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Refugee Crisis

Saudi Prince Saved Shock Admission Until Right Before Trump Left – What He Whispered Changed Everything

Lib snowflakes are melting everywhere & this proves Trump was right!



This just goes to prove that even the Saudi Prince has more common sense than the American Left.

In a statement, yesterday, a senior adviser to the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman actually went on to confirm Liberal American’s biggest fears. During a meeting with President Donald Trump and his delegation yesterday, he confirmed what most of the sane world has always felt about the Trump refugee ban. Which the left wing media falsely labeled as “The Muslim Ban” and was blocked by the far, left wing activist 9th Circuit court of appeals.

The Prince confirmed that he doesn’t feel any hatred. Nor does he feel President Trump had singled out Muslims in any way when he decided to defend his nation, and the American people, by enacting a 90 travel ban from 7 countries who are known to be hotbeds of terrorism and radicalism.

This is what a true American President who cares about his nation’s security not only has a right to do but also has an obligation to do.

Take into consideration the fact that former President Barack Hussein Obama banned Muslims a total of 6 times during his 8 long years in office. He even went as far as banning Iraqis from entering this country for 9 months. Yet no one in the Lame Stream Media called him a racist, bigot nor xenophobe. He banned people from Iraq and other Muslim nations but refused to ban people from Africa when the Ebola virus broke out. I guess he was in no danger of ever contracting the virus while living in the White House, so what does he care?

Also here is another fact Liberals tend to omit. In 1979 when our Embassy in Iran was taken over and its staff was taken hostage then President Jimmy “Peanut Farmer” Carter banned all travel from Iran. In fact, President Carter even went farther than that, he also signed an Executive Order allowing his deputies to make 50,000 Iranian students then living in the United States report to an immigration office. Most of these students were sent back to Iran. Again, the American Left Stream Media was silent and no one called him “Hitler.”

The Washington Examiner Reports:

Obama mocks Trump, but has barred immigrants, many Muslim, 6 times

President Obama has barred huge groups of potentially dangerous immigrants from entering the United States at least six times, undercutting his claim that barring Muslims from terrorist countries as Donald Trump has proposed is un-American.

In his first ban, according to a search of White House records, Obama instituted a ban on “immigrants or nonimmigrants” covered by a larger United Nations travel ban. He also included those on an economic sanctions list. Most countries were Muslim.

He cited the very same section of law that many critics of his policies have asked him to use, “section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.” It says, “Whenever the president finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrant’s or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

He used the same provision five other times, one more in 2011, twice in 2012 and twice in 2014. In those, he targeted people aiding Iran, Syria, Crimea, and those involved in war crimes.

Still, in his latest tirade against Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims from terror nations, Obama said such bans violate the American way.

In reaction to the Orlando terror attack, Trump said, “When I’m elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies until we fully understand how to end these threats.”

Obama ripped him. “That’s not the America we want,” he said. “It doesn’t reflect our democratic ideals. It will make us less safe.”

White House documents also show that former President Bill Clinton issued six immigrant bans; George W. Bush six immigrant bans; and former President Ronald Reagan four. And in 1980, former President Jimmy Carter banned Iranians after Tehran seized the U.S. embassy.

Below are Obama’s actions:

July 25, 2011. Barred those under a UN travel ban, or who broke 29 executive orders covering transactions with terrorists.

Aug. 4, 2012. Banned anybody involved in war crimes, or just about any other crime including human rights violations.

April 23, 2012. Barred those helping Syria or Iran, or involved in human rights abuses for those governments.

May 1, 2012. Another block on those helping Iran and Syria.

April 3, 2014. Banned anyone known to threaten South Sudan.

— March 6, 2014 . Barred entry of those claiming government authority in the Crimea region of Ukraine, presumably on behalf of Moscow.

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Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He’s worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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Muslim-Filled Minnesota Becomes Armageddon As State Goes Into Panic Over What’s Happening Now

We need to ban them all!



A matter of hours ago America received a huge win. You might not have noticed because of the bad press that it’s been receiving, but it was a win nonetheless. That win was in the form of the travel ban that President Trump has been trying to enact, for all of our safety, being upheld and finally implemented properly. This ban means that there is a halt being called to anyone entering the United States from any of the 6 named countries who don’t have any special exception, most of which were done away with.

