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Why Join Freedom Daily?

Freedom Daily is one of the fastest growing news sites today.  In 2015 we gained 500,000 new Facebook fans, and our weekly reach topped out at 40 million people at one point. On an average our content reaches 25 million people per week.

Freedom Daily was just ranked #35 on the list of top 100 Conservative News sites! Next year we’re shooting for top 10!

Freedom Daily is part of the Liberty Alliance an Inc. 5000 business four years straight and is coalition of 100’s of conservative web sites.

Our growth rate of 80,000-100,000 facebook fans per month puts us at nearly 1.8 million total Facebook fans by Christmas of 2016. There is no other news site growing this rapidly.

Fan growth over 2 years. We are exploding!

Fan growth over 2 years. We are exploding!

Our fans are so active that nearly everything we post goes viral or semi-viral.


Viralness of post’s on Facebook.


Our fan base is very strong and active it allows us to keep pace with pages triple our size, and we even outperform The Blaze regularly on social media.


Facebook performance comparison.

Facebook performance comparison.

With our social media being on fire, our website Freedom Daily is reaping the reward.  We have been climbing every month with new fans and have yet to have a recession in page views since inception in August 2015.

Currently our website is ranked at this:

Here’s is our Quantcast website data for the past 30 days:


Currently Freedom Daily ( is ranked first with hits among all the Liberty Alliance websites. Remember, Freedom Daily just hit its one year birthday a few months ago.


If you’re looking to be a part of a website that is having a large impact on Americans, and people around the globe, then we want you on our team!

Contact us at [email protected] or use the form below and let us know you want to join our team!

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