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Thug Opens Fire And Drives Over Ambulance Crew Assisting Victim He Just Shot (VIDEO)

This dude straight up hated white people.



Terrell Walker, a crazed madman murdered his girlfriend, then tried to KILL anyone and everyone who tried to help her.

Walker shot his 30-year old girlfriend, April Peck, numerous time, threw her out of his car then drove away. Before the medical team arrived to help her, the critically injured woman had several bystanders and luckily one of them was a local physician and another a 17-year old EMT trainee.

The problem was Walker returned when the ambulance arrived and upon his arrival he aimed and drove right into the crowd of first responders helping his girlfriend. he ran over the 17-year old EMT trainee and the doctor who had stopped to help her first. Then in another attack, he shot the 17-year old.

That’s not all…

He made a return after that hit and crashed right into the ambulance shouting… “If you help her, I’m going to kill you.” before he taking off on foot and making his getaway.

Two deputies confronted Walker and demanded that he show his hands. Of course, as we can already figure, Walker is not a logical man, and he drew his weapon and fired on the police officers, shooting several rounds.

The officers returned fire and struck Walker. Once hit Walker ran into a wooded area where he ended up being apprehended. Walker died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, thankfully the police officers were not injured., South Georgia News, Weather, Sports

His live-in girlfriend who he had shot several times then tossed out of his vehicle also died later that night from her gunshot wounds.

April Peck was Walker’s live-in girlfriend and it is unclear what led up to the shooting. She died from her gunshot wounds. Despite the brave 17-year-old named Daniel Wesley, who is a EMT trainee being shot two times, and suffering multiple broken bones from being struck by the vehicle, thankfully he will survive.

Here is a little bit of what he had said when he was well enough to interview:

Wesley came face to face with Walker and lived to talk about it. Wesley said he had just stumbled upon April Peck’s lifeless body when he was leaving the mall. He was heading home and was driving down Essen Lane when he made the discovery. Wesley comes from a family of first responders and is currently in a first responder class at Central High School.

“I was thinking I had to stay alive, Wesley said. “I wasn’t going to die. It was just one of those intuition feelings.”

Wesley has undergone two surgeries to repair broken bones and gunshot wounds. While we were there, he was having a blood transfusion after losing so much blood.

Wesley’s heroism caught the attention of Governor John Bel Edwards and his wife Donna. They paid him a visit today.

“He was like you’re a hero to everybody and you’ve influenced so many people,” Wesley recalled the Governor telling him. “He told me not to give up on being an EMT, and I said that might be out of the question but the medical field, that’s definitely not.”

This is a tragic story, but also a story about some real brave heroes. A doctor and a 17-year old boy.

Even with this world growing more and more dangerous with people like Walker and their heinous crimes, it is good to know that Good Samaritans still exist out there.

God Bless our heroes.

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BREAKING News About Attack In NYC, One In Custody Now – This Is TERROR



Ever since President Trump announced he’d be moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, Muslims across the world have been promising to retaliate. Over the weekend, Muslims in New York city held a rally and called for the slaughter of Jews, vowing the the “army of Mohammad would be returning.” Now just 24 hours after these violent threats made headlines, breaking reports are confirming a terror attack in New York City this morning, where details coming in reveal that one person is already in custody, as emergency personnel scramble to control the situation.

NBC reports:

The New York City police department on Monday confirmed reports of an explosion near Times Square in Manhattan.

New York City officials confirmed reports that one person is in custody. Multiple reports say the suspect what is believed to be a pipe bomb in the Port Authority.

The A, C, and E subway lines are being evacuated at this time, according to a tweet. The department said the information is preliminary, and will provide more info when available.

Right now, authorities believe the explosion came from a pipe bomb in the subway. Details are still trickling in at this point, but the area is currently being evacuated and one person is already in custody. “Emergency personnel responded this morning to the Port Authority bus terminal in New York City to investigate reports of an “explosion,” which police sources said was possibly caused by a pipe bomb,” ABC reported. “Police sources said the pipe bomb was possibly detonated in a passageway below ground at Port Authority. One person is in custody and there are a few injuries, the sources said.”

This is extremely chilling in light of the threats that Muslims have been constantly making over recent weeks, where New York City has been the main location that ISIS has been vowing to target over the Christmas season. Officials have met these constant threats with the reassurance that they are prepared for these types of attacks after several propaganda videos were released by ISIS since November.

Fox News previously reported:

New York City officials vowed that they were prepared to handle any terror threat late Wednesday after a video released by ISIS praised the recent attacks in Paris while using previous footage of a suicide bomber preparing to attack Times Square.