The ban was of course not well loved by liberals and those suffering from a massive dose of white guilt. The news was taken especially bad by those in areas with dense Muslim populations already. These are the places that, even though the areas become less and less liveable with more Muslims, seem to have drunk the kool-aid that tells them it’s all coincidental, and those who promise to kill us are cool people to have as neighbors.

Minnesota is having an especially difficult problem with the ruling about the Muslim ban in part because of the population that is already there, and Muslims seem to have strong opinions on it, and the locals have to live with them. While it might seem wise to nip something like this in the bud, those who face the possibility of angering the already volatile people probably have a different emotional reaction. While most probably wouldn’t admit that they fear for their own safety (because that would be incredibly religiously insensitive) common sense tells us that when someone is mandated to kill us, if they’re currently resisting that urge, we probably shouldn’t tick them off.

After the ruling came down, it didn’t take long for the complaints and sob stories to start pouring in. Fox 9 reports that the locals are getting more than a little restless:

“Hamline University student Khalid Mohamed has about a dozen family members who were hoping to move to Minnesota from refugee camps in Kenya, but those plans have been put on hold indefinitely because of a new ruling by the nation’s highest court.

‘Those families after they’ve gone through that process and now being told, ‘You are not going to be able to come in,” Mohamed said. ‘It’s going to devastate them for a long time.’

The U.S. Supreme Court says the Trump administration can fully enforce a travel ban on people from six majority Muslim countries while legal challenges make their way through the courts.

Lower courts had ruled travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somali, Syria, and Yemen, who claimed they had bona fide connections to the U.S. like grandparents or in-laws, could be allowed into the country, but this ruling closes that loophole.”

While this portion of the ruling might seem strenuous, the trouble that we would be running into is that we’re depending on paperwork from crumbling countries, that we have little means of verifying. Let’s face it, it would be incredibly easy for someone to claim a familial relation, and pass a few dollars to someone who could forge a paper trail. We used to be able to trust but verify, but now even that isn’t a reasonable solution.

“‘My first reactions are heartbreak,’ State Rep. Ilhan Omar, DFL-Minneapolis, said. ‘I’m really disappointed. I don’t think any of us were expecting it.’

Rep. Omar says if the current ban were in place years ago, she wouldn’t have been able to come to this country, where she became the first Somali-American Muslim lawmaker elected to public office in the U.S. She says the ban could affect hundreds of Somalis in Minnesota hoping to be reunited with their long-lost loved ones.

‘You have hope then you feel the rug is pulled from under you,’ Rep. Omar said.

Mohamed believes his cousins, aunts, and uncles will eventually be able to join him here in the Twin Cities, but he’s not holding his breath.

‘I know things will get even worse,’ Mohamed said. ‘I do know I do believe things will get better, but not anytime soon.’

Two challenges to the ban will be heard later this week before the U.S. Court of Appeals in both Richmond, Virginia, and Seattle.

After those rulings, the losing sides will likely try to get a final verdict from the Supreme Court before the end of its term in June.”

One of the huge difficulties that we face right now, as a country, is trying to sort out the difference between our personal responsibility, and the government’s responsibility. For instance, we’re not allowed to kill people, but the government can go to war and send people to kill. The same concept applies to compassion; as individuals, we should give food and shelter to those that we can help, but it’s not the government’s job to provide so much food and housing that its own people are put at risk.

The individuals that we elect to public office should understand that fact, but it seems to be getting more and more uncommon. Case in point, New Brighton Minnesota mayor Val Johnson recently completely broke down at even the implication that someone she accused of having white privilege might actually see the world for what it is:

In a world where nothing is more valuable than being “woke”, don’t forget that the most important thing our government has to do is make sure that we’re still alive to be awoken at all. And make no mistake, that’s something that Muslims wish to take away from us.

[H/T: Fox 9]

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Trump Just Pulled The Plug On Obama’s “Bad Muslim Deal” Overnight – Let The Riots Begin!

He’s doing it!



In the last days of Barack Obama’s administration, he did all he could to continue to destroy America. The list of disgusting things Obama did before Donald Trump was inaugurated truly turned conservative America’s stomach. However, there is one deal that Obama struck that may not see the light of day, and it could not happen at a better time.

