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Obama In Hiding After His Disgusting New Secret Plan Gets Out About What His Terrorist Buddies Are Doing In U.S.



After 8 years of committing treason against the United States, it’s incomprehensible how Barack Hussein Obama isn’t sitting in GITMO right now. Creating ISIS, setting high-ranking terrorists free from GITMO, and putting our sworn enemy of Iran on a path to nuclear arms was just part of his treasonous antics, while at the same time this POS worked behind the scenes to cripple our military, getting countless troops killed with his asinine updates to our military’s ROE (Rules Of Engagement). While all those things are beyond alarming, what just came to light about what Obama’s Muslim terrorist buddies are now doing in the United States will make you a firm believer that this man needs to be tried and executed for treason.

If you thought Obama’s nuclear Iran deal was bad, you won’t believe what else was just exposed about the former president’s true intentions behind it, as his plan for arming Iran with nukes was only half of his diabolical plan.

Part of the Iranian Nuclear deal as we all know, was for the United States to give clemency to 7 Iranian prisoners in exchange for 4 American prisoners, who Obama publicly stated had merely “violated economic sanctions.” But that was disturbingly a massive lie from the pit of hell. In breaking report, we are learning that these seven Muslim individuals had been in prison for actively threatening US national security, as they’d been caught procuring weapons to known terrorists who were planning to carry out terror attacks against the United States. Keep in mind, Obama knew about the disturbing background of these individuals this the ENTIRE TIME, but chose to lie to the American people about why they were set free. Via The Politico:

On Jan. 17, 2016, President Barack Obama went on national TV to announce the formal implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran, and another top-secret deal that secured the release of four Iranian-Americans imprisoned by Tehran. In exchange, Obama said, he was granting clemency to six Iranian-Americans and one Iranian man convicted or awaiting trial in the U.S. for violations of U.S. sanctions laws, and that none of them were charged with “terrorism or any violent offenses.”

This entire swap was done against the will of several veteran prosecutors that Obama’s administration overruled, in an attempt to get these radical Muslim terrorists back on the streets in order to wage further jihad against the United States and the West. The New York Post reported:

In a blockbuster exposé, Politico’s Josh Meyer reports that Team Obama overruled veteran prosecutors to free seven Iranians, claiming publicly they’d merely violated economic sanctions. In fact, they were charged with posing threats to US national security as part of a weapons procurement ring.

More, the administration also dropped charges against 14 fugitives involved in smuggling sophisticated weapons to Iran and its terrorist subsidiaries. That move ended the international arrest warrants against the 14 — and Obama & Co. had been obstructing efforts to apprehend them.

What’s even disturbing, is that in addition to these seven terrorists, there’s an additional 14 that were included in part of the nuclear deal that Obama didn’t mention, all fugitives that were wanted by the United States. But Obama dropped all charges and international arrest warrants against them, citing BS about “significant foreign policy interests.” Just to give you an idea of how dangerous these terrorists are that Obama released back onto the streets, here’s their rap sheet as put together by Politico:

Bahram Mechanic A dual U.S. and Iranian citizen and accused ringleader of a Houston-based procurement network operating since at least 1985. A 24-count indictment unsealed in April 2015 charged Mechanic and alleged associates Khosrow Afghahi and Tooraj Faridi with illegally supplying Iran with U.S.-origin microelectronics and other commodities “frequently used in a wide range of military systems, including surface-air and cruise missiles.” Prosecutors said Mechanic’s network, including four corporations also indicted, sent at least $24 million worth of commodities to Iran between July 2010 and early 2015 alone. “The proliferation of sensitive U.S. technologies to Iran and the direct support to their military and weapons programs remains a clear threat to U.S. national security,” then-Assistant FBI Director Randall Coleman said when the charges were announced. A report by the Institute for Science and International Security said the case highlighted how skilled Iranian procurement agents “continue to seek sensitive goods from inside the United States and increase the sophistication of their schemes in order to reduce chances of detection.” All three pleaded not guilty, and were in custody or on bail and facing more than 20 years in prison when pardoned.

Nima Golestaneh An Iranian national accused of spearheading an elaborate October 2012 conspiracy to steal for Iran millions of dollars worth of sensitive information from a Vermont-based defense contractor, including proprietary software to help its customers with aerodynamics analysis and design issues.

