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SHOCKING New Details Emerge About Who Lee Harvey Oswald Met With One Month Before Assassination



It’s been over 50 years since JFK was assassinated, and we are finally starting to get some concrete answers as to what happened on that fateful November day in Dallas.

Newly released documents reveal Lee Harvey Oswald met with a KGB agent in Mexico and spoke with the Russians weeks before Kennedy was killed.

Within the 2,800 recently declassified files pertaining to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA revealed that on Sept. 28, 1963 that they intercepted a telephone call in Mexico City that indicated Kennedy’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was confirmed being at the Soviet Embassy on that day. Oswald, who would go on to kill the President, was in Mexico and spoke multiple times with the Soviet consul, Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov

Kostikov was later confirmed as an “identified KGB Officer” and a member of the infamous Department 13, which was a unit which was responsible for “sabotage and assassination” during the cold war era.


Though this meeting and multiple phone calls, this sets off few alarms since this all happened months leading up to when Oswald assassinated President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. The CIA document does not come to the conclusion that Oswald shot Kennedy on Russian instructions or with help from the KGB. To the eyes of the CIA, it always seemed Lee Harvey acted on his own.

Oswald didn’t just meet with the Russians before he killed Kennedy. Among the files in the Oct. 26 dump thanks to President Trump, there was a 1967 wire from an alleged Cuban intelligence officer who claimed he knew Oswald personally. And interestingly enough, when he was asked whether or not Oswald was a good enough shot to hit the presidential motorcade from the Texas School Book Depository in his opinion, the alleged Cuban official said, “Oh, he was quite good….I knew him.”

The Daily Mail Reports:

Lee Harvey Oswald met a KGB assassin before JFK killing

In explosive newly revealed FBI documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it’s revealed that assassin Lee Harvey Oswald met a senior KGB agent months before the killing.

Lee Harvey Oswald met a senior KGB agent months before the assassination of John F Kennedy, documents from the newly-released trove have revealed.

Oswald met agent Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov in Mexico City’s Soviet embassy two months before the president was shot and killed in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Kostikov was a senior agent in the 13th Department which was responsible for assassinations.

This was revealed in an intercepted phone call to the Soviet Embassy during which he was heard speaking ‘in broken Russian’.

Another document reveals the FBI was aware of the meeting on October 1 of 1963, more than a month before JFK was killed, meaning Oswald was already on their radar.

The trove of files were published on the National Archives website Thursday night, but President Donald Trump has kept some back so federal agencies can black out portions.

The much anticipated files surrounding the details of President John F Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, were released on Thursday

The Dallas Police Department mug shots of Lee Harvey Oswald following his arrest for possible involvement in the John F. Kennedy assassination and the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit, who he killed after shooting the president

The document showing the KGB operative who was with the assassination division called the 13th Department being connected to Oswald

‘According to an intercepted phone call in Mexico City, Lee Oswald was at the Soviet Embassy there on 28 September 1963 and spoke with the Consul, Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov,’ one document reads.

The CIA document says the agency learned of Oswald’s visit to Mexico City when he called the Soviet Embassy on October 1, ‘identifying himself by name and speaking broken Russian’

According to the document he ‘asked the guard who answered the phone whether there was “anything new concerning the telegram to Washington.'”

In the documents FBI agents were grilled by a Senate committee about failing to stop Oswald’s visit to Mexico in September, two months before JFK was killed on November 22 of 1963.

An FBI agent said: ‘Oswald wrote me in early 1962 to help expedite an exit visa for his wife. Why in the world would he tell a plopper like that?’

Bystanders looked on as Jacqueline Kennedy reached over to help her husband who lay on the rear of a car after being struck by an assassin’s bullet as his motorcade traveled through Dealey Plaza

A Senator replies: ‘In any event, he told what the agent knew was lies, and what I am trying to get at is there was no analysis within the bureau of any of this.

‘He even goes to Mexico City, contacts the Cuban consulate and the Soviet embassy, happens to be in contact – we don’t know if there is anything sinister about it – with an agent who is known to be KGB by the FBI and by the CIA, and suspected of being Department 13, which is their assassination and sabotage squad.

‘In any event, he then returns to the United States, is never again interviewed by the FBI.’

A memorandum dated July 1969, titled ‘An investigation of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico’, reports that the infamous assassin was seen at a party in Mexico in late September, 1963.

The CIA document reveals how Oswald went to a party in Mexico, along with two other Americans and hosted by Mexican playwright Elena Garro de Paz.

