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IED Rocks Start of Marine Corps Charity Run- MEDIA IGNORING

Why is mainstream media ignoring this?



An explosion in New Jersey has gone largely unreported due to a similar explosion that took place eleven hours later in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City. The charity run in New Jersey was cancelled after an explosion took place in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

The explosion took place in a garbage can which is where two unexploded pipe bombs were later found. Authorities have told residents to stay inside their homes and away from the area the race was supposed to take place.

Unfortunately, the explosion took place at 9:35 A.M. on Saturday morning, just yesterday. It was on the corner of D Street and Ocean Avenue right before the Seaside Park Semper Five 5K Charity Run. Luckily, nobody was injured or hurt and no structures had serious damage.

A Facebook post on the explosion states,

Out of extreme precaution, this year’s Seaside Semper Five has been canceled due to an unidentified suspicious backpack found at the race site. The safety and security of our participants, spectators, staff and volunteers is of utmost importance. We’d like to thank the Seaside Park Police Department, all the first responders and emergency personnel for their quick action. Further details will be posted when available. Thank you for your understanding.”

Apparently, Fox News is the only outlet interested in getting the truth out there.

Another incident also took place in Minnesota as well. However, all three incidents do not appear to be connected as the authorities have said. They do appear to have been premeditated and planned but it is unknown who the culprit is, their motives or why they chose the areas they did. Officials have also noted that as of now their appears to be no indication this is an act of terrorism.

The most important thing is nobody in any of the incidents have been seriously or permanently injured or killed. The situation as of now appears to be under control.

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BREAKING: State Department Just Issued Severe Worldwide Warning For US Citizens Effective Immediately



An American passport has traditionally been a very coveted thing all over the world because being an American citizen has carried so many perks. Americans had the freedom to go where we wanted and say what we wanted to say. And if anything ever went sideways while overseas, all we ever had to do was reach the gates of an American Embassy, and from there we would be protected by Marines. It’s traditionally been a pretty sweet deal. Until the Muslims started taking over.

Muslims have proven throughout history and even now that they will always be Muslims first, and obey no national law before their religions one, and as you’ll recall their religions law is a very violent one. The Quran not only allows violence, but mandates it against many groups of people, especially those who disrespect Islam. These are the people that we are told to welcome with open arms, assuming that they just won’t do what they’re told, trusting that they’ll risk eternal damnation to be nice to us.

Anyone who considered the warnings against Muslims to be all hype was put in their place today when The State Department issued a warning for every single U.S. Citizen who is now in danger since the President announced his support of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, infuriating Muslims worldwide. Townhall reports that the warning sent out on the 6th was the first of it’s kind since the start of the war in Iraq:

“The State Department has issued a warning for U.S. citizens traveling anywhere in the world after the Trump administration announced its decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing it as the capital of Israel.

The alert, posted on December 6, is a ‘worldwide caution’ that asks U.S. citizens to be on high-alert when traveling.

‘As terrorist attacks, political upheaval, and violence often take place without any warning, U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness when traveling,’ it reads. ‘In addition to concerns stemming from terrorism, travelers should be alert to the possibility of political unrest, violence, demonstrations, and criminal activities when traveling.  Country-specific information pages and Travel Warnings should be consulted to obtain the latest data on such threats.’

According to the Associated Press’s longtime diplomatic correspondent, this is the first time such a warning has been released over a policy decision since 2003, when the Iraq War began.

‘The last time the @statedept issued a ‘Worldwide Caution’ because of a US policy decision was March 2003 at the start of the Iraq war,’ he said on Twitter.”

This disturbing alert has caused a ripple throughout the nation, considering that it flies directly in the face of the “peaceful Muslim” propaganda that has been embedding itself in the hearts and minds of the gullible social justice warriors and everyone unlucky enough to be screamed at by them. The “non-radical” Muslim community is one that would be better named “non-obedient” Muslims because there’s no such thing as a real Muslim who doesn’t obey the Quran. If they do, they’re either in denial, or they’re not really a Muslim at all.

This move to permanently reclaim Jerusalem has been especially problematic for those in the Middle East where the Muslims aren’t making any secret of their bloodthirsty ways to the Israelis:

“Diplomatic staff in Israel meanwhile have been banned from traveling to the West Bank and Old City over Palestinian riots.

‘With widespread calls for demonstrations beginning December 6 in Jerusalem and the West Bank, U.S. government employees and their family members are not permitted until further notice to conduct personal travel in Jerusalem’s Old City and in the West Bank, to include Bethlehem and Jericho,’ a December 5 statement reads. ‘Official travel by U.S. government employees in Jerusalem’s Old City and in the West Bank is permitted only to conduct essential travel and with additional security measures. United States citizens should avoid areas where crowds have gathered and where there is increased police and/or military presence. We recommend that U.S. citizens take into consideration these restrictions and the additional guidance contained in the Department of State’s travel warning for Israel, the West Bank and Gaza when making decisions regarding their travel.’

