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Murdered Voice Alum Christina Grimmie Was A Devout Christian – Hero Brother Was Her Best Friend

This is a story of a brother’s love, a sister’s faith, and a positive influence taken from us far too soon.



As an artist myself, I had to cover this story. You don’t see this often in the music world – A devout, young, Christian singer in the secular music business.

My guitarist has a gold record hanging on his wall because his friend from a famous band overdosed on heroin. I see it everyday.

Christina’s story is nothing like that.

She was an inspiration to millions because of her positive attitude, and her reliance on God to get her through.

Evil took out good this day.

This is not a happy story.


Singer Christina Grimmie, a 22-year-old former contestant on NBC’s “The Voice,” was performing in Orlando, Florida, on Friday. During a meet-and-greet after the show, a man approached her with two firearms & opened fire. The young singer was hit three times, once in the head.

Christina’s brother, Marcus Grimmie, heroically tried to save her. Unfortunately, the up–and–coming singer was fatally wounded.

christina grimmie the voice

A local hospital pronounced Grimmie dead at 3 am, Saturday, June 11th.

Christina had just finished her show at The Plaza Live in Orlando. She was meeting with fans & signing autographs when the shooter, Kevin James Loibl, 27, approached her. Loibl opened fire. Christina was hit three times according to news station KTNV 13.

Christina’s brother, Marcus, immediately tackled Loibl in an attempt to save his sister’s life. Loibl then shot himself in the head.

Orlando Police Sgt. Wanda Miglio said Christina’s brother saved many other lives in the process. Miglio called him a hero.

One of Christina’s fans Tweeted:

Christina was rushed to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Christina’s publicist told E! News: “It is with a heavy heart that we can confirm that Christina has passed and went home to be with the Lord.”

The Beginning

Christina on her YouTube channel in 2010

16-year-old Christina on her YouTube channel in 2010

Christina began her music career on YouTube. Her loyal fans watched as she rose from an unknown performer, to one who was seen worldwide on NBC’s “The Voice.”

One of her fans, Sunny, on YouTube, made a video after learning of Christina’s death. In the caption she wrote:

“One of the very first YouTubers I ever watched was shot and passed away after her concert in Orlando. This really hit me. This is very sad news for me and I’ve felt heartbroken all day.”


Another YouTube fan, Jennifer Fix, recorded a video saying:

“I’m trying hard not to cry. I’ve watched Christina for years, 6 years.” Fighting back tears she continues: “I remember watching her for the first time, when I was, I think 12, or 13, and I’m almost 19 now, so, I remember she was one of the first YouTubers I ever watched, one of the first I ever subscribed to. She’s been such a huge inspiration to me.”

At the time of her death Christina had over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube account.

In 2014 Christina placed third on The Voice. She was subsequently signed to Island Records.
In 2015 Christina won the iHeartRadio Rising Star award.

Christina performing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in 2015

Christina performing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in 2015

The young performer who grew up in the small town of Marlton, New Jersey, was on her way.


In 2011, Christina was interviewed by “Global Grind,” a music news site. She was asked how she dealt with her rising popularity, the then 17-year-old singer answered: “I have God, Jesus Christ, I’m Christian.”

Christina & brother Marcus

Christina & brother Marcus

Christina continued, “I try to stay as grounded as I possibly can. And I have my parents that help me and my friends that are really great accountability partners to me. I don’t consider myself a famous person, so I just kind of do my thing and my fans love it and that’s what makes me happy.”

In 2013 the rising star Tweeted about her faith:

As a young girl, Christina attended the Christian school, Baptist Regional Elementary.

Christina told Global Grind about a Christian performer who influenced her music.

“There’s this singer and her name is Stacie Orrico and I grew up listening to her. She has Christian contemporary music but it’s kind of urban. She has a really awesome voice and I was so drawn to it. I think the reason I do have a soul voice is because I grew up listening to her and she was my huge, huge influence”.

