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BREAKING: Muslim Shouting ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’ Stabs 8 At St. Cloud Mall

A Muslim man wearing a security uniform entered a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota on Saturday night. The terrorist began shouting Allahu Akbar as he stabbed 8 shoppers.



A Muslim man wearing a security uniform entered a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota on Saturday night. The terrorist began shouting Allahu Akbar as he stabbed 8 shoppers.

The Islamist is reported to have asked at least one victim if they were Muslim before stabbing the person.

The terror attack comes on the heels of a bomb being detonated at a Marine Corps race in New Jersey, a Muslim man attacking New York police with a meat cleaver, and a bomb exploding in Chelsea, Manhattan that injured 29 civilians on Saturday.

ABC 5 Minnesota reported,

“Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud will remain closed through Sunday as police investigate a stabbing that left eight people injured and the suspect dead.

At approximately 8 p.m., an armed suspect entered the Crossroads Mall. That individual made some references to Allah and we confirmed that he asked at least one person if they were Muslim before assaulting them, said St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson.

According to authorities, the suspect was later shot by an off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction. Investigators say the suspect was carrying at least one knife.”

CNN reported that,

“Witnesses said the man entered Crossroads Mall on Saturday night, made a reference to Allah and asked at least one person if they were Muslims before he attacked, police said in a statement.

The stabbings occurred in multiple locations inside the mall, including in the common area and several stores. The mall has security teams on site but they are not armed.

Shortly after, an officer confronted the attacker.
‘The individual we believe to be responsible for the victim’s stab wounds is currently deceased inside the mall,’ police said early Sunday.”

Social media sounded off:

Vote Trump if you don’t want these kinds of attacks by diseased terror scum to become commonplace in the land of the free. F-ck Hillary, the terrorist empowering b-tch.

This is a developing story.

By Jeff Rainforth
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Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot's Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.

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BREAKING NEWS!!! 120+ People Feared DEAD!! MAJOR Terror ATTACK!



And once again we see the savages in the so-called “Religion of Peace” acting “Peacefully!”

At least 27 people were killed and 64 were gravely injured in a twin suicide bombing attack in central Baghdad, Iraq on Monday.

This makes it the deadliest attack so far this year in the Iraqi capital which is being rocked by attacks on a daily basis.

It’s been confirmed that two “peaceful” Islamists detonated their explosive vests in Tayaran Square. Tayaran Square is a commercial district and meeting place for day laborers seeking work to feed their families in an economy that still hasn’t been able to bounce back. Sadly on this day scores of them were killed and injured.

Although Iraq did officially declare victory last month over ISIS militants who seized control of nearly a third of the country in 2014 thanks to the lax Obama Administration policies. Sleeper cells and splinter groups continue to carry out attacks and bombings in Baghdad and various parts of the country.

The attack in Tayaran Square, also known as Aviation Square, was one of the deadliest in Baghdad since a massive truck bomb killed at least 324 people in the nearby commercial district of Karrada in July 2016. The Karrada bombing was the deadliest single attack in Iraq since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein from power and gave way to severe lawlessness in the region which 14 years later is still struggling to recover.


01/15/18 ABCNews: Iraq raises death toll in Baghdad attack to 38
Iraqi officials have raised the death toll from a twin suicide bombing in a Baghdad market to 38. Two police officers and four health officials say Monday’s early morning attack also wounded 105 other people. They spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to release the information.

01/15/18 WaPo: Twin suicide bombers target Baghdad, killing 27 in popular shopping district
A pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up in central Baghdad early Monday, killing 27 people and injuring scores more in the first major attack in the capital since Iraq declared victory over Islamic State in December. The attack also breached one of Baghdad’s most secure areas, underscoring the urgency of what Iraqi and American officials have said is a crucial transition from combat to traditional counterterrorism.