De Paz was interviewed by the FBI following the assassination who told the FBI about the other Americans with Oswald, but that the ‘interrogation was entirely unsatisfactory by normal investigatory standards.’

It was in Mexico that Oswald, who was a communist, attended the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City on September 28 during the course of his six-day trip.

The FBI had discounted de Paz’s accounts, but the CIA was ‘disturbed’ by them.

In yet another shocking turn in the events surrounding the assassination and the follow up investigation by the FBI, the documents reveal the FBI’s failure to properly investigate de Paz’s story could have ‘damaged’ the Warren Report.

The 46-year-old was shot in the back and head while riding in an open motorcade through Dallas, Texas, with his wife First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy by his side

Lee Harvey Oswald during a press conference after his arrest in Dallas. Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby on November 24 on the eve of Kennedy’s buria

The Warren Report, or Warren Commission was the government’s investigation into Oswald and the assassination, and it concluded that he acted alone.

The report says ‘the credibility of the Warren Report would be damaged all the more if it were learned that these allegations were known and never adequately investigated by the competent American authorities.’

It has been reported that Oswald was a good shot, but the speculation mounts that he may not have acted alone as more is revealed about his trip to Mexico.

Another document says the CIA’s ‘plan in passing information to the Warren Commission was to eliminate mention of wire taps in order to protect their continuing operations’ suggesting the spy agency withheld material from the investigation.

Ambassador to Cuba was told to ‘cease looking happy in public’ following JFK’s assassination

The Soviet Union also feared they were going to get blamed for putting ‘neurotic maniac’ Oswald up to assassinating JFK the files revealed.

In one document dated December 1, 1963, from director J Edgar Hoover, the agency reveals everything it has learned about the Soviet reaction to the JFK’s assassination and what its agents might have known about Oswald.

The tranche of documents reveal that the Soviets were just as obsessed with conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy’s death as the rest of the world.

‘According to our source, officials of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union believed there was some well-organized conspiracy on the part of the ‘ultraright’ in the United States to effect a ‘coup.”

In yet another document it’s revealed the Cuban ambassador to the UN and his staff reacted with ‘happy delight’ just days after the assassination.

It was revealed during the assassination investigation that Oswald had connections to Fair Play for Cuba, a grassroots movement to support the Cuban revolution.

The Cuban ambassador was instructed to govern their staff, and to ‘cease looking happy in public.’

Although Washington closed the case shortly after JFK’s death, there have been several conspiracy theories, including that the murder plot involved Cuban leader Fidel Castro and there has long been rumors of a second shooter

The collection includes more than 3,100 documents – comprising hundreds of thousands of pages – that have never been seen by the public

Members of the Kennedy family at the funeral of assassinated president John F. Kennedy at Washington DC. Three-year-old John Kennedy saluted his father

After the release of the documents, Trump said he had no choice but to hold back some of the files as a matter of ‘national security’

Before the assassination of JFK it is being revealed in the enormous trove of files that the CIA had considered attempts on Castro’s life that included contaminated skindiving suits and exploding seashells.

The idea was to dust the inside of Castor’s suit with a fungus that would produce a disabling and chronic skin disease and contaminating the breathing apparatus with the bacterium that causes tuberculosis.

The man that was supposed to give him the tainted suit was New York Attorney James Donovan negotiating with Castro for the release of the Bay of Pigs prisoners, however he had already given him a suit that was not contaminated.

The booby-trapped seashell scheme was to have a shell that exploded when lifted, but that idea was also abandoned after the CIA concluded there was no shell large enough in the waters where Castro would dive to contain the desired explosives.

Thursday the White House released 2,800 records relating to the assassination of JFK, but a during the course of Thursday it was announced they would be holding back portions of the data as a matter of ‘national security.’

The officials speaking on behalf of President Donald Trump said he had ‘no choice’ in keeping some under lock and key pending a six month review process.

Russia has previously denied any involvement in the assassination of JFK.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters Thursday: ‘For decades, information has been kept under lock and key.

‘If even here wild insinuations are hurled at Russia, that would be a shame, because it is information, and not disinformation that people want.’

Please share if you agree we need to see ALL the documents in this case….

Al ran for the California State Assembly in his home district in 2010 and garnered more votes than any other Republican since 1984. He's worked on multiple political campaigns and was communications director for the Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor campaign during the primaries in 2014. He has also held multiple positions within his local Republican Central Committee including Secretary, and Vice President of his local California Republican Assembly chapter. While also being an ongoing delegate to the California Republican Party for almost a decade.

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Trump Is On FIRE! Delivers The Devastating KNOCKOUT Blow Against LaVar Ball!