U.S. cybersecurity experts said the case was part of a broader campaign by Iran to hack aerospace firms, airports and airlines around the world. The government of Turkey had turned over Golestaneh, reportedly in an effort to persuade the U.S. to extradite Pennsylvania-based activist and cleric Fethullah Gulen, who was wanted in Turkey on charges of trying to overthrow the government. Golestaneh had pleaded guilty to wire fraud and computer fraud; he was in custody and scheduled to be sentenced when freed.

Nader Modanlo — A naturalized U.S. citizen born in Iran and living in Potomac, Maryland, Modanlo was convicted in June 2013 of charges arising from a conspiracy to illegally provide satellite hardware and technology to Iran over many years, and with receiving $10 million as part of a secret effort to help Tehran launch its first-ever satellite. When Modanlo, who also had worked for NASA subcontractors, was sentenced to eight years in federal prison, senior Defense Criminal Investigative Service official Robert E. Craig, Jr. said the case showed how the U.S. will “aggressively and tirelessly pursue and prosecute anyone who willfully violates laws that are designed to preserve and protect our nation’s most critical technologies and resources … [to ensure] the safety of America’s warfighters and all Americans.” Modanlo initially refused the deal, citing his pending appeal, but accepted it after authorities dropped their $10 million claim on his assets.

Arash Ghahreman — A naturalized U.S. citizen born in Iran, Ghahreman was a former engineer for the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, which has been sanctioned by the U.S., United Nations and EU for advancing Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Ghahreman headed a U.S.-based Iranian procurement network that acquired a wide array of American goods and technologies with possible military and weapons uses for users in Iran. A years-long undercover operation produced video of the Staten Island, New York, resident discussing with federal agents posing as prospective suppliers how some items could be used for electronic warfare, and how the initial deal could lead to a lucrative business relationship because his associates needed “reliable, trustable partners.” After a San Diego jury convicted him in April 2015, the Justice Department’s top national security official, Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, said “these violations of the Iran Trade Embargo have the potential to harm U.S. national security objectives …” Ghahreman was serving a 6 1/2-year prison sentence when freed.

Ali Saboonchi — A naturalized U.S. citizen born in Iran and living in Parkville, Maryland, Saboonchi was accused of setting up the Ace Electric Co. at the behest of an Iranian co-conspirator, and using it as part of a procurement network that illegally shipped industrial parts and components to Iranian users. After he was convicted in August 2014, FBI’s Baltimore chief Steve Vogt said, “This case and trial gave the public a rare view into the lengths Mr. Saboonchi and others like him will go to break the law of this country and aid our foreign adversaries. We work every day to keep what may seem like benign technology and ideas created here in America from being used against us.” Saboonchi was serving a two-year sentence in a federal prison in Virginia when released.

The 14 fugitives whose cases and international arrest warrants were dropped:

The Justice Department and other U.S. agencies never provided details of the 14 cases against Iranian fugitives that it dropped as part of the deal, including the names of the defendants or the charges against them, only confirming the cases of the seven men granted clemency by Obama. These case histories have been compiled from federal court documents and other records, based on identities of the men initially disclosed by Iran’s FARS news service. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari initially told reporters in Tehran that a total of 28 Iranians “were freed or were relieved of judicial restrictions within the framework of the agreement,” but did not identify the other seven, and those cases have never been confirmed. U.S. officials had no comment.

Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili An Iranian import-export businessman charged with procuring nuclear-related equipment for Iran from 2005 through 2012, including conspiring with Chinese associate Sihai Cheng to obtain hundreds of U.S.-made pressure transducers for the gas centrifuges Iran used to secretly enrich uranium. “As this case illustrates, the FBI will do everything it can to keep U.S. weapons technology and other restricted materials from falling into the wrong hands and hurting our nation’s security,” the FBI’s Boston director Harold Shaw said after Cheng pleaded guilty Dec. 18, 2015 and was sentenced to nine years in prison. But on Jan. 16, 2016, the same Boston prosecutors who charged Cheng, Jamili and two Iranian companies in 2013 were told by superiors to dismiss all charges against Jamili “based upon issues regarding securing extradition of the defendant and significant foreign policy interests.”

