Trump Just Showed Up Where Blue Collar Truckers Were And Did Something Absolutely Incredible For Them

There was a lot of debate from the left (aka losers) following the November election because President Trump didn’t appear to win the popular vote. This is of course still somewhat suspect because of the issue of there not being a firm number on how many illegals voted in the general election. However, even if that were the case, the electoral college system is set up so that a politician can’t just work the big cities, go up and down the coasts and win the election that way.

President Trump secured his spot in the oval office by working his way through the heartland and winning over the middle class. The 9 to whenever the job gets done’ers. Because the sun up-sun down kind of American workforce is not only what made American great in the first place, it’s what he knows will make it great again.

The President has followed through on an incredible amount of his campaign promises, just in the short time in office, and America has loved him for it. His approval rating has steadily increased, and his rallies haven’t decreased in size, even though he’s not actually campaigning for anything. This is probably due in part to deals Trump has made to support the US economy in huge ways.

He got a warm welcome from truckers, where he met with CEO’s and told the crowd:


He also made it clear that he thinks the Truckers are doing a crucial job for the American infrastructure and economy.

It’s fantastic to hear things like this from a Commander in Chief after 8 years of $600 earrings and a complete disregard for the working class. Inauguration day, 2017 was the first and only time I could ever honestly say #ThanksObama.

(Source: Youtube, Twitter)

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