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Joy Behar Tries To Make Roger Stone Bash Trump – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down



The venomous Joy Behar and her group of Yentas on The View just can’t seem to help themselves.

In this particular segment, The View is having Right Wing Political Strategist, and the person credited with the miraculous defeat of the Crooked Hillary Clinton machine by President Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Elections, Roger Stone.

As you all can see Joy Behar’s venom is spewed from the very moment she mentions his name. She then goes on to take multiple cheap shots at him and even goes as far as trying to get Roger Stone to actually say something against the president of the United States Donald Trump.  Of course because Roger Stone, unlike Behar, is indeed a professional the venomous snake that is Bahar failed ever step of the way. Odd, I don’t recall Bahar ever attacking Crooked Hillary Clinton or her rapist husband Bill about the many scandals or all the dead bodies that have followed them across the 30-year crime spree that is their political careers.

It’s so sad that people who are liked by so many, are fairly talented and filthy rich way beyond their abilities such as Joy Bahar choose to go down this path. They don’t know how it is to be one of us anymore. They don’t know how it was living under the failed presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. They will never know what is was like to have to put food on our tables while the economy was in severe disarray. They will never know what it was like to see our so-called president more worried about Scumbag Muslims Refugees from other nations and where people who suffer from the mental disorder called “Transgenderism” were going to pee to actually do something to help us Americans.

Joy Behar, you are indeed a despicable human being, if we can even call you one.

Roger Stone Bio: 

Roger Stone is an American political consultant, Author, strategist, and lobbyist, noted for his use of opposition research for candidates of the Republican Party. Stone has been an advisor to a number of Republican Presidents, Beginning in 1972 with Robert Nixon. Stone’s career was highlighted by work of Advisor for Richard Nixon. Stone advised 1984 Presidential Campaign. He is often known as –Veteran Republican Strategist as he is a veteran of nine national presidential campaigns, who served to three Republican presidents as a senior campaign aide.

Stone is the author of the New York Times bestseller “The Man Who Killed Kennedy : The Case Against LBJ” and has written for, Breitbart News, Fox Opinion,  the Daily Caller and the Op-Ed page of the New York Times. A well-known voice in politics for over forty years, Stone often gives insights on behind-the-scenes political agendas on InfoWars and Fox News and has been banned by MSNBC and CNN for his outspoken and politically incorrect criticism of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Roger Jason Stone was born on August 27, 1952, in Norwalk, Connecticut. Stone is the son of Roger J. Stone and Gloria Rose. Stone grew up in Lewisboro, New York. Stone was a well driller and mother was a small-town reporter. Stone was the V.P. of the student government at a high school New York.

Stone started his political in earnest with activities such as contributing money to a possible rival of Nixon in the name of the Young Socialist Alliance in 1972. Stone served for the administration in the Office of Economic Opportunity after Nixon won the 1972 Presidential Campaign. Stone started to work for Bob Dole after Nixon resigned but was fired when he was identified as a dirty trickster by columnist Jack Anderson. Stone worked in Ronald Reagan’s campaign for president and became national chairman of the Young Republicans in 1976 and 1977.

In 1980, Stone again worked for Reagan’s campaign in 1981, Stone served as chief strategist for Governor Tom Kean’s campaign for Governor of New Jersey and for his re-election campaign in 1985. Stone served as Senior Adviser to the Jack Kemp which was managed by consulting partner Charlie Black for President Campaign in 1987-88. In 1989, Stone and his first wife Ann E. W. Stone founded the group Republicans for Choice . They divorced in 1990.

In 1995, Stone served as the president of Republican Senator Arlen Specter’s campaign. Later, Specter with less than two percent support withdrew early in the campaign season. Stone was forced to resign by Bruno after allegations of threatening  Bernard Spitzer in 2007 by Joseph Bruno. Stone served as campaign manager for Kristin Davis in 2010. In 2012, Stone volunteered as an unpaid advisor to comedian Steve Berke in his 2011 campaign for mayor of Miami Beach, Florida. Stone was a founding partner of the firm Black, Manafortas a political consultant. Stone worked as an occasional lobbyist for Donald Trump and as an advisor for Donald Trump‘s Presidential Campaign 2016.

Since 2010, Stone served as a male fashion editor to the conservative website The Daily Caller. Stone has written four books, all published by Skyhorse Publishing of New York City. Stone has written “The Man Who Killed Kennedy” published by Skyhorse publishing in 2013, “Nixon Secrets: The Rise, Fall and Untold Truth about the President Watergate” in 2014, “The Clintons’ War o Women, “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family in 2016. Stone’s books described as “hatchet jobs” by Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald. Stone writes for “Stone on Style”, his own fashion blog.

Roger Stone served as a chief Political Advisor for Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign 2016. Stone was banned from appearing on MSNBC and CNN after making a series of offensive Twitter posts disparaging other television personalities during 2016 election cycle. On August 8, 2015, Stone left Donald Trump’s campaign. According to Talking Points Memo, Stone said that he resigned but Trump Said that he fired Stone.

Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He's worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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Obama Started Bashing Trump Today, And Instantly Everyone Noticed Something Was Seriously Wrong With Him

Hope this isn’t contagious!



Obama is at it again. Working on dividing the country just a bit more. It’s bad enough the media has become unhinged and fake, do we need Obama of all people interfering with the government? As if he hasn’t done enough damage as it is.

His list of damage to the United States goes on and on, almost 8 years of destruction and now the United States is divided like never before.

He got the country so far in debt, he almost doubled it, at $19 trillion. He allowed and empowered groups like Black Lives Matter to run amuck. He always wanted more gun control and take away the rights of law-abiding citizens to be able to own firearms. He wouldn’t even announce who the United States was at war with, referring to the Islamic State. He has made dangerous deals, one for example, the uranium deal with the Russians. Yet now with a Republican President, everyone is talking about Russia but ignored that fact.

Second, the world’s most dangerous, irresponsible deal in the history of mankind. The Iranian nuclear deal. Giving billions of American dollars to a regime that calls for the destruction of America on a regular basis. He gave more leeway to this same regime that has no problem building nukes. Obamacare was another fail in his legacy that President Trump is trying to fix.

Watch Obama and see if you can spot what’s wrong with him.

Via Liberty Writers:

Barack Obama is one of the most divisive President’s in US history… easily. After Obama, our race relations are worse than they have ever been

Barack Obama: Some, some of the politics we see, now we, we thought we put that to bed. Uh-I-uh-mean that-uh-that folks lookin… fifty years back. It’s the 21st century.”

Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh… Obama needs to start reading his damn speeches. He can’t even read them off a teleprompter without stuttering and stammering like a squirrel on steroids.

It’s crazy that this man has the gall to attack anyone for being divisive. 

A little more about Obama’s failings via CNS News:

Let’s take a look at President Obama’s economic legacy.

The Washington Examiner opines on President Obama’s remarkable claim that he saved the world economy.

“President Obama … wants to be remembered for … [being] … the savior of the American and global economies. ‘There are things I’m proud of,’ he said, citing Obamacare, then added, ‘Saving the world economy from a Great Depression, that was pretty good.’”

Not so fast. Looking at the economy’s anemic numbers the editors are less than impressed.

“Obama will end eight years in office without presiding over a thriving economy of the sort America enjoyed in the past. It also suggests that even the mediocre growth of recent years depended on high oil prices, which have collapsed by more than half. This is the bitter fruit of creationist economics, the erroneous belief that government activity can somehow conjure new wealth and value.”

The Wall Street Journal is similarly dour about Obama’s economic legacy.

“When did Americans decide that 1% or 2% economic growth is acceptable, that puny wage increases are inevitable, and that we should all merely shrug and get used to the country’s diminished expectations? … the first quarter is further evidence of what has been the weakest economic expansion in the postwar era. … All of this continues the slow-or-slower pace of this entire expansion that began nearly seven years ago. Each year has had a similar GDP dip, and growth has never exceeded 2.5% (2010). The American economy hasn’t grown by more than 3% since 2005 (3.3%), the longest such stretch of malaise that we can find in the Bureau of Economic analysis tables going back to 1930. … Faster growth is possible, but it will take better policies.”

In a column for Bloomberg, Narayana Kocherlakota, looks at what’s happened and compares it to what CBO projected would happen.

“[I]t’s not hard to see why many people are disappointed with the performance of the economy during Obama’s time in office. In January 2009, at the beginning of Obama’s first term, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office issued a 10-year forecast for the U.S. economy, including such indicators as unemployment, gross domestic product, the budget deficit, government debt and interest rates. … The unemployment rate has come closest to expectations. … Elsewhere, the story is less positive. Total income growth in the U.S. has fallen well short of expectations, in both nominal and inflation-adjusted terms. … the federal budget deficit … still much larger than the CBO forecast in 2009 — as is the ratio of government debt to GDP.”

Even with all of these failures, he still can’t seem to stay out of politics and trying to meddle in elections across the country. Then again, he did meddle with Israel’s election so I am not surprised he is not finished with America. I hope President Trump will remain vigilant along with his administration. They are doing an outstanding job within the short amount of time in office. Lots of accomplishments are being made, and promises are being set.

Keep up the great work President Trump.

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Michelle Tries To Convince Crowd That She’s A ‘Sex Symbol’ – Gets Wrecked Instead



Barack and Michelle have had quite a hard time relinquishing the power they once held ever since the Trumps took over at the White House. As Obama remains obsessed with trolling President Trump with his “shadow government,” Michelle has been obsessed with maintaining the media spotlight she once held as First Lady, where she’s been frantically booking up interviews and public appearances to compete with the beautiful and sweet Melania. But shortly after Michelle decided to tout herself as America’s “sex symbol,” her ridiculous claim has now come back to haunt her, after the American people who have finally had enough of her revolting lies are making their voices known.

