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LAVOY FINICUM MURDER: Massive cover up!!!!! First shots fired before they stopped




Via Bundy Ranch

BREAKING! Massive cover up. — First shots fired before they stopped. Goverment lied, patriots told the truth! LaVoy sacrificed himself to save others ‪#‎JusticeForLaVoy‬ ‪#‎HandsUpDontShoot‬ SHARE EVERYWHERE!

Harney Sheriff, David Ward – Treason.
Deschutes Sheriff, Shayne Nelson – Treason.
Governor Kate Brown – Treason.
Oregon State Police – Treason.
FBI – Treason.

Audio forensics have been ran on this video to make the audio more clear.

LaVoy Assassination 2nd Camera – Enhanced AudioBREAKING! Massive cover up. — First shots fired before they stopped. Goverment lied, patriots told the truth! LaVoy sacrificed himself to save others #JusticeForLaVoy #HandsUpDontShoot SHARE EVERYWHERE!Harney Sheriff, David Ward – Treason.Deschutes Sheriff, Shayne Nelson – Treason.Governor Kate Brown – Treason.Oregon State Police – Treason.FBI – Treason.Audio forensics have been ran on this video to make the audio more clear.

Posted by Bundy Ranch on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

From Mad World News

Video just released by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday shows the final moments of LaVoy Finicum, as he and others involved in the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge attempted to make their way to the Sheriff’s office in John Day, OR, approximately fifty miles away.

It is a synchronization of two videos, one from the outside of the vehicle, taken by federal officers, and one from inside, taken with a cell phone, which recorded the events and audio from the perspective of the civilians.

The video opens with an encounter with authorities, in which Finicum is telling the Oregon State Police to either shoot him or let him go and that he is on his way to meet the Sheriff. He invites the State Police to follow him to Grant County to see the Sheriff, saying they can all talk over there. The decision is made to drive off, which they do.

The video shows the ambush that was waiting with three vehicles blocking the road as Finicum sped around a corner, having nowhere to go but off the road, appearing to be taking gunfire from the roadblock. Finicum got out immediately, saying, “Go ahead and shoot me,” several times. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened seconds later.

The horror and outrage of the other vehicle occupants at the death of their friend is intense, but so is their own situation as windows are being shot out by police and laser dots flash everywhere around them. Those inside struggle with the choice of surrendering and getting shot as they just witnessed with LaVoy or remaining in the vehicle, which is being struck with bullets. Soon, gas is fired into the SUV, making it difficult for those inside to breathe and forcing them to exit.

Malheur County district attorney Dan Norris stated, “I have concluded that all six shots fired by the Oregon state police – the three into the truck and three that shot Mr. Finicum – are justified.” Although the investigation determined that the shootings were justified, word is now coming out, saying federal agents lied about the firing of two shots, which reportedly did not strike Mr. Finicum.

Oregon online reported on Tuesday, “An FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering up afterward.” They added, “Investigators gave no details to explain why the one FBI agent, a member of the Hostage Rescue Team, wouldn’t report the two shots. They also didn’t indicate what his four colleagues on the team did to warrant investigation other than saying it was related to conduct after the shooting.”

Many questions remain unanswered.

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Crooked Hillary Just Woke Up To The Worst News Of Her Life With What Trump Announced This Morning

This is the best thing, Ever!



President Donald Trump just laid a smackdown at the feet of his 2016 Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton today.

Trump took to Twitter this morning and called Crooked Clinton “the worst (and biggest) loser of all time,” and he added, “she just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!”

This would ensure President Trump wins a second term in a landslide considering that today she has an approval rating lower than President Trump has. 

The tweet was likely in response to Clinton’s constant attacks on Trump. Where she tells him to take responsibility for the sexual assault allegations leveled at him while at the same time applauding Al Franken’s response to sexual assault allegations against him. Let’s all keep in mind that this political hack has spent the last 20 plus years defending her husband, former President Bill Clinton from multiple allegations of molestation and sexual assault. While at the same time dragging his accusers through the coals and branding them as “Bimbo Eruptions.” Yup, that sounds like the “Champion of Women” we know Killary Clinton to be.

