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Reporter Shocked At What’s Caught Half Mile From Rally Moments Before Trump’s Motorcade Arrived



Despite the best liberal efforts, the nation does NOT hate our President, in fact, he seems to be doing pretty well. Apparently, all the propaganda in the world can’t turn the American people against the president that they chose. The overwhelming support for his administration has come on the heels of not only liberal nay saying, but an astonishing number of campaign promises kept during his short tenure in office.

Even though the White House belongs firmly to President Trump, he has decided that his campaign won’t stop. After all, his mantra was “make America great again” and that job isn’t done yet. To that end, he continually holds campaign style rallies, and Americans are eating it up. They love having a leader that they is still taking the time for them, even though he won.

What we love even more than his rallies and his promises kept though is his dedication to keeping faith at the center of his life, and the White House. Freedom Daily reported just days ago about the bible studies that have been going on in the West Wing and the incredible dedication to the bible that many high ranking officials are said to have. This has given Americans hope that Christ, who was once evicted from the White House, is being invited back.

According to Gateway Pundit, people are realizing what an incredible thing that is.

“Last night President Trump held a massive rally in Huntington, West Virginia.

Of course, the media refused to report this but the line to get into the rally was nearly a half mile long.

On Friday morning a Trump voter spoke with FOX and Friends. They are still on that Trump train. The Trump voters did not have good things to say about the lying politicians that promise one thing and do nothing.

Jobs are coming back to West Virginia which now has a growth rate second only to Texas.

One Trump supporter, a banker named Matt, told FOX and Friends, ‘God is back in the White House and so is Trump.’

After 8 long years of Barack Obama, Matt is onto something–”

We sometimes forget because the liberal voices are so loud, that much of our country is still firmly religious, and happy to share that with others. This isn’t something we have to be ashamed of or hide. Our nation was founded on religious freedom, and no matter how many loud and unhappy liberal try to shut us up, we still have the right to share that with whoever we see fit.

We’ve always had the right, but I’m happy to report that much of the nation feels far more empowered to let their light shine now that the White House is being run by someone who values religion and religious freedom.

President Trump winning the 2016 election was a huge win for America in many ways and the economy was just the beginning. We now have solace in knowing that our freedoms are safe and our country won’t be taken from us.


This report tells a little more about Trump’s West Virginia tour from CNHI News:

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – President Donald Trump entered the Big Sandy Superstore Arena on Thursday evening to a crowd chanting “U.S.A.”, later speaking about coal mining, the economy and health care and more to thousands of his most enthusiastic supporters.

‘I’m thrilled to be back in the beautiful state of West Virginia,’ Trump said. ‘I’m proud to stand before you and celebrate the hard-working people who are the absolute backbone of America.’

This was Trump’s second visit to the Mountain State – where he won nearly 69 percent of the 2016 vote – in under two weeks. Last week, Trump addressed more than 40,000 Boy Scouts, leaders and volunteers in a controversial speech at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Many people in the audience Thursday sported red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats. The crowd also held up signs with a variety of slogans, including ‘Women for Trump.’

Trump talked about his campaign promises regarding coal, saying that in his view, he has kept his promise.

‘I love our coal miners and they are coming back strong,” Trump said. ‘I made you a promise during the campaign. You all remember. Many of you were here. I think more people are here with thousands outside than I had in the campaign. As you’ve seen, I’ve kept that promise. As president, we are putting coal miners back to work. I have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal.’

Trump also talked about economic growth, which he said had surged to 2.6 percent nationwide and 3 percent in West Virginia.

‘Nobody thought that number would happen,’ he said. ‘We had 3 percent growth in West Virginia. I wonder how that happened? Three percent growth. West Virginia is leading the average. When was the last time we heard that?’

Trump also told the crowd about his desire to replace the Affordable Care Act or ‘Obamacare.’

‘I’ve been working every day to heed and honor the will of the millions and millions of voters who came out and voted for us. Not for me. They voted for us. That’s why I repeat again tonight that Congress must do its job. They must keep their promise, live up to their word and repeal and replace Obamacare,’ he said.

He said he believes the country should defend its borders by building the wall on the southern border, which he said will combat the drug epidemic.