While the administration is now officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the embassy move will be delayed for ‘logistical reasons.'”

The threat to Americans is one that must be taken seriously. If not, we might again be watching public beheadings being carried out by all these “non-violent” Muslims who apparently are just working out their issues by calling for violence against both their neighbors and Westerners. So basically anyone who’s now bowing to their wishes. This “most feminist-friendly religion” is once again terrorizing Americans the world over. But don’t worry, they’re the feminists and social justice warriors say Muslims are a “religion of peace.” I’m sure you’ll have peace once your head is detached from your shoulders.

[H/T: Townhall]

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BREAKING Arrest In One of The Biggest Mass Shootings In US- Feds Charge Suspect With Islamic Terrorism



Noor Salman, the Pulse nightclub shooter’s widow will be standing trial in Orlando, a federal judge ordered Wednesday.

Salman is being charged with providing material support to a terror organization and obstruction of justice. Her husband, Omar Matee was the Islamic terrorist who murdered 49 people in cold blood and injured at least 68 others when he opened fire in a gay nightclub in Orlando Florida on June 12, 2016.

Salman obviously tried to persuade the judge to hold the trial in another city, saying she could not get a fair trial in Orlando but federal judges are constitutionally required to hold trials in the same community where the crime was committed, unless the accused can prove the publicity from the crime was so inflammatory and prejudicial that the community was saturated and an impartial jury will not be able to be chosen.

Wouldn’t it have been great for her if the judge would have moved her case to San Francisco, where any two-bit illegal alien criminal or Islamist is worth more than the life of an American citizen?

The Federal judge wrote in the order that the federal Middle District of Florida which is where Salman is being tried includes five counties where approximately 2.8 million people reside. He also stated in the decision that Salman’s lawyers could not point to a single local media story that implied that their client was indeed guilty of the crimes she was being accused of. Salman’s trial is scheduled to begin in March of 2018 and is expected to go on throughout the year.

Pictured above are the 49 victims from the horrific 2016 shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FloridHero cop of Pulse shooting is being terminated from force

Via USA Today:

An officer hailed as a hero for his actions during the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando is being let go just six months before he would have become vested in his pension.

Omar Delgado, 45, a corporal at the Eatonville Police Department, was one of the first officers at the club in the early hours of June 12, 2016, after a gunman killed 49 people and injured dozens in what then the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Delgado, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of witnessing the carnage, scoured through bodies that littered the ground and helped survivors get to safety. One of the clubgoers he helped was Angel Colon, who was shot six times. The pair’s story of survival and their growing friendship grabbed headlines around the world.

The department is terminating Delgado from the force at the end of the month, Eatonville Town Council members confirmed at a meeting late Tuesday. His last day on his $38,500-a-year job is scheduled for Dec. 31.

 An extra six months on the job would have allowed Delgado to receive 64% of his salary with benefits for life, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Since he will leave the force before making it to 10 years, he will receive 42% of his earnings, the paper noted.

Delgado, who has mainly worked on desk duty since the attack, said the department told him they needed to replace him because of his PTSD and because they need an additional officer on patrol, a job he can no longer perform. He said he’s ready to leave and focus on his mental health but asked his superiors to wait an additional six months so he can mark 10 years at the department and become vested in his pension.

“Just let me get vested and I will be more than happy to pack up my troubles and leave,” he said. “This is the thing I’ve been working toward for 10 years and to be six months shy then be fired, it’s like ‘wow!’ ”

Eatonville Mayor Eddie Cole said the situation is complex but added he hopes to start a conversation about helping law enforcement officers after traumatic incidents. He said he couldn’t talk specifically about Delgado’s situation. Officials at the city’s police department also would not comment on the termination.

Delgado said he had hoped for a better outcome. “It’s a small town and we’re like a family,” he said. “You don’t just throw a family member to the street. They’re acting like a Fortune 500 company and saying since you can’t do your job, we’re going to replace you. Even if the world saw me as a hero, that was yesterday.”

Colon said he is shocked to hear about Delgado’s situation.

“He was my hero. He saved my life and for them to just do what they’re doing to him in front of my face is a slap to my face as well,” Colon told WFTV, a local ABC affiliate. “He did his job that night on June 12 so they should have his back 100% totally and just be there for whatever he needs.”

Delgado said he partially blames his termination on his decision to speak up about his mental state, adding he regularly sees a psychologist, though it hasn’t helped much.

Delgado tried coming back to work about a month after the shooting, on the Fourth of July, but said the loud bursts from fireworks gave him flashbacks to the sounds of gunfire.

And more than a year and a half later, Delgado still wakes up from the same nightmare every night. It always starts the same: He’s working to get survivors out of the nightclub when gunman Omar Mateen starts firing his rifle.

He and other officers drop to the ground. They don’t know where the gunshots are coming from or who they’re aimed at.

Delgado wakes up screaming and sweaty. He can never go back to sleep.

