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The truth about Marco Rubio’s arrest





An article began making the rounds on the internet this week alleging that Marco Rubio had been arrested for soliciting a gay prostitute in a Miami park in 1990. If true, the allegations could shatter the campaign of the Republican candidate who is currently surging in the polls.


The purported story of Marco Rubio’s arrest, published on a website called The Political Insider, further claims that Angel Barrios, one of the teens arrested with Rubio that night, was later implicated in a gay porn ring. The article also contains a photo of a “gay foam party” with an arrow pointing to a man that is allegedly Marco Rubio. The Political Insider “bombshell report” concludes with a video from Infowars that makes many of the same allegations.

The Political Insider piece is based on two articles, one from the Washington Post and another from the Miami New Times. The article gets some details of Rubio’s 1990 arrest right, but omits and misrepresents crucial facts that are readily available in the same sources that Political Insider cites. It is true that Marco Rubio was arrested in Wainwright Park in Miami with two friends on May 23, 1990 when he was 18 years old. Political Insider paints this arrest as being connected with gay prostitution and implies that there was no other reason to be in the park at night, but neither original source makes these claims.


According to the Post story, a local homeowner association cited complaints about the park including “gang warfare, gunfire, prostitution (straight and gay), drug dealing and muggings.” The Post also quotes Delrish Moss, a Miami police public information officer, as saying, “It was very dark and had lots of trees. People went out there to smoke illegal substances, have sex, drink.” The Political Insider ignores everything except the gay prostitution angle.


Todd Harris, a spokesman for the Rubio campaign, told the Post, ““When he was 18 years old, he [Rubio] violated a municipal code for drinking beer in a park after hours. He was never taken into custody, never hired a lawyer and never appeared in court. Why The Washington Post thinks that is a story is beyond me.”


In response to the Rubio campaign’s response, The Political Insider breathlessly notes that “the police incident report never mentions alcohol!” The reason is explained in the Post article. The arrest was for the misdemeanor offense of being in the park after it was closed. The Post further explains, “There’s no indication that Rubio was involved in any illegal activity other than drinking beer and being in a public park after closing. The police incident report, which does not mention alcohol, states that drug activity was ‘not applicable.’” The misdemeanor charges were later dropped.


The Political Insider goes on to say that Angel Barrios, one of the boys arrested with Rubio that night, “was sued for running a gay pornography studio in a property his company owned.” The Insider quotes the Miami New Times which says that “Barrios was associated with perhaps the most notorious gay porn ring in Miami history….” Pretty damning guilt by association, right?


Not exactly. At the time, Barrios owned a property management company which rented a house to the firm that produced the porn. Barrios is quoted in the same article that the Insider cites as saying, “We are not in the gay porn business. We are not in the straight porn business. We are not in the porn business. My poor father, he had no idea what was going on in there.” The report continues, “Barrios says that he moved quickly to force the business out and that the gay porn site was gone within six months.” The incident occurred in 2007, 17 years after Barrios’ arrest with Rubio.


The New Times report goes on to say that the City of Miami sued Barrios and Cocodorm, the porn company, for illegally operating an adult business in a residential area. Barrios and Cocodorm countersued. Eventually the city waived the fines against Barrios and removed a lien from the house.


“They [Cocodorm] offered to pay all the attorneys’ fees if we sued the city,” Barrios explained to the New Times. “I was looking at these huge civil citation fines from the city for something I had nothing to do with. So I was happy to let them go to court to try to get rid of these fines.”


Barrios denied that he and Rubio had a sexual relationship. “I have nothing against gay people, but this is just so far from the truth,” he said, “I have kids, and now they’re reading all this garbage online. It’s insane.” The New Times reported that Barrios “laughs out loud at the idea of having had a sexual relationship with Rubio.”


Neither source presents any evidence that Rubio and Barrios had any contact after the 1990 arrest.


Barrios did talk about the arrest and his friendship with Rubio in the Post. Barrios says that, while in school, they “were just messing around and partying. Trying to get pretty girls.” Barrios did not recall why they were at the park that night. “We never even used to go to that area,” he said. “That might have been the first time I went there.”


He also said, “I don’t think we got handcuffed and taken to jail.” Instead, they got a “piece of paper.” The Post describes this as a “promise to appear” in court, but Barrios said, ““I don’t think we even ended up going to court.” The Post notes that the charges were dismissed two months later and that “record searches turned up no evidence that mug shots were taken.”


As to the foam party, on the Jimmy Fallon Show Marco Rubio did talk about going to a foam party once, but there was no indication that it was a “gay foam party.” Rubio indicated that he did not enjoy the foam party since the foam ruined his boots, a tacit indication that he was clothed, unlike the men in the Political Insider photo.


