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SHOCKER! Muslim Terrorist In Brussels Was Previously Deported!



From Daily Mail

Two brothers who blew themselves up in Brussels were able to evade security services despite being notorious gangland criminals and placed on a worldwide terror watch list, it emerged today.

Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui were today named as two of the ISIS suicide bombers who rocked the Belgian capital yesterday, killing 34 people and wounding more than 270 others.

Their involvement provides for the first time a direct link between the Brussels attacks and the Paris massacre that killed 130 people in November.

It has since emerged that they each have extensive criminal records and were both jailed for shocking crimes involving Kalashnikov machine guns.

Ibrahim was also arrested in Turkey last summer and deported to Holland before being passed back over to Belgium despite warnings that he was a militant.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the suicide bomber was arrested in Gaziantep in southern Turkey close to the Syrian border last summer but deported after Belgian authorities failed to confirm the suspect’s links to terrorism ‘despite our warnings that he was a foreign fighter’.

Khalid was also listed on an Interpol ‘red notice’ – an alert to police forces around the world saying that he was wanted in Belgium on terrorism charges.

Yet they were still allowed to play a major role for ISIS before martyring themselves by providing ammunition and renting out safe houses where the Brussels and Paris attacks were plotted.

On the terror watch list: Khalid was on an Interpol 'red notice' – an alert to police forces around the world saying that he was wanted in Belgium on terrorism charges

Khalid, 27, was jailed for five years in 2011 for possessing AK-47 machine guns and committing a series of car-jackings.

Excerpts from the Interpol notice says he spoke French and Arabic and had dual Belgian and Bahamian nationality.

He has been wanted since last August.

Ibrahim blew himself up in the check-in hall of Brussels Zaventem Airport while Khalid attacked a metro train at Maalbeek station near the EU headquarters, prosecutors said today.

Ibrahim, 30, was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2010 for shooting at police with a Kalashnikov during a robbery.

There does not appear to be a red notice posted on the Interpol website for his brother, Ibrahim, but he has been on the run since breaching his parole terms last year.

Their use of Kalashnikovs, a signature weapon for ISIS and other extremist groups, will raise questions about why they were not monitored more closely by intelligence services.

The revelations are the latest in a series of failures by security chiefs who face damaging questions about why the siblings and other members of the ISIS cell were able to slip through the net. 

The safe house rented by the El Bakraoui brothers in the Brussels district of Molenbeek where Paris and Brussels logistics chief Salah Abdeslam was arrested in a police raid last Friday after four months on the run

The safe house rented by the El Bakraoui brothers in the Brussels district of Molenbeek where Paris and Brussels logistics chief Salah Abdeslam was arrested in a police raid last Friday after four months on the run

Investigation: Forensic teams comb another safe house used by the El Bakraoui brothers and Paris bomb maker Najim Laachraoui to plot the string of terror attacks that killed 34 people in Brussels on Tuesday. They found a suicide note from Ibrahim along with chemicals including 150l of acetone, 30l of liquid oxygen, detonators, a suitcase full of nails and other bomb equipment including plastic trays, tools and ventilator

Investigation: Forensic teams comb another safe house used by the El Bakraoui brothers and Paris bomb maker Najim Laachraoui to plot the string of terror attacks that killed 34 people in Brussels on Tuesday. They found a suicide note from Ibrahim along with chemicals including 150l of acetone, 30l of liquid oxygen, detonators, a suitcase full of nails and other bomb equipment including plastic trays, tools and ventilator

At some point after leaving prison, Khalid linked up with the terror cell behind the Paris attacks and used a false name to rent a property in the Belgian city of Charleroi as a hideout.

In the hours before the November massacre, logistics chief Salah Abdeslam and his brother Brahim are believed to have stopped at the apartment to pick up weapons before going on to unleash hell in the French capital.

Khalid later rented out a flat, also under an alias, in the Brussels suburb of Forest which was stormed last week by police hunting Salah Abdeslam.

Khalid and his brother, Ibrahim, are believed to have escaped during a shoot-out with police in which another militant, Mohamed Belkaid, was killed.

Continuing to act with impunity, the brothers are also understood to have rented out a flat in the suburb of Schaerbeek where they made final preparations before storming the airport and Metro.