Amin Ravan An Iranian citizen known to be a long-time procurement agent for Iran, Ravan and his Iran-based company IC Market Iran were charged in 2011 with smuggling U.S.-made military antennas to Hong Kong and Singapore. Authorities alleged that Ravan worked with a Singapore firm, Corezing International, to acquire the antennas and a wide array of other components for users in Iran. They also say he was involved in a sprawling Iranian procurement network that was charged with helping Iran acquire U.S. radio frequency modules and other components that ended up in a particularly deadly form of IED that was responsible for killing many American troops in Iraq. Ravan was arrested in Malaysia in 2012, and released before U.S. authorities could have him extradited.

Behrouz Dolatzadeh — An Iranian citizen and longtime weapons smuggler for Iran, Dolatzadeh is suspected by U.S. authorities of being active as far back as 1995 in a wide range of procurement activities, some in connection with a secretive business empire linked to Iran’s hard-line Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He was indicted under seal in Arizona in February 2012, lured to the Czech Republic by an undercover agent, arrested and charged in connection with an alleged scheme to buy thousands of U.S.-made assault rifles for ultimate use in Iran. Dolatzadeh was convicted by a Czech court on local arms smuggling charges but released, after claiming entrapment on appeal. Authorities said Dolatzadeh was also charged in a 1995 case in Ohio with being part of a seven-person conspiracy to ship sensitive military radios, scramblers and decoders to Iran. One senior Justice Department prosecutor called the network “a serious threat to national security” at the time. Dolatzadeh was identified as an official with the Iranian Defense Ministry, according to a 1995 report on the indictment by The Associated Press.

Hamid Arabnejad, Gholamreza Mahmoudi and Ali Moattar Three Iranian citizens and executives at Mahan Air, they were indicted in 2014 in connection with a conspiracy to illegally obtain by lease agreement as many as six Boeing airplanes on behalf of the private Iranian airline. The Treasury Department officially sanctioned Mahan Air in 2011 for providing financial material and technological support to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and its elite Qods Force, saying the paramilitary group transported personnel, weapons and goods on behalf of Lebanese Hezbollah. Arabnejad was individually sanctioned for allegedly overseeing Mahan Air’s efforts to evade U.S. and international sanctions, for working closely with Qods Force to coordinate Mahan Air’s support and services for it and for facilitating illicit cargo shipments to Syria. Mahmoudi, authorities alleged, was a corporate director who worked closely with Arabnejad, including “on sanctions evasion strategies to acquire U.S. aircraft.” Treasury also sanctioned front companies it said served as “part of the procurement backbone of Mahan Air, enabling the sanctioned airline to continue ferrying significant quantities of weapons and other illicit cargo into Syria on its own passenger aircraft to support the Assad regime’s violent crackdown against its own citizens.”

Matin Sadeghi A Turkish national indicted in April 2015 as part of Bahram Mechanic’s Houston-based procurement network, Sadeghi allegedly used his Istanbul trading company as an intermediary shipping point for dual-use U.S.-origin electronics exported illegally to Iran, including commodities “frequently used in a wide range of military systems, including surface-air and cruise missiles.” Sadeghi played a key role in helping Mechanic’s procurement network ship at least 28 million parts — worth $24 million — to Iran from 2010 to 2015, buying them from companies around the world and shipping them via third-party countries Turkey and Taiwan to evade U.S. restrictions, the indictment said.

Koorush Taherkhani An Iranian national and alleged co-conspirator in Ghahreman’s procurement network, Taherkhani was the managing director and founder of TIG Marine Engineering Services in Dubai, which was indicted along with him. Prosecutors said he used the firm as a front company to acquire U.S.-made navigation equipment for ultimate use in Iran. Like Ghahreman, he was an engineer for various Iranian shipping companies, including the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines and its subsidiaries. Taherkhani was also accused of hiring a fifth co-defendant, German national and Dubai resident Ergun Yildiz, to be the “face” of the front company to hide the Iranian connection. Yildiz ultimately assisted U.S. authorities and won early release.

Alireza Moazami Goudarzi An Iranian citizen, Goudarzi was charged in November 2012 in connection with an international conspiracy to illegally procure U.S. aircraft parts to Iran, including rotor blades for attack helicopters and other military and restricted aviation components. He was arrested after meeting with an undercover U.S. agent in Malaysia to purchase parts. Goudarzi’s indictment “reinforces HSI’s commitment to dismantle foreign procurement networks seeking to obtain sensitive technologies and components,” James Hayes, Jr., who headed DHS’s Homeland Security Investigations unit, said at the time. “These procurement networks pose a serious threat to our national security.” The Malaysian government refused to extradite Goudarzi to the U.S. and released him. His was the only case in which a federal judge questioned the Justice Department’s request to drop the charges, but the judge later approved it.

