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THUG Contractor Caught Trying To Kill Homeowners Dogs! Owners stuck with HUGE Vet BILL!



The man in the orange vest appeared in Mike Willcox’s back yard without warning.

By the time family members inside his Kingwood, Tex., home noticed the random figure striding past the backyard pool, it was too late. A large metal pipe wrench was already raised above the man’s head and he was swinging it wildly at the Willcox family’s two dogs.

Willcox’s terrified 4-year-old son watched the March 23 incident unfold a few feet away in the living room, Wilcox told CBS affiliate KHOU.

“Flash” — an 8-year-old Weimaraner bird dog — managed to dodge the first few swings, but  eventually took a brutal blow to the side of his head. The hit left the dog with a bloody laceration under its left eye, a swollen, infected jaw and a concussion, KHOU reported. A second dog, who received blows to its body, is suffering breathing problems.

Willcox told the station that he’s been left with an estimated $2,000 in vet bills and a lot of frustration.

“Right in here where he got hit with the wrench, almost got his eye,” said Willcox, describing Flash’s injuries. “Never bitten anybody, very friendly. It was like the guy was swinging to kill.”

In an interview with Fox affiliate KRIV, Willcox added that the incident upset the family’s sense of safety.

“Here’s our dogs in their own back yard where they’re supposed to be safe and sleep or whatever but to be woken up by a stranger five or six feet away from them … I mean, it’s pretty upsetting,” Willcox said.

The assailant— whose name has not been released — was a worker with CenterPoint Energy, a natural gas and utility company serving the region. He was there to disconnect the home’s meter, a CenterPoint spokesperson told The Washington Post.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance footage that Willcox posted on Facebook, where it has been shared more than 18,200 times.

By the time Willcox made his way outside to confront the worker, he saw the man take another swing at the other family dog, “Shutter.”

Willcox told ABC affiliate KTRK that he confronted the man and asked him why he didn’t initially knock on the door before strolling into the back yard. He said the man told him, “I don’t have to do that.”

“I told him to stop swinging his wrench at my dog, and he said, ‘If they come at me, I can swing if I want,” Willcox told the Houston Chronicle. “I’m going to swing it again if they come at me.”

He told KHOU the incident finally ended when Willcox told the man to leave.

“I said, ‘I need to know your name,’ and he’s like, ‘CenterPoint,’ ” Willcox told KHOU. “And I was like, ‘Okay, you need to get off our property before things get really ugly here.’”

This is not the first time a CenterPoint Energy worker has been accused of attacking a family pet. In 2007, a Houston family filed a police report claiming that a utility worker entered their back yard without warning — ignoring “no trespassing” and “beware of dog” signs — before striking the family dog with a two-by-four, according to KTRK.

“He saw the gentleman jump over the fence with a two-by-four in his hand,” Elaine Cerda, referring to her husband, told the station. “And the next thing he heard was my dog crying. He heard my poor baby crying.”

A CenterPoint Energy spokesperson told KTRK at the time that the company advises its employees not to enter back yards where dogs are present. The spokesman added that the utility worker was employed by a subcontractor.

Leticia Lowe, a CenterPoint Energy spokesperson, told The Washington Post that the latest incident is “horrifying to watch.”

She said CenterPoint has launched an investigation into the incident, which involved a contractor hired by CenterPoint to disconnect service during non-payment.

She said local media reports saying that CenterPoint has agreed to pay the family’s vet bills are untrue, at least until the investigation is complete.

“We advise our own employees to not put themselves in that situation,” she said. “They’re trained to be aware of their surroundings. If there’s an aggressive dog, retreat. If the customer is home, see if the customer can get the dogs inside or make an appointment ahead of time.”

And yet, she continued, utility workers have a tough job. The region’s meters are automated, meaning workers no longer have to make monthly visits to customer’s back yards. But in cases where a homeowner’s service is being shut off or turned on, workers still have to physically visit a property.

“Unfortunately, it can be dangerous even though they are trained to deal with threatening situations,” Lowe added. “We have field employees who have been physically assaulted, held up at gunpoint and shot.  The safety of our employees and the public we serve is our number one core value.  We work to insure we have processes in place to protect employees, customers and their property.”

The owner of Star Corp., which employs the contractor, told KRIV that the family knew the worker was at the house, and when they found out he was there to turn off service, they intentionally let the dogs out. But surveillance footage shown by the station reveals that the contractor never made contact with the family or identified himself and walked straight into the back yard, past a “Beware of dogs” sign.

The owner told the station that the man has been suspended and an investigation has been launched.

The Willcox family told the station that they thought they had automatic bill payment set up and paid their balance the same day the incident occurred.

