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ISIS Urged TERROR ATTACKS On Egypt Just Two Weeks Ago

ISIS was urging attacks on Egypt a couple of weeks back. President Sisi is fighting the terror groups ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. Sinai is an ISIS battlefield.



ISIS was urging attacks on Egypt a couple of weeks back. President Sisi is fighting the terror groups ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. Sinai is an ISIS battlefield.

“ISIS leadership views the Sinai province as a key extension for the organization outside of its core area of control in Syria and Iraq. Indeed, the Sinai province is considered one of the most powerful and effective among these extensions thanks to its daily attacks on the Egyptian security forces and the downing of the Russian airliner (Metrojet Flight 9268), which had a global impact.”

ISIS Campaign In Support Of Its Sinai Branch, Urges Egyptians To Join Its Ranks, MEMRI, May 19, 2016:

On May 5 2016, the Islamic State (ISIS) launched a campaign to support and encourage its branch in the Sinai Peninsula. The campaign consists of a series of videos published by the media offices of 14 ISIS provinces, mainly in Iraq and Syria. The videos featured ISIS fighters, with an emphasis on Egyptians, praising ISIS in Sinai, calling on it to remain steadfast, goading it to continue fighting against the Egyptian army, and lashing out at its ideological rivals among the Islamist movements in Egypt. The speakers in the videos stressed the strategic importance of Sinai as “the gateway to Jerusalem.”

As has become customary in similar ISIS media campaigns,[1] the entire apparatus of media groups and activists that support ISIS sprang into action: According to coverage of the campaign in ISIS’s official weekly Al-Naba’, media groups produced 11 video clips, 3 nashids [songs], 282 posters and 49 articles. In addition to this came a torrent of social media postings by ISIS supporters disseminating the videos and other messages praising the Sinai province. For example, the pro-ISIS media group Al-Wafa’ Foundation contributed 15 articles praising the ISIS Sinai province and lashing out at the Egyptian government.

Notably, Sinai province itself seems to be facing significant setbacks with regards to its own media operation and rarely releases new videos. [2]

It should be mentioned that ISIS leadership views the Sinai province as a key extension for the organization outside of its core area of control in Syria and Iraq. Indeed, the Sinai province is considered one of the most powerful and effective among these extensions thanks to its daily attacks on the Egyptian security forces and the downing of the Russian airliner (Metrojet Flight 9268), which had a global impact.[3]

Several explanations can be provided for the launching of the campaign at this time:

First, the campaign might be an indication that the Sinai province is facing hardships due to the Egyptian military’s ongoing efforts against it. Second, the campaign, which calls upon Egyptians to join ISIS in its war on their government, may be an attempt to capitalize on the growing anti-government sentiments and on the recent uproar in Egypt caused by the announcement of a deal to hand over a pair of Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia. Third, it possible that ISIS sees a need to strengthen the extension in Sinai as a fallback, as it continues to lose territory in Iraq and Syria. Fourth, it is likewise possible that ISIS’s media apparatus decided to tout Sinai as a major front of jihad as part of an effort to direct new recruits there, in light of the difficulties foreign volunteers are facing in entering Syria.

The following report will review a selection of the videos and articles in the ISIS campaign:

Threats To The Egyptian Military

A video produced by the Salah Al-Din province in Iraq features two fighters, Abu Qaswara Al-Masri – an Egyptian, and Abu Omar Al-Maqdisi – likely a Palestinian from Gaza, who called on the members of ISIS in Sinai to remain steadfast and continue targeting the Egyptian army and the Jews in Israel. They urged the Egyptian people to join the mujahideen in Sinai and swear fealty to the “Caliph” Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Addressing the soldiers and officers in the Egyptian army, Al-Masri said: “We advise you to repent before we manage to find you. If we find you, there will be no other [fate] but beheading for you. There will be no mercy for you and you are aware of that. You have seen what the soldiers of the caliphate have done with your colleagues and you will see. I advise you to repent. I am a truthful advisor to you.” He then promised to liberate the prisoners in Egypt with guns, as opposed to with petitions and appeals.