Over the last several months there has been an increase in terrorist activity from refugees around the world. Countries such as England, Sweden, and Germany have been regularly attacked by Islamic extremists, and there appears to be no end in sight. Instead of these countries ending these insane refugee programs that are putting citizens at risk, they continue to allow these terrorists to flood through their borders. America was facing the same dilemma under the Obama administration, as he did all he could to destroy America with sick policies. In Obama’s last days of his presidency, he went into hyperdrive pushing one bad deal after another. Obama not only practically emptied terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay, but he also was busted giving $418 million dollars of weapons to Kenya.

Another one of those bad deals Obama made in his last days of office was when he decided to fast-track thousands of rejected Muslim refugees into America. The covert deal was hammered out by then Secretary of State, John Kerry who did his best to try and bring these refugees to America ahead of schedule. Can you guess where all these refugees hailed from? You guessed it, terrorist hotbeds such as Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan.

Now, President Trump seems to be pumping the brakes on this insane deal, and you can be sure the left will lose their minds.

Here is more from Reuters:

U.S. officials interviewing refugees held in an Australian-run offshore detention center left the facility abruptly, three detainees told Reuters on Saturday, throwing further doubt over a plan to resettle many of the detainees in America.

U.S. officials halted screening interviews and departed the Pacific island of Nauru on Friday, two weeks short of their scheduled timetable and a day after Washington said the United States had reached its annual refugee intake cap.

“U.S. (officials) were scheduled to be on Nauru until July 26 but they left on Friday,” one refugee told Reuters, requesting anonymity as he did not want to jeopardize his application for U.S. resettlement.

In the United States, a senior member of the union that represents refugee officers at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a Department of Homeland Security agency, told Reuters his own trip to Nauru was not going forward as scheduled.

Jason Marks, chief steward of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1924, told Reuters his trip has now been pushed back and it was unclear whether it will actually happen.

The USCIS said on Saturday that the program would continue but offered no details.

“We do not discuss the exact dates of USCIS’ circuit rides to adjudicate refugees’ applications. However, we are planning return trips,” the agency said in a statement.

“It is not uncommon for the dates of tentatively planned refugee circuit ride trips worldwide to change due to a wide variety of factors.”

The Australian Immigration Department declined to comment on the whereabouts of the U.S. officials or the future of a refugee swap agreement between Australia and the United States that President Donald Trump earlier this year branded a “dumb deal”.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Sunday the deal was progressing as expected, reiterating the government had assurances from the Trump administration.

“The quota will roll over again on October 1 as I said, and I expect that the United States will adhere to this agreement, as the president promised,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

This deal should not go through no matter what and it appears from this report it is beginning to fall apart. There is no reason that we should take in these refugees at all under any circumstances. These refugees are known to be from terrorist hotspots and the last thing we need is any more terror threats.

This deal should be scrapped and let Australia deal with the crisis they have created themselves. Obama had no business making this sort of deal when he was on the way out of office. President Trump has every right to deny this shoddy deal since that is what the American people elected him to do. The days of allowing every Muslim refugee into America need to end, and right away. The only way we will be able to get our country back on track is by halting all these insane policies that liberals implemented over the years. If they want to riot because of it then so be it, they then can be arrested and sit in jail for their own terrorist activities.

It is now the time that we close our borders until further notice, and if the left doesn’t like it, well, there is the door.


H/T [ The Guardian ]

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Money-Grubbing Muslims Stole Over $16 MILLION From Needy Americans- Trump Has Perfect Punishment



While many hard-working Americans are working 40 plus hour work weeks to make ends meet for their families, there are millions of others sitting on their asses at home collecting fat welfare checks on our dime, and that is not the worst of it. For years, these welfare leeches have learned to scam the system so that they can continue their welfare abuse undetected, while politicians have allowed it to happen. It seemed that no matter how many times welfare fraud was discovered these criminals were able to get off scot-free without harsh consequences.

One of the worse perpetrators of this sort of fraud plaguing our country is Muslim refugees and immigrants. These people come over to America get on welfare and milk the system for all its worth and we the taxpayer get the “pleasure” of footing the bill. Finally, many of these food stamp crime rings are being busted, but just as quickly as one is found another pops up in its place. Many of these crime rings are traced back to Muslim families who are able to steal millions of taxpayer money and the punishment hardly fits the crime. 