First picture: Belgian bomber Ibrahim El Bakraoui (centre) and explosives expert Najim Laachraou (left), both wearing black gloves to hide their suicide bomb triggers, killed 14 at Brussels airport. Their accomplice - the 'Man in White' - (right) walked out of the airport after leaving a suitcase bomb that never went off

First picture: Belgian bomber Ibrahim El Bakraoui (centre) and explosives expert Najim Laachraou (left), both wearing black gloves to hide their suicide bomb triggers, killed 14 at Brussels airport. Their accomplice – the ‘Man in White’ – (right) walked out of the airport after leaving a suitcase bomb that never went off

Panic: A fire caused by one of the explosions in the terminal is tackled by airport staff with extinguishers surrounded by baggage and falling roof tiles

Today, prosecutors said Ibrahim left a suicide note at that apartment, telling how he was desperate to blow himself up because he did not want to go to prison like his friend, Salah Abdeslam.

Federal prosecutor Frederic Van LeeuwVan Leeuw said Bakraoui’s ‘will’ said he was ‘in a rush’, and added: ‘I don’t know what to do… hunted everywhere… no longer safe.’

He said: ‘I don’t want to end up in a cell next to him.’

That appeared to be a reference to Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam, who is reportedly linked to Bakraoui, and who is in custody in Belgium after being captured last week.

The computer on which Ibrahim wrote the will was dumped in a trash can in the same street in the Brussels district of Schaarbeek where investigators found an unexploded bomb, an Islamic State group flag and bomb-making materials on Tuesday night.

Web of terror: MailOnline can reveal how an ISIS terror network from across Brussels first took murder to the streets of Paris killing 130 before members of the cell who survived returned to the Belgian capital. In the past week, as police closed in, some members including Salah Abdeslam were either arrested or killed before the team of four bombers launched twin attacks yesterday, killing 34

79 minutes of terror: How three suicide bomb blasts rocked Brussels during the morning rush-hour 

Prosecutors confirmed that they had found 15 kilos (33lb) of TATP high explosive in the flat.

They also found chemicals including 150 litres of acetone, 30 litres of liquid oxygen, detonators, a suitcase full of nails and other bomb-making equipment including plastic trays, tools and ventilator.

A third man, who was filmed with Ibrahim and a second unidentified suicide bomber and who fled the scene without detonating his device, remains on the run, prosecutors said.

‘The third man is on the run. He left his bag with the biggest bomb in it, which exploded later because it was so unstable.

‘This third person remains unidentified and is still being looked for,’ he said.


Early September: Salah Abdeslam and Najim Laachraoui, now known as one of the two Brussels airport suicide bombers, travel to Budapest to pick up two men posing as migrants. The group then leaves the country together.

November 11: Abdeslam and a man later identified as Mohamed Abrini, 30, are captured on camera together at a petrol station in Ressons, France. They are driving the Renault Clio used two days later in the Paris attacks.

November 13: Some 130 people are massacred in a series of co-ordinated bomb and gun attacks across Paris, directly involving up to eight jihadis and for which Abdeslam helped organise logistics.

November 13: Abdeslam, travelling with two other men (who were later arrested) is stopped at a police checkpoint near the border with Belgium just hours after the attacks in Paris. They are all allowed to go free.

November 15: Reports emerge Abdelslam has been located at a house in Molenbeek – but police have to wait until daylight to raid it due to strict night-time laws. He has vanished by the time they act.

November 18: The suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, is killed in a shootout with police in St Denis, northern France. He is thought to have spent time waging jihad in Syria and had organised multiple attacks in Europe.

November 23: A swathe of night time raids across Molenbeek sees dozens of people arrested but police fail to find Abdeslam.

January 8: Authorities announce they have found Abdeslam’s fingerprints in a flat in Schaerbeek, Brussels that was raided in December.

March 15: Brussels bombers Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui flee a flat in Forest, Brussels, following a raid by police at the safehouse. Abdeslam’s fingerprints are found in the building.

March 18: Abdeslam is arrested in a raid in Molenbeek after four months spent on the run. Authorities say he was supposed to be a fourth suicide bomber in Paris but ‘backed out’ at the last minute.

March 22: The Bakraoui brothers carry out suicide bomb attacks at Brussels airport and the city’s metro station respectively, killing 34 people. Laachraoui was the second airport suicide bomber.