The video also condemned the leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were described as “deviants and bankrupt” and criticized the newly-announced plan by Saudi Arabia to build a bridge to Egypt. “As for the bridge which Al-Saloul [derogatory term describing the ruling family in Saudi Arabia] are planning to build to support the tyrant of Egypt Al-Sisi, it will turn against them and will be the gate through which the mujahideen will manage to conquer the Arabian Peninsula,” Al-Maqdisi said.

A video produced by Al-Furat’ province [which comprises of the area around the towns of Albu Kamal in eastern Syria and Al-Qa’im in western Iraq] features young ISIS fighter from Sinai, Abu Al-Bara’ Al-Sinawi, who warned “the soldiers of the tyrant” and threatened that they will be killed if they do not repent. Al-Sinawi is then shown beheading a young man who was accused of planning to join the anti-ISIS Sahawat (“Awakening”) militias in Iraq.

ISIS Experience In Iraq – Inspiration For Sinai

In an attempt to provide inspiration and encouragement for the members of ISIS operating in the Sinai, a video produced by Al-Anbar province in Iraq compares the peninsula to that Iraqi region. The narrator in the video notes that ISIS in Sinai has benefited from the experience from jihadi groups in other fronts, especially in Al-Anbar, which has similar characteristics to those of the Iraqi desert in terms of the landscape, the tribal character of the local population and so on. Two fighters in the video speak of the history of ISIS in Al-Anbar in order to inspire their comrades in the Sinai. They describe how it began operating with a handful of men and grew under harsh conditions into a formidable force with many recruits. This video also featured archival video footage of an Egyptian suicide bomber named Abu Muslim Al-Masri, who carried out an attack in Al-Anbar three years ago, as another means of inspiring Egyptians to join jihad.

ISIS operative from Al-Anbar

The video from Ninawa province in Iraq featured a fighter named Abu Suhaib Al-Ansari who praised ISIS in Sinai for targeting the Egyptian government and condemned the Muslim Brotherhood for taking part in the political process in Egypt and for insisting on being peaceful.

Abu Omar Al-Ansari, another ISIS fighter who appeared in the video told ISIS fighters in Sinai to target the Egyptian government and “spill their blood and communicate with them with guns and explosives and turn them into corpses with bombs.” He then called on Muslims everywhere and especially those in Gaza to join the “soldiers of the Caliphate” in Sinai.[4] He urged the people in Sinai to support the mujahideen, saying: “In a few days, you will see the result of the clear conquest after you have seen the result of dignity and empowerment. The victory is coming soon.”

Israel – Sinai Province’s Next Prey

In the video from Dijlah province, Iraq, an unidentified fighter threatened Israel, saying it will be ISIS Sinai’s next prey Sinai after it is done fighting the apostates in Egypt. Addressing his comrades in Sinai he says: “You are fighting today in Sinai and the Jews are a stone’s throw away from you. They are enraged and terrorized by what you are doing with their tails, the apostates [the Egyptian army], not because they love them but because they are scared for themselves, and because they know they are the prey that awaits, which you will finish off after the apostates, Allah willing.”  Another fighter stressed that ISIS in Sinai is the “gate” to liberating Jerusalem: “Know that you are fighting today in the Sinai province, and the eyes of your brothers the mujahideen are directed toward you as you are the gateway to the liberation of Jerusalem, Allah willing. Know oh brothers of tawhid [monotheism] that the war is harsh, so prepare yourselves, roll up your sleeves and chop off the heads, and repel with your steadfastness the Crusader coalition and the Russians.”

ISIS speaker in video produced by Al-Jazirah province

The video by ISIS in Al-Jazirah province, Iraq, also condemned the Saudi plan to build a bridge linking Sinai with Saudi Arabia, saying that “this project will fail like the other ones and will be a bridge through which the mujahideen will cross to the Peninsula of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Image of Egyptian president Al-Sisi burning, featrued in Sinai media campaign

After praising the mujahideen in Sinai, Abu Omar Al-Ansari, one of the fighters featured in the video, threatened the Jews, saying that their air jets, tanks, international support and agents on the ground will not be able to help them when they hide behind trees and stones, in reference to the hadith predicting a war between Muslims and Jews, during which trees and stones would call on Muslims to come kill the Jews who are hiding behind them. He also praised ISIS in Sinai for taking revenge on Russia for its bombing of Al-Raqqa.