Willcox told KHOU that he’s provided a copy of his surveillance footage to the Houston Police Department. Victor Senties, a spokesman with the Houston Police Department, told The Post that the department’s animal cruelty division is “actively investigating” the incident and plans to review Willcox’s footage.

Senties said he couldn’t comment on the investigation, but noted that state law addresses utility workers who find themselves threatened.

“In the state of Texas, if someone is employed by a utilities company and they go into a back yard to attempt to disconnect or repair a meter, they’re basically there to conduct work,” he said. “Per state law, they’re in their right to defend themselves.”

Willcox family members are still recovering from the incident, they said. Flash underwent surgery on his jaw over the weekend. Willcox told KTRK that CenterPoint offered to pay for the dog’s vet bills, but the attack has left an imprint on his son.

“Now my son thinks there are monsters in the back yard,” Willcox wrote on Facebook. “Thanks CenterPoint!”

“I don’t think my dogs ever had a chance,” Willcox told the Chronicle. “How many times has this happened to other people when they come home and see their dog injured and wonder what happened?”

Via WaPo

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BREAKING: Warning Issued To All Americans Overnight Of ‘Mass Casualty’ Event Planned – Here’s What We Know



America might be distracted with the problems at hand, but we never forget that we are a country at war. No matter what happens on a day to day basis, we always remember that we as a nation were violently attacked over sixteen years ago and it’s a score that we haven’t settled yet because terrorism hasn’t been wiped out.

The rise of the politically correct movement and it’s acceptance of “non-radical Muslims” has somehow allowed them to worm their way into many places that they shouldn’t be, such as government. That is especially troubling, considering that the threat from the Islamic faith and it’s admonitions to kill is, is far from past.

In fact, according to top administration officials, the smaller attacks that we’ve been seeing in recent months are just a ploy to keep their members appeased while they plan a 9/11 scale attack. Daily Mail  reports that one a U.S. security chief is warning not just all of us, but other countries as well, to be vigilant:

Islamic State fanatics and other terror groups are planning another massive attack on the scale of 9/11, a top US security chief warned today.

Elaine Duke, Donald Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security, said jihadists were using crude knife and van attacks to keep their members engaged and their finances flowing as they plot another ‘big explosion’ similar to the September 2001 atrocities.

Speaking at the US embassy in London, she said intelligence is pointing to extremists plotting to take down planes to inflict mass civilian casualties.”

Elaine Duke, Donald Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security


While the United States hasn’t suffered an attack on the same scale as 9/11 since that day, we have watched the terrorists grow both in number and boldness across the globe. Our war on terror in the Middle East might have overthrown some open leaders, but for every open leader that threatens the United States and is eliminated, there are three more willing to take his place in the “holy war crusade.”

“Mrs. Duke said ISIS is currently in an ‘interim’ period focusing on a much bigger endgame.

The security chief, who has served three US presidents, said: ‘The terrorist organisations, be it ISIS or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11. They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that.

‘However, in the interim, they need to keep their finances flowing and they need to keep their visibility high and they need to keep their members engaged, so they are using small plots and they are happy to have small plots.’

She added: ‘Creating terror is their goal and so a van attack, a bladed weapon attack, causes terror and continues to disrupt the world – but does not mean they’ve given up on a major aviation plot.’”

Islamic State fanatics and other terror groups are planning another massive attack on the scale of 9/11, a top US security chief warned

If you’ve gone through airport security lately, you know that the Transportation Security Administration has cracked down on possible threats in a big way since way back in 2001 when we were first faced with this problem. The issue at hand is that no matter how much we increase security, human ingenuity increases with it.

According to Duke, who is President Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security, there’s even a distinct possibility that any plan could be blown up using a laptop, and that’s just one of the many possibilities that she mentioned.

“She said the free movement of goods and people means security has to be tightened in individual countries around the world. 

She said: ‘The laptop is one of the many aviation threats, we will never be comfortable and we will always be evolving.

‘What we believe is that because of the movement of goods and people, we have to raise the baseline worldwide, we can’t only consider our borders.’ Mrs. Duke went on: ‘We think the level of terrorist threat against the United States too is extremely high.

‘I think that it is challenging for you because you have the proximities to other countries, the ease of movement from some of the terrorist safe havens is a little easier for you, but we feel the terrorist threat is very high in the United States.’”

The troubling thing about Duke’s statements isn’t “why or how,” but  when. She believes that another large-scale attack is going to be coming to us soon. We might not see it coming. This is the big reason that the United States, and other free countries like it, need to crack down on potential terrorists

This is the big reason that the United States, and other free countries like it, need to crack down on potential terrorists entering our countries. We can only be free if that freedom is respected; if we don’t protect the freedom, it will be taken either by those who want to kill us or those who want to control us. Either way, the freedom of living in America is a precious gift that is in jeopardy every single day.

