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Saints Players Who Disrespected Fallen Cop HORRIFIED When They See What’s Over Stadium At This Week’s Game

How’s that for karma!



The protesting players of the Saints and Packers got a taste of their own medicine before they squared up for a classic battle of gridiron football at Lambeau Field. Just before the game started, the fans and players saw something in the sky that they weren’t exactly used to seeing. It was a small airplane circling the field, but there was something hanging from it that caught them off guard. Upon closer look, they noticed it was a banner that had a message to all the people in the stadium. It was a message especially to those who take a knee to protest the National Anthem and show their disregard and disrespect to American citizens, soldiers, veterans, and our great country in general.

The banner trailing behind the small aircraft stated: “Real men and NFL owners should stand for our country!” If that’s not a statement about being a true man and American citizen, then I don’t know what is. It targets men specifically because it’s pointed directly at the extremely overpaid athletes who’ve plagued the NFL with protests and turned away so many fans that ratings are nosediving faster than a bee going in for the sting. Nothing stings more than seeing ratings tank, right?

Lambeau Field got an interesting treat hours before the Green Bay Packers Week Seven contest vs. the New Orleans Saints.

Per Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, there was a plane flying over Lambeau Field with a banner saying “Real men and NFL owners should stand for our country.” Here’s a look at the banner.

The NFL has been dealing with the national anthem protest the last month. More players started to take a knee or sit during the national anthem after President Donald Trump said players should be fired for protesting.

There is no word if the Packers or Saints saw the banner, but even if they did, each team’s biggest concern for today is trying to find a way to win rather than worrying about a banner.

There is no bigger concern in the NFL than winning and selling. If the team is losing games, then they’re losing money. If the team is losing fans, then they’re losing even more money. Nowadays there are many teams experiencing losses on all sides of the spectrum. Losing games, losing fans, losing money and that’s not good for a team’s longevity in the league. The players, owners, and commissioner Goodell need to come to an agreement that gets these political protests out of the NFL games or the league will eventually tank. If the league tanks, that could be a great thing for us. We might get to attend games for normal everyday prices!

It was reported that NFL players and owners gathered to discuss the situation with the protesters taking a knee. It was later reported that nothing came out of the meeting, although it was a positive meeting, but alas, the protests weren’t banned like they should be. Some people remind us that military veterans fought for our right to protest and have peaceful assembly. That’s correct, however, the NFL players are at work and they should not be protesting while they’re at work. They are protesting towards their own fans who are now turning their backs on their team, their favorite players, and the league in general.

If you protested things at your job, then you would probably be fired. The protesting NFL players should be fired too. Of course, that’s not how the league or million dollar NFL contracts work. Teams who lose don’t make as much money, so suspending players isn’t in the best interest of the team owners. However, the league could fine any players who protest during the National Anthem. Nothing talks more than money, so if players were fined $25,000 each time they protested, then we would see people stop that real quick.

Protesting the National Anthem has been going on for quite a while in the NFL and it hasn’t made a difference except for people boycotting the league. NFL players need to remember that the customers/fans are why the players can have million dollar contracts for playing a little kid’s game. If fans didn’t spend so much money to watch a game, eat the overpriced food, and get ripped off for things like parking and expensive drinks, then the athletes wouldn’t earn so much money. Could you imagine if the NFL players only earned a million dollars each? If that was the case, then we’d have normal price food and drinks in the stadiums. We wouldn’t pay $40+ for parking. We would be treated like respectable citizens instead of price gouged before we even get in the door.

NFL football is entertainment. It’s time for the players to realize that we are paying their salary and we don’t want politics mixed in with our entertainment.

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BREAKING: Major NFL Star Just Found Dead Overnight And The Reason Why Is Absolutely Horrific



This football season will forever go on record as being the most difficult one in the history of the league. Although problems began when Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee and start a disgusting trend that has since destroyed the industry, they are getting worse by ending up with deaths and incarceration. It will be difficult to come back from this demise, especially after news just broke today of one NFL star who was just found dead overnight, brought about by horrific circumstances.