Abu Ahmad Al-Tunisi, a Tunisian fighter who also appeared in the video, urged the tribes in Sinai to support the mujahideen there, arguing they are working to help the local tribes; he also called on the people of Gaza to join ISIS Sinai.

Condemnation Of Mainstream Islamists

The video by ISIS in Aleppo province, Syria, focused on condemning the Muslim Brotherhood and mainstream Salafis in Egypt for participating in the country’s political process. Addressing the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the fighters who was featured in the video said: “You are the preachers for polytheism and falsehood, you are the ones who issued the fatwa for people to take part in the polytheist democracy, and you are the ones who issued the fatwa for people to vote for the pagan constitution, which puts sovereignty in the hands of the people instead of Allah.” He added: “You have deceived your followers that [adhering to] democracy and entering the parliament will lead to [the implementation] of Islamic shari’a. Now, where is the shari’a, O enemies of Allah?!” He then called on them to repent.

The video released by ISIS in Falluja province, Iraq, condemned the Saudi support for the Egyptian government, claiming that the Saudis have acted on behalf of the U.S. and Israel. Shams Al-Din Al-Masri, an Egyptian ISIS fighter who appeared in the video, said that the goal of the intended bridge between Sinai and Saudi Arabia is “to be a new source for the enemy’s fire against the mujahideen in Sinai. Allah willing, it will only be the gate to conquering the land of the Peninsula, Mecca and Medina.”

Poster accompanying video produced by Al-Khair province, Syria, showing the “road to Jerusalem”

Egypt-Saudi Bridge Will Make It Easier For ISIS To Conquer The Arabian Peninsula

Al-Khair province (Dir Al-Zour), Syria, published a video titled “The Glint of Sword and Hope.” The video features two main speakers – Abu Yahya Al-Homasi, and Abu ‘Omar Al-Masri, who claims to be a former Egyptian soldier. The video praises ISIS Sinai, stressing that it scares Israel more than anything. The video features messages of support for ISIS Sinai and the promise that the Islamic State would soon spread towards Egypt, Bait Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem and Israel as a whole), and the Arabian Peninsula. The narrator in the video states that unlike various Palestinian factions, ISIS will not relinquish a single inch of Palestine, and that all of Palestine from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea is Muslim land.

Abu Yahya Al-Homasi stressed that he and his ISIS comrades yearn for the moment that they can fighter shoulder-to-shoulder with their colleagues in Sinai province against the Egyptian army and the Jews, in order to liberate Bait Al-Maqdis together. The speakers in the video highlight the achievements of the Sinai mujahideen, especially the downing of the Russian airliner with the 224 “infidel Russian crusaders onboard” as revenge for Russian involvement in Syria. Muslims in Sinai are called to support ISIS soldiers and join their ranks. The narrator says: “Oh, our people in Sinai, the soldiers of the Islamic State are merely your brothers and sons. They and we rose up merely to enact the laws of Allah and to prepare the weapons for the fight against the Jews, and to rid Bait Al-Maqdis of their filth. Therefore, oh sons of Sinai, gather around your sons, aid and protect them, since honor will be under their banner, while humiliation will belong to their enemies.” The speakers also threaten Egyptian soldiers and Sinai tribesmen to cease their actions or be responsible for their own fate.

Abu ‘Omar Al-Masri mocks Saudi Arabia’s intention to build a bridge to Egypt, claiming that it would only make it easier for ISIS in Sinai to cross to the Arabian Peninsula and liberate it from the filth of “Al-Saloul.”

Abu Abdallah Al-Masri, speaking in Tripoli province’s video

ISIS Preacher Condemns Egyptian Army “Crimes”

The video by Tripoli province, Libya, titled “Rewards Will [Eventually] Be Given To The Godfearing” features an ISIS preacher in Libya named Abu ‘Abdallah Al-MAsri, who promises Sinai fighters that their sacrifice will eventually pay off and Allah will reward them with the right to enter Paradise. The video focuses on Egyptian army crimes against Sinai residents, and accordingly, Abu ‘Adballah calls on ISIS fighters to continue killing the “tyrant’s” soldiers and assassinate military personnel, media figures, and judges. According to him, the Egyptian army is a cowardly army whose soldiers use narcotics and violate everything that Islam forbids. At the end of the video, the narrator says: “The mujahideen will not stop until their cleanse every last inch of the filth of the tyrants and their agents. By Allah, the soldiers of the Islamic State will not abandon their people and brothers in Sinai so long as they are alive. They will continue to strike the strongholds of the infidels and Jews until Allah grants them victory, until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, and until the general Muslim public will soon be seen in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Allah willing.”