Right in the FACE! BOOM!



No matter what he does and how much he wins, President Trump just can’t seem to make the left happy. Even when he gets three spoiled, entitled ball players out of ten years of hard labor in a Chinese prison.

As most everyone has heard by now, President Trump was able to get the Chinese government to release 3 UCLA basketball players. LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, who have now been suspended indefinitely by the Bruins basketball team. All three players apologized at a news conference Wednesday morning about the incident in China that had them stay behind on a team trip after they were accused of shoplifting at 3 different local area stores.

But of course, since their Messiah, Former President Barack Hussein Obama, had no hand in freeing these 3 characters, the American left and even one of the player’s fathers just can’t seem to give Trump the credit he so rightly deserves. In fact, LaVar Ball, LiAngelo’s father is not giving President Trump any of the credit. When asked about his son’s return and the whole ordeal he actually had the gall to say “Who?” when asked about Trump’s involvement in the matter. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”

But today President Trump replied in an epic way:

This is everything that’s wrong with our great nation and the media. People like this ball tosser’s father are given a platform to spew their biased hate to the public. Instead of this so-called father asking himself what he did wrong that his son would go off and shoplift at 3 different stores, he attacks President Trump for stating the obvious and getting his son out of 10 years of hell.

Via US News:

3 UCLA Basketball Players Suspended After Theft in China

Three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting at three high-end stores in China publicly apologized before coach Steve Alford announced they were being suspended indefinitely.

 Three UCLA basketball players detained for shoplifting at three high-end stores in China publicly apologized Wednesday before coach Steve Alford announced they were being suspended indefinitely.

Freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley won’t be allowed to suit up, practice or travel with the team while the university continues to sort out the circumstances of last week’s incident in Hangzhou, China, Alford said during a news conference at Pauley Pavilion.

“These are good young men who have exercised an inexcusable lapse of judgment and now they have to live with that,” Alford said. “They let a lot people down in the process.”

“I’m confident that they have already begun to use this experience as a life lesson,” he added.

The No. 23 Bruins edged Central Arkansas 106-101 in overtime in their home opener on Wednesday night.

Ball, Hill and Riley took turns confessing to the theft and apologizing while also thanking President Donald Trump for intervening on their behalf with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. The players had returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday after Chinese authorities withdrew the charges against them.

“I’m sorry for stealing from the stores in China,” said Ball, the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, who played last season at UCLA.

“I’ve learned my lesson from this big mistake and I’m a hundred percent sure I’ll never make a mistake like this again. It’s going to make me a better person from here on out.”

Lonzo Ball said, “That’s up to UCLA to decide what they’re going to do with the situation. I’m just happy he’s home.”

When it was his turn, Hill said, “I’m sorry for shoplifting. What I did was stupid. I don’t want to be known for this dumb mistake.”

 “I hope you can forgive my stupid, childish actions,” he added.

Riley was the first to speak and he thanked the Pac-12 Conference, several UCLA administrators and his teammates.

“You guys mean so much to me,” Riley said of his teammates. “I’m sorry for letting you down.”

Athletic director Dan Guerrero also spoke at the news conference, but no one took questions from a large group of media.

Alford didn’t specify what the indefinite suspensions mean, saying only that the three players would have to earn their way back onto the team. He said that once the office that reviews student conduct has completed its work, the athletic department would “make the best judgment we can about the length of that suspension.”

Alford said at some point, the trio may be permitted to join team workouts, meetings and practices, but that timeline has yet to be decided.

“We will come to a resolution in short order,” Guerrero said.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump tweeted: “Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!”

All three players did.

“I’d like to thank President Trump and the United States government for the help that they provided us as well,” Ball said.

The players were detained in Hangzhou for questioning following allegations of shoplifting last week before the Bruins beat Georgia Tech in their season-opening game in Shanghai. The rest of the UCLA team returned home Saturday.

Guerrero said the incident occurred when the team was given 90 minutes of free time on Nov. 6 in Hangzhou.

“Those three visited several stores, took items from three stores and returned to the hotel,” he said, without revealing the items taken or their value.

 The next day, Guerrero said, police arrived at the hotel shared by UCLA and Georgia Tech and interviewed both teams in an attempt to identify the culprits. Police searched the players’ personal belongings and the team bus before identifying Ball, Hill and Riley, he said.

No one from Georgia Tech was implicated.

Guerrero said the UCLA trio was taken to a police station for questioning, and Alford arrived later, along with basketball administrator Chris Carlson. Guerrero found out while flying to Shanghai.