The Insider links the picture to a gay website called Not mentioned by the Insider is Towleroad’s description of the picture: “Another photo shows a gay foam party at the ’90s South Beach gay nightclub Warsaw Ballroom, and show’s a man’s profile which Madsen says ‘is believed to be’ Rubio. The face is obscured, so it really could be anybody” [emphasis mine].


An additional photo on Political Insider allegedly shows Rubio dancing in what the New York Observer called a “Chippendales performance” when it published the photo in April 2015. The Insider does not provide any context for this photo, but far from being a strip club act, the picture was taken at an annual male talent show at South Miami Senior High School in 1989. The Observer identifies Rubio and the other dancers as members of the school football team, the Cobras.  Rubio also performed a rendition of “Still” by Lionel Ritchie. He did not win the title of “King Cobra.”


One final question is who “The Political Insider” really is. The site makes no pretense of objectivity with its claim that “we break down the barriers employed by the government and the liberal media….” To underscore the site’s pseudonews status, the byline of the Marco Rubio article is an anonymous handle, “Kosar,” not the actual name of a writer. The terms and conditions page of the site invites submissions and makes no mention of journalistic standards, editorial supervision or basic fact checking.


The information presented in this article is readily available. Much of it came from the same sources that the Insider linked in its piece. If a reader bothers to click the link and read the articles from real news sources, the truth is readily apparent. Instead, The Political Insider selectively quoted and misrepresented the real news accounts.


[An attempt was made to contact The Political Insider for this article, but no response was received. I have elected not to provide a link to the original article to avoid driving traffic to a fake news story. Caution should be exercised in visiting The Political Insider site. My computer got slow every time I went to the site. Your results may vary.]



Rubio’s previously undisclosed arrest is a legitimate issue. Just prior to the 2000 election, news broke that George W. Bush had a previously undisclosed arrest for DWI in 1976. Bush had been leading in the polls, but the news of the arrest was enough to sway the popular vote to Al Gore.


Even though Marco Rubio’s arrest was real, the charge that he is a closeted homosexual is unsupportable by fact. The article from Political Insider is nothing more than a very thinly veiled attempt to destroy Rubio’s character and standing in the conservative community.

David W. Thornton is a freelance writer and commercial pilot. He writes from the perspective of a conservative Christian and economic libertarian. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. A native of Georgia, he currently lives in Villa Rica with his wife and two children. An archive of his work can found at his syndicated blog, David can be contacted at [email protected]

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BREAKING News From VEGAS!!! His Emails Just Leaked And PROVES It!

Frank Lea



Bullets and bodies were flying in Vegas the night of the worst American mass shooting. Blood everywhere. A hotel room with a dead shooter. Two broken windows. An armory’s worth of weapons. A Saudi Crown Prince upstairs. A girlfriend who flew the coup. Nothing adds up to give anyone answers about that horrible shooting in Las Vegas that pinned Stephen Paddock as the lone-wolf shooter responsible for hundreds of deaths and injuries. A mass shooting so bad that one must wonder how one person was able to take out so many unsuspecting concert goers. It makes you wonder if there was more than one shooter. What about that security guard who went missing? What about the rumors that people shot at a tower hoping for an explosion? Was Stephen Paddock the shooter at all? Was his girlfriend Marilou Danley involved? Was she running around outside warning people about something?

New evidence leaks from Vegas that has possible crucial information that might lead to more answers the public so desperately seeks.

Authorities identified her fingerprints on the ammunition, and her casino card was in the hotel room. That leads people to wonder about her involvement in the crime. Was she ever in that dreaded hotel room? Was the ammo handled at another location? Did Paddock bring her card to throw her under the bus? What part did Danley play in the atrocious shooting? Or was she a patsy? Was Paddock a patsy?

Some investigators crawled through Danley’s social media and email accounts.  Stephen Paddock reportedly had access to at least one of the accounts in question.

More information comes out and maybe one day we can piece this horrible puzzle together.

LA Times reports:

“Marilou Danley may not have been present when Paddock unleashed a furious barrage of bullets down on a crowd of 20,000 at a Las Vegas country music festival, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500 others, but her links to his life seemed to be everywhere.

The facts about Danley were among the details revealed when a U.S. District Court judge in Las Vegas unsealed more than 300 pages of search warrants and affidavits at the request of several media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times. The request was unopposed by prosecutors.

But why the 64-year-old Paddock shot up the Route 91 Harvest festival on Oct. 1 remains a mystery, and the search warrants — despite revealing his large cache of weaponry — raise more questions than answers about his actions and motive.

