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DISGRACEFUL: Former Presidents Now Refuse To Attend Trump’s Inauguration

Is Trump being intentionally snubbed?



Usually, living presidents attend the inauguration of an incoming president. But it looks like Donald Trump is facing a major snub at his inauguration: so far, only one president has said that he will attend. And it’s probably not who you would imagine.

There are currently four living ex-presidents: Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. The only one who has RSVPed is Jimmy Carter. George H.W. Bush, who is 92, has said he can’t attend due to his age, and his son, George W. Bush, has not yet decided if he will attend. Freddy Ford, his spokesman, said he will decide after the new year.

Bill Clinton, meanwhile, seems to be having a crisis of conscience as to whether or not he should attend. On the one hand, Trump ran against Clinton’s wife and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump engaged in a rather vicious election cycle. However, former presidents typically only skip an inauguration if their health prevents them from attending, and if Bill Clinton doesn’t attend, it could make him seem petty and bitter. Sources from the Clinton camp say that he is leaning towards not going.

Barack Obama’s first inauguration, in 2009, had all four living presidents in attendance.

The inauguration will take place on January 20th, with both Donald Trump and Mike Pence sworn in as president and vice president, respectively, at the United States Capitol. Afterwards, there will be an inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Later that evening, Trump and Pence will attend their inaugural balls.

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Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot's Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.


Hillary Just Humiliated Herself Again In Public When Everyone Sees What’s Hanging Off Of Her

Glad she’s not President!



Good ol’ Hillary Clinton was signing autographs for her “What Happened” book when people noticed something strange hanging off both of her arms. She was walking a little bit funny and that’s when people noticed something that wasn’t there before. Hillary was using two arm braces to walk with. No one could figure out why she was using the walking equipment, but then someone finally learned the real reason behind her new walk and set of equipment.

I guess someone asked the former First Lady “what happened” and that’s when we found out that Hillary broke a toe while praising the NFL protesters who take a knee. Looks like she didn’t quite take a knee, but she gave a toe.

Valiant effort, Clinton. You’ve now helped divide the country even further by supporting the disrespectful behavior of overpaid athletes and self-centered celebrities. I guess if the shoe fits, then wear it – of course, if she can get it over that broken toe of hers, then, by all means, she could be the leader of the NFL players protesting the flag herself.

Just don’t expect her to kneel, because she’s old and she might become the new face of a Life Alert commercial.

Imagine the scenario when a phone rings and an emergency service operator answers.

“Hello, what’s your emergency” says the random phone operator.
“Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” replies Hillary Clinton.
“Maam, what happened?” says the random phone operator.
“Aren’t I supposed to ask you that?” as she moans in pain with a broken toe.

Via FOX 61:

Hillary Clinton was in Middletown on Saturday to sign her new book, “What Happened,” which talks about her 2016 campaign for president. The signing was at 11 a.m., however hundreds of people gathered outside R J Julia Bookstore in Middletown much earlier, some since 7 a.m.

People were allowed to have two books signed, so some brought older books of Clintons to also be signed. Once people were let inside the building, they were able to shake Clinton’s hand, get their books signed, and exchange a few words.

I suppose the location of this particular book signing by Hillary wasn’t as bad as when she signed books next to toilet paper in Costco. You can tell Costco could care less about her considering she was seated next to a huge stack of paper used to clean people’s rear ends or blow snots into. Nothing says respect like placing you next to 30,000 sheets of emails….I mean toilet paper.

People were allowed to have two books signed by Mrs. Clinton? Instead of getting books signed, could people get a dress signed by Bill Clinton? He ruined Monica Lewinsky’s dress before, so what’s wrong with doing it again? Low blow? I know, but not as low as the NFL players taking a knee. That’s way too low for me.

One child wrote a letter to Hillary that could be the most BS letter I have ever read. I don’t care if the kid is seven years old, she should know better than to pull this nonsense out of her imaginary friend’s hat. Here are the details on the misguided child’s letter:

Talia Mckeen, who is 7-years-old from East Granby wrote a letter to give to Hillary. Inside the card she wrote, ” Dear Mrs. Clinton thank you for running for president and helping lots of people with problems, we appreciate it very much thank you.”