01/14/18 IraqiNews: Six people killed, injured in northern Baghdad bomb blast
Six people were killed and injured in a bomb blast in north Baghdad, a security source said on Sunday. “A bomb went off near stores in al-Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad,” the source told Baghdad Today. “One citizen was killed, while five others were wounded.”

01/14/18 AP: Baghdad bombing kills 8, wounds 10
Iraqi officials say a suicide bombing in Baghdad has killed eight and wounded at least 10 others. Police and hospital officials say the Saturday blast struck a northern Baghdad neighborhood targeting a police checkpoint on a busy street, and that a number of policemen were among the wounded.

01/14/18 VOA: Australian Surgeons Fit Robotic Legs to Islamic State Bomb Victim
A young Kurdish filmmaker who lost both legs in a terrorist attack in Turkey is walking after receiving pioneering robotic surgery in Australia. Lisa Calan was among dozens of people injured when Islamic State militants bombed a Kurdish political rally in June 2015. Her Iraqi-born surgeon says his work to help victims of terrorism is an act of resistance against fundamentalism.

01/14/18 Reuters: Iraqi PM Abadi to seek re-election, in alliance with Iran-backed group
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday announced he would stand for re-election on May 12 at the head of a cross-sectarian bloc, and received the support of a powerful Shi‘ite group close to Iran.

01/14/18 arabnews: Al-Sadr withdraws support from Abadi and his alliance
Iraq’s influential cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr has withdrawn his support for Prime Minister Haider Abadi because of his alliance with the Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) factions. Abadi’s alliance “paves the way for the return of the corrupt,” Al-Sadr declared on Sunday.

01/14/18 hurriyetdailynews: Iraqi army takes control of Iraqi-Kurdish border crossing with Turkey
Iraqi troops deployed on Oct. 31 at one of the main land crossings with Turkey, gaining a foothold at the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)-held frontier for the first time in decades and imposing one of Baghdad’s central demands on the autonomous region. Iraq’s entire land border with Turkey has been controlled by the KRG since before the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

01/10/18 DoD: Army Casualty Identified
Spc. Javion Shavonte Sullivan, 24, of Fort Mill, South Carolina, died Jan. 8 in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, from a non-combat related incident. Sullivan was assigned to the 16th Signal Company, 11th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas. The incident is under investigation.

01/09/18 foxcarolina: Soldier with ties to Simpsonville killed in Iraq
A Simpsonville family said a soldier with ties to the Upstate has died while serving in Iraq. Willis Sullivan said military chaplains notified him Monday that his son, Javion “Jay” Sullivan, was killed in Iraq. The incident happened Monday. Jay had been involved in a group text with multiple family members on Sunday and the news on Monday came as quite the shock to the family, said Neeka Henderson, Jay’s sister-in-law.

01/09/18 kurdistan24: Unknown gunmen kill civilian, health worker in Kirkuk
Two people on Tuesday were killed in Kirkuk, according to eyewitnesses who reported armed men opened fire in the streets. Witnesses told Kurdistan 24 that shooters, whose identities are unknown, fired automatic weapons at a car carrying a health worker and another civilian in the Adan district in southern Kirkuk.

01/09/18 kurdistan24: US provides additional $75 million for post-IS stabilization in Iraq
US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman announced on Tuesday that Washington would be providing $75 million in additional funding to help stabilize Iraq following the full liberation of the country from the Islamic State (IS). The US plans to provide a total of $150 million to stabilization efforts in Iraq in 2018, bringing Washington’s total contribution to $265.3 million since 2015, according to the US Embassy in Baghdad

01/09/18 Reuters: Kuwait to host Iraq reconstruction conference in February
Kuwait will host an international conference in February on reconstruction in parts of Iraq devastated by the war against Islamic State, the state-run Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) said on Tuesday. Donor countries and organizations are expected to announce financial contributions at the meeting from Feb. 12 to Feb. 14, it reported.