The video’s release came just before the city goes into full holiday mode, with next week’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade followed by the Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center on Dec. 2. These and other events attract tens of millions of visitors each year.

Police Commissioner William Bratton described the video as “hastily produced,” while Mayor Bill De Blasio insisted that New Yorkers “should continue to go to work, live their lives, and enjoy the greatest city in the world.”

“Be aware, but do not be afraid. The NYPD will protect you,” Bratton said. “We cannot be intimidated, and that’s what terrorists seek to do. They seek to create fear. They seek to intimidate. We will not be intimidated, and we will not live in fear.”

The video, released by ISIS’s media arm the Furat Media Center, features several men, some speaking in Arabic and French, congratulating ISIS over the Paris attacks and promising that terror group will prevail.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Right now it’s unclear whether there were any deaths of injuries, as the location is still being evacuated as we speak.


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BREAKING NEWS: Rogue FBI Agent Just Explained How ‘Corrupt’ Agents Tried To Take Trump Out – His Life Is Now In Danger

This is bad!



Who would have thought just one short year ago that ground zero for the Globalist Deep State and the DC Swamp was the FBI?

It’s now being reported that “our own” FBI used the bought and paid for by the Democrat Party and the Crooked Hillary Clinton campaign fake Russian Dossier on then Candidate Donald Trump to justify the wiretapping of Trump Tower. President Trump tweeted in back in March of 2017 that he believed the Obama administration and their operatives ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower during the heated 2016 presidential election. The FBI replied by taunting him to provide proof, proof which might have come this week.

During FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony this past Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee, he had a very interesting back and forth with Florida Republican Representative Ron DeSantis that may have contained a major revelation as to the validity of President Trump’s claim. DeSantis asked Wray if the discredited Trump-Russia dossier was actually used as the basis for obtaining a wiretap warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on Trump, members of this campaign and family? Wray refused to answer the question as to not perjure himself.

The Canada Free Press Reports:

Guess who says the FBI used the fake Trump dossier to justify opening the Russia investigation

Let’s make sure we’re caught up here: We know that in 2016, the FBI launched an investigation into whether the Trump campaign was in cahoots with the Russian government to influence the election. And we know that as part of this investigation, the FBI convinced a FISA court to wiretap Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Remember when Trump said Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped, and everyone said Trump was making it up? Manafort lives in Trump Tower. Trump was telling the truth.

But the more important question is whether the FBI used bogus information to persuade the FISA court to approve the wiretap. We’ve been speculating here for some time that the now-infamous Trump dossier prepared by former British spy Christopher Steele – which has been widely discredited – was a part of the FBI’s case for the wiretap of another Trump advisor, Carter Page – possibly a significant part.

Is that true?

Last night we told you the Hillary campaign helped pay for the creation of the dossier. Now we have a named source saying on the record that the FBI did indeed connect the dossier to the larger Russian investigation, and that source is Hillary Clinton. Quoting from her awful book What Happened (you lost):

In the summer of 2016, according to the Washington Post, the FBI convinced a special Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that there was probably ause to believe that Trump advisor Carter Page was acting as a Russian agent, and they received a warrant to monitor his communications. The FBI also began investigating a dossier prepared by a well-respected British spy that contained explosive and salacious allegations about compromising information the Russians had on Trump.
Note how Hillary makes reference to all this as if she had nothing to do with it. Classic. When she wrote the book, she obviously didn’t know it would later become public knowledge that her campaign helped pay for the dossier, so she probably figured she could pretend to be disinterested third party simply making reference to something in the news. Lucky for her not many people will read her vomit-inducing book. Unlucky for her, you now know this part is in there.

You think the Democrats are still happy they insisted on starting this Russia investigation?

So did the FBI uses the dossier to justify the FISA request? If it was part of what they were investigating, why wouldn’t they? If they took it as seriously as Hillary claims, it would make no sense to withhold it when you’re trying to make the case you’ve got reasonable cause to wiretap a target.

Better question: At what point did the FBI realize the dossier was crap? Or did they know all along?

Because if they used a fake dossier to justify the wiretaps of Page and Manafort, that means a Democrat administration was wiretapping top officials of a Republican presidential campaign on false pretenses. That’s worse than Watergate, because you’re not only bugging your opponent, you’re also corrupting law enforcement to help you get away with it.

And if that’s what happens, it’s not only Hillary who’s complicit. It’s Obama too. His presidency is over, thank God, but he could still be held criminally accountable for this if it’s shown he knew about it or, worse yet, directed it on Hillary’s behalf.

You think the Democrats are still happy they insisted on starting this Russia investigation?