If Talia wants to keep acting like this, then she needs to be grounded for at least a week. Can someone give me a list of the people who Hillary helped? I don’t think the words “Hillary” and “help” go together unless they’re used to describe Hillary helping herself. You know, something like this “Hillary helped herself to the $14,000 jacket thanks to donations received from Russia” and then she gives a speech to poor people talking about equality. I don’t recall Hillary helping anyone in the Benghazi scandal – do you? Someone needs to teach Talia about reality because the make-believe world she’s living in can be very cruel and this is no way to prepare her for it. Shame on her parents for forcing her to write this letter. I know they put her up to it because no 7-year-old cares about Hillary Clinton unless they’re forced to. Kids today are too busy watching Bubble Guppies and playing on smart devices.

While hobbling Hillary walks around with her broken toe at book events, there are more important issues being talked about that involve her. Does the word “Uranium” sound important? Uranium is the key ingredient to many nuclear strength weapons and she handed some over to Russia in exchange, indirectly, for $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation. While it may be slightly worrisome with the factual details of the exchange, but that’s the new story traveling around the Internet. The timeline of the proposed collusion theory between the Clintons and Russia matches up and there’s plenty of articles to back up any evidence needed. Search “Clinton Cash” on Google and you’ll be presented with a plethora of details on the events that took place.

Go ahead. Look it up.

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CIA Goes Into Panic Mode After Trump Promises To Expose One Of America’s Greatest Secrets



Since Donald Trump was elected president last November, the political establishment has been in a constant of panic.

Trump’s presidency is a harsh referendum to the shady politicians that have been in power for a better part of the last 50 years. For years, the American people have grown to distrust their government after numerous scandals have been pushed to the side to protect the deep state.

During Trump’s campaign, he promised the American people that he would be working for our best interests and that he would drain the swamp of corrupt individuals in Washington D.C.

Now, the C.I.A., a government entity in the United States that is notoriously shrouded in secrecy is panicking after Trump threatens to reveal one carefully guarded secret that could topple the establishment for good. 

There are many excellent reasons why the American people distrust the American government, and for a good cause.

For years, the American people have been used as pawns to further the globalist agenda of a socialist state and to witness dozens of corrupt politicians walking free never answering for crimes they have committed. Though there has been one particular crime that was committed on American soil that has fascinated millions of Americans for decades.

When beloved president John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, many people did not buy the official story of a lone gunman being responsible for the horrendous tragedy. Of course, there was an investigation into the John F. Kennedy’s assassination but, many Americans felt it left more questions than answers. After the investigation concluded, the documents about the murder were locked up and never to be seen by the American people for over 50 years.

Now, after decades, President Trump has announced that he will be allowing the release of all remaining classified documents, which are 3,000 in total, and all related to the JFK assassination to the public. And, of course, the CIA is in a state of panic and doing their best to thwart the release of these documents to the people.

Infowars interviewed Roger Stone, and he stated that a reliable source close to him said that the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA director Mike Pompeo was lobbying hard for Trump not to release the documents to the public. However, this is where it gets interesting, and when you are dealing with the government, it always does. Many government officials claim that the documents on the JFK assassination will not reveal anything new, but then why are they fighting so hard to keep them a secret?

According to Stone, he believes that it will paint the CIA in an unfavorable light by proving that Lee Harvey Oswald was trained by the CIA to pull off the crime of the century.

Here is more from WPTV:

President Donald Trump said Saturday he intends to allow the release of classified government documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy “subject to the receipt of further information.”

Trump’s tweet comes as he is staring down an October 26 deadline set in law by Congress mandating the public release of the still-secret documents — including FBI and CIA files — barring any action by the President to block the release of certain documents.

“Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened,” Trump said, appearing to leave open the possibility that some documents could still be withheld.

The White House said in a statement to Politico earlier this week that the White House was working “to ensure that the maximum amount of data can be released to the public” by next week’s deadline.

Trump himself is no stranger to the controversies and conspiracy theories that have long swirled around the assassination of the 35th president.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump made the unfounded claim that the father of GOP rival Sen. Ted Cruz was associated with Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, a claim he has never reneged nor apologized for.

Trump’s longtime political adviser Roger Stone, who helped launch Trump’s campaign for president, is also an avid conspiracy theorist who wrote a book about the wild claim that President Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy’s vice president, was involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

Republican members of Congress, including Senate judiciary committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, have urged Trump to allow the full release of the documents.

“No reason 2 keep hidden anymore,” Grassley tweeted earlier this month. “Time 2 let American ppl + historians draw own conclusions.”

Historians who have studied the assassination do not believe the documents will lead to any bombshell new conclusions in the Kennedy assassination, but the documents could shed more light on facets of the investigation and Oswald’s mysterious trip to Mexico City weeks before the assassination. Some have expressed concerns that the documents could be embarrassing to Mexico and damaging to US-Mexico relations.