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Foreign Intel

BREAKING: 200 Just Found Dead Overnight And Now Trump Is About To Address The Nation

This is bad



In the United States, we take the loss of life very seriously. Just recently we experienced the largest mass shooting in our history, and the death toll was just under 60, but that was more than enough to enrage the nation. The largest terrorist attack on U. S. soil had a death toll at around 3,000 and 16 years later, we’re still not over it.

Those numbers are horrific to us, but to many countries, where the ruling class considers the everyday citizen to be worthless, those are kiddy stats. In countries like North Korea where the people who live and work every day with little pay and even less appreciation, deaths are all too common. Just hours ago the country that is intent on war with the United States lost 200 of their own in a senseless catastrophe.

Even after receiving warnings from scientists from multiple countries, North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un continued nuclear testing at a site that couldn’t hold up to the stress and there was a collapse. According to The Federalist Papers, the mountain that collapsed, Mount Mantap, was woven with a serious of tunnels which caused it to be too weak to withstand the testing, and collapsed on the hundreds of laborers inside:

“Despite warnings from the West, South Korea, and China, the petulant tyrants in the hermit kingdom of North Korea have continued to conduct nuclear tests beneath Mount Mantap. Scientists have predicted that the constant testing may lead the mountain to collapse on itself. Just as they predicted, a series of tunnel networks has collapsed, and up to 200 Korean laborers are dead.

It is not immediately known when the collapse took place (getting exact dates on events in the rogue regime is often difficult because of their isolation). According to a report from The Telegraph, a tunnel network being excavated by about 100 workers collapsed. It was likely shortly after the regime’s sixth nuclear test.

Another 100 workers at the Punggye-ri test site attempted to get their coworkers out, but another collapse happened and likely killed them as well.”

This completely preventable disaster is just another example of why many on the international scene consider Kim Jong-un to be essentially holding the 25 million North Koreans hostage in their own country. The people of North Korea have no say in government or almost anything that affects their lives on a daily basis. In fact, most accounts from those who have escaped the hellish regime’s grasp tell of a country that they would rather die than return to.

Evidence of an absolute disregard for the citizens that populate the country is manifested in many ways, not the least of which a dictator who is willing to sacrifice as many of them as he needs to get the glory of winning a conflict with one of the superpowers that he desperately wants.

President Trump’s impending trip to the region is very well timed, considering that the nations surrounding North Korea are finally becoming convinced that the dictator is now entirely out of control. President Trump will hopefully find a solution that both South Korea and China can agree with in order to get a handle on the very volatile situation in the region.

Here are more details from our source about the tragedy in North Korea:

“An exact date for the disaster has not been provided, but it comes shortly after North Korea conducted its sixth – and most powerful – underground nuclear test at the site.

Satellite imagery of the site shows damage to the land after the collapses happened. Such should not be surprising, as we have known for some time that the country’s constant nuclear testing could only go on for so long without causing substantial damage to the existing tunnel networks.

As we reported earlier in October, the test site is in serious danger of further collapse, and if that happens radioactive fallout would be released throughout the entire hemisphere.

“Since 2006, North Korea has conducted tested six nuclear weapons tests under Mount Mantap since 2006 at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility.  Analysts who monitor the 7,200-foot-high peak say the mountain is taking a toll from the tests, now suffering “tired mountain syndrome.”

According to the New York Post, a September blast caused a 6.3 magnitude tremor felt in China. Satellite images show that the mountain visibly shifted from the blast which caused massive landslides and lofted stone and gravel field around the area.

The area is now abundant in seismic activity, suffering three more quakes in the short time since North Korea’s self-proclaimed H-bomb test. International officials say the North’s claims might not have been exaggerated, as earthquakes generated from the blast indicate a massive thermonuclear explosion.”

The prognosis of radioactive fallout raining down on North Korea, South Korea, and China (plus many other places in the Far East) is not something to think of as impossible. If the mountain does collapse on itself, the consequences would be absolutely catastrophic.

China is not too happy with the North Koreans right now, and I’ms sure the idea of radioactive fallout raining down is one of the factors contributing to that. Their incessant nuclear testing has seriously hit a nerve with the Chinese leadership, and they have gone as far as to say that if the rogue regime continues to conduct nuclear tests, the Chinese will wage war against them.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping has become increasingly frustrated with the behavior of the isolated regime, which insists on having a nuclear deterrent against the United States.