Football fans are not just mourning the loss of their favorite sport, they are now waking to tragic news of the passing of one of the league’s finest who had a prominent role representing the sport for what it really was before anti-American athletes hijacked it. This shocking news of a talented and noble player gone far too soon comes within days of reports of another prominent football star who will spend the rest of his life behind bars, and another current player who has also been accused of a depraved crime.

ProFootball Talk reports:

According to multiple reports, longtime NFL wide receiver Terry Glenn died Monday morning at the age of 43 due to injuries suffered in a car accident.

Glenn grew up in Columbus, Ohio and stayed in town to star at Ohio State before being drafted seventh overall in the 1996 draft. He got off to a rocky start with then-coach Bill Parcells because Parcells referred to Glenn as “she,” but he caught 90 passes for 1,132 yards and six touchdowns as a rookie to help the Patriots advance to the Super Bowl for the second time in franchise history.

Glenn would have two more strong seasons with the Patriots and caught Tom Brady‘s first NFL touchdown pass in 2001, but saw his time in New England end as a healthy scratch after disputes with Bill Belichick. He spent one year with the Packers and then reunited with Parcells in Dallas.

The Cowboys years featured two more 1,000-yard seasons for Glenn in 2005 and 2006, but a knee injury limited him to one game in 2007. That was the final game of Glenn’s career and he retired with 593 passes, 8,823 yards and 44 touchdowns.

Our condolences to Glenn’s family and friends on their loss.

The last thing the league needs is more bad news as it seems like it comes in droves and at least lately, on the daily. Just last week, we reported that a currently playing athlete for the Buccaneers was accused of sexual assault by his Uber driver, who withheld her harrowing account of what she said happened to her for nearly two years. This came out after it was discovered that a former Dallas Cowboy was arrested on murder charges for slicing his wife’s neck and killing her.

Former Dallas Cowboy Anthony D. McClanahan will be spending the rest of his life in prison. All that wealth and status didn’t stop him from stabbing his wife to death, trading in his baller lifestyle for a new life behind bars. He will certainly be treated equally there, just like one of the other felons in his cell block, so he should be pretty happy about that. But now he’s not the only notorious NFL player with an unfortunate run-in with the law.

The problem with these players is that they think they are above the rules and law and can do whatever they want without being caught or punished for it, simply because they achieved fame by being able to play a game better than others. That’s far from the truth and this failure of a season should have proved it, but Buccaneer’s Quarterback Jameis Winston just found that out the hard way when he tested the limits and more than crossed the line, based on what a female Uber driver is accusing him of.

The Daily Snark explains the allegations against current Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston:

According to BuzzFeed News, Jameis Winston has undergone investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting an Uber driver in 2016.

The Buccaneers QB reportedly grabbed her by the crotch on March 12 in Scottsdale, Arizona while in a fast food lane. The team was in town for a Kurt Warner’s charity flag football event.

The accuser described the incident in an Uber incident report saying, “While we were stopped, this rider reached over and put his fingers on my crotch, and it was only for a very brief moment.”

It’s tragic that the good players parish and others abuse the opportunities they were given. Our thoughts and condolences are with the Glenn family in this difficult time of coping with their sudden loss. May this horrific tragedy serve as a reminder to not take anything for granted and that life is truly short – to short to destroy a perfectly good career and football league over pushing a divisive political statement.

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BREAKING: NFL Is Dead Forever After What First Kneeler Of The Season Did Yesterday As Giant ‘F You’ To Trump



If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from  NFL protests it’s that the social justice warriors involved are willing to pay tribute to anyone or anything other than America. No matter how much these entitled players benefit from the United States’s free economy and the service members who have given their lives so that we remain free, they persist in insulting America and praising everyone else.

Watching the players of this season’s protest is reminiscent of watching a teenager who rebels against the parents who gave him life and food and housing, just because they told him he couldn’t do one thing he wanted to do. In both cases, they stomp off to their Range Rovers and sulk like children, cursing the hand that feeds them.