After being arrested, the players remained in custody for questioning and were released on $2,220 bail on Nov. 8. Guerrero said they had to give up their passports and agree to travel restrictions.

Upon their release, they remained in a hotel at UCLA’s insistence, not the local police’s, with Carlson and another administrator supervising them, Guerrero said.

He said the bail money was refunded by police. Once the charges were withdrawn, the trio acknowledged breaking the law, he said.

Guerrero said UCLA provided the resources to help the players and the university is working to see who is responsible for costs and any NCAA implications.

Police told the players they could leave the country on Tuesday and they boarded a plane later that day.

Guerrero said Alford reminded his team of the expectations for good behavior before they left on the trip and while they were in China.

UCLA traveled to China as part of the Pac-12’s global initiative that seeks to popularize the league’s athletic programs and universities overseas. The China Game is in its third year, and while the scandal was developing the league announced that California and Yale will play in next year’s edition.

Someone who speaks like this Levar Ball shouldn’t even be asked questions by the media. Who cares what this failed father has to say. We as a nation better start to wise up and put these people in their places. What exactly entitles this man to give his opinion on this international incident considering he wasn’t even able to raise his son to know the difference between right and wrong?

Please share if you agree this failed father should learn to keep his big mouth shut….

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ALERT! If You Spot a Rubber Band on Your Front Door Handle, DON’T TOUCH IT, Here’s The SICK Thing It Means

ALERT! This could happen to your family!



A Texas woman is sharing the disturbing incident that recently happened to her several days ago in the hopes that her warning will help others to avoid being victimized by a crime. It’s currently happening to neighborhoods across the country, after criminals have established a sinister new trend as a way to mark their next victims.

In a now viral Facebook post, Kim Cernigliaro wrote about her harrowing experience after an unknown person came to her front door and began violently pounding on it.

“Two weeks ago during the day, a hard knock was at my front door, not a regular knock but almost pounding … and I DO NOT answer the door when I am here by myself,” she wrote.

She followed her intuition at the time, which was to not open the door, choosing instead to peek out the side window.

“I glanced around and could see it was a man through the stained glass of my door,” she wrote.

Kim said she waited for about 30 minutes until she was sure the man had left, and expected to see a brochure from a salesman, but instead found that a rubber band had been fastened around her door handle. Completely perplexed, Kim decided to call the police to see if they had any insight, and that’s when her jaw hit the floor:

“The sheriff came by yesterday and said this is happening all of a sudden, as soon as you unlatch the door, they do not wait for you to turn the knob, they can bust in on you.”

She was told that if anyone sees a rubber band, they should immediately contact police. Basically, the rubber band is used to prop the latch open, so as soon as you turn the lock, criminals can push the door open, gaining instant access into your home without waiting for you to peek to see who the person is.

Kim hopes that sharing her story can warn others and help prevent others from being victimized. If you hear someone banging at your door and you’re not expecting company, always be sure to have your firearm handy and accessible so if things do go south, you’ll be able to adequately defend yourself and your home.

This rubber band trick is no doubt putting countless lives in danger across the nation. Be sure to pass the story on to your friends and family. It is possible that this warning could save someone’s life.

H/T [Little Things]

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Trump Just Exposed Obama’s SICKENING Connection To Border Agents Gruesome Murder

Trump is pissed!



Federal officials said on Monday the Border Patrol agent killed Sunday in west Texas was ambushed by Illegal Aliens who beat him in the head with large rocks.

Officials have yet to provide official details about this gruesome incident, but the union representing Border Patrol agents described the attack on the 36-year-old Agent Rogelio Martinez and his partner, as they responded to reports of suspicious activity in the Big Bend area of El Paso Texas. Martinez later died at a local area hospital and his partner, whose name was not yet been released, was in serious condition but expected to live.

Authorities added:

“What we know is that Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez appears to have been ambushed by a group of illegal aliens whom he was tracking. Our agents’ reports from the ground say that he was struck in the head multiple times with a rock or rocks,” said Brandon Judd, a Border Patrol agent and president of the San Diego-based National Border Patrol Council union that represents 16,000 agents.

“The other agent arrived on scene a short time later and was also ambushed and struck in the head with what is believed to have been a rock or rocks,” Judd said. “These disgusting acts and complete disregard for human life need to stop immediately. Family members of slain Agent Martinez will never get to see him come home again all because we have failed to secure our borders from such criminals.”

Couple all this with the fact that almost one-third of the 214 U.S. based MS-13 gang members who were arrested in an international sweep last week were invited into the United States under former President Barack Hussein Obama’s “Unaccompanied Alien Children” policy and we have quite the mess on our hands.