Egyptians Called To Join ISIS Sinai

The video by ISIS in Hama, Syria, was titled “A Message to our Brothers in Sinai.” The vide opens with the narrator recounting the achievements of ISIS Sinai, especially the downing of the Russian airliner and the bombing of an Egyptian naval vessel. Later, the video’s main speaker, Abu Al-Baraa’ Al-Shami, sends messages of encouragement and support to ISIS fighters in Sinai. He stresses that the eyes and ears of the mujahideen in Syria eagerly await news of the achievements of their colleagues in Sinai. He expresses hope that they will soon unite and participate together in the victory over the enemies of Allah. Abu Al-Baraa’ praises ISIS Sinai’s war on “the Pharaoh of Egypt” – President Al-Sisi – and calls on it to be steadfast and patient despite their inferior numbers, since their victory is assured. He later speaks at length of the fear that ISIS fighters have caused Egyptian soldiers, causing the regime to turn to the Jews and Crusaders and ask for help. However, since they continued to suffer blows at the hands of the mujahideen, they turned to the royal family in Saudi Arabia – “the tyrant of the Arabian Peninsula.” According to him, the Saudis responded, and even announced they would build a bridge connecting the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas. However, Abu Al-Baraa’ says that the true purpose of this bridge is not to benefit the two countries’ economies as they claim, but rather in order to fight ISIS in Sinai. He later addresses all Muslims in Egypt and urges them to help their mujahideen brothers in Sinai, since they are defending their honor and property. He adds: “You have tried nonviolence and eventually tasted humiliation and suffered its results of shame and degradation. So go forth, defend your religion, and your mujahideen brothers.”

Abu Al-Bara’ Al-Shami


[1] The Islamic State has launched similar campaigns in recent months, which all involved a simultaneous outburst of video clips from its various provinces. For more on this, see: MEMRI Daily Brief No. 89, Opportunity Or Necessity? The Islamic State’s Cluster Video Strategy, May 13, 2016.

[2] The last video to be released by the province came at the end of March. Regular video reportage from the battle fronts in Sinai, which is normally covered by ISIS’s news agency A’maq, has not been seen in recent weeks, although ISIS’s radio Al-Bayyan still reports regularly on its attacks. See MEMRI JTTM report, ISIS Sinai Video Documents Group’s Military Training Camp, Raid On Egyptian Military Checkpoint, March 31, 2016.

[3]  For more on the importance of Sinai in the eyes of ISIS leaders, see MEMRI JTTM report, ISIS In Sinai Increases Military, Propaganda Pressure On Egypt, November 8, 2015.

[4] The relationship between Salafi-jihadis in and from Gaza and ISIS in Sinai is an ambivalent one. This ambivalence was illustrated by an open letter addressed to Al-Baghdadi by a Gazan ISIS fighter in Syria. See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 6334, Exclusive: Letter By ISIS Fighter To Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Reveals ISIS-Sinai’s Ties To Hamas, March 2, 2016.

Via Pamela Geller

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24Hrs After Dem Leader Arrested Outside Capitol His Scandalous Wife Busted In Bigger Crime – Prison Will Be HARSH



Washington has been pounded with wave after wave of scandal lately. From the sexual misconduct of far more politicians than we would have liked to admit, to the revelation of mishandling of funds to cover up that misconduct, the American people have become increasingly disillusioned with our supposed public servants.

Being a lawmaker requires that the people of your constituency put a lot of trust in you to not only look out for their best interest in political votes but just that they’re doing what they say they will do with the funds that you give them to run for reelection. When someone is a veteran political insider, they often gather up faithful followers who donate to them loyally every single year. It’s difficult to think of those people putting their hard earned dollars to those who would abuse them, but that’s just what’s happening.

Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez and his wife Soraida, are both being investigated for fraud when the details of their usage of campaign funds came out. The Washington Free Beacon reports that Gutierrez has not only been arrested but won’t be seeking re-election after these facts came out:

“Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Ill.), who announced last week that he will not seek reelection after spending 24 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, will no longer be able to pay his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars from campaign funds once he officially departs from Congress.