National Review Reports:

Has-Been Hillary

Hillary is retired, but courtiers help her maintain the appearance of importance.

The funniest episode in the protective yet revealing new Hillary Clinton profile arrives when we learn that this sad, unemployed, 69-year-old lady is so desperate to keep her self-image alive that she still employs flunkies and retainers to treat her as though she actually were the president, or the secretary of state, or a president in waiting, or at very least the leader of the opposition. Her longtime loyalists are so happy to bustle around her in the service of maintaining the illusion that, after she takes an hour away from it all to exercise, her communications director, Nick Merrill, breathlessly updates her on everything that’s happened in the political world in the last threescore ticks of the minute hand. Her profiler, Rebecca Traister of New York magazine, obviously a great admirer but one who declines to throw herself overboard from reality for the sake of giving Hillary more company bobbing about in the sea of fancy, writes that Clinton “listens to the barrage of updates, nodding like a person whose job requires her to be up-to-date on what’s happening, even though it does not.”

Ouch. Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t merely in a state of denial. She has become Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. Politically speaking, she is dead, but she doesn’t know it. Her staffers are so many Haley Joel Osments — too kind (and too attached to their salaries) to tell her that her career is over. She doesn’t need briefings. She doesn’t need to do interviews. She doesn’t need to write the book she is writing (after so many indigestible volumes, why bother with one more?). She doesn’t need to stake out a politically nuanced position on James Comey’s firing or scramble to get out in front of the Resistance parade. She lost two exceedingly winnable presidential campaigns in Hindenburgian fashion. There is no demand for her to run again and there is nothing left for her except to receive whatever ceremonial honors and sinecures may come her way. She has been handed her political retirement papers by the American people. She’s done.

Clinton tells Traister, vaguely, “Take me out of the equation as a candidate. You know, I’m not running for anything,” and indeed she isn’t, right now, since this isn’t an election year. Yet nothing Clinton does these days makes sense unless you keep in mind that she actually thinks she could run again. Take her Wellesley address on Friday: utterly bonkers for a commencement speech. Newly minted graduates expect to hear something useful or at least funny or informative or, failing all else, sentimental. Clinton did a bit of this, then started lobbing word-mortars far over their heads at Donald Trump, making the kinds of Nixon comparisons that every Democrat, and lots of non-Democrats, have been making for months.

Why bother pursuing such a trite theme? Because Clinton was eager to show the Washington political hacks that she is still a tough operator, a leader of the anti-Trump movement, a player. She was, in other words, campaigning. To all appearances, the game is long over. Yet she is still on the field, because the game isn’t over to her. Hey, there’s another election in three and a half years, folks. And need we remind you who won the popular vote?

Hillary Clinton: There Are “A Lot of Questions” About 2016 Election’s Legitimacy 00:15 01:15 Powered by Clinton was eager to show the Washington political hacks that she is still a tough operator, a leader of the anti-Trump movement, a player. In Traister’s profile, Clinton (again) deflects attention from her own self-evident flaws to blame her defeat on others. She again blames James Comey, with zero acknowledgment that her own actions to evade scrutiny of her e-mail were the cause of Comey’s entirely justified and indeed shockingly forgiving criminal investigation. She (again) blames the Russians, even though even she acknowledges that the actual content of the WikiLeaks e-mails from her own fellow Democrats was “inconsequential.” She (again) blames misogyny, a non-falsifiable theory with no evidence behind it except that citizens supposedly came up to her and said things like, “Gosh, I’m not sure we’re ready for a woman president,” with the added fillip that women who voted against her are internalized misogynists. She blames “the suppression of the vote, particularly in Wisconsin,” channeling an investigation from progressive fantasists published in The Nation that is so lacking in credibility that it was debunked by Slate and ignored by most of the Hillary-friendly media.