Here’s more from our source on what is know about the possible impending attacks:

“Asked how the US is tackling the threat of another 9/11-style atrocity, she said: ‘We have worked on some strong measures that we can’t talk about. We are trying to play the away game and that is working against them in their terrorist safe havens and homes.

‘We do have some terrorist groups on the move, you just saw the take-over of Raqqa and so if we can keep them declining and moving they have less time to sit and prepare.’

Mrs. Duke warned that the number of home-grown violent extremists, mostly inspired by terrorist organisations, is increasing in the US. She said the ability of IS militants to put terrorist propaganda on the internet will appeal more and more to extremists as they are pushed out of Syria and Iraq.

Mrs. Duke said web giants need to do more to detect extremist content online, and one way of doing this could be using the same technology used to identify people in passenger lists.

‘Terrorists are strong, they are adaptable and the terrorist threat is the highest it has been since pre-9/11. We have got to have every tool that’s possible,’ she added.

A total of 2,996 people were killed during the September 11 attacks, when al-Qaeda suicide attackers hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

Earlier in the day, she met the British interior minister Amber Rudd to discuss how to force internet giants to do more to tackle terrorism ahead of the G7 summit.

Following the recent wave of attacks in Manchester and London, police chiefs have said the threat facing the UK is a ‘new norm’ that will not change. 

Her chilling remarks came 24 hours after MI5 director general Andrew Parker warned Britain is facing its worst-ever terrorist threat in his first major speech since the UK was hit by a wave of attacks. 

The British spy chief said it was taking terrorists just days to hatch plots as violent extremists exploit ‘safe spaces online’ to evade detection. 

It is harder for the UK to protect itself because of its proximity to other countries and the ease of movement from terrorist safe havens, she suggested.”  

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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Hillary Missing After What Was Just Found On Body In Horrific Explosion, Even Dems Are Done With Her Now



It’s truly startling the massive trail of dead bodies that keep accumulating around Hillary Clinton, as this crooked swamp wench will simply kill off anyone who gets a little too cozy with her secrets. Now an investigative journalist who had just exposed Hillary’s latest scandal has just been found murdered, after being blown to smithereens after a rigged car bomb detonated just moments after she drove away from her residence.

Several months ago, investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was behind the massive leak of 11.5 million documents called the Panama Papers that revealed how a Panama law firm helped some of the richest people from all around the world establish offshore tax havens on the Central American country. This illegal scheme allowed crooked politicians like Hillary Clinton to avoid paying taxes, as they’d simply stash massive amounts of cash in Panama. Now it appears as though Hillary is yet again behind another brutal murder, as she continues to prove she will do whatever it takes to keep her dirty laundry from being aired.


Sanders made a press release connecting Hillary to the Panama Papers


Immediately after news broke of Galizia’s horrific murder, alarm bells around the world immediately went off, with political pundits  immediately labeling Galizia’s death a “political murder.”

“Shocking doesn’t begin to describe this,” journalist Mark Micallef wrote, where it’s believed that Galizia was blown up by a bomb that was being remotely controlled and detonated by an IED.

In the weeks leading up to her murder, Galizia had told authorities that she was being constantly harassed and threatened with her life. ABC News reported:

Caruana Galizia had been sued for libel because of various articles she wrote on her blog Running Commentary, and she had filed a report with the police two weeks ago that she was receiving threats.

Monday evening’s Parliament session was scrapped, except for briefings about the bombing scheduled to be given by Mr Muscat and opposition leader Mr Delia.

Disturbingly, Galizia’s death is already being tied directly to Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders was very vocal in calling Hillary out for her offshore account last year, where the Democratic senator had publicly vowed to prosecute Hillary to the full extent of the law if he was elected as president. Politco reported:

Responding to the 11.5 million documents leaked this week showing how a Panama law firm helped some of the world’s wealthiest people establish offshore tax havens on the Central American country — the so-called Panama Papers — Bernie Sanders on Tuesday vowed to end the Panama Free Trade Agreement, tying Hillary Clinton to the same policies that he claimed fostered the practice.

“The Panama Free Trade Agreement put a stamp of approval on Panama, a world leader when it comes to allowing the wealthy and the powerful to avoid taxes,” the Vermont senator said in a statement released through his campaign, adding that he has been opposed to it “from day one.”

Vowing to use his authority as president to “terminate the Panama Free Trade Agreement within six months,” Sanders said his administration would “conduct an immediate investigation into U.S. banks, corporations and wealthy individuals who have been stashing their cash in Panama to avoid taxes.”

