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Chuck Yarling

An Unbelievable Nightmare For A North Texas Veteran

It all began on this past Veterans Day when U.S. Army veteran 47-year-old Ernest Walker went into a Cedar Hill, Texas, Chili’s Restaurant to take advantage of their offer of a free meal for veterans.



It all began on this past Veterans Day when U.S. Army veteran 47-year old Ernest Walker went into a Cedar Hill, Texas, Chili’s Restaurant to take advantage of their offer of a free meal for veterans. He had entered the place wearing an army uniform without his name or rank. His thought was he didn’t want to be mistaken for someone on active duty.

Shortly after he was handed a to-go box, the man at the counter grabbed it away from him. It turned out that he was the manager. What followed was an unbelievable nightmare for Walker.

Another customer previously told the manager, Wesley Patrick, that Walker was not a “real soldier” because he was wearing his hat indoors. Patrick asked Walker for his military ID; he did so and also provided his discharge papers. It was then that Patrick took away his to-go box. He recalled:

I looked around and I’m embarrassed at this point. People are looking. I’m a soldier. I’m a person and everybody’s looking like I stole food.”

Then adding insult to the situation, Patrick told Walker his dog was not a service dog. This was totally uncalled for since his dog was wearing a red service vest and had certified service tags.

Fortunately, Walker had recorded the entire event, which he later posted on Facebook. Needless to say, Chili’s Grill & Bar later apologized for the incident and Patrick was suspended until an investigation into the matter was completed.

But, the nightmare continued. After speaking publicly about the incident, his personal information (home address, phone number, and Social Security number) was released to the public by a news outlet. Soon thereafter, he began receiving harrassing phone calls from blocked numbers with one threatening his service animal.

Lee Merritt, Walker’s attorney, said:

Many of the threats has reviewed seem to come from ex-military who have chosen to believe that Mr. Walker has stolen valor. But also, there are veterans who have come to Mr. Walker’s aid, of other races.”

Now here is the sorry end of this nightmare: he and his wife had to move out of his house and are now staying in a motel as a matter of precaution.

One good thing to come out of this story after his Facebook posting is that Walker started receiving donations rising up to $6000 by November 22, 2016. He will be donating those funds to help needy veterans.

And one more good thing: Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team, offered Walker season tickets. Cuban also followed up his generous offer by saying he would donate money to feed veterans.

This whole story was the result of a false stolen valor accusation. And that’s a sad thing for us veterans to see this happen to anyone.


Note: the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 states that falsely claiming to be a veteran and/or falsely wearing medals is legal. However, it is illegal to intend to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit from doing so.

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Chuck Yarling

So Did You Miss Columbus Day This Year?

CNN won’t ever tell you This!



Really, did you miss Columbus Day this year?

Many people did by abiding the political correctness mandate of celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day as did 55 cities across America.

Obviously, the mayors of those cities decided to ignore this federal holiday.

It all started with that poor multi-millionaire quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, last year taking a knee during the national anthem before the San Francisco Forty-49ers football games. Then players from other teams joined him to protest. As Kaerpnick said

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Sure that makes sense: kneeling during the national anthem for which we active duty miltary personnel and veterans fought, bled and died. Oh, and by the way, have you ever noticed any the these idiotic football players protest outside of the football game or take their grievances to the media? No, neither did I.

So here is an example of what many uninformed, uneducated imbeciles believe and publicly say about Columbus. On October 9, 2017, Professor Jason Nichols from the University of Maryland argued with Tucker Carlson about Columbus. The first words out of his mouth were “facts” that Columbus terrorized and murdered 250,000 Americans in two years.

What? American citizens? Are you kidding me? In 1492? How many ways is this statement wrong?

1. Columbus never made it to America.

2. Obviously, he didn’t kill 200,000 people.

3. America didn’t exist for another 200 years.


4. The accusation that he brought diseases that killed indigenous people is not factual, either.

So what about those diseases? It was the Spanish conquistadors who brought infectious diseases to the Americas. Indeed, by about two centuries after 1492,

Approximately 95% of 20 million people were dead, almost entirely killed by disease.

The aforementioned “facts” are some of the arguments that leftists, anti-fascists, and social justice warriors are perpetrating on America. Therefore Columbus Day is not to be celebrated and his memory and statues need to removed from our sight. So those 55 cities across the U.S. did not celebrate that federal holiday but, instead, celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day!

Let us not forget that Christopher Columbus set the stage for colonization of North America and ultimately led to “we the people” living in the freest, greatest nation in the history of the world.

We the people” will do our best to ignore the garbage being perpetrated on us by those who do not believe as we do and will act accordingly by keeping our sanity, history, and beliefs. We will not submit to you – and there are many more of us than you!

You leftists, anti-fascists, and social justice warriors have no place in our society, so just please go away. You do not belong here!

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Chuck Yarling

Amazing! Yes, A Woman Has Received The U.S. Medal Of Honor

The more you know…



Meet Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, a woman with many titles: surgeon, abolitionist, suffragist, prohibitionist, prisoner of war, and the only woman to have received the U.S. Medal of Honor.