Jalal Salami — A dual U.S. and Iranian citizen who allegedly used his San Marco, California, firm in a conspiracy to procure U.S. electronic components for ultimate use in Iran through Malaysia. He was charged in 2011 with 29 counts related to the conspiracy. Two others, Iranian citizens Sajad Farhadi and Seyed Ahmad Abtahi, were also part of the procurement network, prosecutors said. Both worked for a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, firm that acted as a transshipment point for the U.S.-origin components. Authorities allege that Farhadi oversaw the Malaysia operations while Abtahi managed operations from Iran and identified specific components to be procured from U.S. companies. All three faced charges that could lead to long prison terms when the cases were dropped.

Mohammed A. Sharbaf — An Iranian citizen indicted with two others in 2005 for allegedly being part of a conspiracy to procure U.S.-origin forklift parts in violation of U.S. sanctions. Authorities said Sharbaf, president and managing director of Sepahan Lifter Co. in Iran, sought to illegally import forklift parts via a Dubai trading company.

Mohammad Abbas Mohammadi An Iranian citizen charged in 2013 with conspiring to illegally procure U.S.-origin aircraft parts – including engines – for use in civilian and military aircraft in Iran. The indictment alleges that Mohammadi was working on behalf of Iranian Aircraft Industries, a company controlled by the Tehran government, and that the parts were for the Iranian government’s military and civilian aircraft fleet.

This is absolutely sick. If you’re not convinced by now that Barack Hussein Obama is a domestic terrorist, I’d be willing to bet you’re a liberal with debilitating case of brain rot.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]

TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist, professional shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet who is very outspoken and doesn’t give a flying crap about your feelings when exposing the truth. If you want your daily dose of news delivered in the most politically incorrect way as possible, make sure you follow Prissy!

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It’s Official! The Camera Just Caught It…Secret Is Out Now After The Shocking Reveal!



First Lady Melania Trump has been exceptionally busy during her first Christmas season in the White House. Despite all the festivities and responsibilities she has in her new role, she kept herself even busier with spreading compassion to the hundreds of victims of this year’s natural disasters. Now that she’s back in Washington, D.C., she’s settling back into her festive routine for the rest of December when a photo was snapped of her and President Trump. While the shot looks stunning as ever, there’s something unexpected that the camera caught. Now the secret is out and the first lady is bracing herself for the inevitable attacks.

There is absolutely nothing this incredible presidential pair can do without coming under an onslaught of scrutiny from their detractors. The couple’s first White House Christmas picture was no exception. Everyone immediately noticed something “wrong” with it as soon as the official portrait was revealed. Now there’s no more hiding it and there’s nothing wrong with that either. However, leave it to hateful, anti-Christmas liberals to turn the image “issue” into major allegations against the Trumps.

Opposing Views reports:

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have revealed their official Christmas card for 2017.

The first lady debuted the card on Twitter on Dec. 14, reports Empty World.

In the caption accompanying the Trump’s Christmas card photo, the first lady tweeted: Merry Christmas from President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania [email protected] & @FLOTUS are seen Tuesday, December 5, in their official 2017 Christmas portrait, in the Cross Hall of the White House in Washington, D.C.”

Seems like an elegant and perfect Christmas card, right? Well, liberals took immediate notice and concern of something else. Rather than realizing that this was a shot that was supposed to be just of the President and First Lady, people began to react to the fact that their youngest son Barron, wasn’t in the photo greeting.

“This Christmas…Barron Trump is HOME ALONE!” one commenter said, cleverly making reference to the popular 1990 movie of the same name. As the remarks and question of the boy’s absence came pouring in, the next plausible step for Internet sleuths was to start a hashtag for it – since that’s what they do.

The hashtag “Where’s Barron” almost immediately made an appearance. “For the photo, the first lady wore a sleeveless, long, black dress, with pointed black stilettos, while the president wore a black tuxedo with a matching bow tie,” Opposing Views pointed out of our stunning first couple. “They are seen smiling, hand in hand, standing in front of the White House double doors, with two Christmas trees on either side, each of which is covered in fake snow.”

The couple is certainly used to the criticism at this point since it’s been a solid year of such ridiculous attacks that have no sign of slowing in the new year. They probably realized that they are “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” with including Barron in the picture since the criticism then would have been why they didn’t have the rest of Trump’s children in the shot. Chances are, they decided to just keep it simple.