01/09/18 VOA: Storyteller Mattis Tries to Illustrate Deeper Meaning of Military Service
On a summer morning in a desolate corner of Iraq’s western desert, Jim Mattis learned he’d narrowly evaded an assassination attempt. A Sunni Arab man had been caught planting a bomb on a road shortly before Mattis and his small team of Marines passed by. Told the captured insurgent spoke English, Mattis decided to talk to him.

01/09/18 Reuters: Iraq returning displaced civilians from camps to unsafe areas
Iraqi security forces are forcibly returning civilians from refugee camps to unsafe areas in the predominantly Sunni Anbar province, exposing them to death from booby-traps or acts of vigilantism, refugees and aid workers say.

01/07/18 NPR: One Sister Wants To Rebuild. The Other Can’t Wait To Leave
Farah Khaled stands in front of the scorched and twisted steel beams of the destroyed Mosul University library. Red and green ribbons stand out against the blackened metal — remnants of a book drive Khaled and other students organized. “Their aim was to destroy our culture,” Khaled, 22, says about ISIS. “To destroy every ancient thing, every beautiful thing.”

01/07/18 DoD: Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria between Dec. 29, 2017, and yesterday, conducting 58 strikes consisting of 84 engagements, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today. Officials reported details of the most recent strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

01/07/18 KP: Policeman killed, another injured in landmine explosion in Anbar
A policeman was killed while another was injured Sunday in a landmine explosion at Al-Qa’im district in Anbar, a security source was quoted as saying. “A landmine planted by Islamic State went off while a police patrol was passing by al-Basateen area at Al-Qa’im district in Anbar, leaving a policeman dead and another injured,” the source told Basnews.

01/07/18 IraqiNews: Five people killed, injured in bomb blast near Baghdad café
Five people were killed and injured Sunday in a bomb blast near a Baghdad café, a security source was quoted as saying. Speaking to Baghdad Today, the source said, “An explosive charge went off near a café at al-Saheroon neighborhood in southeastern the Iraqi capital, leaving one person dead and four others injured.”

Someday we as a people will understand you just can’t reform savages. These people were born and bred to kill each other and us Infidels. They know nothing else. No matter how much money or troops we throw at them they will never stop. Sadly we Americans with our kind and generous hearts always believe others aspire to live in peace and freedom, but that’s not always the case. Nations get what they deserve, maybe Saddam Hussein was there for a reason.

Please share if you agree we need to stop believing that every culture can have freedom and Democracy…

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BREAKING: Trump Just CAPTURED Him In The Middle Of The Night – He’s FINALLY In Custody! 




While the entire nation is focused on President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, the Commander-in-Chief hasn’t broken stride and rightfully so. He’s been quietly and diligently working at one massive mission he’s secretly been on outside the public eye and now an exceptionally key person is in custody. It’s fair to say that from here, things are about to get really bad for certain people who have already been under a heaping dose of scrutiny. Now, their secrets are second from coming out in interrogation as long-awaited justice is finally within reach.

There have been some massive scandals in our country over the last couple of years, none of which have Trump at the center of them despite what liberals would love to say. Among the most devastating have left a number of people dead and had we not elected someone like Trump as president, they may have been forgotten.

Hillary Clinton has been tied to a lot of sudden and suspicious deaths stemming from what people knew and were insistent on exposing about her. She abides by the philosophy that “dead men don’t talk,” which have spared her a lot of criminal charges….until now. There are those out there with blood on their hands who have done Hillary’s dirty work and now one of the most important people who had a key role in her biggest scandal is now in custody.

CBS News reports:

U.S. officials say special operations forces have captured a key militant in the 2012 Benghazi attack on a U.S. consulate that left four Americans dead, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin confirms.

A U.S. official identified the suspect as Mustafa al-Imam, Martin reports.

The commandos captured the man in Libya just before midnight local time on Sunday and are transporting him back to the U.S., officials told The Associated Press. The suspect is in the custody of the Department of Justice and is expected to arrive within the next two days on a military plane, according to one of the officials.

