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Like a Bad Zombie Flick, Dead People Just Keep on Voting



Who says there’s no such thing as life after death? If voting rolls are any indicator, dead people these days are living very active lifestyles. According to an investigative report by CBS2, Los Angeles’s CBS affiliate, some dead people continue to vote years after meeting their maker.

The investigation revealed that 265 dead voters across five counties in southern California voted in recent elections, 215 of them in Los Angeles County. Some of the deceased cast ballots in multiple elections. Thirty-two of those deceased voters were found to have voted eight times since kicking the bucket. One woman who died in 1988 managed to vote in 2014.

I can think of only two explanations—either the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us or someone’s been cheatin’. I lean toward the latter.

Don’t let anyone tell you that voter fraud is a victimless crime. Every ballot illegitimately cast cancels out someone else’s vote. It’s no different than reaching into the ballot box and removing a ballot. It’s a suckerpunch to the democratic process and should be punished severely.

Oddly enough, some people seem to react to voter fraud and voter suppression very differently, as if they’re different phenomena meriting different responses. Voter suppression is considered such a heinous crime that no incident of it will be tolerated—unless perpetrated by billy-club wielding black racists, of course—while voter fraud is considered regrettable but ultimately immaterial. After all, what’s a few votes here and there? Is it really going to tip an election one way or the other? The answer, in some instances, is yes; though that’s not really the point. There’s a principle at stake here and the principle applies whether the margin of victory is a handful of votes or a million.

Any attempt to root out corruption in the electoral process is bound to meet stiff resistance from so-called “civil rights” groups that will invariably stir up racial fears. Voter ID laws, the reformers’ tool of choice for combatting voter fraud, have been painted as an attempt to resurrect Jim Crow. Minority voters lack suitable forms of identification, they say, and making them obtain an ID amounts to an unconstitutional poll tax. It’s a weak argument made even weaker by the fact that some states provide IDs for free.

Some notable “civil rights” organizations continue to oppose voter ID, grasping at increasingly ephemeral straws to justify their position. Nothing will satisfy them except anarchy at the polling stations—no controls, no verification, and no integrity in the final tally. That’s the way they like it.

Cleaning up voter rolls, however, is not the same as voter ID. What objection could there possibly be? You guess it—cleaning up voter rolls is raaaaacist! Or at least that’s the contention of the corrupt, disreputable NAACP. A recent attempt by Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, to weed out noncitizens and other people who have no legal right to vote has been challenged by the NAACP and members of the opposition party. Florida House Minority Leader Mark Pattford weighed in: “[Governor Scott] can probably find more reports of UFOs and space aliens in Florida than there are reports of fraudulent voting in the state.”

Pattford surely knows that Miami, which is about an hour south of his district in West Palm Beach, was rocked with one of the biggest voter fraud cases in American history less than twenty years ago. The city’s Democratic mayor, Xavier Suarez, was removed from office in 1998 when it was discovered that his campaign had won the previous year’s primary by tampering with absentee ballots. Among the 895 ballots examined, 197 were found to be suspicious. Some were cast by, you guessed it, dead people.

Homeless people were also paid $10 apiece to vote for Suarez. Witnesses identified a local man named Jeffrey Hoskins as a paymaster. Hoskins, who denied being part of the Suarez scheme, admitted that he had engaged in “two or three” other $10-a-vote operations. He also bragged that he had participated in an unspecified number of $15 to $25 voting buying schemes. “It exists. It always exists,” said Hoskins. “You go to Liberty City, Coconut Grove — everybody knows about the $10. If they say they didn’t, they’re lying.”

So illegal voting in Florida is not nearly as rare as extraterrestrials.

The argument against cleaning up voter rolls seems to be that any attempt to purge ineligible voters will, either by happenstance or design, purge eligible voters too—and minorities disproportionately. So just to be on the safe side, let’s not purge any.

Here we are back at the flawed premise that no one is harmed when voter fraud is tolerated. Let’s examine for a moment the dead voters discovered in the CBS2 investigation to see just how wrongheaded that notion is. According to their investigation, 32 dead voters voted in at least eight elections; that’s 256 illegally cast ballots. We also know that the other 233 dead voters voted at least once. By combining the two we know that 489 ballots were illegally cast and the same number of voters were disenfranchised. Again, that’s a minimum. But rather than doing something about it some people prefer not to see a problem and compare the whole affair to UFO sightings.

The states’ voting rolls are saturated with names that don’t belong there—noncitizens, the deceased, people who have moved away, and in some cases, fictitious people. States such as Iowa and Colorado, both considered swing states, have more registered voters than people over the age of 18. When Indiana was forced to defend its voter ID law before the Supreme Court in 2008, the court found that 41.4 percent of all voter registrations in the state were spurious entries. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this situation?