Clinton does not mention that she made more campaign stops in Arizona than in Wisconsin. She forgets that she ignored the advice of her own husband that it was unwise to write off white working-class voters. She does not allude to her having hidden from the public a bout with pneumonia until she was forced to release information when a random bystander happened to make a video of her collapsing on a mild day in New York City. She doesn’t reflect on her uninspiring speeches or her off-putting personality. Traister doesn’t press her on any of these matters, and the anticipation of that treatment is why Clinton agreed to speak to someone like Traister in the first place.

In lieu of all of this, Clinton seeks to present herself as the most forceful opponent of the Trump administration. Should the president be impeached, she’ll be able to say: Hey, I called it! But she isn’t leading the national conversation, she’s mouthing along with it, like any other retiree talking back to cable news at home. Even if the Trump administration proves to be the catastrophe she foresees, there is no reason the Democrats would turn back to her for a third run. Every time she draws attention to the Trumpian flaws that were conspicuous to all during the campaign, she doesn’t hear the obvious rejoinder echoing in every American’s mind: Then why couldn’t you trounce him?

Sadly President Trump has had to have constant back and forths since his election with Crooked Hillary because the woman just can’t seem to accept the fact that she had her behind handed to her in the 2016 Presidential election. Trump has recently pushed for Clinton to be investigated by the Justice Department for her, and the Clinton Foundation’s part in the Uranium One scandal, which gave 20% of our uranium deposits to Russia.

Listen up Crooked Hillary. The difference between Senator Franken’s case and the cases of President Trump and Judge Moore is that in Franken’s case there is proof. An actual picture of him committing the crime. As in the case of your husband having to settle the sexual assault cases, there is no concrete proof whatsoever of any wrongdoing on the part of President Trump or Judge Moore.

Please share if you agree Crooked Hillary needs to go away….

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What This DISGUSTING Muslim Basketball Player Did During Anthem SHOCKED Entire Stadium

Trump is pissed & you will be too!



An ungrateful Anti-American Muslim ball tossing student from Garden City Kansas has been swiftly removed from a junior college basketball team for actually shooting baskets during the playing of our nation’s national anthem.

But to add to the insult the 19-year-old student, Rasool Samir, is now claiming that his civil rights were violated when Garden City Community College, in Garden City Kansas, removed him from the team. School officials said that Samir was actually removed from the team because he didn’t follow a team rule that states that players must leave the court before the anthem plays.

Samir is no longer a student at the junior college but he, of course, has already filed a complaint with the ACLU claiming that the school violated his First Amendment rights on the basis that he has a “religious objection” to the anthem. Huh? Why are you here then? I bet our welfare system and free stuff don’t offend you.

Via The Garden City Telegram:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas has sent Garden City Community College a letter asking for clarification as to why former Broncbuster basketball player Rasool Samir is no longer on the team, following an incident between Samir and a Broncbuster booster after Samir shot baskets during the national anthem.

The incident occurred just prior to a Nov. 1 game against Sterling College, GCCC’s season opener. Samir was escorted out of the Conestoga Arena by a campus police officer, after Broncbuster Athletic Association member Jim Howard confronted him on the court. Howard, who said he confronted Samir because he felt his actions were disrespectful, was allowed to return to his seat, where he remained for the duration of the game.

Two days later, Samir was no longer enrolled at the college, and GCCC Director of Athletics John Green said it was Samir’s decision. However, Samir told The Telegram head men’s basketball coach Brady Trenkle told him he had to leave the college.

Now, Samir has filed a complaint with the ACLU, which then sent the letter, dated Nov. 9, to Green. The Telegram obtained a copy of the letter — which can be found here — and in it, the ACLU asks the college to address several allegations that the college may have violated Samir’s First Amendment rights.

“We believe any disciplinary action by GCCC against Mr. Samir for abstaining from the anthem is antithetical to our American values and a violation of his First Amendment rights,” the ACLU’s letter read.

