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Pissed Off Mad Dog Mattis Just Named Our New #1 Enemy And Is Now Going After Them HARD – It’s Not ISIS

This Marine is getting it Done!



Our new Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis has never been known to mince words. And that fact has once again been confirmed after the statement he made when asked who is the biggest threat to the security of America and it’s people.

He warned of emerging threats to the United States and its national security from Islamic terror groups, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and even went as far as to make a reference to climate change. But his harshest criticism was for the US Congress, for failing to pass budgets on time year after year and refusing to repeal the arbitrary budget caps that legislators passed into law during the 2011 budget deadlock as part of the Budget Control Act. More widely known as sequestration.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it refers to a legal clause that goes into effect when our federal government doesn’t pass a budget in a timely manner. It caps the spending across the board and has translated into lower budgets than the Defense Department deems necessary to pay our troops, keep our military hardware running, research and develop, and to buy new military technology.

This is what sequestration does according to Yahoo New:

What is sequestration?

Let’s get the pedantry out of the way, shall we? It’s sequestration. Sequester is a verb. Everyone from Obama on down has used “sequester” as a noun, but lest you suffer the wrath of your nit-picking friends, call it sequestration. Learn it, love it, let’s move on.

Sequestration is $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts due to go into effect over the next 10 years, with roughly $85 billion slated for this year. Make no mistake, a lot of people in both parties want to cut spending. The reason so many people hate sequestration, though, is that agencies and departments don’t have any input on how it goes into effect—the spending cuts are implemented across the board.

Whose idea was it anyway?

It’s been widely reported that the idea for sequestration came from Jack Lew, who was Obama’s budget director at the time and went on to become his chief of staff and is now his Treasury secretary nominee. But to stop there misses the point, many argue.
Sequestration was put into effect as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011. Both parties had already agreed to about $1 trillion in cuts, but couldn’t agree on what to do next to get the nation’s fiscal house in order. They were also desperate to raise the national borrowing limit to prevent a default—an occurrence that would arguably inflict more damage than sequestration. To achieve both goals—raising the borrowing limit and improving the nation’s fiscal standing—they borrowed from a Reagan-era law.

The idea was simple: schedule automatic cuts for the future that were so bad to everybody that Congress would be compelled to implement better, smarter cuts before they hit. Sequestration was initially scheduled for the start of the year. Lawmakers delayed it then, but it now seems unlikely that anything will be done before it goes into effect on March 1 (though it could be addressed retroactively).

OK, So how will it affect me?

Sequestration could affect you if you fit any of the following profiles:

Ms. Defense Department Employee

Do you work for the Pentagon? If so, you may be one of 800,000 civilian employees who face possible unpaid leave after sequestration goes into effect. “There is no mistaking that the rigid nature of the cuts forced upon this department, and their scale, will result in a serious erosion of readiness across the force,” Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told employees in a memo last week.

Mr. Airline Passenger

Are you a fan of flying? Well, if nothing is done, airline passengers could start seeing meaningful delays by April 1 under sequestration. That’s because the Federal Aviation Administration, which is facing $600 million in cuts, may have to start furloughing thousands of employees, Transportation Secretary and former Republican lawmaker Ray Lahood said on Friday. The cuts could also lead to the closing of hundreds of air traffic control towers, making it harder for planes to land and take off.

Ms. Jane Q. Public and little Jonny Doe.

Are you a woman (or infant or child) who receives assistance through the government’s Women, Infants and Children program? If so, you may become one of the 600,000 dropped from the program after sequestration goes into effect. The federal Head Start program, which seeks to prepare young low-income children for school, also faces cuts. Up to 70,000 of those kids could lose access to the program, according to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Ms. Servicemember

Are you a military veteran or a dependent of an active service member? If you are and rely on the military’s Tricare health insurance program, your benefits could be affected. The program faces a possible $3 billion shortfall under sequestration and, as The New York Times’ editorial board put it, “could lead to denial of elective medical care” for those two groups.