Maine has its own problems as evidenced by a 2011 report from the Maine Heritage Policy Center. After combing through that state’s voter rolls it discovered 1,452 voters who were 211 years old. Why are these people still on the voter rolls? Who could possibly be “disenfranchised” by eliminating them?

States are actually required under section 8 of the 1993 Motor Voter Law to cleanse voter rolls of bad entries. The law, which I despise by the way, represented a compromise between Democrats who wanted to make voter registration easy—by registering people at the DMV, for example—and Republicans who wanted to ensure the integrity of voter rolls. A deal was hammered out requiring states to register voters at several points of contact with their citizens but also mandating measures to purge deadwood voters.

Like most compromises with the Democrats, this one turned out to be a raw deal. Since the rise of Barack Obama no effort has been made to enforce section 8. Nice “compromise.” True to form, the Democrats appeared to concede on an issue before reneging on their agreement when they thought no one was paying attention.

In 2009, the former chief of the DOJ’s Voting Rights Section, Christopher Coates, testified that Julie Fernandes, an Obama political appointee, instructed him not to pursue any section 8 cases. Coates testified that he had identified eight states that appeared to be in noncompliance and was prepared to bring action against them when the order came to stand down.

I don’t actually believe that the feds have any constitutional jurisdiction in this matter but they’ve nonetheless taken it for themselves. The law, which still stands, is now only partially enforced. The part that Democrats like is upheld while the part they don’t like is, for all intents and purposes, dead. This is the stuff of banana republics.

Deadwood voters on our voter rolls are a real problem, as the CBS2 investigation proved. It’s too easy to vote in a dead person’s name, either by absentee ballot or in person. People who refuse to acknowledge the problem are just shameless. A few of them may be dupes but the majority of them, I believe, are aware that they’re enabling electoral shenanigans. They know very well that if they can’t cheat they can’t win.

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BREAKING!! PIPE BOMB At MAJOR US Airport! LOOK Who Brought It!!!


Frank Lea



A major United States airport had quite a scare when security found an explosive device at a checkpoint. This frightful scare occurred at the Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. After things settled down and the people responsible were under control, the security began to learn more information about what was going on. People love to complain about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), but they did a fantastic job securing the potential threat, calming people down, and allowing the airport to carry on with their routines and procedures.

The TSA is responsible for checking us up, down, left, and right. Sometimes it’s annoying and embarrassing, but the TSA has a job to do, and we can be thankful that they were working to capacity on the day they noticed someone sneaking a device that looked like a pipe-bomb. Had this made it through security checkpoints and onto an aircraft, then there’s no telling what could happen next. There’s no way to predict how that situation could’ve been other than imagining a mass amount of fatalities if an airplane exploded mid-flight. It could have been very, very bad, but thankfully TSA got it right. Sometimes people complain about TSA, but we truly need to be thankful at times.

Many people may have been frightened, but once they learned about who this was and what they were doing, then people became a little more comfortable with the situation. You can only imagine that people thought the airport was about to be attacked or a plane would be hijacked, but that’s when the information came out, and everyone felt better. As it turns out, the people who were caught sneaking the explosives through security were from a cable television crew. They were trying to sneak a fake explosive device through a security checkpoint, but they were caught instantly and dealt with accordingly.

Reports state that at least seven people were arrested for trying to sneak the fake explosive through the security checkpoint at the airport. These are seven people who were not thinking very clearly. Real or fake, this is something that could amount to terrorism. Just the thought of someone carrying a bomb through an airport is enough to cause mass hysteria and widespread panic. provided this report on the incident:
At least seven members of a cable television crew were arrested after they tried to sneak a fake explosive device through a security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration said Thursday.

A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation said that the team was filming for cable network CNBC, which is based in Englewood Cliffs. The TSA did not release the names of the people they said were arrested, and the Port Authority only said that it was investigating the incident.

A second source said the fake explosive device was a length of PVC pipe with wires sticking out from it. A bomb tech with the TSA determined that the device posed no threat, and that eight people were taken into custody.

A third source, who also asked to not be identified, said the crew was from the Endemol Shine Group, a Dutch production company that contracts with CNBC.

Endemol is the production company behind MasterChef and The Biggest Loser.

They may have made the biggest loser, but they also just made the biggest mistake. Everyone should know by now that carrying anything that could be mistaken as a terrorist explosive in an airport is a horrible idea. Airports have been on super strict lockdown ever since the tragic events on September 11th took thousands of lives in that extreme act of terrorism.

