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The truth about Marco Rubio’s arrest





An article began making the rounds on the internet this week alleging that Marco Rubio had been arrested for soliciting a gay prostitute in a Miami park in 1990. If true, the allegations could shatter the campaign of the Republican candidate who is currently surging in the polls.


The purported story of Marco Rubio’s arrest, published on a website called The Political Insider, further claims that Angel Barrios, one of the teens arrested with Rubio that night, was later implicated in a gay porn ring. The article also contains a photo of a “gay foam party” with an arrow pointing to a man that is allegedly Marco Rubio. The Political Insider “bombshell report” concludes with a video from Infowars that makes many of the same allegations.

The Political Insider piece is based on two articles, one from the Washington Post and another from the Miami New Times. The article gets some details of Rubio’s 1990 arrest right, but omits and misrepresents crucial facts that are readily available in the same sources that Political Insider cites. It is true that Marco Rubio was arrested in Wainwright Park in Miami with two friends on May 23, 1990 when he was 18 years old. Political Insider paints this arrest as being connected with gay prostitution and implies that there was no other reason to be in the park at night, but neither original source makes these claims.


According to the Post story, a local homeowner association cited complaints about the park including “gang warfare, gunfire, prostitution (straight and gay), drug dealing and muggings.” The Post also quotes Delrish Moss, a Miami police public information officer, as saying, “It was very dark and had lots of trees. People went out there to smoke illegal substances, have sex, drink.” The Political Insider ignores everything except the gay prostitution angle.


Todd Harris, a spokesman for the Rubio campaign, told the Post, ““When he was 18 years old, he [Rubio] violated a municipal code for drinking beer in a park after hours. He was never taken into custody, never hired a lawyer and never appeared in court. Why The Washington Post thinks that is a story is beyond me.”


In response to the Rubio campaign’s response, The Political Insider breathlessly notes that “the police incident report never mentions alcohol!” The reason is explained in the Post article. The arrest was for the misdemeanor offense of being in the park after it was closed. The Post further explains, “There’s no indication that Rubio was involved in any illegal activity other than drinking beer and being in a public park after closing. The police incident report, which does not mention alcohol, states that drug activity was ‘not applicable.’” The misdemeanor charges were later dropped.


The Political Insider goes on to say that Angel Barrios, one of the boys arrested with Rubio that night, “was sued for running a gay pornography studio in a property his company owned.” The Insider quotes the Miami New Times which says that “Barrios was associated with perhaps the most notorious gay porn ring in Miami history….” Pretty damning guilt by association, right?


Not exactly. At the time, Barrios owned a property management company which rented a house to the firm that produced the porn. Barrios is quoted in the same article that the Insider cites as saying, “We are not in the gay porn business. We are not in the straight porn business. We are not in the porn business. My poor father, he had no idea what was going on in there.” The report continues, “Barrios says that he moved quickly to force the business out and that the gay porn site was gone within six months.” The incident occurred in 2007, 17 years after Barrios’ arrest with Rubio.


The New Times report goes on to say that the City of Miami sued Barrios and Cocodorm, the porn company, for illegally operating an adult business in a residential area. Barrios and Cocodorm countersued. Eventually the city waived the fines against Barrios and removed a lien from the house.


“They [Cocodorm] offered to pay all the attorneys’ fees if we sued the city,” Barrios explained to the New Times. “I was looking at these huge civil citation fines from the city for something I had nothing to do with. So I was happy to let them go to court to try to get rid of these fines.”


Barrios denied that he and Rubio had a sexual relationship. “I have nothing against gay people, but this is just so far from the truth,” he said, “I have kids, and now they’re reading all this garbage online. It’s insane.” The New Times reported that Barrios “laughs out loud at the idea of having had a sexual relationship with Rubio.”


Neither source presents any evidence that Rubio and Barrios had any contact after the 1990 arrest.


Barrios did talk about the arrest and his friendship with Rubio in the Post. Barrios says that, while in school, they “were just messing around and partying. Trying to get pretty girls.” Barrios did not recall why they were at the park that night. “We never even used to go to that area,” he said. “That might have been the first time I went there.”