Mr. Teacher

If you’re an educator your job might be affected by sequestration. The White House on Sunday outlined how sequestration could affect individuals in each state. Nationwide, 10,000 teachers and 7,200 special education teachers, aides, and other staff could be dropped as a result of cuts to federal spending on local education. Huffington Post made a handy chart depicting the state-by-state data:

Ms. Outdoorswoman

Do you love the outdoors? Hope you like garbage. And bears. Park administrators in Yosemite National Park say the coming spending cuts could lead to less trash collection, which could lead to more bears at campgrounds. The Cape Cod National Seashore plans to shutter a visitor center, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will close five campgrounds. The way each park will deal with sequestration varies, according to Time magazine, but there is one constant: it’s going to affect the visitor experience.

Mr. Economic Participant

You don’t need to be in any of the above categories to feel the impact of sequestration. You simply have to be a participant in the economy. (Which you are if you have a job or spend money on things.) That’s because sequestration would slow down economic growth, according to various projections. And economic growth has a far-ranging impact on everything from how much consumers spend to how much businesses hire and invest. Of course, it’s highly unlikely lawmakers will let things get to that point. Then again, sequestration was never expected to go into effect in the first place.

If you recall during the October of 2013 Budget showdown, former President Barack Hussein Obama, being the anti-American punk that he is, decided it would be a great idea to close down the WW2 memorial. Where he purposely kept WW2 veterans, who are all in their late 80’s to mid 90’s, from visiting what to them, and to many of us who support them, is a very important monument.

Mad Dog Mattis is 100% right on with his statement. When we have a pro-American President like Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush or Donald J. Trump we can rest assured the military will get the funds it needs to keep us, and American interests, safe across the world. But we can never be sure when will be the next time the American populace, led by the low information voter, will decide it’s a good idea to “make history” by voting info office a president because of the color of his skin, plumbing, or race, instead of the content of his character.

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Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He’s worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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Obama is royally enraged!



President Donald Trump is on a mission to make America great again and has been actively doing that daily since taking office one year ago. The overhaul of changes has not gone over well with his detractors, especially his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama worked hard to destroy our country, especially in one particularly sick way that Trump could not ignore. He just made a massive change for the betterment of those who deserve it most, much to the discontent of Obama and the Democrat party. It’s only a matter of time now before the racist rioters take the streets and start destroying things to get what they feel they’re deserved. Not on Trump’s watch!

The military was greatly diminished and disregarded under Obama who repeatedly proved that he has zero respect for these brave men and women and the important sacrifice they make in protecting our nation. For eight years, Obama did everything he could to diminish our military’s capabilities and disrespect our soldiers. His disdain for them and disregard for their sacrifice evident in everything he did from making them scrap for aircraft replacement parts in a junkyard to reducing them to his personal servants who hold his umbrella. All this was going on while he was giving hoards of American cash to our enemies, making them stronger while weakening our defense against them.

We’re now seeing what a difference a patriotic president makes. Among the most important Americans in this country to our president and first family who have repeatedly proved it, are our military members and their families. Both Donald and Melania have made great effort to show their appreciation for these heroes, every chance they get. This latest move is probably Trump’s biggest yet and our Service Members and their families certainly deserve it a lot more than welfare gluttons do who Obama catered to.

Conservative Tribune reports:

While former President Obama dramatically downsized our military, President Donald Trump has delivered on his promise to dramatically change American soldiers’ lives for the better.

On Tuesday, Trump signed into law the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, a $700 billion defense budget that will dramatically increase military spending and capabilities.

The massive budget increase will give American soldiers the largest pay raise in more than seven years.

According to American Military News, the budget signed by Trump will give U.S. troops a 2.4 percent pay raise and create additional opportunities for employment in the military to ensure America continues to have the strongest military in the world.

“This legislation represents a momentous step toward rebuilding our military and securing the future for our children,” Trump said Tuesday at the White House while signing the measure into law, according to the Washington Examiner.

“I applaud the work of the members of both parties who came together to pass the National Defense Authorization Act, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support— something that sounds very nice to my ears.”

Trump’s timing on this was no coincidence. He wanted to ensure the best for our military in the wake of another terrorist attack on our soil, knowing that they are crucial to protecting our nation from this threat that his predecessor brought here. That comes at no small cost or sacrifice and he does not spare anything when it comes to protecting America and taking care of those whose job it is to do that.

“In the wake of the failed terrorist attack in New York on Monday, Trump stressed the importance of ensuring the U.S. is fully capable of protecting itself from operations such as the one carried out by a radical Islamic terrorist,” Conservative Tribune continued.