The ACLU also asked for clarification of the college’s stance regarding why Samir was no longer at GCCC, citing The Telegram’s story in which Green claimed Samir left on his own accord, and then a KWCH-TV story in which Green said Samir had been dismissed for a violation of team rules.

“I think our objective with the letter is to discern the inconsistencies in statements to the media,” Lauren Bonds, ACLU’s legal director and author of the letter sent to GCCC, said Wednesday afternoon.

Bonds said that her office did receive a response from the college on Wednesday, but the ACLU had not reviewed it completely as of Wednesday afternoon. However, Bonds said that she believes the college’s response still contained inconsistencies.

When reached for comment Wednesday, Green directed questions regarding the incident and the ACLU letter to the college’s attorney, Randy Grisell of Doering and Grisell PA in Garden City. Following Wednesday night’s men’s home game with Barton, Trenkle also referred any questions regarding the incident to Grisell.

Grisell did not return a message left for him at his office Wednesday afternoon.

Samir, who is black and Muslim, previously said he wasn’t protesting, as many athletes across the country have done by kneeling or performing other actions during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial inequality. He told The Telegram and reaffirmed in the ACLU’s letter that “he refrained from participating in the anthem because he is a Muslim and his faith prohibits acts of reverence to anything but God,” the letter said.

Prior to leaving the college, Samir apologized for shooting around during the anthem, saying he did not “mean any disrespect at all to the fans or the flag at last night’s game. I am truly sorry to anyone that felt disrespected, and I am also sorry to the school. I apologize for what happened.”

The ACLU contends, and cites in the letter at least a dozen judicial rulings, that any discipline that Samir possibly received because of his abstaining from the anthem is a violation of the First Amendment because GCCC is a public institution.

“It’s a kind of compelled patriotic salutes that we don’t think should be the basis on if a student-athlete is allowed to participate in athletics,” Bonds said.

Bonds said the ACLU has not decided on what step the organization would take next, if the college’s response was not satisfactory. However, Bonds said the ACLU has been able to resolve similar cases nationally using a demand letter, while the Nov. 9 letter was to gather information.

“Because we are concerned that Samir was kicked off the team for exercising his First Amendment rights, we ask that you please provide us with GCCC’s response to (Samir’s) allegations,” the letter read. “In particular, we request any documentation you have that establishes Samir: (1) was not chastised by Coach Trenkle for refusing to salute the flag; (2) was not ordered to leave Conestoga Arena for asserting his right to abstain from the anthem; (3) left the team voluntarily; and (4) was dismissed from the team due to a violation of team rules that carries the penalty of dismissal.”

Isn’t it great how these people come from third world cesspools, they take advantage of our generosity and our facilities and they are offended because of our national anthem? Isn’t it about damn time we start actually vetting the people who come into this nation? There are places in this world whose people have no positive influence to bring to our nation and our people. It’s not our obligation to be the place where the unwanted from other nations come to escape the slum they originated from. So that once they get here they can disrespect the greatest and most powerful nation ever known to man.

It’s really simple. If a person can’t even contain themselves long enough to at least show respect for our flag, and everything she stands for, we don’t need that person in this country.

Please share if you agree that people who are offended by our flag shouldn’t be living in our nation….

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Strange Woman Seen In Several Places Where Trump Has Been And You Need To Know Who She is

What’s going on?



Liberals out there would love to perpetuate the narrative that President Trump is cheating on his wife with another woman. They certainly have insinuated it in the mainstream liberal media. Irregardless, First Lady Melania Trump has been a class act. While liberals have insinuated something nefarious was going on with another woman, the woman they were really referring to Communications Director Hope Hicks. But there isn’t anything fishy going on.

29-year-old Hope Hicks is the current White House Communications Director who has been with the President since before he ran his presidential campaign. While some have referred to her as his girlfriend, she instead is one of the Oval’s most respected and loyal staffers. But the heinous allegations have only persisted the last few months.

