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Marine Gets Chilling Message At 3am That He Says Every American Needs To Know Right Now



There’s an alarming epidemic that’s sweeping our veteran community, as statistics reveal that 22 of our warriors kill themselves on a daily basis. As this tragedy continues to wreak havoc on our veterans and their families, there’s one Marine rock star by the name of John Preston who’s dedicated his life to this fighting the issue of PTSD that plagues the veteran community through his music that he’s branded “for veterans by veterans.” Through his music, he not only brings hope to veterans by writing songs about issues that they routinely deal with, but then donates the majority of what he makes from his albums straight to organizations that help make a difference in our warriors’ lives. But on January 16, 2016, an event would take place in John’s life that would forever change him, as that statistic of 22 veteran suicides a day would hit tragically too close to home.

I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with John for a very candid interview about how he got into writing music, his military service in the Marine Corps, and his new single Superman Falls, which is the heart-wrenching song about his older brother taking his life January last year, after succumbing to the effects of years of PTSD. You can scroll down to the bottom of the article to watch our full interview, but here’s some of the highlights that will make you incredibly proud of what John has accomplished as a musician, a father, a veteran, and a fire fighter, as he’s quite the incredible red blooded American.

One of the first things that struck me about John is his incredible strength and perseverance in the face of the horrifying tragedy that took his older brother last year. John said there were no warning signs that would’ve led his family to be concerned that his brother was considering taking his own life. But after his brother’s suicide destroyed his family, John’s mission now is to find people just like his brother within the veteran community who are contemplating suicide, and reach them with the message that killing yourself is never the answer, and to consider what this permanent decision will do to your family.

“The only reason this album exists is because of what he did. I want to find him. My brother was a police officer for 20 years..he had his sh*t together,” John began. “He had a family with four children and this incredible life and somehow, some way in his brain, he couldn’t go on. He thought that life was going to be better without him. He bit a .40 caliber bullet and called it an end. I need to find him in our [veteran] community. I’m looking for him. That’s what Superman Falls is all about. It’s showing you the aftermath….I wake up every day as John the little brother and I wonder what I could’ve done on that day to save my brother’s life. And I want people to take their kids out and look at them in the eyes and see how much they love them. I want them to realize that life is NOT better without you…and there’s nothing in this entire world that can fix this [suicide] and there’s no way that you can come back and say ‘I’m sorry dude.’ You can’t. And you’ll live with that [suicide] for eternity. Because I know you’re sitting here watching me right now going ‘sh*t what did I do? why did I do this to my family?'”

John and his family are still devastated over the loss, but all he can do at this point is just pour himself 100% into his music and hope that he can make a difference in the life of someone out there who is struggling with PTSD like his brother Mike was, and inspire them with a message of hope before it’s too late.

“My family is a wreck right now. We lost our father six months prior to Mike’s death. We’re trying to find what a new normal is. And I’m just doing what I’m doing to try and rock the entire world and heal our family along the way. There’s 8 other combat veterans on this Battle Cry album…this is all combat veterans telling our stories and I’m taking Superman Falls to the highest stage possible.”

The way that John creates his songs are incredibly unique, as he sometimes gets inspiration in what can only be described as supernatural. He said that the song about his brother Superman Falls basically wrote itself, and he recalled the eerie way that he woke up at 3 am singing the lyrics to the song. He knew he had to immediately go to work to capture what he was hearing, as he felt his brother was giving him a message from “beyond the grave.”

“I call the process magic..maybe it’s from beyond the grave..who knows. I woke up in the middle of the night singing this chorus. I literally woke up at 3 in the morning actually singing the chorus to the song. I had never even worked on it or come up with anything and I jumped out of bed and started writing immediately. The first verse and the chorus came out as if it were just flowing out directly. I think I finished the entire song in 15 minutes. I usually know when I do that it’s done it’s a good song and it’s on it’s way.”

John said after writing the song, the incredible dark cloud lingering over him for months was abruptly lifted.