In 2014 Christina recorded this chilling rendition of “O come, O come, Emmanuel” for the World Food Program to help alleviate hunger in impoverished countries.

Best Friend

Brother & sister goofing off (via Instagram/grimmiereaper)

Brother & sister goofing off (via Instagram/grimmiereaper)

Christina, a “self-described goofball,” loved her family. She told Global Grind, “My brother is my best friend.” She jokingly added, “so he tells me.” “If I’m getting a little bit off or being a little egotistical he’ll bring me back. My family is just so great. I have such a strong family unit. It all comes down to the family unit.” Christina said.




In an interview with Christina had this to say about her brother:

Christina & brother Marcus (via Instagram/grimmiereaper)

Christina & brother Marcus (via Instagram)

“My brother is a year older than me, and we’re literally best friends, so when he started playing videogames when he was 5, I would watch him because i was too young to understand what to do (haha). I’ve loved videogames ever since I was that young. But Zelda…I remember it was my favorite game to watch my brother play. But I would constantly have nightmares about redeads and freaky things in the game, so my mom sold the game and me and my brother were so upset!”


Marcus played guitar in Christina’s band, helped her on tour, and appeared in her videos.

Christina & Marcus perform on stage

Christina & Marcus perform on stage

Christina recorded “Lonely Day” by System of a Down with Marcus in 2011.

In another video featuring her brother, Christina covers “Through Glass” by Stone Sour.

Marcus with a fan of his & Christina’s.

Truly, Marcus Grimmie is a hero. Not only was he Christina’s brother, but also her best friend. He showed his love for her by risking his life in an attempt to save hers. If only more could be like him.

Christina performed Adele’s “Hello” in this YouTube video. It’s been viewed over 2 million times.

Surely Christina is singing with the angels in heaven now. May her best friend find peace.

Christina Victoria Grimmie – A Christian, and a light to a dark world
March 12, 1994 – June 11, 2016
christina grimmie 2_1024x682

By Jeff Rainforth
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Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot’s Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.

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SHOCKING News From California… Major Company Makes Assassination Threat At Trump!!!



Liberal companies have been mobilizing against Donald Trump almost immediately after he was inaugurated. After Trump issued his executive order banning travel from seven Muslim countries, those liberal companies really went into overdrive, publicly opposing both the order, and Trump himself. But this liberal CEO? He just took it way too far.

Most liberal CEOs keep to opposing Trump in the usual way. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, announced that he would hire 10,000 refugees in response to Trump’s executive order. It’s irritating to many Americans, but it’s not criminal. What Ted Kornblum just did, though, is.

Kornblum is the CEO of Magnatone Guitars and Amplifiers. And apparently, he isn’t very bright. Like a typical liberal, he opposes Donald Trump. But most liberals are at least smart enough to know that posting assassination fantasies online isn’t the best idea; at the very least, it will get the attention of the Secret Service rather quickly.

Yet Kornblum still went ahead and posted an assassination threat, on both Facebook and Twitter. He evidently really, really wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to start bringing the threats to the attention of the Secret Service, and to call out the media for ignoring it:

Can you imagine the reaction if the CEO of a right-wing company had said the same thing about Obama while he was in office? The media would have had a field day! But because it’s Trump, the media is silent.

Still, even without any media attention, Kornblum realized that he had stepped in it, big time, and put out an apology on Facebook:

Still, the damage may have already been done. The Magnatone Facebook page appears to have been yanked. Nothing about the assassination threat, including the apology, appears on the Magnatone website. Kornblum appears to have gone underground, possibly in fear of being arrested by the Secret Service.

It’s one thing to peacefully protest — but liberals don’t seem to understand that when you start advocating for violence, or rioting, or physically attacking people, you can no longer call what you’re doing a “protest”. And it certainly can’t be called peaceful, either. Calling for the president to be assassinated isn’t just an invalid form of protesting, it’s illegal and stupid.


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SHOCKING NEWS Out Of TEXAS – 60-70 Bodies Found Rotting In Field … This Is HORRIFIC!