That persona slips away, however, when there’s an actual danger at hand. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at what happened during Sunday’s NFL game with Mexico. One of the anthem protest’s biggest supporters, Marshawn Lynch, not only sat out our National Anthem, but he stood in respect for the Mexican anthem. Fox News reported that the President both took notice, and had a few ideas for how to deal with Lynch’s blatant disrespect:

“President Trump on Monday slammed a top NFL player who sat for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ but stood for Mexico’s national anthem, and offered a new directive: suspend him for the ‘remainder of the season.’

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during the majority of the U.S. national anthem but stood for the Mexican anthem before his team’s game Sunday against the New England Patriots at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

‘Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem. Great disrespect!’ Trump tweeted. ‘Next time NFL should suspend him for the remainder of the season. Attendance and ratings way down.'”

Obviously, the President can’t require that Lynch be cut, but the NFL is in dire straights as far as their business is concerned so they might want to listen to the advice. Americans have gotten sick of watching millionaires pretend that they know what’s best for the country, and have left the NFL in droves, but still, the players persist.

“The president has seemingly taken it easy on the NFL for the past few weeks — likely because he was overseas for a 13-day Asia tour. But Sunday, he again addressed the NFL’s national anthem controversy.

According to Sports Illustrated, Lynch has protested the anthem all season and has not stood for the anthem since coming out of retirement to join the Raiders.”

NFL players who have protested the national anthem this season by taking a knee, or sitting on the bench, reportedly do so to protest police brutality and injustice, rather than the U.S.

The now months-long feud began dominating headlines in September after a rally in Alabama when Trump called for players to be fired if they disrespected the flag, spurring the controversy.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say ‘get that son of a b— off the field right now? Out! He’s fired! He’s fired!” Trump said to the crowd at the rally, drawing criticism from NFL players, as well as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The president has repeatedly tweeted about his disappointment in the NFL players, and managers for their lack of “rules and regulations” to ensure players stand for the anthem.

This move was especially insulting because of the U.S. border wall project that Mexico has been trying to block at all costs. Mexico is perfectly happy with the arrangement we currently have, where any undesirables that they want to get rid of can be shipped north. Assuming it gets too tough for some drug lord in Mexico, he can just jump a fence or swim a river and carry on his business in peace.

The US and Mexico flags are displayed at Azteca Stadium before Sunday's game. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat for the US anthem but stood for the Mexican one

Another reason Lynch’s move is noteworthy is that when considering the possible reasons behind his respect for the Mexican national anthem. It’s hard to ignore the possibility that it’s because he didn’t want to risk getting into trouble.

America has made it clear that while most of us don’t appreciate these protests,  they’re perfectly legal. There won’t be anyone throwing cuffs on a person who sits for the anthem or stomps on a flag. Mexico, however, has a reputation for being less forgiving, and their prisons less cushy.

It’s hard to ignore the idea that Lynch probably stood for the Mexican National Anthem because he actually feared the repercussions if he didn’t. This is kind of what the President was getting at with his tweet a while back, when he said that disrespecting America have some consequences. Of course, they don’t have to give any punishment to players like Lynch, and we don’t have to start watching their games again.

[H/T: Fox News]

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What This NBC Announcer Said About Trump On LIVE TV Will Make You NEVER Watch Another NFL Game

This is sick!



Now the NFL and its cronies are blaming President Donald Trump for their own stupidity and ignorance.

NBC broadcaster Al Michaels was asked about his thoughts on the NFL rating decline in an interview with this week. Michaels listed multiple factors, but of course, wasted no time circled back to President Donald Trump’s September comments at a rally in Alabama where he called for protesting players to be “fired.”

He alluded to the false notion that President Trump’s comments reignited the spotlight on player protests. But the fact was that Trump didn’t reignite the controversy, the controversy was never extinguished, he only called out what players were already doing. Especially the failed ex-Forty Niner’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick who, because he saw his career was ending he decided to take a knee against our flag and all she stands for.