Born on November 26, 1832, Mary Walker was raised in a home where “thinking outside of the box” wasn’t commonplace: free thinking, questioning regulations and restrictions on women. Needless to say, this was certainly revolutionary for the times. For example, she kept her name after her marriage to fellow student, Albert Miller.

She was highly interested in medicine and pored over her father’s medical texts on anatomy and physiology as well as other medical litereature. She graduated with honors from Syracuse Medical College in New York at the age of 23 in 1855.

She was in private practice until the Civil War broke out in 1861. She wanted to join the army as a surgeon but wasn’t allowed to because she was a woman. Because of her credentials, she didn’t want to be a nurse, either. So she volunteered as an unpaid surgeon for a number of military hospitals and battlefields for the Union Army. She was the first female surgeon to do so.

On April 10, 1864, Walker was captured by Confederate troops, and arrested as a spy, just after she finished helping a Confederate doctor perform an amputation. However, she was exchanged for a Confederate surgeon just four months later.

After the war, she was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Andrew Johnson even though she was a civilian. But the medal was rescinded in 1917. As with her nature, she wore the medal until she died two years later.

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter restored her medal posthumously because she had gone into enemy territory to care for the suffering vicitms, when no man had the courage to do so, for they feared being captured and imprisoned.

The Citation for Medal of Honor:

Whereas it appears from official reports that Dr. Mary E. Walker, a graduate of medicine, “has rendered valuable service to the Government, and her efforts have been earnest and untiring in a variety of ways,” and that she was assigned to duty and served as an assistant surgeon in charge of female prisoners at Louisville, Ky., upon the recommendation of Major-Generals Sherman and Thomas, and faithfully served as contract surgeon in the service of the United States, and has devoted herself with much patriotic zeal to the sick and wounded soldiers, both in the field and hospitals, to the detriment of her own health, and has also endured hardships as a prisoner of war four months in a Southern prison while acting as contract surgeon; and Whereas by reason of her not being a commissioned officer in the military service, a brevet or honorary rank cannot, under existing laws, be conferred upon her; and Whereas in the opinion of the President an honorable recognition of her services and sufferings should be made.

It is ordered, That a testimonial thereof shall be hereby made and given to the said Dr. Mary E. Walker, and that the usual medal of honor for meritorious services be given her.”

So thank you, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, for representing all women in this list of 3,497 Medal of Honor recipients!

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Chuck Yarling

Here’s A Look At Our Military’s New Weapon Systems

Some badass firepower!



President Trump had promised to build a strong military during his candidacy and has followed through with it as president. However, most people are unaware of what our military has done in the past few years. So here is a list of the currently available new weapons systems.


HEL Photon Cannon 

Boeing’s High Energy Laser (HEL) is sometimes referred to as a “death ray on wheels”. The Army’s new laser has already been “successfully used to blast some UAV drones and 60mm mortars.”


The Army’s Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA) uses a 30-kilowatt laser that has shown the ability to shoot down a drone.

AN/SEQ-3 (XN-1)

This weapons system is being used by the Navy as a defensive weapon on a ship that will “shoot down incoming missiles, drones, boats and other potential threats.” It will eventually be a 150 kilowatt weapon that will be eventually placed on a destroyer or aircraft carrier.


The High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) is a laser weapon designed for use by the Air Force “to defend against surface-to-air threats” such as enemy aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, and rockets.


The Laser Identification through Scattering and Beam Recognition (LITSABR) is defensive weapon designed to detect laser beams being projected by enemy forces.

It should be noted that lasers are viewed as so important that members of congress have asked the military to get them into the field – faster.



The Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile (CHAMP), is a non-lethal missile that projects a microwave pulse that effectively acts as an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP). The EMP will shut down all computers and electronics within its range.


The Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) is designed to serve the Army, Marines, and Navy. It is “equipped to allow for laser, millimeter-wave and thermal targeting systems to be installed.”


This is a 40 mm guided missile designed to be launched from a grenade launcher that can reach up to 1.2 miles.


This is a 12 pound, 22 inch long, laser-guided missile designed to be launched from a drone at enemy ground forces and equipment.

Bombs and Projectiles

Programmable Ammunition

This new technology makes it possible for any larger gun to fire shells that can be programmed to explode with pinpoint accuracy, either before, above or inside a target.”

Small Diameter Bomb II

This 208 pound, 70 inch long all-weather laser-guided bomb that can travel up to 40 miles.

Electromagnetic Railgun

The railgun is designed for ships to launch projectiles electromagnetically (rather than by traditional means) at speeds greater than 4,500 mph (about Mach 6 or six times the speed of sound) to targets more than 100 miles away.

Weapons and Weapon Systems

Mk 38 Mod 2 Bushmaster autocannon

Also known as the Typhoon Weapon System, this is a 25-mm machine gun installed for ship self-defense to counter High Speed Maneuvering Surface Targets (aka “fast boats”).

And finally, the

Saab M4 Carl Gustav

The Carl Gustav is an 84 mm man-portable reusable anti-tank recoilless rifle. It becomes a shoulder-fired rocket launcher if a post-firing booster is added. This weapon is designed to be used against both personnel and tanks.

Welcome the 21st Century and our U.S. Armed Forces.

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