot just simply disagree with him but take it to an inappropriate level. Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal knows all too well what taking things to an inappropriate level is all about when she joked about President Trump being assassinated back in August.

Nadal came to the attention of law enforcement officials and the Secret Service when she tweeted out comments on Facebook. She posted a comment indicating she hoped that President Trump would be assassinated. Nadal’s comments came after the Charlottesville attack where she blamed the President for not denouncing neo-Nazi’s and instead got mad at him for blaming both sides. However, she backtracked her comments later saying the following,

“I didn’t mean what I put up. Absolutely not. It was in response to the concerns that I am hearing from residents of St. Louis.There are people who are afraid of white supremacists. There are people who are having nightmares. There are people who are afraid of going out in the streets. It’s worse than even Ferguson.”

In response to her comments Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., said,

“Calling for the assassination of the President is a federal crime. … She is an embarrassment to our state.”

Missouri Senate Minority Leader Gina Wals said,

“There is too much rancor and hate in today’s political discourse, and Sen. Chappelle-Nadal should be ashamed of herself for adding her voice to this toxic environment.”

Fast forward a few months, and we are in October, and this Missouri Senator is back at her ridiculous antics. Nadal posted a picture to social media depicting the controversial Dove ad commercial where an African American woman takes off a shirt and then turns into a Caucasian woman whom takes off her shirt and turns into a Hispanic American woman. Nadal posted pictures of President Trump taking off his shirt and revealing Adolf Hitler.

The Dove commercial was chastised by many on social media for being racially insensitive, and Dove corporate had to release a statement about it because of the backlash. The purpose of Nadel’s post was to be funny, a meme, hilarious, but it was anything but. While simply a parody it plays into peoples base fears and perpetuates ignorant stereotypes.

When speaking with the Associated Press, Nadal expressed that the reason she chose to share the meme was because she was upset by President Trump and the White Houses response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. While she is African American, her mother is from Puerto Rico, and she took the hurricane disaster very personally. She noted that she still has relatives on the island.

“So this is very personal to me. I still have a First Amendment right, and I still have a family I need to fight for,” Chappelle-Nadal told the AP.

Fox 4 reported,

“It wasn’t immediately clear Thursday if her tweet of the Trump meme will cause backlash similar to the kind sparked by her August assassination post, which she deleted and apologized for amid calls for her to resign.The state Senate formally reprimanded her in September in a bipartisan 28-2 vote that also renewed a call for her to resign. Chappelle-Nadal said she posted her Facebook comment out of frustration over Trump’s response to a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August. The senator from University City was a frequent protester in Ferguson after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, in 2014.

Two Republican state representatives from suburban St. Louis criticized Chappelle-Nadal’s latest social media post in tweets of their own Thursday. Rep. Phil Christofanelli of St. Peters called her post “shameful” and Rep. Jean Evans of Manchester wrote that Chappelle-Nadal “continues her disgusting attacks on our President.” Gov. Eric Greitens and Lt. Gov. Mike Parson, also Republicans, didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment. Parson was among the most vocal critics of Chappelle-Nadal after the assassination post.”

It does not seem to appear that her behavior will change anytime soon. It is hard to believe that this recent development is a result of what is going on in Puerto Rico. Because her initial post back a few months ago when Puerto Rico had not yet been ravaged by the hurricane. Does this mean every time President Trump does something she does not approve of that she will post ridiculous memes on social media and then blame others for it? We need to expect more out of politicians and hold them to a higher standard than this type of behavior.

Share if you agree that public servants should not be posting inappropriate material such as Nadal’s on social media and should behave in a respectable manner that an elected official ought to display.

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24 Hrs After Press Conference Vegas Police Make Shocking Admission About Security Guard




The Las Vegas shooting is still being investigated. Updates are still being released about the shooter as the motive was unknown. However, the lack of knowledge is what we are most concerned about. On Friday a press conference was held by Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo on the process of the investigation and its status. He offered up another timeline of the shooting massacre that took place and this is the third different one. After all, he admits there was no 6-minute gap between when the gunman opened fire and when the gunman shot a hotel security guard.

He also admitted to the media, as the head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department that the gunman purposefully fired on police officers responding to the scene of the crime. He also noted that there is no evidence that the gunman’s actions were driven by ideology religion, or that he was affiliated with any sort of group. Since 8:00 am Friday it has been reported that 546 were injured but that only 45 were thankfully still hospitalized. A few were in critical condition. Everyone else has been sent home.

The sheriff became emotional and choked up when discussing Brady Cook, a Metro Police officer harmed during the massacre. He, unfortunately, suffered several gunshot wounds during the shooting but regardless he asked to return to work before he was even ready. During the press conference, he revealed that he believes the 64-year-old gunman fired on jet fuel tanks located near McCarran Airport.

The timeline of the massacre has changed on multiple occasions confusing most people. Many have been suspicious of the timelines he has given now because they fear it is wrong again. But the sheriff stands by his latest chronology of the shooting. He updated his former comments and noted that the incident started at 9:59 pm on October 1st.

The Daily Mail reported,

“MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay, released a statement Thursday questioning that timeline because it suggested that hotel security guard Jesus Campos, who was shot and wounded by Paddock, may have waited up to six minutes to report the attack. Hotel officials claimed it was no more than 40 seconds between the time Campos used his walkie talkie to call for help and Paddock opening fire from his arsenal of weapons on 20,000 concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival across the street.On Friday, the sheriff said he was ‘very well aware of the MGM statement’ and that he was not in conflict with it.

Lombardo sought to clarify the timeline, saying that at 9.59pm, Jesus Campos encountered a barricaded stairwell door and had to ascend to another level in order to reach the 32nd floor where Paddock’s room was located. According to the sheriff, the security guard was shot in the leg ‘closer to 10.05pm,’ at which time he radioed in shots fired and also called on his cellphone to report the incident. Lombardo added that 10.05pm was also when ‘the majority of the fire started,’ referring to the shooting targeting the country music festival.

At 10.17pm – 12 minutes later – officers first arrived on the 32nd floor. The sheriff said that firing ‘had ceased’ by that point and Paddock killed himself with a shot to the head. It is still unclear why he stop firing on the festival when he did, or what his motive was. The sheriff said that Paddock’s brain has been sent to a special medical facility, where it will be subjected to microscopic analysis, after a preliminary evaluation revealed no visible abnormalities. Lombardo’s latest version of events dovetails with that presented by Mandalay Bay officials on Thursday.

‘There is no conspiracy between the FBI, LVMPD and MGM,’ Lombardo said emphatically. Security guard Jesus Campos disappeared Thursday night, just moments before he was set to speak to the press for the first time since the savage attack. As of late Friday afternoon, the whereabouts of wounded Mandalay Bay staffer were unknown. After conducting hundreds of interviews, reviewing digital media and 1,000 pieces of evidence, Sheriff Lombardo said police and the FBI have found ‘no signs of ideology or affiliation with any groups.’”

Lombardo made the following public statements over allegations his department could have done more to stop the massacre,

“In the public space, the word incompetent has been brought forward. I am absolutely offended with that characterization.”

Unfortunately, there are no cameras for surveillance in the hallways of the Mandalay Bay so authorities have had difficulty since they cannot put the shooter at the scene of the crime.

FBI special agents have posted to social media asking for tips and clues if anyone has any and has placed telephone numbers to be manned for people to call if they do. Reports have shown that the shooter could have perhaps suffered from mental illness but the allegations have not been confirmed.

Share on social media if you agree that the police officers there on the night of the shooting did everything in their power to ensure everyone was safe. Anyone slamming police officers for doing their duty should be ashamed.

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