Obama Slips And Makes Shocking Admission About Immigrants He Allowed In On Live T.V., Reporter Left Speechless!

President Trump has received mass amounts of complaints and protests for wanting to secure the American borders and properly vet immigrants. The backlash comes from liberals who don’t understand national security nor do they understand how a double standard works. In other words, liberals are butt-hurt snowflakes still tearing up over Hillary’s loss and this is their mentally deranged temper tantrum.

Allow me to present to you, a video that shows former democrat President, Obama, saying words very much like those of President Trump.

Obama said that we cannot allow for people to pour into the country undocumented and unchecked? It’s not a fake news story. He really said it and here’s the video to remind you.

Not sure who the guy next to Obama is, a reporter maybe, but he looks kind of freaked out at what Obama is saying.

Bill Clinton also said something similar in regards to protecting the American borders, increasing security, and making sure our immigrants are thoroughly checked out.

When democrat Presidents wanted to protect the border, the democrats and liberals were OK with it. Now that Donald Trump says it, the leftists have lost their minds.

But they were just cheering on Clinton and Obama, so what’s different?

I’ll tell you. Liberals just don’t like to lose. They didn’t care who they lost to, they were going to complain about every little thing the winner decided upon.

The backlash against securing borders and increasing national security against terrorist attacks is outlandish. It doesn’t even make sense. These are measures that would save American lives.

Let’s use 9/11 as an example. When people crashed planes into the twin towers, did they care who was democrat or republican? They did not. They blew everyone up.

Securing borders is something that can protect EVERYONE in America, even the little snowflake crybabies.

Here’s Bill Clinton, also a former democrat President, speaking about illegal immigration. This sounds a lot like Donald Trump too, doesn’t it?

If liberals and democrats continue whining about losing and don’t ever become part of the solution, then I wouldn’t be shocked if there is not ever a democrat President again.

The people on the left are the biggest reason why the people on the right voted for Trump.

Let’s be honest folks, even right wingers kinda laugh at the concept of Trump being President. Come on, he was on reality TV shows and bashed people’s head in on a guest appearance at a wrestling event. He has no experience whatsoever. But you know what? Voting for Trump, like I did, felt great because it crushed so many little liberal hearts.

I’ll vote Trump again in 2020 if it makes but one liberal cry.

Until liberals grow up and realize that THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, then we will always vote for whoever runs against them.

I don’t care if we nominate a three-legged mute gopher for the GOP, I’ll vote for it so the liberals get triggered and cry like this.

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