“I was under a cloud..I had written an entire album about Mike’s suicide already prior to this. I still felt like there was a cloud sitting over me like there was this heavy weight that was still holding me down. And after Super Man falls, when I wrote it and I got it out, it was as if it has completely lifted. I called my producer the next day and said, ‘we gotta go to work now I’m ready to go.’ It was pretty magical how it all came together.”

It’s so incredibly heart wrenching to hear John’s story, but I told him that his brother’s death will not be in vain, as this incredible message of Superman Falls is making an incredible difference in the lives of those suffering from PTSD, and bringing the message to millions that killing yourself is never the answer. You can purchase John’s album Battle Cry, where 100% of the profits from his song goes to the Valerie Initiative that was founded to help our warriors who are dealing with the ongoing trauma of war.

Be sure to follow John on facebook at this link. You can purchase his album Battle Cry wherever digital music is available, including Spotify, Itunes, and Amazon. John’s music will also be available on Pandora in the near future.

Below is the full interview I did with John.

H/T [Prissy Holly]


TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist, professional shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet who is very outspoken and doesn't give a flying crap about your feelings when exposing the truth. If you want your daily dose of news delivered in the most politically incorrect way as possible, make sure you follow Prissy!

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The New York Times Just Interviewed Jimmy Carter – Libs HATE Him Now For What He Said About Trump, LOL!

Trump is cheering & so are we!



Ever since the election, Democrats have been in full meltdown mode as their standard-bearer, Hillary Clinton, lost to a man who had never held office before. They’ve screamed impeachment, Russian collusion, and of removing President Trump for “incompetence” via the 25th Amendment.

Over 90% of mainstream media’s coverage of Trump, has been negative.

Every day, liberals screech how Trump is destroying America, while FACTS show the stock market at an all-time high, jobless claims the lowest since 1973, ISIS is all but defeated, and the entire UN Security Council voted to impose crippling sanctions on our enemy, North Korea. We could go on & on, but the point is, the nation is thriving under President Trump, and he’s only been in office for a little over nine months. Yet Democrats still screech. Well, all but one, apparently.

The New York Times recently interviewed former President, Jimmy Carter.

Carter, a Democrat, and well known as the worst president in U.S. history (until Obama came along) had some interesting words about President Trump, Russia, the election, and Hillary Clinton. He didn’t exactly tow his party’s line in the interview, and, libs are surely sh-tting their collective pants in horror.

Carter, at 93, apparently feels he’s old enough now to… wait for it…

Tell the Truth!

Truth, not being one of the Democratic Party’s strong points, is strange to hear coming from one of its own, but today, it’s happening.

Prepare to have your socks blown off. Here’s what Carter had to say.

Via The Daily Wire:

At 93, Jimmy Carter is cutting loose.

The former president sat down with The New York Times recently and chatted about all kinds of subjects. The Times decided to play up the fact that Carter — one of the worst presidents in U.S. history — would love to go over to North Korea as an envoy.

But the Times is steadily proving how out of touch it is, and how it no longer seems to actually “get” what real news is.

Here are some major highlights from the interview:

1. The Russians didn’t steal the 2016 election.

Carter was asked “Did the Russians purloin the election from Hillary?”

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes — or any votes,” Carter said.

So the hard-left former president doesn’t think the Russians stole the election? Take note, Capitol Hill Democrats.

2. We didn’t vote for Hillary.

Carter and his wife, Roselyn, disagreed on the Russia question. In the interview, she “looked over archly [and said] ‘They obviously did'” purloin the election.

“Rosie and I have a difference of opinion on that,” Carter said.

Rosalynn then said, “The drip-drip-drip about Hillary.”

Which prompted Carter to note that during the primary, they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. “We voted for Sanders.”

3. Obama fell far short of his promises.

Barack Obama whooshed into office on pledges of delivering “hope and change” to the country, spilt [sic] by partisan politics.

He didn’t. In fact, he made it worse.

“He made some very wonderful statements, in my opinion, when he first got in office, and then he reneged on that,” he said about Obama’s action on the Middle East.