Soraida Gutierrez, his wife, has collected more than $430,000 from Gutierrez for Congress, Luis’s campaign committee, since 2010. Soraida is the top recipient of expenditures this year.”

Maybe you’re thinking that Gutierrez and his wife had just fallen on hard times. After all, he was a representative of Illinois and had to travel back and forth from D.C. quite a bit, and how much can they really get paid? Well funny you should ask; every congressman gets paid $174,000 per year and has up to 239 days off, a large portion of its health insurance subsidized, better retirement, free travel, death benefits, free travel to and from D.C., plus $250,000 budget for travel and office expenses, paid for entirely by taxpayers. That’s not to mention $900,000 we pay them for their staff and other staff related expenses.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly seem like a budget that would force a person to pinch pennies. But still, on top of that the couple has taken hundreds of thousands in donates from their loyal supporters to use for their own personal gain. Let’s hear a little more about just how much money Soraida was getting for helping with hubby’s campaign:

“Soraida, who was a registered lobbyist in Illinois prior to appearing on the campaign’s payroll, has been listed as the campaign’s office manager, fundraiser, and treasurer for the past seven years.

Gutierrez’s campaign committee has reported $77,838.69 in operating expenditures from the beginning of January to the end of September. Soraida has received seven checks for $6,000 each—or $42,000 total—during this time, meaning that she has collected more than half of his campaign’s disbursements.

The second largest expenditure from Gutierrez’s campaign this year is a $22,000 donation to the Puerto Rican Relief Fund, which is not included in the committee’s operating expenditures total, but is rather marked under other disbursements.

Gutierrez has said he is leaving Washington to focus on the rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico, although some have speculated that the abrupt retirement raises questions about his motives and that he has made a ‘grand inside play,’ Politico reported.

Despite Soraida being paid generously for fundraising services from the campaign, the committee has raised only $2,812.86 in total individual contributions this year. Other campaign committees have added $17,000 in donations to Gutierrez.”

This is not the first time Soraida has been the top recipient of cash from her husband’s campaign.

When Soraida first joined the campaign in 2010, she was paid $44,000 from its war chest. In 2012, Soraida’s payments rose to $93,000. In 2014, Soraida pulled in $110,000. In 2016, she collected $125,856. Soraida was the top recipient of cash from Gutierrez for Congress every election cycle since first appearing on its payroll seven years ago.”

And as if that’s not enough, Soraida isn’t the only one in the family who’s been getting a kickback for helping dear old dad. Apparently, the kiddos are also getting in on the action:

“Gutierrez also paid his two daughters a combined $5,000 for a fundraising project and bookkeeping between 2004 and 2009.

Members of Congress have been allowed to place family on campaign payrolls since a 2001 Federal Election Commission opinion requested by former Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (Ill.).

After the FEC gave the green light for federal politicians to pay relatives from their committees, Jackson Jr. went on to pay his wife’s firm hundreds of thousands of dollars from his committee.

Jackson and his wife later pleaded guilty to using $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use.

Gutierrez did not return a request for comment on the payments to his wife by press time.”

Maybe someday the second most crooked politician to come out of Illinois will have something to say for himself, but until then he can spend his time as exhibit A as to why the swamp in Washington really does need to be drained. People need to know that when they donate to a campaign, they’re not just paying for a Rolex, they’re actually contributing toward the vital needs of a campaign.

[H/T: Washington Free Beacon]

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HOLY COW! The Surprising Unemployment Numbers Were Just Released And Life-changing For So Many Americans



The reasons behind President Trump winning over the nation are both numerous and completely valid. Not only was he a complete political outsider, which many have considered to be what Washington needs, but he’s an experienced businessman. That means that he not only knows how to handle people, he knows how to handle a checkbook, and no matter how much criticism that he receives for his business practices, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more iconic businessman.

America has been in dire need of a financial and economic overhaul for quite some time and Donald J. Trump seemed to be the guy for the job. His campaign promises included things like bringing jobs back, lowering the national debt, and decreasing the number of people on welfare. Promises like this are not only exactly what middle-class Americans have been looking for, they’re finally made by someone with real-world experience that we thought might be able to follow through with them.