‘I believe strongly that this nation must defend and protect its borders,’ Trump said. ‘We take care of our own citizens and put America first.’

Trump also addressed Russia’s alleged hacking of the election, calling it a ‘total fabrication,’ saying prosecutors should instead focus on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

According to an earlier article by The Associated Press, a person familiar with the probe said Special Counsel Robert Mueller has convened a grand jury in Washington as part of an investigation into potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Wall Street Journal first reported the use of a grand jury.

‘The Russia story is a total fabrication,” he said. ‘It’s just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of American politics. It just makes them feel better when they have nothing else to talk about. What prosecutors should be looking at is Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails,’ Trump said, which was met by cheers from the crowd.

‘Are there any Russians here tonight?’ Trump asked. ‘They can’t beat us at the voting booths so they’re trying to cheat you out of a future, a future you want. They’re trying to cheat you out of leadership you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and most importantly, demeaning to our country and demeaning to our Constitution.’

Trump ended with his slogan, ‘Make America Great Again,’ which the crowd chanted with him.

‘We are going to make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again,’ Trump said, joined by the crowd.

(Source: CNHI NewsGateway Pundit)

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Michelle Tries To Convince Crowd That She’s A ‘Sex Symbol’ – Gets Wrecked Instead



Barack and Michelle have had quite a hard time relinquishing the power they once held ever since the Trumps took over at the White House. As Obama remains obsessed with trolling President Trump with his “shadow government,” Michelle has been obsessed with maintaining the media spotlight she once held as First Lady, where she’s been frantically booking up interviews and public appearances to compete with the beautiful and sweet Melania. But shortly after Michelle decided to tout herself as America’s “sex symbol,” her ridiculous claim has now come back to haunt her, after the American people who have finally had enough of her revolting lies are making their voices known.

After spending the last 8 years race-baiting and blasting our country alongside her treasonous American-hating husband, Michelle is trying desperately to maintain her relevance in American society, which is proving just like her school lunch programs, to be a massive failure. Several weeks ago, rather than slipping into obscurity like we had hoped, Michelle helped host ESPN’s ESPY awards, where just the mere sight of her ugly mug resulted in millions of viewers turning off the show. Breitbart reports the awards show resulted in a historic new low in viewership for ESPN, leaving Michelle embarrassed and licking her wounds. But in her latest pathetic effort to be important, the backlash from Americans this time is massive, and will leave you laughing your ass off.

In a recent interview while bragging about her “accomplishments” as First Lady, Michelle touted herself as America’s “sex symbol,” claiming that she has issues simply walking down the street because men barely can barely contain their lust at the mere sight of her.

“As I got older, I found that men would whistle at me or make comments about how I looked as I walked down the street,” saying that men would routinely cat call as she walked by. “As if my body were their property. As if I were an object to be commented on instead of a full human being with thoughts and feelings of my own.”

The words had barely left her fat lying mouth and people across America were already questioning what alternate reality Michelle Obama resides in where she seriously thinks she’s America’s “sex symbol.” Here’s some of the most politically incorrect responses that were posted in response to Michelle’s claim:

“What sex and what species? Maybe a Congress of Baboons or Silverbacks. Pesky liberals and Democrats, if it is not dead people for votes in a poll, then it is raiding the zoo.”

“More like an abstinence symbol, I think.”

“These people are totally delusional – Obama thinks he’s a straight guy born in Hawaii that did a great job as President – WRONG. Michael thinks he is a woman who was the best first lady every and is a sex symbol in America – WRONG. These two guys need help – they are living in a fantasy world.”

“There is not enough alcohol or drugs available that could ever make Manchelle Obama a sex symbol. That would be like dragging your balls across 5 miles of broken glass just to hear Michael Moore fart in a payphone.”

“Her poor attitude and condescending arrogance is a symbol for abstinence. A person’s charm is what attracts. She is disgusting. Every parent of a horny teenage boy should make certain he has a picture Michelle in his wallet next to the Trojan.”


“She may be a sex symbol on the planet the Predator came from.”

“She is a sex symbol….a symbol for not wanting sex. Picture her every time you look at someone and you definitely won’t want sex.”