Via Breitbart:

One-Third of 214 Arrested MS-13 Gangsters Were ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’

Almost one-third of 214 U.S.-based MS-13 gang members arrested in an international sweep were invited into the United States by President Barack Obama’s “Unaccompanied Alien Children” policy.
The successful “Raging Bull’ sweep was announced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deputy Director Tom Homan in a joint press conference at ICE headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

The operation is a “significant step towards dismantling and eradicating MS-13 in the United States and in El Salvador,” said Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Rybicki, the second-ranking official at DOJ’s Criminal Division. El Salvador police also arrested 53 gang members in El Salvador.

Sixteen of the 214 arrestees in the United States are U.S. citizens. Five were legal immigrants.

Ninety-three of 214 arrestees are charged with federal or state criminal offenses and will face prison time in the United States, said Derek Benner, the deputy executive associate director of the Homeland Security Investigations division.

The group of 214 include 193 illegal aliens, including 121 arrestees who will be deported but will not face criminal charges.

Sixty-four of the 193 illegals – nearly one in three – are would-be “dreamers” because they illegally crossed the border while claiming to be minors. Their unscreened claims to be children — not adults — won them the legal status of “Unaccompanied Alien Children,” which allowed them to claim federal aid and be released into the United States.

The status was provided by Obama’s administration, which was seeking ways to welcome migrants from Central America into the United States. That invite spiraled out of control, resulting in a huge wave of migrants in 2014, which helped Donald Trump get elected.

“Definitely some UACs end up being bad people and enter the country to do bad things,” said Homan, who is serving as acting ICE director and was nominated on Tuesday by Trump to head the agency. “That’s why we asked for several policy changes in [the requests] we sent to the Hill.”

Criminal charges against the 214 gang-members include racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder in the furtherance of racketeering. According to Rybicki, an entire eight-man MS-13 “clique” (a local division of a gang) was arrested in the operation. This “Sailors Clique” operated in suburban Maryland, a hotspot of MS-13 activity, and has been linked to at least three murders.

U.S. Border Patrol Deputy Chief Scott Luck explained that the operation worked with El Salvadoran intelligence agencies to identify people with links to MS-13.

The gang was created in Los Angeles during the 1980s because the U..S government failed to enforce immigration laws, which allowed El Salvador youths to sneak into the United States. Without economic skills in California’s diverse society, they formed their own national gang — and then recreated that gang in their own homeland once the illegal immigrants were repatriated home.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Francis Cissna explained that his agency’s work to identify illegal aliens with gang affiliations was vital to Raging Bull’s success. USCIS had one of its Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate (FDNS) agents at the Raging Bull command center full time to work to that effect. “That individual reviewed asylum claims for MS-13 members targeted by the operation and assisted in assembling target packages for the immigration and/or criminal court proceedings of these gang members arrested during the operation,” Cissna said.

As Attorney General Jeff Sessions bemoaned in October, gang members and other unworthy illegal aliens often use the United States’s generous asylum policies to tie up their cases in administrative proceedings, often needing only a “credible claim” of persecution in their home country to avoid deportation for years.

“FDNS also notified ICE HSI regarding asylum applicants with strong ties to MS-13 or other significant gang indicators,” Cissna continued. “Our headquarters FDNS officers search USCIS systems for information regarding 195 targeted MS-13 members and associates identified by the operation for additional vetting.”

Operation Raging Bull carries on a series of nationwide and international efforts against the brutal gang. In July, Attorney General Sessions went to El Salvador to announce nearly 600 arrests in that country. Earlier in the summer, ICE’s “Operation Matador” netted dozens of arrests in the United States.

El Salvador police also arrested 53 gang members in el Salvador.

This is what decades of globalism have done to our nation. From George HW. Bush to Bill Clinton, to George W. Bush, to Barack Hussein Obama to almost another Bush. Our nation is starting to resemble a third world cesspool. One that’s filled with the terror of MS-13 thanks to politicians who never have to leave their fortresses and don’t have to deal with the fall out these people cause. They don’t have to compete for the same jobs nor do they have to share the same streets with them. This is why President Donald J. Trump was elected. Because American Citizens are sick and tired of seeing what is being done to our glorious nation in the name of political correctness, globalism, and diversity. Enough is enough!

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has offered a generous $20,000 reward for information on Agent Martinez’s death. Those with tips are asked to call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-252-8477.

Please share to help bring these murdering illegal aliens to justice….

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