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MSNBC Made a Fatal Error When They Tried To Rough-up Mike Pence, He Knocked Them The Hell OUT! (VIDEO)

MSNBC wasn’t expecting this one…



Mike Pence may be tame in comparison to Donald Trump – but so are most people. We’ve seen the media at it’s worst this election, and most “journalists” are in need of a smackdown.

Take the Washington Post as an example, which today published an article in which they stated “For 16 months, Washington Post columnists and contributors have been making the case against Donald Trump.” This election the media isn’t even pretending to be unbiased – they’re admitting that what they’re doing is advocacy journalism.

And it certain;y shows in the coverage. A Trump scandal involving nothing more than something mean he said will get ten times the media attention as a Hillary scandal meriting yet another FBI investigation. Seriously – this is the only time in history we have a Presidential candidate under two separate FBI investigations, and Trump is the bad guy? Please.

The latest case of media bias came from MSNBC (shocker, right?), when Pence appeared on Chris Matthews’ show and got into a debate over Hillary’s emails.

As Joe For America reported:

Hillary Clinton is regretting having classified status. At least she should be (see Even Liberal MSNBC: ‘Hillary Should Lose Classified Status…’ and BREAKING: Clinton Email Investigation REOPENED…Because Anthony Weiner?!). But what if you and I, or anyone not named Clinton, did the exact same thing? That thing being mishandling said classified information. Some of which might wind up on a Weiner device. We’d be court-martialed.

As would the Vice Presidential candidates sons, both having served in the Marines…


““Well, it certainly is a disqualifier for me but every voter in this country will make that decision, but it really is remarkable, as I said in our vice presidential debate, if either–either my son or Tim Kaine’s son, both of whom are serving our country as Marines, mishandled classified information the way Hillary Clinton, did they’d be at least court-martialed.”


She hasn’t gotten the justice she deserved – but President Trump is going to change that. Let’s end her career in politics forever next Tuesday, and elect Donald Trump.


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BREAKING News From Alabama!! Judge Just Upheld It!!! RIOTS Are Around The Corner!




Earlier this week United States District Judge L. Scott Coogler rejected arguments by pro-illegal immigration and civil rights groups that asking for a photo ID to vote is racially discriminatory and racist. They made the argument that this requirement would deny equal protection under the law and that it violates the Voting Rights Act.

This is what “Make America Great Again” is all about. Last week a federal judge threw out a lawsuit which challenged the constitutionality of Alabama’s new voter ID law. The plaintiffs argued the typical talking points that requiring an I.D. puts an undue burden on minorities. In part because the state had curtailed driver’s license operations in several majority black counties. But Judge Coogler agreed with the state’s argument that it had important “regulatory interests” in passing the law. And that it was not intended to disenfranchise black or minority voters. The state said the law was part of a national trend to combat voter fraud, increase voter confidence and modernize elections.

Via The Federalist:

“Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof
Data suggests millions of voter registrations are fraudulent or invalid. That’s enough to tip an election, easily.

This week, liberals have been repeating their frequent claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist. A recent Salon article argues that “voter fraud just isn’t a problem in Pennsylvania,” despite evidence to the contrary. Another article argues that voter fraud is entirely in the imagination of those who use voter ID laws to deny minorities the right to vote.

Yet as the election approaches, more and more cases of voter fraud are beginning to surface. In Colorado, multiple instances were found of dead people attempting to vote. Stunningly, “a woman named Sara Sosa who died in 2009 cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.” In Virginia, it was found that nearly 20 voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people.

In Texas, authorities are investigating criminals who are using the technique of “vote harvesting” to illegally procure votes for their candidates. “Harvesting” is the practice of illegally obtaining the signatures of valid voters in order to vote in their name without their consent for the candidate(s) the criminal supports.

These are just some instances of voter fraud we know about. It would be silly to assume cases that have been discovered are the only cases of fraud. Indeed according to a Pew Charitable Trust report from February 2012, one in eight voter registrations are “significantly inaccurate or no longer valid.” Since there are 146 million Americans registered to vote, this translates to a stunning 18 million invalid voter registrations on the books. Further, “More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters, and approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.” Numbers of this scale obviously provide ripe opportunity for fraud.