What those documents will reveal is anyone’s guess, but it cannot be good considering how hard government agencies are working to downplay this massive release. Will we finally have the answers we have all been looking for, or will it be so heavily redacted that it will lead to more questions than answers?

Either way, this is a HUGE development and the deep state is obviously nervous which can only mean they are hiding something. 


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Disgusting Pact Just Leaked From NFL Team Owners’ Secret Meeting They Held Today – Trump’s Pissed!

This is sick & it will piss you off!



It’s so hard to fathom the fact that an institution that used to embody all that is all America and Americans is now on a mission to commit collective suicide, but that’s what they are clearly trying to do.It’s now being reported that the NFL and it’s overpaid ball tossing employees had a secret meeting this past Tuesday to discuss the issues involving the national anthem protests. Apparently, from the information we have gathered, everyone at that meeting was ok with the fact that players kneeling is now the norm. Everyone except Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that is.

In fact, reports have stated that Jones was downright very vocal in his opposition to the Anthem protests.

Jones made it very clear during the meeting that he believes the language in the league’s game-day manual should be changed to stipulate punishments for any player who does not comply with standing for the playing of the national anthem. However, Jones did not stipulate that he wanted the matter brought up for debate and there was no discussion whatsoever of actually altering any NFL policies.

No other owners supported Jones’s stance during the meeting, and most of the time was spent discussing how to move “from protest to progress,” rather than focusing on the protests themselves. Unbelievable!

But what is even more baffling is the fact that Jones didn’t bother to raise any concerns about the league’s ongoing efforts to support players in their communities since all owners seem supportive of the ongoing dialogue between the NFL and NFLPA on matters of social awareness, injustice, and racism. Do they even see the humor in the fact that a bunch of overpaid millionaires are discussing these topics?

The Burning Platform Reports:

Fatherless Families Are No. 1 Problem in America, Not Racism 

Talk-show host, attorney, and best-selling author Larry Elder said the breakdown of the family — fatherless families — is the number one problem in America, not racism or discrimination or bad cops. He added that when it comes to murder, nearly half of the homicides each year are black-on-black killings.

Commenting on The Rubin Report, Larry Elder said there is a liberal agenda at work and “the goal is to tell black people that we’re victims, that discrimination, racism remain major problems in America when, in fact, they don’t. And they want black people to vote for the Democratic Party.”

“The Democratic Party gets 95% of the black vote, and the reason they get it is blacks are convinced that the number one issue facing the country is social justice, racist white cops, discrimination, systemic racism, micro-aggression – whatever new word they come up with – and it’s a bunch of nonsense,” he said.

“The number one problem domestically facing this country is the breakdown of the family,” said Elder.  “And President Obama said it, I didn’t. A kid raised without a dad is five times more likely to be poor and commit crimes; nine times more likely to drop out of school; and 20 times more likely to end up in jail.”

“So, you’re far more likely to end up in jail without having a dad, than you are because of a white racist cop,” said Elder.

When host Dave Rubin brought up the issue of “systemic” discrimination against blacks, Elder repeatedly asked him to provide a specific example. “Give me the most blatant racist example you can come up with right now,” he said.

Rubin then said, “I think you could probably find evidence that, in general, cops are more willing to shoot  if the perpetrator is black than white.”

Elder said, “What’s your data, what’s your basis for saying that? I’m talking about what the facts are. Nine hundred sixty-five people were shot by cops last year and killed. Four percent of them were white cops shooting unarmed blacks.  In Chicago, in 2011, 21 people were shot and killed by cops. In 2015, there were seven.”

“In Chicago, which is a third black, a third white, a third Hispanic, 70% of the homicides are black on black – about 40 per month, almost 50 per year – last year in Chicago and 75% of them are unsolved,” he said.  “Where is Black Lives Matter on that?”

“The idea that a racist white cop shooting unarmed black people is a peril to black people is BS,” said Elder.  “It’s complete and total BS. And the reason for these so-called activists saying this is the assumption that racism remains a major problem in America, and the media, CNN  and especially MSNBC, runs down whenever a black cop shoots somebody, and it’s [then] some march in Washington. It’s ridiculous.”

“Half the homicides in this country are committed by and against black people,” said Elder. “Last year there were 14,000 homicides – not talking about suicides, I’m talking about homicides —  half of them were black [and] 96% of them were black on black of that 7,000. Where’s the Black Lives Matter on that?”

Do these efforts the NFL and players are trying to forward include getting young black men to stop killing each other? Do these efforts include getting young black men to stick around when they father a child?

Please share if you will continue to boycott the NFL….

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