“If any of them have violated U.S. law, my administration will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

This startling incident comes on the heels of another murder that Hillary’s suspected of being behind. At the end of August, State Department and federal agent employee Kurt Smolek’s decaying corpse was pulled from the Potomac River. Smolek was hot on the trail exposing Hillary’s ties to PizzaGate, as well as her ties to a human child trafficking ring in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a country that is infamous for their human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and child sex tourism. The location where Smolek was stationed was a hot spot of this type of illegal activity, and it’s possible that he had been privy to some damning information on Hillary Clinton.

“Yet another State employee is found mysteriously dead, his body pulled from the Potomac after being reported missing. This is related to PizzaGate as possible ties to the child trafficking and the criminals behind the numerous email and fraud related ‘mysterious deaths’. There are clear links to overseas child trafficking hotspots, recent mysterious deaths related to the DNC / Clinton / email scandals, links to Clinton’s state dept.” 

How many more people who cross Hillary will wind up dead? It appears as though the massive trial of dead bodies will keep accumulating as long as Hillary Clinton is still alive.

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Angry Army Ranger Showed Up At Kaepernick’s Front Door With BRUTAL Lesson On How ‘Real Men’ Should Behave



Third-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been able to find land a job this season and now spends all his free time being a professional victim. He spent the entire summer race-baiting with his Muslim girlfriend, where they pushed the ridiculous narrative that his unemployment was because the NFL was a racist organization against blacks. Several days ago Kaepernick’s whining became even more outlandish, where he filed a formal complaint against President Trump and the 32 NFL teams, where he’s accusing them of “colluding” together to keep him from playing ball. Now America’s Benghazi hero  Kris “Tanto” Paronto has finally had enough of this whiner, and decided to eviscerate Kaepernick publicly, with a post about this country’s “real men.”

On Tuesday, the NFL solidified their death with the proclamation that they’d now been holding weekly “activism” meetings so these “oppressed” millionaires can continue to have a platform to bash America and our country’s cops. Despite successfully hijacking the NFL, liberals still had to find something to complain about, where they immediately began to gripe that unsigned Kaepernick wasn’t invited to the meeting.  Kaepernick was obnoxiously all over social media echoing these sentiments when his complaining caught the eye of Benghazi hero Kris “Tanto” Paronto.

Just hours later, Paronto tweeted directly at Kaepernick regarding his “activism” along with this photo with a caption that read: “Real Men Taking a Knee.”

Take that, Kaepernick! These kneelers have absolutely no freaking appreciation for anything they enjoy here in America, including the generations of personal sacrifices our soldiers have made they can run off at the mouth and bash America over ridiculous claims of “injustice.” If there’s any “injustice” that needs to be investigated, it’s Obama and Hillary’s scandal where they left our men in Behgazi to rot so Obama’s reelection chances could be preserved, since at the time of Benghazi, Obama was busy pushing the false narrative that Al Qaeda was “on the run.”

What makes Kaepernick’s incessant whining even more pathetic is the fact that he takes no personal responsibility for his unemployment, as he continues to ignore the FACT that no one wants him because he’s simply a crappy football player.

Over the weekend, Kaepernick lawyered up and filed a grievance against the NFL and President Trump claiming that there’s a massive “conspiracy” between the 32 NFL teams and Trump to keep him off the field. Despite leading the 49-ers to a historic franchise loss last year, Kaepernick amazingly still believes there’s a rampant conspiracy between President Trump and 32 NFL teams to keep him off the field.

The Daily Wire reported:

Former 49ers second string quarterback Colin Kaepernick lawyered up over the weekend, and has now filed a grievance claiming all 32 NFL teams conspired to keep him off the field.

Kaepernick, and his attorney — celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos — say that all 32 team owners conspired together to deny him a spot in professional football, even though Kaepernick walked away from a one-year option on his contract with the 49ers, and hasn’t been an asset to any football team since 2013.

NFL owners, the complaint says, “have colluded to deprive Mr. Kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation for Mr. Kaepernick’s leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice and his bringing awareness to peculiar institutions still undermining racial equality in the United States.” Kaepernick contends that it’s a “statistical impossibility” that he has not, so far, obtained gainful employment as a professional football player.

If anyone deserves the spotlight, it’s the brave men and women of our armed forces who continue to put their lives on the line daily to keep our country safe. But because of our twisted society, ungrateful millionaires like  Kaepernick will continue to make headlines every time he opens his mouth to whine, as liberals will continue to use him as a pawn to destroy everything that our country represents. If liberals can successfully demonize our country and make young people ashamed to stand for the flag, this is just one step closer to the full destruction of our country.

SHARE if you agree with this Army Ranger that REAL MEN STAND for the ANTHEM!

H/T [IJ Review]



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