“These attacks underscore the dangers we face from around the globe, the National Defense Authorization Act could not come at a more opportune or important time,” Trump said. “History teaches us that when you weaken your defenses, you invite aggression. The best way to prevent conflict of any kind is to be prepared. Only when the good are strong will peace prevail.”

This also comes at a time when we’re on the brink of World War III which will be brought on by North Korea’s improved ballistic missiles that have the capability of reaching America.

There are still a few of Obama’s hurdles he has to cross before the funds can be freed up, which were probably put there by him on purpose.

“NDAA sets the budget but does not provide funding, which Congress must do. Trump urged Congress to pass legislation that will fund the defense budget,” American Military News pointed out. “Now Congress must finish the job by eliminating the defense sequester and passing a clean appropriations bill,” Trump said, according to the Washington Examiner. “I think it’s gonna happen. We need our military, it’s gotta be perfecto.”

Trump has built our military back up to its former glory before Barack Obama stepped in to destroy it, just as he promised he would when he vowed to always support them.

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BREAKING NEWS About Tight Alabama Race – It’s NOT Over! Roy Moore Could Still WIN!



Americans were waiting on pins and needles to see if Alabama would elect a Republican or Democrat to the Senate on Tuesday. The special election was the most closely watched since the earth-shaking presidential election that landed political outsider Donald Trump in the Oval Office. His election has led to some pretty non-traditional moves by the White House and has made liberals filled with anger.

The Alabama special election was, in fact, due to President Trump’s election as well. The election was to replace Trump cabinet member and 84th Attorney General Jeff Sessions who left his Senate post to take that appointment. Republican candidate Roy Moore himself is a controversial figure because of both his career and the recent misconduct allegations that have been leveled against him.

As you probably know by now, the race has been called for the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones. As of late yesterday, news outlets across the nation had dubbed him the winner, saying that the number of votes not yet counted couldn’t make up the difference and give Jones a win. However, Moore is refusing to give up and concede, a move that many are calling just plain stubborn.

What the media probably isn’t telling you, is that one hugely important group of people haven’t even had their votes counted in this election. According to Breitbart News, the State of Alabama has decided to call this election without even counting the military votes:

“Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore refused to concede the Alabama senate race on Tuesday, after his opponent Doug Jones declared victory.

‘God is always in control,’ Moore said during a short speech to supporters on election night.”

Moore’s campaign has been run on a platform of religion from the start. Moore first rose to notoriety when he stood against the 10 Commandments being removed from a courthouse in Alabama. That garnered him nationwide attention, and he has been known for that stand ever since.

During this run for office, however, Moore has been inundated with allegations of misconduct by a suspicious amount of women who seem to be just now remembering and recounting their interactions with Moore. Some have been proven to be out and out lies, and some are still being investigated, but regardless, the timing of these accusations was more than suspicions.

This race was always going to be a close one, and any votes not being counted could cause a false win. Election tampering has been a huge topic this year, and yet Democrats seem more than happy to just check this box as a win for Jones, and not give it a second thought. The men and women in the military might have a little different opinion though.

The question now is: are there enough military votes to swing the election in Moore’s direction?

“The current law in Alabama requires a mandatory recount when there is a half of a percent margin, but Moore remains 1.5 percent behind his opponent, Doug Jones, who was declared the winner with 99 percent in.” 

To give a little perspective on that, current estimates have Moore about 22,000 votes behind Jones. That is 1.5%, with a potential 1% of regular votes (not the military votes in question) not having been counted yet. That means, that if the votes for Moore that haven’t been counted, plus any military votes cast in his direction make up even 1% difference, the election results could be invalidated.

If, as many suspects with elections like this, there was any misconduct on the part of Democrats to try and win this election the dirty way, and that gets out, Moore is almost assured the win in if it goes to a second round. He was close as it was, all there would need to be is a whiff of impropriety on the part of his opponent or their party to try and throw the election, and Moore would have it safely in the bag.

“Moore cited Psalm 40:2 to give his supporters hope:

I waited patiently for the Lord. He inclined to me, heard my cry, brought us up out of a horrible pit out of the mirey clay and set my feet on the rock and established my goings and put a new song in our mouth.
‘Wait on God and let this process play out,’ Moore added.