The seven arrested may find themselves behind bars for a very long time. Even though the device was discovered to not be dangerous or a threat to the public, the device, if seen by a member of the public, could have still sparked a response. The response could have caused absolute chaos at the Newark airport that may have disrupted the flight schedule for the entire country. This type of terrorism, purposeful or accidental, should be dealt with appropriately.

This is something they should have notified the airport about. This was irresponsible and could have been very scary to those around them.

They may find themselves in prison. Maybe they’ll be banned from flying. The suspects will learn when they face the decision of a judge or jury who decides the fate of the seven responsible for carrying a fake explosive through an airport.

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BREAKING!! Congress Just Released SECRET Details On WHO Was Behind VEGAS Massacre!




If you’ve suspected that the silence around the deadliest mass shooting in US history that ended with no answers was not a coincidence, your instincts were right. It’s been three and a half months since 58 Americans were massacred and 489 more were left wounded. Yet despite all the modern technology and capabilities to conduct a quick and thorough investigation, not a single answer has been provided for the biggest question that has lingered since.

We know that shooter Stephen Paddock pulled the trigger from his sniper’s nest set up in the Mandalay Bay, but it didn’t seem plausible that he could act alone in that moment nor leading up to it with the extensive amount of planning it took to accomplish an attack of this magnitude. It seems that there was credible reason for that suspicion. Congress just revealed shocking details on never released information in their possession on who was really behind this horrific mass murder, and why.

Earlier this week, we reported of a potential motive in this massacre that had come out but now new, more alarming details have come out that suggests that there is far more to this story. It’s now starting to make sense has to why it’s become the country’s biggest secret in modern history. It’s essential that you read the following with an open mind. Consider that this critical involvement of additional players is a real possibility, but not yet proven.

The Daily Mail reports:

A Republican member of Congress said Thursday that he has evidence ISIS may have had a role in the Las Vegas shooting.

US Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania told Fox News host Tucker Carlson: “I smell a rat like a lot of Americans do.”

“Recently, I have been made aware of what I believe to be credible evidence, credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border regarding this incident,” Perry told Carlson.

“Terrorists?” Carlson asked in response.

“Twice before the attack, ISIS warned the United States that they would attack Las Vegas in June and August, and after the attack claimed responsibility four times,” Perry said.

“Meanwhile, the local law enforcement investigative services are telling us there is no terrorist connection, lone gunman, again, something is not adding up.”

Also appearing on Carlson’s show was Catherine Lombardo, a lawyer representing the victims of the Las Vegas attack. She adamantly denies Islamic terrorism, claiming “We’ve seen no evidence of a terrorist attack.”

“I would ask, with all due respect Congressman, unless you have specific evidence to back that up, it seems a bit irresponsible to make that allegation. If you do have any evidence of that, I’m asking you right now.”

Perry responded to counter to his claim saying, “I’m just telling you, I have received what I feel to be…credible evidence of a possible terrorist nexus. We’re going to have to wait until that situation develops.”

It’s really getting tired that everyone is always saying that this recurring information of a connection that keeps surfacing with additional details is incorrect or not valid in some way, yet provides no facts to contradict it. So unless they can provide answers to these major looming questions, all should be taking into consideration fro what happened that deadly day.

Also, Perry is correct in ISIS did previously claim responsibility for the Vegas massacre on October 1. It’s only been the FBI who has repeatedly stated that there is “no connection” between Paddock and his attack and international terrorism. This is also the same FBI whose job it is to have answers and can’t seem to find them or is perhaps just hiding them.

There are so many open holes in the case of Stephen Paddock and the Vegas shooting, but one thing many people overlooked is who else was staying at the same hotel. This boils down to what the true motive may have been in the shooting if not Islamic terrorism, or perhaps tied to ISIS in a different way. It also reveals who shot all those people and if this is true, it’s extremely frightening.

The other guest at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas is said to be the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud. There are reports that the events that happened that night leading to hundreds of injured or dead people was the result of a cover-up from the assassination attempt. Other reports suggest that Bin Salman is now living scared and has increased his security.

Anyone who wants to visit Bin Salman has to pass a triple security check. Since he has increased security, then there could be some truth behind the assassination attempt that possibly happened at the Mandalay Bay. If this were an assassination attempt, then it wouldn’t be shocking. It’s not the first time that there was an attempt to assassinate him.

Pars Today reports:

“Bin Salman is living in horror. All those who want to meet him (even the closest ones) should go through three inspection rooms and all their belongings and whatever they carry are taken away from them, even a small pen in the second room,” al-Ahd al-Jadid wrote on its twitter page on Tuesday.

Anyone who wants to meet bin Salman is thoroughly checked from top to toe, and this is done on everyone even close relatives and family members.

Other Arab media outlets also reported in August that bin Salman had escaped an assassination attempt at one of the royal family palaces in Jeddah.

