Police Just Stopped Muslim Acting Odd And Found Americans’ Worst Nightmare In His Backpack

Excuse me, sir! Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? Just kidding, but I am pretty sure, after watching the video below, that this man may need to seek some help because there’s no telling where this man would’ve gone or done had the police not acted quickly.

OK, can we peek into your backpack?  WOAH!! Wait until you see the safari task force worth of weaponry in this man’s backpack. You could probably pick this guy up with a giant car magnet, that’s how many machetes he has in his bag.

You’re putting it lightly when you say the man had “multiple machetes” because this guy is either preparing to trim an entire forest or he was about to slay some Christians in a terror attack.

Police in London stopped a Muslim man with a backpack and after a search discovered several machetes wrapped up inside. Who carries machetes around like that? Terrorists are the usual suspects. If you think this can’t happen in the US…Remember Minnesota last year?

What do you do with all those blades? Here’s a list of things you can do with multiple machetes:

  1. Kill people.
  2. Cut the lawn.
  3. Kill more people.
  4. Cut your neighbors lawn.
  5. Kill the rest of the people.
  6. Kill animals.
  7. Cut your uncle’s lawn.
  8. Kill the planet.
  9. Sell them to other people who will kill more people and cut more lawns.
  10. Sell them to the pawn shop.

What else is there to do with that many machetes? I own some landscaping equipment too, but not multiples of things. I wouldn’t need more than one machete to trim a bush, that’s for sure. Even if it was a huge bush, I still wouldn’t need that many machetes.

What else could they be for then? Was there a knife attack planned? Perhaps something similar to the London Bridge Attack when people were recently ran over with a van and attacked with blades. There was also the attack in Minnesota where a man was sliced and diced with a machete.


Here’s what you can do with a machete. Pretty nasty right? Imagine this man was stabbed in a lethal area on his body? How about the people who lost their lives or suffered serious injuries in the London Bridge Attack? Machetes and blade weapons are no joke. They’re not to me taken lightly. They can and will destroy you if you’re attacked by one and have no means of defense.

About that attack in Minnesota:

The man who stabbed 10 people at a Minnesota mall had become interested in Islam in the last several months, withdrew from his friends and encouraged female relatives to be more religious, the FBI said on Thursday.

‘We were told (he) had not previously shown an interest in religion,’ FBI Special Agent Rick Thornton said at a news conference.

He said 20-year-old Dahir Ahmed Adan went from being a high academic performer to failing out of college ‘almost overnight’ after taking an increased interest in Islam.

‘The totality of Dahir Adan’s behavior and the actions suggest he may have been radicalized either with the influence of others or on his own,’ Thornton said.

During the news briefing, authorities released graphic videos of the September 17 attack, showing parts of Adan’s rampage through the Crossroads Center mall, and his fatal confrontation with off-duty officer Jason Falconer.

All 10 people who were stabbed during the attack survived their injuries.

What would you do if you were the police? Would you confiscate the blades? Would you ask the man to prove where he’s taking them? Do butchers use machetes? From what I know about machetes, which could be completely wrong (correct me if I’m incorrect), but aren’t machetes used to clear brush in the jungle? Was this man on his way to a jungle where him and his friends were having an Australian brush clearing party?

What if the man really was a landscaper who was hired to clear bamboo from someone’s yard and the cops totally ruined his day?

That would be slightly humorous, but it might be a safer bet to confiscate the weapons unless the man had proof that he was on his way to a job and he was an actual landscaper or contractor.

People must be safe and diligent when it comes to public security. It’s probably better to ruin a landscaper’s day than to allow a man to walk freely with weapons that could be used for a terrorist attack.

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