The NY Times Reports:

Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good

Whether or not Colin Kaepernick plays another down in the N.F.L., I’m going to say that he can achieve more off a football field than he — or anyone else in the sport — can achieve on one.

Football, in the larger scheme of things, is not that important. Kaepernick, meanwhile, has a message about crucial aspects of our frayed but hopefully repairable nation that will continue to grow. If he has the devotion to work for change, he could outclass Tom Brady, or any player you might name, as someone who did something that truly matters for future generations.

But I thought it might be useful to at least consider something. The conventional wisdom is that Kaepernick, who opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers after last season and has yet to be signed by another team, does not have an N.F.L. job on account of his politics. In protest against racism and police brutality, he won’t stand for the national anthem, and he’s increasingly outspoken on social issues. Earlier this summer in a tweet he likened the police to members of the fugitive slave patrol. N.F.L. owners, the thinking goes, must be racists who don’t like his politics — or cynical pragmatists who don’t like that their racist fans don’t like his politics.

What seems to me more problematic than Kaepernick’s not having a job is the general unwillingness to consider that this situation might be justified on the merits, given Kaepernick’s current attributes, or lack thereof, as a quarterback, rather than assuming, as part of a kneejerk gospel of victimhood, that persecution must be the cause.

It’s not hard to make a statistical case for why Kaepernick is not playing now. He threw for a mere 187 yards a game last season, which was good enough for 30th (in a league of 32 teams). For his career, he has completed fewer than 60 percent of his passes. Last season, 24 passers completed more than 60 percent. Kaepernick, at 59.2 percent, was ranked 26th. If you’re below 60 percent, you’re a fringe guy.

More damning, Kaepernick was not asked to make difficult throws; he’s not a Matt Ryan-type quarterback, slinging the ball far down the field on deep crosses or challenging out routes. In the current iteration of the N.F.L., offense rules the day, with quarterbacks tasked to put up crooked numbers on the scoreboard. Kaepernick’s job was to be a game manager, making the easiest, high-percentage throws. And he still struggled. What are you supposed to do with a guy like this? What can he do for you? Can he help you win?

If Kaepernick deserves a spot in the league, it’s only as a backup quarterback. And he will eventually get a job as one, I bet, once quarterbacks start getting hurt. But the fact that he doesn’t have a job right now isn’t shocking, and it doesn’t have to be because N.F.L. owners are racists who are blackballing him.

The older I get, the less I care about football, but I do care about merit, and things being seen for what they are. “Life is,” as Dostoyevsky wrote, and it is our job to figure out what the “is” is. I believe that’s one of the core responsibilities of being human.

We don’t do this enough anymore. We don’t ask the tough questions. We seek to align ourselves with what I think of as the “control voice” — whatever piped-in monotone is dictating a given narrative at the moment. It’s easy to feel good about yourself when you’re patting yourself on the back for your inability to never fail to take the moral high ground, which everyone who agrees with you reinforces and enables, one Facebook “like” at a time. But there is nothing real about that.

It doesn’t matter that Kaepernick doesn’t have a job; it matters that so few people even wonder if there might be a non-disgraceful explanation. We have become the anti-meritocracy. We resent those who outperform us, outwork us, outproduce us. And the person who has been perceived to have been slighted? He is whom we now adore.

The only reason Colin Kaepernick ever started kneeling was because he was for all intents and purposes, on his way out of the NFL. He knew this so his Muslim girlfriend, who has deep ties to Islamic extremism, convinced him to pull a stunt like he did. He never had an issue with any so-called “cop brutality” or hating our flag while he was actually still an active player for the Niners.

But today since it seems like no team wants the drama Kaepernick started after he was benched when he was playing poorly for the San Francisco Forty-Niners he has changed his tune. It has gotten to the point that he is actually begging teams to hire him. He is even saying that he will never kneel for the National Anthem again if someone hires him. Gee thanks, what a guy. Way to stand up for your so-called convictions dude.

Please share if you agree that players who kneel should be fired on the spot….

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