The officials said the mission was approved by President Donald Trump and done in coordination with Libya’s internationally recognized government. The officials, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly to the matter and demanded anonymity, would not say where exactly he was captured.

The Sept. 2012 assault killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, U.S. State Department computer expert Sean Smith and CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Had it not been for Trump in office, the victims of Benghazi would have had no chance justice since Hillary would have swept the attack under the rug to protect herself and cover her actions that led to this punishing attack.

“Stevens and Smith died in the burning diplomatic outpost despite efforts to rescue them. Woods and Doherty died nearly eight hours later in a mortar attack on a nearby CIA complex,” CBS added. This is another step toward the damning answers that Hillary has been trying to hide from as another of the terroristic killers was caught on the president’s watch who has made this investigation a priority.

“Earlier this month, another man accused in the attack, Abu Khattala, went on trial in federal court in Washington. Khattala has pleaded not guilty to the 18 charges against him, including the murder of an internationally protected person, providing material support to terrorists and destroying U.S. property while causing death, CBS News explained. “The attack was the fodder of multiple congressional investigations to determine what went wrong and whether the Obama administration misled the public on the details of the bloody assault.”

Ahmed Abu Khattala

“Initial accounts provided by administration officials, notably former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, said the attack had grown out of a protest against an anti-Muslim internet film. Later, the administration said it was a planned terrorist attack.”

“A two-year investigation by a House Benghazi committee focused heavily on Clinton’s role and whether security at the compounds and the response to the attack was sufficient. It was the Benghazi probe that revealed Clinton used a private email server for government work, prompting an FBI investigation that proved to be an albatross in her presidential campaign.”

This comes at the start of a new week for Hillary who had a particularly rough weekend when her crimes stacking up against her, particularly after she was suspected in the death of another victim in the ever-increasing body count covered in her fingerprints

Information hounds have their paws deep in the dirt as they dig up ghosts of Hillary Clinton’s past and search for any and all evidence linking her to the death of a prominent figure in American history. Truth seekers look for evidence that could lead to her to indictment and incarceration, but those who seek are coming up with mixed results. The hottest trending controversial conspiracy slithers back into relevancy in the wake of JFK’s classified files being released, even though numerous items were redacted. This theory plots Hillary Clinton against JFK Jr. and suggests that she’s directly, or indirectly, responsible for the plane crash that left JFK Jr. and two others dead, thus paving the way for Clinton to win an easy seat in the Senate and further her career.

Look back to 1999 when numerous New York residents fancied JFK Jr. the front-runner in the Senate election taking place in the year 2000. A young charismatic man like his father, JFK Jr. would’ve had an easy victory over Hillary Clinton if he had run for Senate in 2000, but any possibility of him entering into the election was halted mid-air with the crash of the aircraft he was in. A midnight flight and an unfortunate demise of a budding personality who could’ve carried on the legacy of his father had it not been for that harrowing flight that ended it all. Many sources say JFK Jr. was not 100% set on running for Senate, but if he did, it would’ve been an overwhelming victory.

Sources like Your News Wire point to Hillary Clinton as the reason JFK Jr’s plane exploded and crashed. The website suggests that Hillary had no intention of returning to Arkansas and her only goal was to win a seat in the New York Senate, no matter what it took. The source allows readers to believe, without truly saying so, that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the murder of JFK Jr. Based on the details of the event, in which it’s believed that JFK Jr. was flying the plane in the night time and he had called the radio tower for something, then randomly exploded, one has to wonder what caused the explosion. The website then discusses the possible events that suggest the Clinton’s covered this up very quickly by preparing a Navy funeral service, even though JFK Jr. did not serve in the Navy. This all happened after a search located JFK Jr. and his passenger’s bodies in the water.