Opposing Views has more:

Prior to unveiling the photo, the White House debuted a video of Melania Trump getting the property ready for the holidays, decorating the trees, preparing wreaths, and supervising the baking of cookies.

Stephanie Grisham, director of communications for the first lady’s office, confirmed via tweet that a huge gingerbread house was also prepared, constructed from 300 pounds of dough, reports Time.

Also on display are former President Ronald Reagan’s china and former President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1866 edition of “A Christmas Carol.”

More details on the decorations are provided by The Daily Beast, which reports that also on display are 71 wreaths, 53 Christmas trees, more than 18,000 lights, more than 12,000 ornaments, over 3,100 yards of ribbon and more than 1,000 feet of garland.

The Daily Beast’s Tim Teeman thought it was overkill, however, and declared it the “creepiest home space in America,” comparing it to scenery from a Tim Burton movie and recommending that the first lady keep the Christmas decorations up for next Halloween.

In addition to the card and video, Melania Trump also issued an official Christmas statement, reports Time. “The President, Barron, and I are very excited for our first Christmas in the White House,” she said. “As with many families across the country, holiday traditions are very important to us. I hope when visiting the People’s House this year, visitors will get a sense of being home for the holidays.”

The root of the issue is probably jealousy that the Trumps are in the White House and Hillary Clinton is not on this Christmas card as she and all of her supporters expected to see before her major loss in the presidential elections. We have a lot of reasons to celebrate this season and the two people in this picture have a lot to do with that.

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BREAKING NEWS: The Truth Just Came Out – Trump Was RIGHT! They’re Going DOWN!



Ever since Trump became president, the liberal media has been incessant in their efforts to invent scandals that will get him impeached. One of their favorite fake narratives is it to paint Trump as a sexual predator, where before the election, women were coming out of the woodwork with outlandish claims, suspiciously waiting for decades to drop their stories until the presidential race.  Now Fox News’ Sean Hannity has delivered an unbelievable bombshell about the women who made  these sexual misconduct allegations against Trump, after promising several days ago that this latest scandal would tear the Democratic Party apart.

Liberals never let the truth get in the way of a good story, and for months, we’ve witnessed the unbelievable lengths they will go to in order to get our President impeached. You’d think after being busted for their fake story about Trump peeing on Obama’s bed with Russian hookers, that leftists would be more careful about the lies they weave, but given the fact that liberals only possess 3 functioning brain cells on average, they’ll continue to make the same mistake again and again.

Liberals have just been busted in another major whopper, as Hannity’s investigation is uncovering that it was a California lawyer behind these fake Trump accusers’ stories, where lawyer Lisa Bloom offered to pay these women off for their lies. Bloom not only got these women to lie to further this nasty sexual narrative about Trump, but compensated these women quite greatly, paying one woman’s mortgage off, and securing a six-figure payment to another. 

California lawyer Lisa Bloom who paid women to fabricate sexual allegations against President Trump

The Hill reports:

A well-known women’s rights lawyer sought to arrange compensation from donors and tabloid media outlets for women who made or considered making sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump during the final months of the 2016 presidential race, according to documents and interviews.

California lawyer Lisa Bloom’s efforts included offering to sell alleged victims’ stories to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself, arranging a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempting to secure a six-figure payment for another woman who ultimately declined to come forward after being offered as much as $750,000, the clients told The Hill.

The women’s accounts were chronicled in contemporaneous contractual documents, emails and text messages reviewed by The Hill, including an exchange of texts between one woman and Bloom that suggested political action committees supporting Hillary Clinton were contacted during the effort.

Bloom, who has assisted dozens of women in prominent harassment cases and also defended film executive Harvey Weinstein earlier this year, represented four women considering making accusations against Trump last year. Two went public, and two declined.

In a statement to The Hill, Bloom acknowledged she engaged in discussions to secure donations for women who made or considered making accusations against Trump before last year’s election.

“Donors reached out to my firm directly to help some of the women I represented,” said Bloom, whose clients have also included accusers of Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly.

Bloom said her goal in securing money was not to pressure the women to come forward, but rather to help them relocate or arrange security if they felt unsafe during the waning days of a vitriolic election. She declined to identify any of the donors.