He also said, “I don’t think we got handcuffed and taken to jail.” Instead, they got a “piece of paper.” The Post describes this as a “promise to appear” in court, but Barrios said, ““I don’t think we even ended up going to court.” The Post notes that the charges were dismissed two months later and that “record searches turned up no evidence that mug shots were taken.”


As to the foam party, on the Jimmy Fallon Show Marco Rubio did talk about going to a foam party once, but there was no indication that it was a “gay foam party.” Rubio indicated that he did not enjoy the foam party since the foam ruined his boots, a tacit indication that he was clothed, unlike the men in the Political Insider photo.


The Insider links the picture to a gay website called Not mentioned by the Insider is Towleroad’s description of the picture: “Another photo shows a gay foam party at the ’90s South Beach gay nightclub Warsaw Ballroom, and show’s a man’s profile which Madsen says ‘is believed to be’ Rubio. The face is obscured, so it really could be anybody” [emphasis mine].


An additional photo on Political Insider allegedly shows Rubio dancing in what the New York Observer called a “Chippendales performance” when it published the photo in April 2015. The Insider does not provide any context for this photo, but far from being a strip club act, the picture was taken at an annual male talent show at South Miami Senior High School in 1989. The Observer identifies Rubio and the other dancers as members of the school football team, the Cobras.  Rubio also performed a rendition of “Still” by Lionel Ritchie. He did not win the title of “King Cobra.”


One final question is who “The Political Insider” really is. The site makes no pretense of objectivity with its claim that “we break down the barriers employed by the government and the liberal media….” To underscore the site’s pseudonews status, the byline of the Marco Rubio article is an anonymous handle, “Kosar,” not the actual name of a writer. The terms and conditions page of the site invites submissions and makes no mention of journalistic standards, editorial supervision or basic fact checking.


The information presented in this article is readily available. Much of it came from the same sources that the Insider linked in its piece. If a reader bothers to click the link and read the articles from real news sources, the truth is readily apparent. Instead, The Political Insider selectively quoted and misrepresented the real news accounts.


[An attempt was made to contact The Political Insider for this article, but no response was received. I have elected not to provide a link to the original article to avoid driving traffic to a fake news story. Caution should be exercised in visiting The Political Insider site. My computer got slow every time I went to the site. Your results may vary.]



Rubio’s previously undisclosed arrest is a legitimate issue. Just prior to the 2000 election, news broke that George W. Bush had a previously undisclosed arrest for DWI in 1976. Bush had been leading in the polls, but the news of the arrest was enough to sway the popular vote to Al Gore.


Even though Marco Rubio’s arrest was real, the charge that he is a closeted homosexual is unsupportable by fact. The article from Political Insider is nothing more than a very thinly veiled attempt to destroy Rubio’s character and standing in the conservative community.

David W. Thornton is a freelance writer and commercial pilot. He writes from the perspective of a conservative Christian and economic libertarian. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. A native of Georgia, he currently lives in Villa Rica with his wife and two children. An archive of his work can found at his syndicated blog, David can be contacted at [email protected]


Look What Just Happened To Major Show Host After Exposing D.C.’s SICK Pedophile Ring

This is disgusting!



It was not that long ago that WikiLeaks dropped the Podesta emails that depicted pedophilia in our very own government. Of course, the mainstream media has done its best to sweep this disgusting crime under the rug. However, there are those out there who determined to root out these perverts. President Trump is one of those people, who announced that he would investigate the elite pedophile scandal, and another is Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil recently interviewed a former sex slave by the name of “Kendall” and pushed the topic of elite pedophilia into the mainstream. The account that “Kendall” told millions of people was truly horrific, but Dr. Phil paid a price for telling the truth.

One day after this heinous report aired, a Dutch media company pulled the plug on the Dr. Phil show ending their 15-year partnership. The timing of this happening could not be more suspicious considering the topic that was discussed.