“I never thought I would have gotten to this point. I thought I’d shake it off and everything would be fine,” he said. “But that hasn’t happened. Nothing has been right since that day.”

Delgado said he has a GoFundMe page to raise money and plans to apply for disability, but until he’s approved it’s going to be an uphill battle financially for him, his wife and their three kids.

“This Christmas is going to be a really sad one,” he said. “There’s simply not enough money to make it.”

Omar Delgado’s GoFundMe Page!

Nice tr,y Salman. Here in this country, we don’t put up with Islamist Extremism anymore. The days of President Barack Hussein Obama and the leftists in the US government telling us that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” are over. We don’t cater to people such as yourself and your husband anymore. If you are found guilty, you will serve time.

Please share if you are glad the days of appeasing Radical Islam are over….

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BREAKING: 48Hrs After Supreme Court OKs Travel Ban, Rogue Lib Judge Just Stabbed Trump In The Back

Time to get rid of these judges once & for all!



A travel ban that had the distinct purpose of keeping Americans safe, was one of the first executive orders that President Trump signed after taking office in January of this year. He signed the order just hours saying his sacred oath, but 12 months later, because of the activist judges in this country, that order is still seeing opposition.

The ban saw a huge victory just days ago when it was finally upheld and put into effect, after several revisions and much debate. That means that while we will never be 100% safe anywhere at any time, the President is at least patching the dam that was allowing our nation to be flooded with those who believe it’s their divine calling to kill us.

While his order might seem to fall completely under the heading of common sense to many, it’s completely unacceptable to others. The in denial, politically correct who don’t believe that Muslims will actually do what Muhammad told them to do when he ordered them to kill the infidels (that’s you and I) just can’t have anyone turned away from America.

The travel ban taking effect now has put the heat on another case being heard before the Ninth U.S. Circut Court as they hear arguments about Hawaii’s challenge leveled at the ban. It seems that almost everyone in the nation has an idea of what should be done to keep America safe, and they’re not willing to let President Trump take the problem on. Q13Fox reports that these same judges haven’t been favorable toward the President in the past, and the case should turn out a lot of media attention:

“The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision allowing President Donald Trump’s third travel ban to take effect — at least for now — has intensified the attention on a legal showdown Wednesday afternoon before three judges in Seattle who have previously been cool to the administration’s efforts.

Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judges Ronald Gould, Richard Paez and Michael Hawkins are scheduled to hear arguments in Hawaii’s challenge to the ban, which restricts travel to the United States by residents of six mostly Muslim countries and has been reviled by critics as discriminatory.

The same panel unanimously ruled against Trump’s second travel ban, saying the president had not made a showing that allowing travelers from the listed nations would harm American interests.”

These judges seem to think that the majority of Americas are interested in something other than staying alive. The problem is that the out of touch bleeding hearts are either uninformed about the actual facts at hand or just don’t believe it will ever affect them. Either way, the masses electing President Trump should have been a good indicator that he’s the one we wanted making the decisions about our safety.

“Citing national security concerns, President Donald Trump announced his initial travel ban on citizens of certain Muslim-majority nations in late January, bringing havoc and protests to airports around the country. A federal judge in Seattle soon blocked it, and since then, courts have wrestled with the restrictions anew as the administration has rewritten them.

The latest version, announced in September, targets about 150 million potential travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen, though it allows for some admissions on a case-by-case basis. It also blocks travel by North Koreans along with some Venezuelan government officials and their families, although those parts of the restrictions are not at issue.”

The reason those parts aren’t considered an issue is that the current state of affairs makes it clear that North Korea is ready to kill us because their leader said that he would. Compare that to the fact that Muslims have it written down in their holy unchangeable words from their prophet that they should kill us and, oh yeah, they already have killed a bunch of us. But nevermind that if the social justice warriors say that they’re OK, apparently the President’s opinion is to be completely ignored.

The lower court rulings ‘threaten the ability of this and future Presidents to address national-security threats and advance foreign policy interests,’ the Justice Department wrote in its 9th Circuit appeal. Further, the government says, courts don’t have the authority to review the president’s decision to exclude foreigners abroad unless Congress authorizes them to, and Congress has provided no such authorization.

Critics of Trump’s travel restrictions insist that they make up the Muslim ban he promised during his campaign, and judges have seized on the president’s public statements on Twitter and elsewhere in finding them unconstitutionally discriminatory.

Despite the Supreme Court’s action Monday, Matt Adams, the legal director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights project, which has also fought Trump’s travel restrictions in court, said he’s hopeful it will be struck down.

‘I’m still optimistic the courts are going to say yes, this is version 3.0, and they might have painted it a little fancier, but it’s still the Muslim ban,’ Adams said.”

The fact is that this decision is going to have to come down to a person getting to decide what is best for the country. We can listen to the President we elected, or we can listen to lobbyists who have a worldview not inclusive of all the information that the President is privy to, and the judges will have to decide which of those is correct.

[H/T: Q13Fox]

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