Trump Just Body Slammed The Lying Media With AWESOME Pic Of Himself He Tweeted Out You HAVE To See

Here’s a video of President Donald Trump slamming fake news CNN to the ground in a wrestling match. This Tweet is going viral and triggering hilarious leftist meltdowns everywhere. They can’t handle the Trumpster!

The original video footage is taken from Trump’s Wrestlemania event where he bodyslammed, beat, and and shaved the head of Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania XXII in 2007.

It has since been edited by Trump supporters to feature the president tackling his various enemies.

Here’s the hilarious original video. Trump looked like a half decent pro wrestler back in the day. Maybe if his hotels and reality shows didn’t work out, then we’d see him in the ropes against the Undertaker.

All the haters are spazzing out over Trump’s funny Fourth of July weekend Tweet. The reason people are losing their mind is because most leftists don’t have a sense of humor. No matter who you are, you have to laugh at this. Even if you’re CNN, you should be laughing. CNN should retweet this and say “well played sir, well played” and maybe CNN would gain a little bit of their respect back. Or to make it even better, CNN should make a video of them slamming Trump to the ground. They need to learn how to have fun with this, take it to the next level of funny, and simply enjoy themselves during this battle of Trump and the fake news brigade.

Stop with the fake news, have fun Tweeting Trump, and move on from all the nonsense. That’s how CNN can reel their fans back in like a fighting fish getting themselves off the hook.

But then you have people like Chelsea Clinton who can’t find an ounce of energy to crack a laugh at anything in her entire white privilege life. She wants to make everything serious, which makes her about as likable as cancer.

She retweeted Donald Trump’s original wrestler video Tweet and took it to the serious level. Not realizing she just gave him tons of free press, which Trump has always been the master of.

Here’s a screenshot of Chelsea Clinton’s Tweet, then the real Tweet below it so you can see all the funny replies the good people of the planet have provided her.

You can tell Chelsea Clinton isn’t that popular. Barely anyone retweets or likes her post.

Chelsea Clinton also doesn’t realize this wasn’t actually an audition video, but we are very glad to see her promote the WWE, which is free press for them and that’s awesome. It’s still real to me, dammit! Just kidding, it’s about as fake as CNN, which is ironic that fake wrestling and fake news all got tied in together.

This video is from an old Wrestlemania, not an audition. Chelsea Clinton could get at least one thing correct when she’s trying for a funny and failing.

Trump’s battle with CNN could ultimately end in two ways – CNN stops posting fake news and becomes respectable. Or Trump and CNN battle for 4-8 years and we get the funniest times in politics that we’ve ever seen. I prefer CNN to keep going with their fake news because then it makes the rest of us look more legit. However, the fake news fad will get old very soon. I don’t think it will last much longer and CNN will have to start reporting more honestly.

The Russian narrative has already been debunked. Anyone who thought Russians forced people to vote for Trump were just idiots or sore losers who can’t accept the fact that the Democrats couldn’t produce a good candidate.

Look, folks, when you lose the Presidency to an orange guy with no experience, then it’s time to reevaluate yourselves and figure out “how the f*ck did I lose to THAT” and stop blaming Russia. Stop coming up with excuses. Trump beat the left fair and square because the left became so intolerable with all their whining and crying. No one likes the liberals. Liberals are losers, and they will keep losing until they grow up and stop being offended by everything, stop being confused with their genders, and stop that laughable group called feminists from looking like dopes everywhere they go.

Liberals will have to stop existing if the Democrats ever want a chance at the White House.

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