4. Media “harder on Trump than any president.”

A recent Harvard study showed that 93% of new coverage about President Trump is negative.

But here’s another shocker: Carter defended Trump.

“I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about,” Carter said. “I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation.”

5. NFL players should “stand during the American anthem.”

Carter, who joined the other four living ex-presidents on Saturday for a hurricane fundraiser, put his hand on his heart when the national anthem played — and he has a strong opinion about what NFL players should do, too.

“I think they ought to find a different way to object, to demonstrate,” he said. ” I would rather see all the players stand during the American anthem.”

Is that crazy or what?! The former president, a Democrat, almost sounds like a booster for Trump!

Carter, of course, comes from an earlier time in our history when politics weren’t so caustic & we didn’t have the likes of BLM Dem reps Maxine Waters & Frederica Wilson screaming that the president & a 4 star Marine general are racist.

Democrats could surely learn from Carter’s tone & willingness to concede to the truth, but I highly doubt they will anytime soon!

Dems now just have to stew in their own pot, knowing that one of their own basically just told them all to shut the f*ck up! LOL!

Share this if you think Dems should listen to Carter more often!

By Jeff Rainforth
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11 Cleveland Browns Players Protest After Coach Warned Them – Got What They Deserved 12Hrs Later



The largest sideline protest among professional players took place at the Monday night preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants. Nearly a dozen Browns players dropped to a knee the second the National Anthem came on, not long after their coach had warned them.

Now, 12 hours later, the players got exactly what they deserved when they didn’t think they needed to listen.

The anti-American trend started by Colin Kaepernick has always included one, maybe two players at any given game sitting out or kneeling for the anthem. This show of protest against the perceived injustice of black Americans in this country has become more popular this football season. It just reached a milestone on Monday night when 11 Browns players opted out of the anthem.

Prior to this demonstration, Head Coach Hue Jackson had warned that there could be fallout for the players who used their rights this was to make this statement. Although he was misquoted as saying that he did not want his players to protest the National Anthem, he later clarified what he really meant by that.

Jackson said that he respected his players’ “right for peaceful protest; a right afforded to every American.” “We’ve always made it clear to our players that they should embrace the platform they have as an NFL player to improve our community and use their platform in a positive, thoughtful and respectful manner,” he explained.

Although he feels players can and should use their platform to make public statements they feel are important, he acknowledged that in doing so, it does not absolve them of any negative consequences.

Jackson warned that players could come under what he thinks is “unfair scrutiny” for protesting the anthem, but the players protested anyway. He was right that there would be fallout since NFL fans were disgusted at what all 11 of these players did at once, and have strengthened their resolve to boycott the game. However, it’s not “unfair” as the coach alleges.

Jackson explained that the problem with these protests is that spectators have made the focus on “whether or not a player is being disrespectful to the flag or military.” That’s absolutely the truth of what they are doing and it’s not something that can be ignored, even though the coach claims in his players’ defense that there is a different “issue and cause attempting to be addressed by the protest,” 247 Sports reports.

Sitting out for the anthem shows a disrespect for the flag that actual brave men and women have fought and died for, regardless if anyone wants to say that on the surface that’s not their intent. The players know that they are getting attention for this and feel power in doing so.

If there’s a problem that professional sports players have with issues they disagree with in our country, then there are more productive ways to address it without disrespecting real heroes and our nation.

A Seahawks player who was among the first to pick up where Kaepernick left off called for white players to get involved in the protests. That simple request seemed to work on Monday night as some of the 11 were white.

This isn’t a conquest for the cause, it’s a mockery of the sport and the people who pay to watch it. Those people don’t need football and definitely don’t care about it enough to not protests against it themselves by not watching the sport.

Droves of sports-loving spectators stopped watching the NFL last season with Kaepernick’s constant sideline antics. Although he got what he deserved in that he can’t get a job on any team, his “legacy” in this regard has become a cancer in the league that’s killing off a lot ratings with spectators who are refusing to watch.