While the doubters were plentiful, the President has done just that; he has made good on almost every single promise that he made while on the campaign trail, and he’s only been in office less than a year. The Gateway Pundit  reports that the most recent economic numbers show that Trump’s economy is “on fire” and looks likely to stay there:

“Job numbers released today through the end of November show an increase of 2.2 million jobs since last years election and an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent. After the same period under Obama, (4.8) million jobs were lost and unemployment skyrocketed to 9.9 percent!

President Trump’s economic results could arguably be the best all time. The stock market is the highest ever and jobs are being created by the thousands.

According to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump added a projected 1.9 million jobs in the first eleven months of the year (January through November 2017) and 2.2 million jobs since last year’s election.

The same cannot be said for President Obama’s first eleven months as he lost 4.8 million jobs. Obama was so bad at creating jobs that by the end of his second term he said that jobs were not coming back. This showed in his first eleven months in office because in every month the US lost jobs.”

Why is all of this so important? Well, the answer is pretty simple; more jobs means more money, a better economy, higher GDP, the chance to get out of debt faster. It also leads to fewer people on the government handouts, and that is going to lead to lower taxes and the ability for those same people to vote any way they want without worrying about their money getting taken away.

The whole system is much like when a teenager moves out of the house and gets a job. If they never get a job, they never understand how to manage money, or get a good work ethic.  They’ll likely mooch off you forever, and throw temper tantrums when you switch to generic brand cereal because they don’t understand that there are bigger problems than how much they enjoy their Captain Crunch.  When people have jobs, they start planning for the future, and that includes the future of government and everything that goes with it.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, under President Trump, more Americans are in the workforce than ever before. Over 160 million Americans are working for the first time in US history. President Trump is working hard to bring good paying jobs back to the US and his efforts are showing historic results.  ADP reported 40,000 new manufacturing jobs in November.  This was the highest reported monthly amount of new manufacturing jobs in the history of their report!

Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the US unemployment rate this year has been below January’s rate every month (January through September 2017.) The unemployment rate in January 2017 was 4.8 percent and by November it was down to 4.1 percent.  These are the lowest rates in 17 years.

President Obama on the other hand again moved in the opposite direction. In his first eleven months as President, the US unemployment rate increased every month from 7.8 percent in January 2009 to 9.9 percent by November of 2009.”

In case you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about this, it’s because it really doesn’t fit the liberal narrative well at all. President Trump was supposed to bumble around the Oval Office and get confused as to how to turn on a computer. But President Trump isn’t your friendly neighborhood grandpa, and he doesn’t have any problem following through on the promises made to turn the economy back into the one that he was so privileged to do business in for all these years.

Share to let people know that America is becoming great again! 

[H/T: The Gateway Pundit]

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Obama Swore It Was Impossible And Refused To Do It It In 8 Years – Trump Just Did It Before The End Of His First



It’s been almost a year since President Trump took office and his predecessor still hasn’t gotten the message that this is Trump’s America now. Former President Obama continues to physically follow President Trump around, attempting to undo whatever the President does, despite the fact that Obama had 8 years to have his way with America, and many facets of our society are still deeply scared because of it.

One of those facets is the economy. Despite what the die-hard Democrats will tell you, record number of people on welfare and higher tax rates isn’t what makes for a great economy. Manufacturing jobs, lower taxes, and increased incentives to produce jobs is what makes for a strong and thriving economy, something that President Trump knows a thing or two about.

In fact, Obama was so sure that the America would never again be able to increase it’s manufacturing jobs, he promised it while he was in office. He made sure that everyone knew that was absolutely no hope for the American worker. Enter President Trump. According to America’s News Hub and CNBC, reports now confirm that 40,000 manufacturing jobs have come back in just one month. It’s understandable that Obama might be confused, after all, his resume is a little lacking in anything to do with real life jobs and businesses.

“The manufacturing industry posted its best month of job gains all year, leading a better-than-expected rise in private payrolls during November.

Companies added 190,000 in the month as the economy seemed to return to normal following the violent hurricane season, according to the monthly report from ADP and Moody’s Analytics. The total was just above the 185,000 expected from economists surveyed by Reuters and below the 235,000 growth in October.

The manufacturing sector added 40,000 positions alone.

‘The job market is red hot, with broad-based job gains across industries and company sizes,’ Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s, said in a statement Wednesday. ‘There is a mounting threat that the job market will overheat next year.’