Paddock came to Las Vegas with an arsenal — more than 20 firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition and spent casings were found in his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Other search warrants revealed more than 1,000 rounds and 100 pounds of explosive material in his car.

Authorities also recovered 18 firearms and more than 1,000 rounds at Paddock’s house in Mesquite, Nev. A “large quantity of firearms” was recovered from another residence he had in Reno.

The search warrants also covered electronic accounts and social media accounts of Paddock and Danley. They revealed an exchange about a money wire transfer. Danley returned from a trip to the Philippines days after the shooting, but wasn’t arrested when she arrived in the United States.

According to an affidavit, Danley was identified early on “as the most likely person who aided or abetted Stephen Paddock based on her informing law enforcement that her fingerprints would likely be found on the ammunition used during the attack.”

In the court documents, she told investigators she occasionally participated in the loading of the magazines.”

Danley loaded magazines on weapons that may have been responsible for a mass amount of bloodshed. Authorities have not arrested her yet, but Danley is a person of interest. My theory is that the authorities are keeping a watchful eye on her to see what she does, who she talks to, and if any of her activity leads people to a much more significant arrest.

What was Paddock doing with all those guns in one location? He can’t possibly shoot them all at once, nor would he survive a gunfight with police long enough to use all the ammunition.

What were the weapons really for?

What was Paddock’s real story? Was he a gun runner on a deal that went bad? Was he shot before the shooting started?

What happened during that concert in Vegas that set the stage for the horrible shooting?

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BREAKING NEWS From Florida! They Killed HER!




It seems that homicide investigators are having to work overtime lately with a number of strange deaths that seem to keep coming up. The latest is out of Florida where a woman’s life has been cut tragically short and could have been prevented. Unfortunately, she’s not the first nor will be the last after a murder-for-hire hit went wrong. Whose responsible is also a big part of the problem that President Donald Trump is working quickly to eradicate from the United States.

Janice Marie Zengotita-Torres was just 42 when her life came to a sudden, horrific end this week near her home in Kissimmee, Florida. She leaves behind a 14-year-old son who is now without his mother to care for him and will struggle for the rest of his life with what happened to her. Making it worse is that Janice’s killers got the wrong person and even though they realized that before killing her, the pulled the trigger anyway because “dead men don’t talk.” However, if Trump had been in office before now or his predecessor done his job, it would have never come to this and a boy would still have his mother today.

The New York Post reports:

Midway into a Florida murder-for-hire plot, a boyfriend-girlfriend hit team realized they’d zip-tied and duct-taped the wrong woman — and then killed her anyway, officials said.

Victim Janice Marie Zengotita-Torres, 42, of Kissimmee, was forced into the trunk of her own car, tortured for her ATM card and then suffocated with garbage bags, officials said.

The mother of a 14-year-old son, she was found Monday, dumped in Ormond Beach, six miles north of Daytona, ABC News reported.

Even after accused hit team Alexis Ramos and Glorianmarie Quinones Montes realized they had the wrong woman, they still “continued with their plan of murder,” said Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson.

Ramos and Montes are no strangers to criminal activity as the murderers were here in the country illegally to begin with. When you come to this country and get away with it, being able to stay and benefit of American workers, you have no respect for other people and apparently human life too. Had they not been allowed in and deported before now, Janice’s life would have been spared along with the countless others who have been killed by illegal aliens.

“Ishnar Lopez Ramos was charged with ordering the hit, originally intended for a romantic rival,” the Post reports. “It was just a mistaken identity,” Gibson gave as an insensitive and lame excuse for what happened, although the Sheriff explained that he didn’t mean that in a way that takes the tragedy out of the situation. “I don’t say that lightly, that this woman lost her life for no reason. This mother, this wife, this daughter — for no reason, at all,” he added.

This serves as a tragic example of exactly what Trump is talking about when it comes to his immigration plan and deporting all those allowed in the country by Barack Hussein Obama and have no business being here. The incident comes at a time when Trump is actively deporting people by the droves and people are protesting this move. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t suffered the loss that this 14-year-old has, they don’t know the pain and tragedy that didn’t need to happen and was avoidable if liberals’ shady and dangerous agenda hadn’t gotten in the way.

There were few groups that Obama looked out for more than the illegal immigrants. Maybe it’s because of his own questionable status, or maybe he felt the pressing need that all Democrats feel to import their voters, but Obama made more allowances for law breakers than just about anyone in history. Sadly for them, that gravy train stopped when President Trump took over and started looking out for Americans first.

None of that is the fault of the American taxpayer, but we’re the ones being made to feel like monsters if we support only legal immigration.