Arabic language Mer’at al-Jazeera quoted sources close to the royal family as saying that bin Salman was targeted by an assassination attempt in Jeddah by one of the Saudi princes.

Also, a western diplomat in Riyadh said that the Saudi crown prince wasn’t harmed in the failed attempt and the prince who made a move was arrested.

Multiple assassination attempts and increased security means someone must be out to get him.

Now people will want to know why cover up an assassination attempt? People will want to know why FBI would participate in the coverup of a foreign prince. That part doesn’t make much sense either. Why would Americans need to be shielded from an attempted assassination? Did the Stephen Paddock story make more sense in a political way that would push a gun narrative? Was it Stephen Paddock or two attempted assassins who truly shot up Las Vegas?

What’s your theory on the Las Vegas massacre?

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BREAKING: Conservative Who Offered $130k To Find Seth Rich’s Killer Just Paid HORRIFIC Price For It!




It’s long been established that it’s a dangerous thing to cross the Clintons, but America was hit between the eyes with just how dangerous after the murder of Seth Rich. Rich, who was a DNC staffer, was murdered under the most suspicious of circumstances shortly after having leaked DNC emails that were quite possibly the tipping point for Hillary’s loss of the 2016 election. His murder is still unsolved, but conservatives have a very hard time believing that Hillary wasn’t behind it.

Rich isn’t the only body that’s been piling up around the Clinton Foundation and the DNC, but he might just be the most high profile. His murder was front page above the fold with every news organization not in the Clintons’ back pocket for days, but investigations have brought very little to light. One of those conservatives is a political pundit and strategist Jack Burkman. Burkman went so far as to offer a hefty reward for information that leads to Rich’s murderer.

Burkman is not well loved by the left at all. He was going about his business when in a classicly tolerant move, someone who obviously had a beef with his plan to find this murderer, had the gall to drive up into his yard and attack him in his driveway. The Washington Post reluctantly reported on the attack, not forgetting to add why their readers might want to join in hating Burkman:

“A conservative lobbyist known for his controversial positions was attacked and sprayed with a ‘caustic substance’ outside his Arlington home on Tuesday evening, according to police.

Arlington police say an investigation is ongoing and that there is no indication yet who may have been behind the attack on Jack Burkman, a Republican strategist and radio host perhaps best known for his attempts to ban gay men from becoming National Football League players following Michael Sam’s 2014 entry into the league.

On Tuesday evening, Burkman said in an interview, he walked to the grocery store, a short distance from his quiet Arlington street a few blocks from the Potomac. He purchased items for dinner and went home, so lost in his own thoughts that he said he didn’t notice the dark SUV in his driveway until he was about 30 feet away.

As Burkman tells it, a man in a black jacket got out of the SUV on the passenger side and, as he came around to the front of the car, put on a mask that ‘looked like something you would see in one of the movies of a bank robber.’

He had something in his hand, and Burkman said he thought, ‘The end is coming.’

Instead, Burkman said the man sprayed him with what he thought may have been pepper spray. The man yelled an obscenity at Burkman, struck him in the head and, as Burkman screamed and stumbled, got back inside his SUV and drove off. Burkman said he wasn’t sure if there was another person in the car.

‘It looked professional, but who knows,’ Burkman said.

Burkman said he couldn’t pinpoint who could have been so upset at him for the simple fact that he has upset so many people in his life. ‘You could have 10 different causal nexi,'” he said.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the party of tolerance has struck again. Apparently, it’s no longer enough for the left to engage us intellectually, they have to spray us with pepper spray as well, to make sure we get the point. In case you’re wondering what exactly he did to warrant a personal attack of that magnitude, the Daily Caller reports a timeline of Burkman’s greatest offenses:

“Jack Burkman, who made headlines in 2016 by offering a $130,000 reward for information on the mysterious murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, was reportedly attacked Tuesday. Local police told The Washington Post they have not yet determined the perpetrator’s identity.

Burkman drew the ire of many in the capital by fanning Seth Rich conspiracy theories and giving them a platform on a website he created for that purpose shortly after the young staffer’s death. But the attack may have been motivated by more recent developments.

Trump campaign official Rick Gates, who is under investigation for fraud and conspiracy due to his overseas lobbying activity, recently appeared in a video shown at a fundraiser that Burkman organized to raise money for his legal defense. Gates was chastised during a recent court appearance for appearing the video as it appears to violate his gag order.

Burkman responded by publicly criticizing the Judge in two news releases and a news conference.”

There you go. Living as a conservative in America is now dangerous. Not only are those who disagree with Burkman doing harm to him, but they’re not even accomplishing their goal of throwing suspicion off. If anything, the little outbursts only serve to make everyone more interested in what the left might be covering up.

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