Also, what needs to be considered is the Netherlands history with pedophilia. In 2013, a Dutch court ruled that an abhorrent organization that promotes the legalization of sex between adults and children has the right to continue to promote it.

Then the organization’s founder, Marthijn Uitenboogaard, went on record, saying that society is too overprotective of children.

“A child can see a lot of violence on television, on every cartoon, there’s violence, on movies people get killed,” he explains, “But when Janet Jackson’s breast is shown at the Super Bowl people say: ‘Oh children are watching this.’ Nakedness and everything concerning sexuality is a taboo and violence is the norm. And I think that should be the other way around.” He further believes “almost everyone has pedophile feelings in them. Only the percentage is different, some have more than others.”

Besides that commentary, there have been many high ranking politicians in the Dutch government exposed as pedophiles. Also, recent reports show that worldwide child trafficking is on the rise according to recent statistics from (UNODC) United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

It is entirely possible that the Dutch television station desired different programming which is why they canceled the show. However, is it also possible that this was retaliation for reporting on rampant pedophilia rings around the world?

Or this could be just another example of how far these sick individuals will go to keep their depraved secret hidden.

H/T [ The Free Thought Project, InfoWars ]

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El Chapo’s Cash Won’t Be Used On Trump’s Wall So Look Who Showed Up With $21 Bil For It Overnight



President Donald Trump was recently presented with an incredible surprise of who could be paying for one of his most important and expensive campaign promises when Texas Senator Ted Cruz proposed a bill to use $14 billion seized from notorious drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. The ingenious and perfectly ironic funding source for this important safety feature was met with as many road blocks as the idea for the wall itself. As quickly as that idea was shot down, a surprise financier showed up overnight with the approximately $21 billion needed to foot the bill and you won’t believe where it came from.

The only thing that’s been holding America’s safety and security back is the ability to fund the 40-foot tall wall that’s expected to stretch approximately 1,000 miles along the U.S. – Mexico border. Although the lengthy construction process is already underway, it could be finished much quicker than originally thought after having solved one of the biggest challenges it has faced to date.

“Building ‘a big, beautiful wall’ on the Southern border was Trump’s signature promise during his campaign, winning him support from advocates for hard-line immigration reform,” Politifact reported.

Original estimates for the cost of this project came in at $12 to $15 billion, however, Bernstein Research, who calculates total building cost believes it could actually come in somewhere around $15 billion to $25 billion. The Department of Homeland Security agrees, estimating a specific $21.6 billion price tag for this massive project, according to Politifact. While that total is in excess of the $14 billion taken from El Chapo upon his arrest, the financing problem could soon be solved if Alabama Senator Luther Strange gets his way.

Strange went on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss his idea of where this much-needed wad of cash could come from right now, and it’s as ironic as using drug money to pay for it. Those who want immigrants in this country don’t seem to have an issue with paying for them to be here, so they should be okay with footing the bill to keep them in their country.

Strange explained to Tucker that the funds should come directly from so-called Sanctuary Cities who don’t follow the law. In essence, this would be a fine for going against the President, not cooperating with local police, refusing to turn immigrants in, and worst of all, actually preventing people from fairly bidding on the border wall. Sanctuary cities like San Francisco, California punish their citizens for participating in bidding on the construction of the wall by banning them from doing any other work in the city. This is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship decided by liberals and since they aren’t stopping, Strange wants them to pay for the wall that’s already written into law.

The Senator’s simple solution is that cities who refuse to comply with the nation’s law aren’t going to get the money that they expect from the government because it’s going to go to building the wall. It makes perfect sense to not reward bad behavior with cash that could be used to ensure the rule of law which our nation is built on. Sanctuary Cities don’t make their own rules and can’t expect other people to pay for it when it goes against what the president has already set. Rather than defunding these defiant cities, divert the funding and let their laws be the country’s gain.

Along this same line of logic that Strange presented, costs of this wall could also be met it America stopped or slowed the flow of funding to Mexico. It only makes sense to use the money being sent over the border for the barrier between us since we’re also trying to block Mexican citizens from entering America illegally.