One more missile test, Chong said, and it would “push the country off a cliff.”

President Jinping was said to be “boiling with fury” after North Korea recently tested a missile just as China was gearing up to host a pivotal global economic conference.

The former US ambassador to China Max Baucus recently claimed the only time he saw the Chinese leader use “undiplomatic language” was in relation to Kim Jong-Un.”

At this rate, it seems that one of two things may happen. Either the regime will conduct more tests and their test site will collapse, spewing radioactive fallout throughout the region; or, China may be the one to militarily intervene with their neighbors whom, until now, they have been supporting.

[H/T: The Federalist Papers]

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Liberals Furious At What President Trump Is Selling In Mexico While His Wall Is Being Built – It’s Genius!



If there’s one sure fire thing that would infuriate a liberal, it’s anything to do with the President or his successful Presidential campaign, where he beat the beloved Hillary on her own home turf. If you’d like to twist that knife of anguish even further that you’ve no doubt triggered, add in anything to do with illegals, Mexico or a wall between us and Mexico.

The aforementioned scenario is a sure fire way to prompt outrage on the part of any liberal and especially the leadership of Mexico. Since they as a country have gotten to send all of their undesirables over the border to the United States for the past few decades, it’s understandable that they wouldn’t want to lose that cushy situation.

Add to that the problem that there’s zero existence of liberals  understanding what constitutes a flourishing economy or a good leader, and President Trump can’t seem to do anything that would make the frustrated liberals okay with his Presidency. His most recent offense was making some new and improved trucker hats just in time for his trip to Mexico. But instead of saying Make America Great again they say Make Mexico Great Again.

Whether that was meant as a sincere sentiment, or a nod to the President’s plan to aid the country in keeping their residents, either way, it’s completely his right wear and even a nice slogan. However, as you can imagine, a few people aren’t happy about the idea. In fact, according to Biz Pac Review, neither liberals nor Mexican diplomats found the hats humorous:

“Liberals don’t want anything to be great. They especially don’t want Mexico to become a prosperous independent nation where its constituents love it so much they stay put, instead of clamoring to get out.” 

Obviously that last part was a little jab at the nation who is so in favor of open borders because the traffic tends to flow predominately north, not south into their country.

In case you’re wondering what the offending hats look like, here’s a picture of one the headgear that is to be worn by Trump administration staffers for their trip to our neighbor to the south.

President Trump apparently has more than one mission while in Mexico; he wants to pass on some tips on how to win an election to any of the Mexican politicians that need a boost/

“Trump told Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs that some Mexican candidates were wearing Make Mexico Great Again hats to give them an edge.

And why wouldn’t they? It worked for Trump – bigly.

‘In fact, they wore a hat — a green hat that says ‘Make Mexico Great Again,’’ Trump said. ‘They call them the Donald Trump of politics. They have a couple of them, actually.’

Trump’s statement sent certain members of the Mexican and U.S. press into a tizzy.

Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo quickly tweeted: ‘Not true.’

Mexican officials don’t seem too delighted at the idea of any Donald Trump emulators working their way up in Mexican politics. After all, truth justice and the American way should probably stay in America if you’re a diplomat for a country that tends to skirt democratic process and fair trails at every possible opportunity.

In fact, Mexican diplomat Jorge Guajardo called President Trump’s claim “a big fat lie.”

While we don’t yet have confirmation about the candidate that President Trump mentioned wearing a Make Mexico Great Again hat, we do have proof of Rudy Guiliani and Jeff Session both wearing the controversial piece at a rally in Arizona last year.

“Giuliani fired up the crowd with his “Make Mexico Great Again Also” cap at a Trump rally in Arizona.

So, was the claim that actual Mexican candidates wore the hats either wishful thinking or a misunderstanding on Trump’s part? Perhaps.

But, the sheer frustration it induced in liberals says everything. After all, what would Regressives do if Mexicans became self-sufficient in their own country and libs could no longer virtue-signal off the backs of the downtrodden?”

It’s understandable that Mexicans would be frustrated with President Trump. Up to now, every President in recent history has been willing to “play ball” and bend to the will of our neighbors to the south, whereas President Trump has been nothing but trouble for Mexico. Even before he was officially sworn into office, then President-Elect Trump intervened in large several large companies moving their factories south of the border.