The growth comes as the government’s headline unemployment rate is at 4.1 percent, a 17-year low that economists believe will continue to decline. The Labor Department will release its closely watched official nonfarm payrolls count Friday, with economists expecting growth of 175,000 and the jobless rate holding steady.

‘We’re going sub-4 percent by this time next year, and that’s an economy that could overheat,’ Zandi added in an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.'”

Well look at that! As it turns out, there was a way to bring manufacturing back to America and give more Americans jobs than ever before. You can say it’s because of confidence, or the tax incentives that President Trump is trying to give businesses, and that all might be true. The point here is that liberals will lie to you about the economy every single day of the week.

Maybe that’s because they’re genuinely confused about numbers (that’s been a suspicion for a long time) and maybe it’s because they know that if you understand how good the conservative view is for your pocketbook, you’ll never vote Democrat again. Either way, when you listen to a liberal about anything to do with real actual work, you’re not getting good information.

Crazy as this misinformation seems, it’s just the beginning of the attack on both your intellect as a voter and President Trump as your chosen leader. Just days ago, Obama was speaking in Chicago and actually compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler and Americans to the Germans who turned a blind eye:

“The danger is grow(ing) complacent,” Obama said. “We have to tend to this garden of democracy or else things could fall apart quickly.”

That’s what happened in Germany in the 1930s which, despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic and centuries of high-level cultural and scientific achievements, Adolf Hitler rose to dominate, Obama noted. “Sixty million people died….So, you’ve got to pay attention. And vote.”

Crazy as all of that might seem, they’re not the first to try and push this comparison.  The Independent wrote their own Trump/Hitler comparison piece in November:

“Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump described his opponent, Hillary Clinton, as a criminal and said she should be tried and put in jail (of her guilt, he had no doubt). Commentators at the time noted the extreme nature of such rhetoric and the fact that demands for the investigation and imprisonment of political opponents was alien to the American system. But, they speculated, perhaps it was just that — rhetoric — and with his inauguration as President, he would leave such dangerous talk behind.

It turns out, however, that Trump has proven unable to let go of his obsession with his defeated rival. In early November 2017 — nearly one year after his election victory — he was not only continuing to attack Clinton, but also calling on the FBI and the Justice Department to investigate her. He was “very frustrated” by the fact that he was unable to order those agencies to “go after” his former opponent — something he said he would very much love to do.

It was a horrifying moment as the President of the United States, perhaps more clearly than at any previous time, expressed the thoughts and desires of an autocrat. And with the announcement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will explore the possibility of creating a new special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton, those thoughts and desires have moved that much closer to being realised.

Such open calls for criminal investigations of political opponents are truly unprecedented in American history — and for good reason, since they would undermine the very foundation of liberal democracy. If the president could order the FBI to investigate Hillary Clinton, where would it stop? Anyone who spoke out to criticise such a brazen act would be vulnerable to the same treatment. And then any individual or any group — regardless of whether they had actually done anything — would be at the mercy of Trump’s politicised justice system. The President would be able to exclude anyone he wished from the national community. The road to dictatorship would be wide open to him. We know this because it was such a system that helped destroy democracy in Germany and helped Hitler establish his Nazi dictatorship.

One of most significant challenges the new Weimar Republic faced was a politicised judicial system — an important element in the weakening of German democracy. One of the key failings of the revolution that toppled the German Empire in 1918 was the failure of the revolutionaries to establish a truly republican judiciary by allowing the judges from the old imperial system to remain on the bench. These were men who’d been trained and established their careers under the old authoritarian system. They had no sympathy for the new liberal, democratic regime. And the verdicts they rendered made this exceedingly clear. Political crimes committed by individuals on the left consistently received longer prison sentences than those committed by people on the right.”

Liberals will do absolutely anything to make you dependent on them and therefore vote for them. The more jobs they ruin, the more people will be forced to be on welfare, and if you’re on welfare, you won’t vote for someone who wants to downsize welfare. It’s sad to think that any homegrown American would try to cut the legs out of the American economy that way, but it’s hard to see this as anything else but a pointed attack on the American economy. Ignoring it won’t make the monster of fear and ignorance go away, you’ll just lose track of how close it’s getting.

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