America’s criminal justice system is a finely tuned machine with one purpose; justice for all. While good old-fashioned detective work, canvassing, questioning and sometimes a gut instinct will never be replaced during investigations into criminal activity, the fastest evolving part of an investigation is the forensic science.

As citizens of this great nation, we are constantly in search of a way to make sure that no innocent person is punished and no guilty person gets off scot-free. However, the more sadistic and creative the criminals get, the more tedious and meticulous those who try to catch them might be. While this looks like a few trips to a computer on TV shows, the reality is that forensic science is a dirty business and one that most of us don’t completely understand.

In order to determine things like how long a person has been dead, scientists and investigators need to actually observe a body decompose in a controlled environment, and that’s just is happening at a body farm in Texas. Daily Mail reports that the bodies are exposed to the elements and covered with cages to keep scavengers off them, and while it’s for a good cause, it’s truly horrific to see:

“These gruesome images show the inside of a body farm – a graveyard where the dead are left to rot in open cages.

Rows upon row of dead bodies are lined up in the metal pens in the remote Texan field as part of scientific research into how corpses rot.

In fact, despite its grisly appearance, the so-called body farms actually help police solve crimes by helping to determine when victims were killed.”

Scientists at The Forensic Anthropology Centre at Texas State University are able to use the donated dead bodies and compare them to those killed in suspicious circumstances.

The information gathered here can be used in a court of law and researchers have been called to give evidence for the prosecution and defense. The bodies can also be used to help with facial reconstruction.

By using the skulls and images of those who volunteer for the open burial scientists can help police to reconstruct what an actual victim may have looked like.

They often have worked in law enforcement so know how useful the facilities are, decomposition expert Dr. Danny Wescott told CBS Austin.”

Just like a person can choose to be an organ donor, someone can also donate their body to science after they pass on. This is just one of the possibilities for what could be done with someone who makes that donation.  It’s far from a pleasant sight to see, however, the work is one of those unpleasant necessities to keep crime down.

Without endeavors like this one, the forensic departments would have no way of training their scientists to determine exact times of death, which markings on a body come from attacks and which come from scavengers, etc. That is important, not only in the sense that it helps bring justice for the families of those killed, but knowing that it’s getting increasingly more difficult to get away with a crime, keeps crime down. Behavior will always depend on its consequences, and without an effective way to punish attackers, more attacks would happen.

Dr. Danny Wescott has spent a number of years leading the research of skeletons at the US university.

He said: ‘It allows us to see how bodies decompose. We work with law enforcement officials and help with the training of local police cadets.

‘We get bodies given to us specifically to use. Living donors offer their bodies as donations. We also take next of kin donation.

‘We have two criteria for the bodies – they must be under 500 pounds when they die. And they must not have any active infectious diseases like hepatitis C. We also accept cremains.

‘It then gets assigned to a research project. The bodies can be left out in the field for six months to a couple of years.

‘The skeleton is then used for further research. In fact, most of the research is done on skeletons.’

To be a part of the body farm most people volunteer before their death – although some are donated by next of kin. Police then observe how different factors influence the way the bodies decompose.

‘Law enforcement provides different scenarios and we look at the effects of clothing and things like diabetes on the body,’ Dr. Wescott said.

‘It allows us to give estimations on death to the police. We can also help with facial reconstruction.

‘Because we know what the person looked like before they died we can compare this with what those who draw the facial reconstruction images have come up with.

‘We also look at the ecology side – and how it impacts specifically on insects. We have scientists here from the UK because there is a demand for it.’

The bodies have to be caged to protect them from vultures, which are rife in Texas.
‘At the moment we have between 65 and 70 bodies. There are more men than women but we also get some couples who donate their bodies,’ Dr.Wescott said.

This might not be the kind of place that you want to go on a family vacation, but it might just be what keeps the streets a little safer wherever you do take your vacation. Like many of the aspects of law enforcement, this isn’t a particularly pleasant task, but one that has to be done if we are going to try to keep our nation safe.