With far more protesting athletes this season, the fans are responding ten times more. There may be more kneeling, fist raising, and anti-American antics this season, but there will also be a lot less fans around to see it.

If the people you want to see your protest and be enraged by it aren’t around to watch it, will the players’ message still remain the same? It’s all fun and games when people give you attention, but to take the power away isn’t a benefit to your cause or your multi-million dollar paycheck.


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Racist NFL Player Just Started SICK New Trend With What He’s Doing After Tackling ANY White Player



As the 2018 football season is now officially underway, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for the NFL. Over the past week, fed up fans have proven they are sick and tired of witnessing these anti-American protests, and empty stadiums at several games over the weekend spelled disaster for the NFL of things to come. As NFL officials are frantically trying to do damage control as their protesting athletes are turning fans away in droves, they now have a new nightmare on their hands after a brand new version of nasty anti-American protests just started, led by a Seahawks player who’s now doing an unthinkable act of racism towards white players on the field.

49’ers stadium during the second half kickoff where large sections were completely empty (left) Across the nation in Los Angles, similar fan-inspired protests were taking place, as there were more empty seats than filled ones during the Colts and Rams game on September 10 (right)

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was the first NFL player to protest this season, where he’s been vocally leading nasty anti-American protests ever since.  Shortly after signing a $30 million dollar contract with the Seahawks, Bennett still somehow felt “oppressed” as a black man living in America, and decided to sit on his ungrateful behind during the game against the Los Angeles Chargers back in August.

While it’s these players’ First Amendment right to be ungrateful and disrespect every American Soldier who has fought, bled, and died to preserve their freedoms, now Bennett is taking his antics to a startling new level.

Not satisfied with quietly sitting on the sideline while the National Anthem plays, Bennett is now raising the black power salute every time he sacks a white player on the field, a disgusting racist symbol that black supremacists have used for decades to display their supremacy over the white race. 

During the second quarter of the game against the 49ers over the weekend, Bennett celebrated tacking white quarterback Brian Hoyer by flashing the black power fist into the air. This gesture was a head nod to black supremacists around the country, where the All Black Media confirmed Bennett’s actions were a pro-Black Power gesture in the following tweet.

It’s one thing to kneel or to sit quietly by yourself on the bench while the National Anthem plays. It’s another thing entirely to disrupt the game with your protests, and then display your anti-white sentiments by flashing a black power salute. Could you imagine the backlash if a white player was flashing Nazi salutes on the field every time they sacked a black player? Not only would the white player be receiving death threats by every liberal in America, but they’d be permanently suspended and have their multi-million dollar contracts revoked!

The black power fist is an infamous symbol of racism that black hate groups have used for decades. The Black Panther Party uses this gesture frequently, whose leader Khalid Muhammad called on his followers back in 2012 to kill all white babies, in a disgusting terroristic tirade that you can read in its entirety here.

Players protesting their perceived “injustices” towards blacks is one thing, but Bennett’s defiant act of racism towards white players on the field is absolutely startling. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a complete nightmare on his hands, as he had the opportunity during the pre-season to condemn these protesters’ actions, but disgustingly, put the problem back on the fans, demanding that fans be “more understanding of the protests.” Now these protests have metastasized from players simply protesting the National Anthem to all out defiant acts of racism towards white players on the field.  

Not only does Bennett apparently hate white people, he hates police officers too. Several weeks ago he tried to push the ridiculous nonsense that he was a victim of “racial profiling” by Las Vegas police, after his suspicious activity of hiding under a game at a casino while authorities were looking for a black shooter led police to arresting him for a short period of time.

“Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Undersheriff Kevin McMahill remembered the incident a little differently, saying that officers were searching for a possible active shooter at the Cromwell casino when they located Bennett crouched down behind a gaming machine,” Conservative Tribune reported.

It looks like empty stadiums will now become more of an issue for the NFL as outraged fans are now sending the clear message that they have better things to do with their time other than being bombarded by these disgusting acts of disrespect and racism on the football field every time they turn on the television or go to a game.

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