Whether that death is proven to be connected to the Clintons or not, there’s no denying the part that Hillary played in Benghazi. Now, one of the terrorists doing the killing just might provide clues, but at least will be held accountable in a way that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would have never done.

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It’s really starting to look like former President Barack Hussein Obama and his partner in crime Secretary of State Crooked Hillary Clinton had a real big soft spot for Iran and its funding of terrorism around the world.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, three years ago the Obama Administration actually went as far as to warn the Iranian government that Israel was about to assassinate General Qassem Soleimani. Soleimani is the commander of the Quds Force, which is a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards that manages foreign military operations. Otherwise known as terrorism to the peace-loving world.

Although the allegations of this treasonous action by the Barack Obama himself is still uncorroborated it is said to have caused the collapse of the whole Israeli operation.

The Washinton Examiner Reports:

Why is Iranian master terrorist Qassem Soleimani distributing photos of himself in Iraq?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — CIA Director Mike Pompeo confirmed that Iranian Qods Force commander Qassem Soleimani was in Kirkuk against the backdrop of Iraqi moves to restore Baghdad’s authority over the city and surrounding disputed areas. Many analysts in Washington take that as a sign that Iraq and largely Shiite militias — the so-called Hashd al-Shaabi — were operating under the orders and guidance of Iran.

This may be overstated for two reasons. First, Soleimani acts not only as an operative but also as Iran’s most trusted diplomat and, second, Soleimani was coordinating with the Kurds and so the narrative of pro-American Kurds versus pro-Iranian Iraqis simply doesn’t make sense.

True, Iran’s influence in Iraq is serious and presents a challenge both to U.S. and Iraqi interests, but exaggerating Soleimani’s role based on photos he tweets out may actually play into Soleimani’s strategy.

At first glance, it seems strange that Soleimani, given his position as Iran’s chief operative in the covert world of terrorism and special operations, would allow his photo to be taken. That he does so, however, is the rule rather than the exception. In 2015, Iran released a Soleimani documentary, proudly announced on his now-defunct website. Soleimani’s penchant for photos in the field has become so pronounced that many analysts — especially in Gulf Cooperation Council countries — suspect he might be laying the groundwork for a presidential run.

But Soleimani’s photos also have another purpose: to suggest that Iran’s role is more pervasive and effective than it actually may be. It’s an influence operation, plain and simple, and one in which Iran often engages.

In Beirut, Baghdad, and Basra, I’ve found donation boxes belonging to the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, a charity funded by Iran’s supreme leader and designated by the U.S. Treasury Department for activities that are decidedly uncharitable. When I have called out Lebanese and Iraqi officials on how they can deny Iranian influence when the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-linked charity manages to drill boxes into public streets in the center of major cities, the response is always the same: The Iranians do so without permits or permission, but countering the move is simply not a fight either Lebanon or Iraq are willing or able to pick.

That, of course, is an acknowledgement of Iranian power. But what is Iran’s point? After all, in all my years traversing the Middle East, I’ve never seen anyone put money in those collection boxes, nor has anyone I’ve met. Frankly, after billions of dollars in sanctions relief and ransom payments provided to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the last years of the Obama presidency, they do not lack money. The answer is simply that Iranian officials want to project an image of all-pervasive presence and influence.

It’s not just Soleimani or the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee. Consider this 2015 photo, supposedly from the Ashura Brigade Situation Room from which the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps supposedly controlled unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, in support of efforts to defeat the Islamic State. Of course, when the Iraqi military and Hashd al-Shaabi subsequently liberated Fallujah and Ramadi, there was no mention of Iranian UAVs. They played no effective role. But ask many Iraqis, and it was the Iranians who best supported Iraqi forces, both on the ground and by air.

Indeed, the majority of Iraqis believe the U.S. supported ISIS and it was Iran who defended Iraq from them. The reason for such a conspiracy is multifold. In the wake of the ISIS’s rise, Iran provided Iraq with weapons and aircraft within a couple days but, in order to display its displeasure with then-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Obama administration delayed meaningful U.S. support for weeks if not months.