As we can now see the FBI is corrupt to the core. And paid with our own tax dollars. The whole institution needs to be investigated, and some people need to go to prison over this. Then we have to take a long hard look at the option that maybe the whole thing needs to be disbanded and replaced with an organization which will work within the law. Seems like the FBI, for years now, has been more concerned about the rights of foreign nationals than those if American Citizens who pay their salaries.

Please share if you agree the FBI needs to be investigated and disbanded….

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Sarah Sanders Just Got Last Laugh On SICK Chelsea Handler Who Trashed Her – Here’s Where She’s Headed



Vapid and vile Chelsea Handler strikes again! There is literally nothing off limits for this disgusting foul-mouthed leftist looney.  Though I guess is having actor and comedian Jason Biggs urinate on her face is fair game, it is very difficult to imagine anything that would be. Biggs is best known for playing Jim Levenstein in the American Pie comedy series.

Handler equates the ocean to a “human toilet” remarking – “I don’t care about urine” except it was on your FACE before it went into the ocean. Handler was, in fact, laughing hysterically as it was happening. When asked about WHY the act of someone urinating on her face was so hilarious, Handler stated – “To me, it’s funny that somebody could be that rude to another person, and so that made me really happy.”

This is the same woman that recently labeled White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a ‘harlot’ and a ‘trollop’. Sanders is a Christian married mother of three children. Married to the same man and all three children have the same father.  Seems Handler might need a dictionary along with counseling for that strange attraction to having her face urinated on.

So it looks like nasty Chelsea is heading DOWN! Just like the rest of these disgusting bullies.

She also referred to Sanders’ face as a “big, fat biscuit” that resembles a man’s in a spoof video depicting her filming a makeup tutorial on YouTube. Fortune Feimster who bills herself as a comedy writer plays Sanders’ and shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply make-up….errr something.

Feimster applies moisturizer all over her face and then snottily claims –

“Right now my skin is dry. It’s like Puerto Rico before that one rainy day they had. Put it all over your face. My face is a big, fat biscuit.”

She then picked up a bottle of foundation, making a ridiculously, racist comparison between the make-up, the founding of America, and the Founding Fathers, stating –

 “This is foundation and just like the foundation of America, it’s Republican, it’s strong, and it’s white.”

Handler and Feimster continue in their unfunny spoof belittling and demeaning Sanders and being as crass and revolting as they possibly can be joking about transgenders and sex toys –

“Grab ya a beauty blender. Now, this is a beauty blender right here. It may look like a butt plug, but it’s not. Stick a beauty blender up your butt once, shame on me. Stick a beauty blender up your butt twice, it’s a shame I didn’t think of that sooner. I used to not know what foundation was, but our great president was kind enough to take me to a Sephora and he said to the employee, ‘Hey, you see that fellow over here? Make him a woman.’”

This was followed by Feimster glopping on blush and bronzer looking more like a 5-year-old child who got into their mother’s make-up, rather than Sander’s polished and put together look in real life.

Handler, by contrast, poses essentially attempts to live the topless version of the Dr. Suess classic Green Eggs and Ham. Like Sam I Am, Handler will go topless on a house, with a mouse, in a box, or near a fox.  She will go topless here or there. She will do it anywhere! Handler claims she is challenging Instagram’s nudity guidelines by posting photos and videos of herself minus her shirt over the past two years, in her “Free the Nipple” campaign baring her boobs for all over social media.

January 2015: Chelsea went topless, this time riding a camel, in Jerusalem.

As a result of Handler’s continued and unrelenting attacks against Sanders, many have taken to social media to give Handler a taste of her own nastiness.  Actor James Woods moved in with a kill shot on Saturday morning referring to Handler as a “human urinal.”

Woods tweeted a video of  Handler being urinated on in the now infamous incident with Biggs.  The tweet included the caption, “This person berates the character of  on a daily basis.” 

Handler also revealed to US Weekly recently about having not one but TWO abortions at the age of 16 through American taxpayer-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, who is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice and the FBI for the illegal selling of human remains and fetal tissue. Handler wrote about murdering her children in an essay for Playboy magazine’s “Freedom” issue.  She proclaims she would not be where she is today if she had not had the right to choose.
Choose what? To be the mother of two dead children so you could live your life free from the consequences of your actions? Free to be a vile, despicable individual that loves having her face urinated on?

In keeping with Handler’s apparent love for urine she also filmed herself on the toilet in India while there filming for her soon-to-be canceled Netflix series. Wearing a traditional gold embroidered tunic and trousers Handler nursed a scrape on her knee while clutching a tampon.

Worse for wear: On Monday night Chelsea Handler shared a Snapchat as she sat on the toilet after suffering a scrape in India
“Lovely and classy” individual isn’t she?

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