Let’s face it, if you’ve got two lines of people wanting citizenship, and only a limited number can be accepted (because sadly, that’s the case) you’d choose the line of people who haven’t proven themselves to be lawbreakers, criminals, or killers. It’s just common sense, something Obama never seemed to be a fan of. He’s is and always has been more concerned for protecting the wrong people than caring for the citizens of this country who want to feel safe when they go outside and not on the receiving end of a case of mistaken identity that ends their lives.

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BREAKING!! Hillary In Hiding After Her SICKEST Secret Yet Was Just Pulled Off Her Computer!




The list of crimes that the Clintons have committed seems to be growing by the day, despite the constant denial. Between the deaths, money trails and constant disregard for the laws of the land, it’s a wonder that Bill and Hillary are still out on the street. However, they seem to be employing the “deny, deny, deny” defense to any and all accusations.

Even after multiple information leaks from Wikileaks, Judicial Watch and others, Hillary is maintaining that she’s done nothing wrong. The mantra of “I did not have email relations with that server” has grown old, and even the most staunch supporter has to wonder if she’s really telling the truth. Even if she did it unintentionally, or an aide did it, or she thought it wouldn’t matter, it would be better to get it out in the open and defend that than to carry on with the denial.

The problem with this constant denial is that when it’s proved that she was lying (as it’s destined to be, as long as all the witnesses don’t end up dead), she’s going to have to account for the criminal activity and the lying. That’s not slowing her down though, and according to The Gateway Pundit, the evidence is piling up against her. New information released by Judicial Watch has her dead to rights. Her time in the public eye is about to take a very disturbing turn, and America is thrilled about it:

“Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton took to YouTube Monday to report former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was “hiding everything on her private email server.”

The “everything,” Fitton is referring to may hold the key to a plethora of scandals surrounding Clinton, everything from the FBI’s handling of her email investigation to alleged pay-to-play scheme between the Clinton Foundation and State Department agencies. Fitton’s latest video begs the question: why is the Trump State Department taking its sweet time to release the rest of Clinton’s emails while she was Secretary of State?

Releasing the documents will only further granulize Clinton’s corrupt practices, lending even MORE evidence that the Justice Department must finally get serious about investigating Hillary.

Fitton’s latest report underscores an important and unfortunate reality: not enough attention is being paid to the original Clinton email scandal — the missing 33,00 emails.

In addition to Fitton’s report, the New York Post‘s Paul Sperry argued last week that Clinton’s 33,000 emails, which as Fitton hints, are housed on the private email server that is ‘hiding EVERYTHING,’ may not be missing after all.

Sperry reported:

In a May interview with FBI agents, an executive with the Denver contractor that maintained Clinton’s private server revealed that an underling didn’t bleach-clean all her subpoenaed emails, just ones he stored in a data file he used to transfer the emails from the server to Clinton’s aides, who in turn sorted them for delivery to Congress.

The Platte River Networks executive, whose name was redacted from the interview report, said PRN tech Paul Combetta ‘created a ‘vehicle’ to transfer email files from the live mailboxes of [Clinton Executive Services Corp.] email accounts [and] then later used BleachBit software to shred the ‘vehicle,’ but the email content still existed in the live email accounts.’

Clinton’s missing ‘personal’ emails may also be captured on a Google server. According to FBI notes, Combetta ‘transferred all of the Clinton email content to a personal Google email address he created.’ Only the FBI never subpoenaed Google to find out.

As The Gateway Pundit‘s Cristina Laila reported, Judicial Watch announced last Thursday a federal judge ordered the State Department to speed up the release Hillary Clinton’s 72,000 pages of email records.

The records will be released September 28th, 2018 rather than waiting until the year 2020.

“Court Orders State Department to Speed Up Production of Clinton Email Records. State Department Must Complete Review and Release of 72,000 Pages of Records by September 28. State wanted to wait until 2020 to release everything!” Fitton tweeted.”

The fact of the matter is that the facts are there, the proof has been laid out. The question is; does anybody want to go after the Clintons? Do those in the Justice Department care enough about making sure that nobody ever tries to pull this kind of illegal, dangerous wool over our eyes again, that they’ll go after them? The problem is that anyone who dares to take on the Clinton dynasty will have their career ended. Even if they’re able to avoid the fate of Seth Rich, the Clintons will take them down so that they’ll never do any good again.

So yes, taking on Hillary in Washington would be a huge risk, but it’s time that we require that risk of those in power. Becuase she made a stupid mistake, and we were lucky enough to find it. But if we let her get away with it, the next pants suit wearing monster will learn from her mistakes and we might not be lucky enough to find out what they are before it’s too late.

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