“I think I just up threw up in my mouth and shit my self laughing to hard.”

“First, if she’s a sex symbol, what does that make Melania? And in all seriousness, she could be the most beautiful person on the planet, but to me, she’s ugly on the inside.”

It’s truly startling how huge Michelle Obama’s ego is, which apparently has grown exponentially since she left the White House. Sorry Michelle, there’s lots of things you can claim about yourself, but sex symbol is not one of them. Now if you want to tout yourself as the “most race-baiting” or the “most anti-American first lady in American history,” then THAT is claim that the American people can rally behind!

H/T [America Now]




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Jerry Jones Has Awesome Plan To Stop Anthem Protesters But Racist Player Has SICK New Way To Disrespect Americans

He should be fired, just like Trump said!



Jerry Jones has been a vocal opponent of the national anthem protests in the NFL. He is well known as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. However, one of his own players is appearing to defy him. Lord only knows how this is going to end for all of them. The player, in particular, was defensive lineman David Irving.

Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram,

“I’ve made a call. You’ll just have to wait till Sunday.”

However, Irving has raised his fist in the past in display and solidarity with those who protest against the national anthem. He did it again prior to the Cowboys Week 5 game in front of the entire stadium and reporters. Rumor is that he plans to repeat this again on Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys play the San Francisco 49ers. The same team that Colin Kaepernick played for and who originated the protest.

Irving said the following about protesting,

“I’ve had way more support. I’m not disrespecting the flag. I really haven’t gotten anything negative. It’s all positive.”

CBS Sports reported the following,

That could change in the future, because ahead of the Cowboys’ Week 6 bye, Jerry Jones said that any player that disrespects the flag will not play. Jerry demurred on whether raising a fist at the end of the anthem — as Irving (and Damontre Moore) did in Week 5 — qualifies as disrespect, but said, “If there is anything disrespecting the flag, then we will not play,” per the Dallas Morning News. “Period. We’re going to respect the flag and I’m going to create the perception of it.”

Jerry knows all about creating that perception, as he was himself criticized by a reader letter to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for remaining seated during the national anthem at the first home game of his tenure as the Cowboys’ owner.

JEERS: To Jerry Jones and Liz Taylor, who were the only two people at last Sunday’s Cowboys-Redskins game not standing when the national anthem was played. Riding out in a cart … was bad enough, but sitting while it was played was more than many of us could handle. Jerry, please note that in Texas, we stand for the national anthem.”
Jones now believes — having been told by the president that it was the case — that there is actually a rule requiring players to stand for the national anthem. However, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told that players are not required to stand for the anthem. That fact was reinforced this week when owners and players met to discuss the national anthem policy, player protests, and several other social issues and came away not having changed anything regarding the lack of a requirement to stand during the anthem, but instead endorsing criminal justice legislation and deciding to finance an activism bootcamp.”

Irving has told reporters that his actions have nothing to do with the President, the owner of the team or the flag. Instead, he says the protest is about speaking out against police brutality against people of color, particularly African American people. Something that many of the protestors are echoing.

Jones has made his intentions clear. However, he hasn’t clarified whether kneeling, sitting, or raising or fist, or doing anything similar would be a fireable offense. Since Irving has been the most ardent supporter of the protest on the team it is likely he will continue to protest. Watching Jones’ reaction and seeing what will happen as a result of the protest will be interesting. Especially given how vocal he has been about it.

CBS Sports also reported,

Cowboys players were reportedly angered by Jones’ public hard-line stance, and the team had a meeting with Jones about it during the bye week. They mostly declined to talk about what was said during the meeting, but Irving apparently emerged determined to demonstrate in some fashion this weekend. Irving is an incredibly important player for the Cowboys. The clear weakness of their team is the pass rush, and though DeMarcus Lawrence has been an absolute monster this season, Irving was clearly the team’s best defensive lineman last season, when Lawrence was alternately injured and ineffective. We know Jones would do anything to win, but we also know he would do anything to project the appearance of total control. Depending on what Irving’s specific actions are on Sunday, those two desires could come into conflict with one another.”