In effect, it was like a friend’s house caught fire. One neighbor turned on his hose and helped dump buckets of water on the blaze, while the other stayed at home and watched “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Of course, the Obama administration subsequently did help, but air support does not provide the same photo-ops that ground operations do. And even after U.S. Special Forces eventually returned to help on the ground, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and various Iranian outlets countered this simply by repeating the mantra that the U.S. sponsored ISIS.

That may have been nonsense — after all, the Iranian-backed Bashar Assad regime in Syria did not once bomb the ISIS capital at Raqqa in its years of monopolizing Syrian airspace — but lies absent an effective response become conventional wisdom, especially when most Iraqis and Iranians (rightly) believe NATO member Turkey was culpable in ISIS’s rise.

So, back to the photos of Soleimani in Kirkuk: They are real and that’s a problem. But, buying into the image of Soleimani’s all-pervasive presence and influence in Iraq may actually be fulfilling the goals of Soleimani himself. Just because Soleimani takes a photo does not mean he is in direct control; it only means that he wants people to believe he is in direct control.

That doesn’t mean the U.S. shouldn’t try to counter Soleimani. Snatching him when, in contravention to U.N. sanctions, he is outside Iran would be a good place to start even considering the blowback which would surely follow. But getting dragged into an intra-Kurdish squabble or allowing Kurds to cynically and hypocritically play the Iran card against Iraq is simply counterproductive.

“I would simply ask him what he wants from us,” said a senior US military official. In addition to the soldiers killed this year, the US ambassador in Baghdad, James Jeffrey, said last summer that Iranian proxies accounted for roughly a quarter of US combat casualties in Iraq – around 1,100 deaths and many thousands more injuries.

Despite this, the US has landed few public blows on Suleimani’s close circle.

In March 2007, the British SAS captured a senior Hezbollah official, Ali Moussa Daqduq, who had allegedly planned an operation that killed seven soldiers in Karbala. The same year, US troops also captured two men in the Kurdish north who they believed were al-Quds leaders. Apart from that, the trophy cabinet remains bare – at least publicly. More troubling than the apparent dearth of tactical victories is how the rest of the year will play out.

The US – and some key neighbouring Sunni states – believe Iran’s strategy in Iraq as the conflict winds down is to keep the country in a permanent but manageable state of chaos.

“They keep it on simmer and turn it up and down when they want to,” said one Lebanese official in Beirut.

The senior US military spokesman in Iraq, Major General Jeffrey Buchanan agreed. “Their overall strategy has been to keep [Iraq] isolated from the rest of its neighbours and from the US, because that makes it likely that it will depend on Iran. They want Iraq to play a subordinate, weak role.”

Only Iraq’s lawmakers can stop the master-client relationship from becoming entrenched here. It’s a task that Kurdish legislator in the national parliament, Mahmoud Othman, fears may prove to be beyond his colleagues.

“Qassem Suleimani is the key man to every decision taken in Iraq,” he said.

“It is a shame to have such a man playing such a role in this country. There should be a relationship between equals like normal relations with normal states.”

If these charges are indeed true then Barry Soetoro could even be tried in a court of law. He betrayed an unwavering ally in order to placate his own people in Iran. This is why you never elect a man who has an Islamic name to the office of President of The United States of America. Let this serve as a lesson to those who voted for him out of white guilt.

When Obama decided it was a good idea to side with the terrorists instead of our allies it fast became obvious who he really was, an enemy to the western world. He is not a real American and his loyalties never lied with the real Americans. He was always on the wrong side of the argument, and on the wrong side of history. His presidency will always be a sore spot in American History, and rightly so. We as a nation have had to suffer bad presidencies before, but never had we had to suffer a president who clearly sided with the enemies over our own peace-loving allies.

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