And while she noted she represented sexual harassment victims for free or at reduced rates, she also acknowledged a standard part of her contracts required women to pay her commissions as high as 33 percent if she sold their stories to media outlets.

“Our standard pro bono agreement for legal services provides that if a media entity offers to compensate a client for sharing his or her story we receive a percentage of those fees. This rarely happens. But, on occasion, a case generates media interest and sometimes (not always) a client may receive an appearance fee,” she said.

It’s absolutely startling the lengths that these nasty Trump haters will go to in order to get him removed from office. There’s already liberal morons calling for Trump’s impeachment over these false allegations, as they see how successful these tactics worked to destroy Roy Moore’s senate race bid. One of Moore’s accusers was Beverly Young Nelson, the ex-waitress who charged that Moore groped her when she was 16 and he was in his 30s, and used her high school yearbook bearing Moore’s signature as “proof” that she knew him. Even though Nelson would be busted for plagiarizing the  yearbook entry, liberals still used the woman’s false testimony as a way to push the narrative that Moore was a “sexual predator.”

Despite the barrage of fake news, traitors infiltrating his administration, and half the country working to get him impeached, President Trump is still kicking ass and fulfilling his campaign promises to make America great again. Be sure to help expose this lie about our President and share this story. Knowledge is power!


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BREAKING: It Just Happened! He Broke Federal Law And Will Be Heading To Prison – Trump FURIOUS!



Back in the good old days, traitors to this country were hanged by their necks until dead. Fast forward to today, and not only are treasonous politicians still in office, but they’re leading illegal acts of sabotage against our President and lying under oath. After recently learning that FBI director James Comey predetermined the outcome of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email by not even investigating her, another unbelievable bombshell has just exploded about what he did with evidence against her. While Comey might have gotten away with his antics in the past, the felony he committed is so severe, he could soon be heading to prison and paying dearly for his unbelievable crimes against this country.

Comey’s illegal escapades began during the Senate Judiciary Committee last year where he lied under oath about Hillary Clinton not being guilty of using her private email server to store classified and above-top-secret documents.  He’s popped his head out several times this year making various appearances before congressional committees to make contradictory or false statements while under oath, defiantly disregarding his position to uphold the law. Now Fox News just got their hands of a set of documents revealing that Comey intentionally tampered with evidence in order to water down the FBI’s findings. And that is a huge felony. 

FBI Director James Comey addresses the media after visiting with employees and other law enforcement officials, Tuesday, April 5, 2016, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

According to Fox News:

Newly released documents obtained by Fox News reveal that then-FBI Director James Comey’s draft statement on the Hillary Clinton email probe was edited numerous times before his public announcement, in ways that seemed to water down the bureau’s findings considerably.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, sent a letter to the FBI on Thursday that shows the multiple edits to Comey’s highly scrutinized statement.

In an early draft, Comey said it was “reasonably likely” that “hostile actors” gained access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email account. That was changed later to say the scenario was merely “possible.”

Another edit showed language was changed to describe the actions of Clinton and her colleagues as “extremely careless” as opposed to “grossly negligent.” This is a key legal distinction.

Johnson, writing about his concerns in a letter Thursday to FBI Director Christopher Wray, said the original “could be read as a finding of criminality in Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material.”

He added, “The edited statement deleted the reference to gross negligence – a legal threshold for mishandling classified material – and instead replaced it with an exculpatory sentence.”

The edits also showed that references to specific potential violations of statutes on “gross negligence” regarding classified information and “misdemeanor handling” were removed.

Making false statements or tampering with a federal investigation is a serious federal crime, as spelled out in Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code. A number of people have been convicted and sent to prison for far less crimes than Comey, including Martha Stewart, whose crimes were extremely minor when compared to what Comey schemed up with Hillary. The former FBI director could also be tried for many additional felonies, as this statute is used to prove perjury, false declarations, and obstruction of justice; all crimes that Comey committed in the case of Hillary Clinton.

It’s time that President Trump drains the swamp and holds these swamp rats accountable for their crimes once and for all. The FBI is now fully operating as essentially Obama’s secret police, as these law enforcement agencies are now doing the bidding of slimy politicians, rather than upholding their oath, which is to pursue impartial justice on behalf of the public.

The FBI continues to prove just how out of control they are, as these agents clearly considers themselves above the law. Until they are throw in prison, they’ll continue to do serve as the foot soldiers for swamp creatures like Hillary Clinton, who still isn’t giving up on her dreams to become president in 2020.


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