For instance, in Grand Rapids, Michigan a Muslim food stamp crime ring was busted that was run by three brothers. Emad Khalil Karaein, Jawad Khalil-Ahmad Karaein, and Khader Khalil Karaein ran a Middle Eastern Market where they operated their crime ring. The brothers were discovered to have cost the American taxpayer $736,000 from EBT and $544,000 from WIC over the course of nine years. Thankfully, the brothers were caught and were sentenced to prison for their disgusting deeds, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Just recently, another Muslim family was just accused of running a massive welfare fraud scam stealing $16 million and all that one man received was just 18 months in prison with and three years of supervised release.

How in the world is that even a punishment? 

Here is more from 100 Percent FedUp:

U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced Muhammad Sarmad, age 41, of Nottingham, Maryland, to 18 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud and wire fraud in connection with a scheme to illegally redeem food stamp benefits in exchange for cash. At the sentencing on March 27, 2017, Judge Bennett also ordered that Sarmad pay restitution of $3,550,662.

Sarmad, co-defendant Mohammad Irfan, and other family members owned and/or operated New Sherwood Market, 6324 Sherwood Road in Northwood, Maryland; Martin Mart, 1504 Martin Boulevard in Middle River, Maryland; Rosedale Mart, 6326 Kenwood Avenue in Rosedale, Maryland; and M&A Mart 7400-A Belair Road in Baltimore.

All of the stores were authorized to accept SNAP, except the M&A Mart. According to their plea agreements, from October 2010 through at least July 2016, Sarmad, Irfan, and their co-conspirators exchanged EBT benefits for cash, in violation of the food stamp program rules. Sarmad, Irfan, and their co-conspirators typically paid half the value of the EBT benefits in cash. To avoid detection, they often debited the funds from the card in multiple transactions over a period of hours or days, or called a different store where the transaction was processed manually. Since the M&A Mart was not authorized to accept SNAP, Sarmad or a co-conspirator would call one of the other stores to run the transaction at the other store and then hand out the cash at M&A Mart.

Sarmad, Irfan, and their co-conspirators received instruction regarding the requirements and regulations of the food stamp program, including that only eligible food items could be exchanged for EBT benefits, and that a retailer may never exchange EBT benefits for cash or non-food items. Sarmad admitted that from October 2010 through August 2016, Sarmad and his co-conspirators obtained more than $3.5 million in payments for food sales that never occurred or were substantially inflated.

In addition to Sarmad and Irfan, nine other retail store operators have pleaded guilty to their roles in similar schemes to illegally redeem food stamp benefits in exchange for cash, and are awaiting sentencing. Three other defendants are scheduled to go to trial later this year.

Obviously, these light punishments are not working and they are not nearly enough of a consequence for these nasty thieves. So that is why President Trump is making one of his goals to combat welfare fraud and as you know the left will lose their mind over it.

According to The Hill, President Trump is looking to overhaul the welfare system which will throw people off that do not deserve it.

“Some people are really taking advantage of our system,” Trump said during a Cabinet meeting. “And we are going to be looking very, very strongly therefore at welfare reform.”
Trump indicated the effort would be directed toward people he believes are receiving public benefits but shouldn’t be.
“People are taking advantage of the system and then other people aren’t receiving what they really need to live,” he said. “And we think it’s very unfair to them.” 
The president did not reveal any details of a welfare overhaul, but said his Cabinet would discuss recommendations and reveal them “very shortly.”

When President Trump was elected to office, he had one goal and one goal only, and that is to make America great again. After eight years of Barack Obama fostering an age of entitlement and handouts to those who are not deserving it, it’s time to end the madness. There are countless of able-bodied individuals taking advantage of a system that was only put in place to help those who were in desperate need of assistance. The welfare program was not designed to be a lifetime goal but rather a stepping stone to help the unfortunate get back on track, and these Muslims are not “unfortunate” souls who need a handout.

These people know very well that if they can crash out economy they can take us over which is why we need to deport them for their crimes and not house them at all. Hopefully, President Trump will push for tougher punishments for these welfare leeches so we can get our country back on track again. 


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