After spending the last 8 years race-baiting and blasting our country alongside her treasonous American-hating husband, Michelle is trying desperately to maintain her relevance in American society, which is proving just like her school lunch programs, to be a massive failure. Several weeks ago, rather than slipping into obscurity like we had hoped, Michelle helped host ESPN’s ESPY awards, where just the mere sight of her ugly mug resulted in millions of viewers turning off the show. Breitbart reports the awards show resulted in a historic new low in viewership for ESPN, leaving Michelle embarrassed and licking her wounds. But in her latest pathetic effort to be important, the backlash from Americans this time is massive, and will leave you laughing your ass off.

In a recent interview while bragging about her “accomplishments” as First Lady, Michelle touted herself as America’s “sex symbol,” claiming that she has issues simply walking down the street because men barely can barely contain their lust at the mere sight of her.

“As I got older, I found that men would whistle at me or make comments about how I looked as I walked down the street,” saying that men would routinely cat call as she walked by. “As if my body were their property. As if I were an object to be commented on instead of a full human being with thoughts and feelings of my own.”

The words had barely left her fat lying mouth and people across America were already questioning what alternate reality Michelle Obama resides in where she seriously thinks she’s America’s “sex symbol.” Here’s some of the most politically incorrect responses that were posted in response to Michelle’s claim:

“What sex and what species? Maybe a Congress of Baboons or Silverbacks. Pesky liberals and Democrats, if it is not dead people for votes in a poll, then it is raiding the zoo.”

“More like an abstinence symbol, I think.”

“These people are totally delusional – Obama thinks he’s a straight guy born in Hawaii that did a great job as President – WRONG. Michael thinks he is a woman who was the best first lady every and is a sex symbol in America – WRONG. These two guys need help – they are living in a fantasy world.”

“There is not enough alcohol or drugs available that could ever make Manchelle Obama a sex symbol. That would be like dragging your balls across 5 miles of broken glass just to hear Michael Moore fart in a payphone.”

“Her poor attitude and condescending arrogance is a symbol for abstinence. A person’s charm is what attracts. She is disgusting. Every parent of a horny teenage boy should make certain he has a picture Michelle in his wallet next to the Trojan.”


“She may be a sex symbol on the planet the Predator came from.”

“She is a sex symbol….a symbol for not wanting sex. Picture her every time you look at someone and you definitely won’t want sex.”

“I think I just up threw up in my mouth and shit my self laughing to hard.”

“First, if she’s a sex symbol, what does that make Melania? And in all seriousness, she could be the most beautiful person on the planet, but to me, she’s ugly on the inside.”

It’s truly startling how huge Michelle Obama’s ego is, which apparently has grown exponentially since she left the White House. Sorry Michelle, there’s lots of things you can claim about yourself, but sex symbol is not one of them. Now if you want to tout yourself as the “most race-baiting” or the “most anti-American first lady in American history,” then THAT is claim that the American people can rally behind!

H/T [America Now]




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Mom Shares Pic Of Girl Dressed As Melania And Everyone Immediately Noticed ONE Thing



Michelle Will Be FURIOUS When She Sees How Mom Dressed Her Daughter For School’s First Lady Project

An Alabama elementary school teacher assigned her class a presentation project to depict their favorite First Lady. Students were allowed to choose any FLOTUS in history and for whatever reason they wanted, so long as they explained why they picked who they did. One mother took this as an opportunity to get especially creative in helping her daughter put on what was arguably the best demonstration for this assignment that former First Lady Michelle Obama probably didn’t appreciate.

The 8-year-old unnamed student wasn’t told who to pick for her project, she came up with the idea on her own and talented mother helped her achieve it. The end result is the picture of parenting well done, but more importantly, it’s the message that many in America are missing, delivered by a little girl.

Having learned about many notable First Ladies leading up to this project, the little girl chose our current FLOTUS, Melania Trump, as her favorite. The image that apparently stood out to her as the most impressive, was Melania’s Inauguration Day look when she donned a classic “Jackie O” style. Her mother helped her recreate the recent iconic moment, sewing an ensemble that was impressively identical to Melania’s and styling her daughter’s hair in the same classy, yet understated up-do. However, what she was holding represented a little piece of another FLOTUS as perhaps an underlying message.

The second grader held a Tiffany’s box that was a replica of the gift she gave Michelle Obama when they former First Couple greeted their replacements at the White House on that Inaugural morning. The response Michelle gave Melania when she handed her the gift, sent shock waves around the country as she seemingly couldn’t control her face or hide her hate the second she accepted it.

Michelle probably doesn’t like that her time as FLOTUS didn’t leave an impression on the young generation enough for this girl or anyone else to have picked her to honor. What’s most impressive is not only how perfect this little girl looked as Melania but that we finally have a First Lady that girls can look up to and be inspired by.

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