Hicks has spent time with Kellyanne Conway and did especially during the presidential inauguration as well as other high profile staffers. But despite these allegations, none of them are true and her relationship with other presidential associates is nothing but great.

In reality, these accusations are nothing but they are sexist. The only reason people are accusing Hicks of this is because she is a beautiful, successful, intelligent woman. If she were ugly and not high profile, these accusations would not exist at all. Which is the definition of sexism, judging her based on her looks and her gender. And it’s being done by the liberal media no less.

AmoMama revealed,

“Moreover, it is no secret that Trump had a history of being a womanizer. He had been involved in several controversies involving other women. Also, he has been married three times. Twitter users have also pointed out that Hicks’ office is quite near the President’s, which could suggest that they might be seeing each other more often than necessary.

There has not been any sort of confirmation regarding the story, but as reported by Daily Mail, Hicks was with the President during his five-country tour in Asia. Hicks was photographed standing behind Trump while he was being interviewed by reporters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines on November 14, 2017. President Trump first visited Japan then headed to South Korea and China before going to his last stop in the Philippines.”

Smile 😉

A post shared by Hope Hicks (@realhopehicks) on

What she has to deal with is not unlike other women of her caliber. Instead of the media focusing on her achievements for the administration and her successes they focus on frivolous and superfluous things such as her looks and what she wears. For example the Daily Mail recently reported the following on her recent trip with President Trump to Asia,

“As President Trump continues his tour of Asia, Hope Hicks continues to add to her increasing list of fashion statements.  The White House communications director donned a pretty floral number as she walked into a news conference between President Donald Trump and Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang at the Presidential Palace on Sunday. The dress was ruffled at the hem, which rested just above the knee, and puffed at the shoulders, much like the grey sweater she wore earlier in the trip when Trump addressed the National Assembly in Seoul. 

Hope paired the pink, blue and black dress with a pair of simple black high heels and a burgundy Ivanka Trump tote bag. She added a hint of pink to her lips to match the floral pattern. She also had her hair pulled back into a bun at the base of her head with a twist on either side, as she arrived behind White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Carrying a brown bag, Sarah appeared in a long-sleeved black dress accessorized with a simple pearl necklace. Both women wore the same blue hexagonal pin. 

She appears to have returned to her stylish self after Friday, when she favored comfort over fashion as she donned a baggy men’s shirt on her way to Vietnam for their eighth day of travel. Although the White House communications director has been turning it up in the style department for most of President Trump’s five-country tour of Asia, the 29-year-old didn’t look quite as put together in her wrinkled collared shirt as she waited to board Air Force One at the Beijing Airport in China.  Hope paired the ill-fitting button-down with black trousers and black pumps, and at one point she had her long, highlighted hair pulled up in an uncharacteristic high ponytail.

The former model had a large brown leather carryall in the crook of her arm, and she carried a Louis Vuitton duffel bag ahead of her flight with the president. While waiting outside on the tarmac, Hope wore her sunglasses on the top of her head as the breeze blew through her hair, which she had pulled back down. It’s been a whirlwind week for Hope who started the tour by giving First Lady Melania Trump a run for her money in the fashion department.  Within a week, Hope went from donning a ladylike pink dress in Hawaii to donning a wrinkled men’s shirt on her way to Vietnam. Hope also put fashion on the back-burner on Thursday evening when she wore a simple, slightly baggy outfit to a state dinner in Beijing.”

Dress to impress

A post shared by Hope Hicks (@realhopehicks) on

Couple goals 👌🏻 #Trumplicans #PresidentTrump #MelaniaTrump #MAGA #TrumpTrain #AmericaFirst

A post shared by Trumplicans (@trumplicans) on

While liberals complain how women are held to a different standard than men and are discriminated against they are completely silent about how unfairly Hope Hicks is treated. Nonetheless, she is mistreated by Democrats and the mainstream media simply because she is a Republican woman who works for the Trump administration.

Share if you agree.

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