[H/T: Daily Mail]





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Law enforcement officers always have a tough job, especially those who have to answer to the political brass. Getting caught in the middle of a political scandal is as easy as getting takeout in Washington D.C. and being if that happens, being compromised isn’t far behind. Under the tutelage of Barrack Hussain Obama, this seems to be what has happened to the bulk of the higher-ups in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Their credibility came under fire in the wake of Hillary’s massive miscarriages of justice, and their names are far from being cleared. President Trump began to get an understanding of just how badly things were being run over at the FBI, even before he was in office, and now that his security clearance is significantly higher, his hints to the American people about the state of those who are supposed to be in charge of carrying out justice on our behalf.

Fox News reported that the President addressed just that issue when talking at a Quantico graduation of this year’s new crop of the FBI’s best and brightest. What might seem like a high steaks game of political chess is no laughing matter to the President, and he plans to clean up the FBI, no matter who he angers along the way:

“President Trump told a graduating class of law enforcement officers at the FBI Academy on Friday that he ‘has your back 100 percent’ and pledged his White House will always stand behind police.

‘The president of the United States has your back 100 percent,’ Trump said in a 17-minute speech to state and local law enforcement officers who completed [sic] a special training course at the bureau.

Trump’s support for law enforcement has been no secret, but the comments at the FBI Academy came as bad blood between the White House and bureau has reached an all-time high. Trump has blasted the bureau’s senior leadership and its reputation, calling it “in tatters” and “the worst in history.”

‘It’s a shame what’s happened with the FBI,’ Trump said Friday, moments before he left for Quantico. ‘But we’re going to rebuild the FBI. It’ll be bigger and better than ever.’

‘Everybody — the level of anger at what they’ve been witnessing with respect to the FBI is certainly very sad,’ he added.”

No one thinks that the boots on the ground, responding to crisis and investigating suspicious deaths are the heart of the problem at the FBI. This, like most of the problems in our country, is a politically motivated one. Palms are being greased and backs are being scratched in order for very wealthy and influential people, such as the Clintons, to get away with things that should be prosecutable offenses.

While some might consider President Trump’s comments at the commencement to be aggressive or offensive in some way, to those who truly want to serve their country and aid in the carriage of justice, his comments should have been very supportive and reassuring. He’s promising to give those same, honest law enforcement officers a leadership that they can be proud to serve under. He’s promising to fix what Obama broke and deliver the American people a justice department that is once again dedicated to justice.

“Newly released documents reveal that then-FBI Director James Comey’s draft statement on the Hillary Clinton email probe was edited in a way that watered down the agency’s findings. 

But during his speech, the president praised agents who keep the country safe and whom he does not blame for the investigations that have dogged his administration.

The White House said Friday newly revealed FBI records show there is an ‘extreme bias’ against Trump among senior leadership at the FBI.

About 200 leaders in law enforcement from around the country attended the weeks-long FBI National Academy program aimed at raising law enforcement standards and cooperation. Coursework included intelligence theory, terrorism and terrorist mindsets, law, behavioral science, law enforcement communication, and forensic science..”

The promises that the President has made to fix the corruption in Washington and the FBI  have not made him popular with those who’ve been playing this political game for a long time. They’re very set in their ways, and no matter how hard they search, they can’t seem to find any way to keep president Trump in his lane with the promise of skeletons, the way Washington insiders are usually reigned in.

If we think of the FBI like a body and imagine that body having been fed a steady diet of mind-numbing drugs that keep it from performing its job the way it should, then we can see President Trump as the parent who’s about to check them into rehab. Drug addicts hate everyone while they’re detoxing, but they are free of the physical addiction when the nastiness is purged out. If they choose to go back to their old ways after they have been detoxed, that’s a different matter, but at least they have a chance. The same will be true for the FBI; if the American people let this investigative body go back to its toxic ways after President Trump has left office, that will be our own fault. His job is to fix everything he possibly can, and leave the FBI and the country better off than he found it.

[H/T: Fox News]

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