A Moore staffer urged supporters to wait, noting that the military votes had yet to be counted. Moore is about 22,000 votes short, but it is uncertain whether the uncounted votes tally up to that number.

‘May God bless you as you go on, give you safe journey, and thank you for coming tonight,’ Moore concluded. ‘It’s not over and it’s going to take some time.’

The election is scheduled to be certified by the Alabama Secretary of State by Christmas, but a recount throws that result into question.”

No one knows what God’s will is for this election, and as it turns out, we might not yet know what the will of the good people of Alabama is either. It’s a sad day when we carry on with our election, ignoring those who can’t be home to vote because they’re out fighting for our freedom. Moore won’t stand for it, and we shouldn’t either.

[H/T: Breitbart News]

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BREAKING News About What Trump Just Did For Every Military Family In America – This Is Massive!



For the past 8 years, Barack Hussein Obama’s disdain for our military was on full display, as he constantly made it his mission to stab our heroes in the back while emboldening America’s enemies. After successfully hollowing out our military to pre-World War II capabilities, leaving our soldiers to die at VA hospitals, and making it virtually impossible for our troops to defend themselves by re-writing our longstanding Rules Of Engagement, Obama would frequently twist the knife in the backs of our servicemen even further, refusing to return salutes and making our Marines his personal umbrella-holding servant boys.

Ever since Trump took office things have been drastically different, as our new President tries to undo the damage that Obama caused to our military. In a clean sweep several months ago, Trump  fired over 800 of Obama’s crooked VA officials in order to ensure that our returning heroes have the best medical care possible. Additionally, President Trump has been acquiring new military technology to build up or forces, as he fulfills his campaign promise to revive America as the world’s number 1 superpower. Now President Trump has taken a step even further, with the historic thing Trump just gave our military Soldiers just in time for Christmas, that no doubt has Obama absolutely livid, as his crap-stained “legacy” continues to be flushed down the toilet every time he turns around.

American Military News reports:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which will give the U.S. Military its largest pay raise in seven years, since 2010.

The NDAA calls for a $700 billion Pentagon budget and includes a 2.4-percent pay raise for troops, an increase in the number of troops, and increased spending for aircraft and ships as part of the Fiscal Year 2018 budget.

The NDAA sets the budget but does not provide funding, which Congress must do. Trump urged Congress to pass legislation that will fund the defense budget.

“Now Congress must finish the job by eliminating the defense sequester and passing a clean appropriations bill,” Trump said. “I think it’s gonna happen. We need our military, it’s gotta be perfecto.”

The budget calls for an additional 20,000 troops; funding for weapons systems, retention pay and bonuses; and repairs for Navy ships such as the USS John S. McCain and the USS Fitzgerald, which were both involved in deadly collisions earlier this year.

This is the largest proposed military budget to date, particularly the most significant budget to be passed during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congress still has to come up with a definitive plan to fund the $700 billion budget. It has has to approve a defense budget cap increase – the Department of Defense Appropriations Act – in order to accommodate the proposed NDAA. The Act has already been passed in the House.

Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry, who chairs the House Armed Services Committee, said: “Having the President sign the NDAA conference report into law is a critical milestone in the effort to rebuild America’s military strength, support our troops, and reform the way the Pentagon does business. The policies in this bill reflect months of bipartisan work and agreement. But Congress must follow this authorization with a matching appropriation bill if we are to really rebuild our military. There is more work to do.”

The bill includes 90 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, which will further help build up the forces that Obama destroyed. 

It’s so wonderful to finally have Commander-in-Chief who genuinely cares about our country, and is doing everything in his power to return America as the world’s number 1 superpower that Obama was so determined to destroy.

Obama’s biggest slap in the face to our veterans came after he promised to fix the VA, only to let things get drastically worse for our veterans. Throughout 8 years of Hussein Obama’s regime,  hundreds of thousands of veterans would go on to be forgotten, dying while waiting to be treated at VA hospitals across the nation. President Trump is not only fixing the VA that Obama failed to do, but is making Obama’s corrupt VA officials pay the ultimate price for their negligence. In a clean sweep that happened in the overnight hours, it’s being reported that 500 VA employees have just been terminated, and an additional 200 have been suspended for their shady conduct.


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