Don’t Let Data Contradict My Narrative
Yet in spite of all this, a report by the Brennan Center at New York University claims voter fraud is a myth. It argues that North Carolina, which passed comprehensive measures to prevent voter fraud, “failed to identify even a single individual who has ever been charged with committing in-person voter fraud in North Carolina.” However, this faulty reasoning does not point to the lack of in-person voter fraud, but rather to lack of enforcement mechanisms to identify and prosecute in-person voter fraud.

The science of criminal justice tells us that many crimes go unreported, and the more “victimless” the crime, the more this happens. The fact is, a person attempting to commit voter fraud is very unlikely to be caught, which increases the incentive to commit the crime.

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is a sophisticated, comprehensive effort to catalog “the number and types of crimes not reported to law enforcement authorities.” However, it tends to deal mostly in violent crimes. As complex as the NCVS is, gathering accurate data for unreported victimless crimes such as voter fraud is even harder, since 1) outside of the criminal, no one may know a crime has taken place, and 2) there is no direct victim to report the crime in the first place. Yet we are expected to believe that, unlike violent crime, voter fraud is limited only to the cases that are actually reported and prosecuted? This is a senseless position.

Further, the Brennan Center report argues that because prosecutor Kris Kobach’s review of 84 million votes cast in 22 states found only 14 instances of fraud referred for prosecution (which amounts to a 0.00000017 percent fraud rate), voter fraud is so statistically small that it’s a non-issue. Let’s follow this logic. Does the fact that 109 people were cited for jaywalking in Seattle in 2009 mean that only 109 people jaywalked in Seattle that year? Does the fact that 103,733 people were cited for driving without a seatbelt in Tennessee in 2015 mean that only that many people were driving without seatbelt in Tennessee in 2015?

Absolutely not. This can be proven easily because in 2014, the previous year, only 29,470 people were cited. The disparity is largely due to increased enforcement efforts in 2015. In other words, increasing enforcement of the crime revealed a much larger number of people committing the crime.

The exact same is true for voter fraud. We have no reason to believe that the low number of prosecutions means only that exact amount of voter fraud is happening. Rather, it could mean a lack of enforcement is failing to reveal the bulk of the violations that are occurring.

In the decision, Coogler states he discovered that even though Black and Latino registered voters are almost twice as likely as white voters to lack an acceptable photo ID, the state is making it extremely easy to get an ID and no one is preventing anyone from voting…”

Why do people in relatively less developed countries make residents get a voter ID card, but liberals in America try convincing us that minorities are unable to? It sounds like it could be very far-fetched.

Please share if you agree with Judge Coogler.

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No More Madonna After What Trump Did To Her For Trashing His Son!




Trump Just Slapped Madonna Who Crossed The Line For The Final Time About His Son!

Donald Trump won’t take criticism about his family from anyone, especially haggard old suck face Madonna and some halfwit slam-pig SNL writer Katie Rich.

Trump met with Hannity for an interview and threw some hard hitting blows back at the two treacherous turds.

The president sat down with Fox’s Sean Hannity on Thursday to appear on his namesake show, his second interview since taking office last Friday.
He blasted NBC’s Saturday Night Live and a ‘terrible’ attack by one of its writers who said his 10-year-old son Barron would become the ‘country’s first homeschool shooter’.

Urged for his view by Hannity who commended Barron as a ‘wonderful, smart, charming kid’, President Trump said it was ‘terrible’ he’d been subject to attack.
‘Saturday Night Live, a person from Saturday Night Live was terrible.

‘I don’t mind some humor but it’s terrible. For them to attack, for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son…it’s a disgrace. He’s a great boy. And it’s not an easy thing for him. Believe me.’

He also addressed Madonna and a spate of celebrities who took part in protests against him held across the country last weekend.

At a Washington DC march, Madonna told crowds she’d considered ‘blowing up the White House’.
‘Honestly, she’s disgusting. I think she hurt herself very badly. I think she hurt that whole cause,’ President Trump said of the singer’s unhinged outburst.

‘I thought her and a couple of others. But I thought she was in particular, I thought what she said was disgraceful to our country.’

For Katie Rich, this is the first time anyone’s really heard of her, so maybe she was just trying to get her ten minutes of fame. She got it. Then she got bullied off Twitter. Then she got fired. All for bullying a ten-year-old. Jeez, what’s the world come to these days when you can’t even pick on a kid, right?

Was it worth it to get her name known? Probably not in that way. Who would hire her now? She will be unemployed for quite some time. Might see her at an AA meeting one day because she drinks her mistakes away.