If you’re looking out for the interests of Mexico, Donald Trump is bad news. However, if you’re interested in prospering the United States, President Trump is exactly what you need. No matter how much Mexico wants to pressure or shame him, or how many pitiful villages they trot out that have been kept in poverty to prove how much help they need, the President is always going to look out for America first, as he should.

[H/T: Biz Pac Review]

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Foreign Intel

Trump Just Rained Down Hell On North Korea 7,500 Times Today After Kim Jong-un Put His Finger On Trigger



With the growing threat from North Korea becoming an ever-growing issue on the minds of Americans, many want to know what the President plans to do about it. Since the majority of us feel a little shaken up and almost like we’re in recovery from a bad relationship with our last Commander-in-Chief, we’re waiting with baited breath to see how this one will handle a crisis.

Since the threat from North Korea isn’t a new one but was never dealt with, the President is having to make up for lost time to give North Korea a strong show of force. Even though it’s not very appealing to the liberal agenda, the United States military is poised and ready to strike, should North Korea’s dictator decide to follow through on his many threats.

The tiny dictatorship was given a lot to fear when President Trump made these comments:

According to Zerohedge, the POTUS isn’t waiting for the storm to come to him; he’s beginning it himself with the 7500 marines he sent to watch North Korea’s front door:

Just one week after uttering his now-infamous “this is the calm before the storm” statement to the press ahead of a dinner with military leaders, we now learn that President Trump has dispatched a second nuclear aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, filled with 7,500 marines, to the Korean Peninsula.  Of course, this comes after rumors swirled earlier this week that North Korea is preparing to fire multiple short-range rockets around the opening of the Chinese Communist Party’s twice-a-decade congress on Oct. 18th.”

No matter how petted, pampered, or dictatorial Kim Jong-un is, he couldn’t possibly have thought that there would be no retaliation to his bold threats against the United States. As a nation, we’ve got a pretty great reputation for winning the fights we get involved in. After all, being one of the world’s superpowers with the greatest fighting force on the planet comes with not only bragging rights but the ability to follow through.

Here are a few details about the troops that were sent to the region:

“The USS Theodore Roosevelt, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, is en route to the western Pacific after leaving San Diego port last week.

The Roosevelt will focus on maritime security operations in the Pacific and Middle East, the US military announced.

But the £3.4billion ($4.5billion) warship, known as “the Big Stick”, has been sent to boost US defence on the Korean peninsula, according to South Korean media.

It is expected to arrive in [the] region in the coming weeks amid fears North Korea is about to test another missile or nuclear weapon.

Per the following map from Stratfor, the USS Theodore Roosevelt will join the USS Ronald Reagan which is already operating in the region.”

Anyone who has had any dealings with Marines knows that those folks get things accomplished. Just imagine what 7,500 of them could do if deployed to deal with the threats being leveled at their beloved country.

And just in case you were worried that this was an empty threat, one Navy Admiral cleared up the state of mind and ability of the forces being sent to North Korea.

According to a statement from Admiral Steve Koehler, a strike group commander on the ship, the Roosevelt is carrying some 7,500 sailors and marines that are ‘ready as a war fighting force’.

 ‘The US Navy carrier strike group is the most versatile, capable force at sea,’ he said in a statement before the ship’s launch.

‘After nearly a year of training and integration exercises, the entire team is ready as a warfighting force and ready to carry out the nation’s tasking.’”

Many consider this move to be the action that the President was referring to in the video above. There’s little chance that when the President makes a threat, it will be an empty one, but it’s still surprising for those of us who had lost hope in our former military leader to see a strong move this quickly.

“Of course, as we noted above, this buildup of naval forces in the Pacific follows an ominous warning from the President last week that preceded a dinner with military leaders: ‘You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,’ he said: “It could be the calm… before… the storm.”

A reporter quickly asked what the storm might be -‘“Is it Iran, ISIS, what’s the storm?’  to which he replied… ‘…you’ll find out.'”

And find out we did. Anyone who was worried about the safety of our country under Obama can now sleep in peace knowing that the situation is being handled. It may not make everyone happy that the President is matching every threat with a military action of his own, but sometimes you’ve just got to fight fire with fire and they’ll be happy when it stops us from being attacked. They’ll find out.

[H/T: Zerohedge]

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