While Jones has been harsh in his stance, many others have been the exact opposite showing solidarity with protestors, whether it be public servants, politicians, celebrities, businessmen, and women, making Jones more of a lone wolf for opposing it in the league. If all of his players protest is he really going to fire them all? That is the real question that needs to be answered. While it seems highly improbable he may very well just do that and if that is the case the entire team will be flipped upside down for the season.

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Fierce Little Dolly Parton Brings HELL On Racist Woman Who Tried To Destroy Her ‘Dixie Stampede’



Country legend Dolly Parton is synonymous with the Tennessee, where she was born and raised and left her stamp on with multiple amusement parks and attractions. She doesn’t call herself the “daughter of the old South” without cause and for her small stature, packs a lot of grit behind that sweet facade.

One particularly ruthless Black Lives Matter activist didn’t like what this notable white woman had done in her neck of the woods and recently showed up to destroy all that Dolly has built. Perhaps she thought the singer would be an easy target found out how wrong she was when Dolly brought hell on this racist woman trying to shut down her “Dixie Stampede.”

There’s never been a question how much Dolly loves America which is part of the problem activist Aisha Harris’ has with her. Loving our country and having respect for the history of our nation is not in the racist playbook, especially lately.

After several months of lying dormant, BLM terrorists re-emerged with a new resolve in the last couple of weeks. It didn’t end well for Harris who picked Dolly Parton and her Civil War-theme dinner theater to attack and brought a war on herself.

Harris works for the staunch liberal site, Slate, who perhaps purposely employs Black Lives Matter supporters as to push their leftist agenda in their pieces for the online magazine. Frustrated that there hasn’t been as much racist unrest in the last couple of weeks as she’d like, Harris stirred the pot by calling for the closure of Dolly’s supposedly violent dinner theater by pointing out what she hilariously thought was racist.

“Advertised as an ‘extraordinary dinner show … pitting North against South in a friendly and fun rivalry,’ Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede is the Lost Cause of the Confederacy meets Cirque du Soleil,” Harris wrote in her hit piece on Parton for Slate. “It’s a lily-white kitsch extravaganza that play-acts the Civil War but never once mentions slavery.”

The “smoking gun” of proof of Dolly’s supposed racism that Harris thought she had on this lighthearted venue was that audience was divided into two sides – the “north” and the “south.” When Harris checked the venue out for herself, she found that there were people of both races sitting on each side of the dinner theater, and it wasn’t racially divided as she wrongfully assumed.

In fact, her whole point in exposing little Dolly Parton and her dinner theater as a hotbed of hate backfired when the only shred of racism she “uncovered” was wood finishes on the bathroom signs. With the “Northerners” sign painted black and the “Southerners” in yellow, this was all Harris could contrive in her own twisted mind as being bigoted.

“I did at least have time to run to the bathroom—a necessity after three and a half hours of sucking down lemonade by the bootful. This seemed like it could be a nice break, but when I got there, I stumbled upon this:”

“’Southerners Only’ on a light-colored placard and ‘Northerners Only’ on a dark-colored placard,” Harris noted.

“This was, at best, horrifyingly tone-deaf, but I went in the ‘Southerners Only’ stall anyway because it was the only one open and my bladder felt ready to explode.”

However, just when Harris thought she had all the supposedly racist propaganda to take Dolly and her Dixie Stampede down, she emerged from the restroom to catch the final act of the show. If she hoped that Dolly was going to come out and don a white sheet and pointed KKK cap, she got the complete opposite.

The country singer secretly won this silent fight against her despite the subsequent slam piece on Slate that followed. Rather than looking like a racist, she proved to be just the opposite in the closing act when Dolly brought both sides together in a way that racist rioters can’t, by saying “We’re all Americans.”

This simple, yet profound three-word sentiment followed by Dolly’s song “Color Me America,” written after the terrorist attack on September 11, was beyond what Harris could handle. She wanted a racist brigade and got a history lesson with a healthy side of patriotism, which she concluded was all “too American.”

If her point was to prove how un-American BLM and Antifa are as well as their intentions, then Harris did just that. She brought racism to light, alright, her own and the groups she represents who are rioting around the country right now. Their cause has never been about unity, in fact, they want just the opposite.

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