Madonna hasn’t been relevant since her album “Like a Virgin” released in 1984. Now she’s more like a whore turned into an old liberal suck-face with booty implants.

She’s trying so hard to be liked, but she’s fallen into the bear trap known as liberalism and she’s not getting out anytime soon. Had Madonna simply enjoyed her life without being an over-spoken liberally diseased pig who oinks nonsense everywhere she goes, then people might actually like her.


Not so much.

Madonna is a vile disgusting pig and the worst woman you can show to your daughter.

Madonna is everything you want your children to NOT become, which is an embarrassment to the country.

I hope more people chose to not be like her or Katie Rich. Just two bad women to follow. You can be so much better than a person who insults children or offers blowjobs to 50 million people.

Here’s Hannity’s full interview with President Trump.

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Government Intel

Obama’s Private Jet Grounded After Where He Was Caught Trying To Sneak Into




Now that we have your attention with a wonderful Obama conspiracy of him “sneaking into America through Alaska”, here’s what’s really happening.

Former President Obama was on a recent trip to Asia and flew home. Flying home, to America, from Asia, usually requires people to land somewhere on America’s west coast. This is totally normal. Obama landed in Alaska, presumably on a private flight, wearing a polo shirt and some pants – totally the outfit you were when you’re sneaking into a country. Then Obama took selfies with a baby and it went viral. Literally, everyone on the Internet probably saw the picture and knew that Obama was in Alaska because that’s exactly what people do when they sneak into the country, right?

So let’s just squash that rumor while we’re ahead. Obama was not sneaking into the country. Since when is it considered “sneaking into America” when someone is a citizen here? That’s called “going home” if you have half of a brain and at least a quarter of that half works. That’s right, all it takes is 1/8th of a working brain to know the conspiracy theorists on this one are idiots. Going home is not sneaking in. If Obama wanted to sneak anywhere, he could probably do it. Let’s not be liberally stupid, change our genders, and think this is a sneak in. Mexicans sneak in because they don’t live here. Obama flew in, went viral, and is flying home.

Now that’s not the truly big deal. The real story here, which many outlets are ignoring, and which many conspiracy theorists hit the nail in the head on, is this – Obama is meeting with Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi to headline a fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC). People think the meeting will try to figure out ways that they can realign the political districts in hopes to benefit the Democratic party so they can take back any districts they lost to Republicans. That’s actually pretty normal. I’m quite certain that redistricting will be a goal anytime you lose your districts to the opposite team. That’s not even the real shimmery part of this shiny tin hat story.

The real juice of the beef is that this meeting might extend beyond the talks of redistricting. This might really be the beginning of defeating Republicans in 2020. We don’t know if Trump will run for reelection in 2020, but the Democrats need to do something to win. They failed miserably in 2016 and got crushed by right-wing enthusiasts who were sick of the whining, the political correctness, the lame protesting, the inability for people to know their gender, and the fact that most liberals are losers. People had enough of them and America fought back. Americans were tired of dealing with crybabies.

This is Obama’s first walk into politics since January and some theorists believe this is the start of the Democrat’s plan to defeat Republicans and take down President Trump. Slim chance considering the left can’t meme nor can they do anything remotely intelligent. Their ammo box is filled with crying, violent protesting, and getting offended by everything. Mix in a few gay dance parties if you really want to.

Maybe it was secret and someone blew the lid off it. Did Trump expose the meeting? I’m not really sure, but it seems like most news outlets know about it. Like I said, don’t fall for the “OMG Obama is having secret meetings” when the meetings are talked about by mainstream news.

Sources state that Obama will headline a fundraiser for the NDRC, which is the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. He’s meeting Holder and Nancy Pelosi, perhaps to talk about the NDRC, or maybe even other things. This meeting is set to take place in Washington, DC. This is also Obama’s first waltz back into politics since about January, 2017. He clearly had a good few months off, now he’s jumping back into politics, possibly to get a three year head start on helping Democrats regain control of the White House in 2020. Yeah, no chance for that. We’re going to vote like there’s no tomorrow to make sure liberals don’t ruin the country any further.

Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama are only missing their fellow dingbats, Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton. Maybe if Hillary Clinton wasn’t busy selling “Nasty Woman” t-shirts on Twitter, then she would have time to go to the meeting. Or maybe she wasn’t invited. She lost once, so why would Democrats want her back? Low blow? Maybe, but selling or promoting t-shirts for Samantha Bee or Planned Parenthood kind of warrants a silly low blow joke.

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