This isn’t about keeping good people out and prevent people from wanting to seek a better life and the American dream, it’s only about preventing those from entering the wrong way and wreaking havoc, compromising citizen’s safety, and sapping off our resources. If it’s important to become a law-abiding American citizen and reap the rewards of living in this country, there’s an immigration to follow to prove those intentions.

The next best thing to using a drug lord’s seized money earned from abusing our border is to make Sanctuary Cities pay for it. They can’t make their own laws to harm people and force other people to pay for it too.

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Ex-FBI Director Comey Just Lost EVERYTHING After His SICKEST Secret Yet Gets Out About What He Hid In NY



Back in the good old days, traitors to this country were hanged for treason. Fast forward to today and not only are treasonous politicians still in office, but they’re leading illegal acts of sabotage against our President and lying under oath. After recently learning that FBI director James Comey predetermined the outcome of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email by not even investigating her, the time for this slimy weasel to continue his illegal antics against this country is unfortunately for him now coming to an abrupt end.

Comey’s illegal escapades began during the Senate Judiciary Committee last year where he lied under oath about Hillary Clinton not being guilty of using her private email server to store classified and above-top-secret documents.  He’s popped his head out several times this year making various appearances before congressional committees to discus issues where he’s constantly made contradictory or false statements while under oath, defiantly disregarding his position to uphold the law. Now there’s an active movement to get this crooked man disbarred from being able to practice law for the rest of his life,  according to a breaking report from the The Washington Times.

“As such, an attorney named Ty Clevenger has filed a grievance with the New York Bar Association against Comey, where he used to serve as a U.S. attorney and still retains a license to practice law,” Conservative Tribune reported. They went on:

The heart of the issue outlined in Clevenger’s grievance is the fact that Comey testified during a Sept. 2016 hearing that he had not predetermined the outcome of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server prior to his announcement that there’d be no criminal charges in July 2016.

That assertion has since been proven false by the revelation that Comey had prepared draft statements exonerating Clinton of wrong-doing several months prior to interviewing her or more than a dozen others associated with the scandal.

This rather important discrepancy was discovered by the Senate Judiciary Committee as they looked into Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation and subsequent termination by President Donald Trump, and was noted in an August 2017 letter sent by committee chair Sen. Chuck Grassley to FBI Director Christopher Wray seeking confirmation, which while heavily redacted, was nevertheless recently produced.

“Insofar as Mr. Comey gave materially false testimony to Congress, it appears that he violated Rules 1.0(w), 3.3(a)(1), and 8.4 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct,” wrote Clevenger in his grievance letter to the bar’s Departmental Disciplinary Committee.

Clevenger’s letter also sought to renew prior grievances he had filed against former Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the potential pressure and interference she exerted on Comey over the investigation and alleged destruction of evidence in the case, such as laptops possessed by Clinton associates.

Clevenger has also filed a separate grievance with the Maryland state bar and got a Circuit Court judge to order the association to open an investigation into three of those Clinton associates — David Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson — who are alleged to have deleted emails and destroyed their laptops which contained pertinent information regarding Clinton’s email scandal, according to Zero Hedge.

Comey isn’t the only crooked politician in hot water right now.  His master and puppeteer Hillary Clinton is at the center of her own little scandal this week after the FBI finally confirmed that she worked a scheme with the Russians to transfer 20% of our country’s uranium to Vladimir Putin’s companies in the United States in exchange for a hefty donation to her Clinton Foundation to the tune of $145 million.

Hillary’s blatant treason against the United States through her bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering with Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business should have been a big enough scandal to send this crooked woman to prison, but thanks to crooked individuals like Comey constantly blocking justice, she’s been able to get away with her crimes for years.

How epic would it be for Comey to not only lose his position with the FBI, but be prevented from practicing law for the remainder of his life? It will be interesting to see if Comey does wind up being disbarred, or if Hillary Clinton will swoop in and kill someone or pull some strings to save his career.



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