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Trump Set To End One Of Obama’s Favorite Freebies – Let The Rainbow Riots Begin

Trump’s sending Mad Dog to deal with these people!



Oh Oh, Now President Donald Trump has really done it. Now Liberal nuts will go ballistic even worse than they have been already.

As you all might recall under the former Charlatan Barack Huessin Obama administration, his Secretary of Defense Ash Carter put an end to the military’s longstanding ban on openly transgendered service members serving in the military. By doing this, he fulfilled a major piece of the Obama administration’s so-called historic legacy on LGBT rights. But because it was always just all about symbolism and winning elections, if the order isn’t renewed yearly it reactivates the original ban once again.

Of course, Obama did all this during his second term because during his first term he ran as a conservative when it came to LGBT rights. He clearly stated multiple times that he only believed in marriage between a man and woman. But hey, what’s one more lie to Barry since his whole damn life has been pretty much a lie.

Now multiple sources are reporting that Defense Secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis will soon be making a decision as to how these policies will continue. And it’s starting to look like the U.S. military will not be allowing transgendered individuals to sign up after July 1. Unless the Pentagon moves to fully implement a policy enacted by the former presidential administration at the last possible minute. Which most experts don’t see happening.

And of course LGBT groups already have their collective panties in a bunch over this:

LGBT groups brace for new fight over transgender troops

Groups that advocate for LGBT people in the military are gearing up for another fight to keep an Obama-era policy in place on transgender recruits.

Transgender troops already in the military have been able to serve openly since then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter lifted a ban in June 2016. But under the policy Carter crafted, transgender recruits haven’t been allowed to enlist pending the end of a one-year implementation period.

That day comes July 1, but advocates fear Defense Secretary James Mattis will push the deadline back indefinitely.

“What’s so sad about hearing these arguments is that Secretary Mattis and the Pentagon have seemed like the one place in the executive branch where honesty and evidence-based policy and adult decision-making are still the name of the game,” said Aaron Belkin, director of the Palm Center.

If Mattis delays implementation, “that’s really a signal where evidence-based approaches may be over,” Belkin added.
In early May, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work sent a memo calling for the services to submit their plans for accepting transgender recruits by July 1. The memo said there’s no intention of changing the policy, but left a sliver of wiggle room.

“The personnel policies of this department are designed to enhance the warfighting readiness and lethality of the force that protects our country,” Work wrote, as first reported by USA Today. “We do not intend to reconsider prior decisions unless they cause readiness problems that could lessen our ability to fight, survive and win on the battlefield.”

But since the memo, senior leaders in the military have been voicing lingering concerns about the transgender policy and asking for a delay in its implementation, Military Times reported Thursday. The Army and the Marine Corps have been the most vocal about a delay, the paper added.

The prospect of delaying the acceptance of transgender recruits is the latest concern for LGBT troops since President Trump’s election.

Advocates were worried almost immediately after the election that the Trump administration would roll back the transgender policy, citing what they view as anti-LGBT policies backed by Vice President Pence and chief strategist Steve Bannon, among others.

Since it’s not a law, the policy can be changed unilaterally.

There was also concern when Mattis was named Defense Secretary. Mattis has previously criticized civilian leaders with a “progressive agenda” for imposing “social change” on the military.

During his confirmation hearing, Mattis committed to upholding his predecessor’s policies — unless a service chief brings him evidence they are having negative effects.

“I believe that right now, the policies that are in effect — unless the service chief brings something to me where there has been a problem that has been proven — then I’m not going in with the idea that I am going to review these and right away, start rolling something back,” he said in January.

But new concerns arose in February when it was revealed the Pentagon had quietly rolled backed a policy that allowed transgender students at Defense Department schools to use the bathroom for the gender they identify with. Instead, school principals will decide what to do on a case-by-case basis.

Worries reached a fever pitch when Trump announced his choice for Army secretary, Mark Green. Green had said that “transgender is a disease,” one among many controversial statements.

Advocates launched a fierce campaign against Green and claimed victory when he withdrew his nomination from consideration last month.

Now LGBT groups are gearing up for the next fight, which they expect to be over transgender recruits.

Under the plan set out in the Obama administration, transgender people wishing to join the military would be allowed to enlist if a doctor certifies they have been stable in their identified gender for 18 months. Further, the Pentagon would review the 18-month wait period within two years to make sure it’s based on up-to-date science and lessons learned about the policy up to that point.

Those who opposed allowing transgender troops to serve openly argued the Pentagon did not sufficiently study whether doing so would affect readiness, arguments they are renewing now that Mattis faces a decision on recruits.

Thomas Spoehr, director of the Center for National Defense at the Heritage Foundation, said Mattis should take as much time as he needs to make a decision regardless of the July 1 deadline.

The yearlong study done by the Obama administration prior to the policy change looked less at readiness and more about how to implement the change, Spoehr said.

Spoehr stressed that he’s not advocating for keeping transgender troops out of the military, just taking more time to study the readiness effects.

“I think there’s an opportunity to have a fact-based look at this,” he said. “There is no rush. There is nobody being harmed.”

Another reason Spoehr said a delay might be necessary is because the Trump administration has yet to choose an undersecretary of Defense for personnel, who would be the go-to person for such a review.

Belkin, of the Palm Center, called the readiness argument “phony.” His organization will soon release a report that tracked about two dozen transgender troops since last year and found that the new policy has made it easier for them to do their jobs and promoted readiness with no disruptions, he said.

He also highlighted a RAND Corp report commissioned by the Pentagon last year that predicted “a minimal impact on readiness from allowing transgender personnel to serve openly.”

“Last year, the chiefs said inclusion would promote readiness. They were part of the yearlong process, and they agreed that inclusion helps the military,” Belkin said.

LGBT groups are vowing to make their case.

Ashley Broadway-Mack, president of the American Military Partner Association, said it would be “unconscionable” to delay accepting transgender recruits. Still, she’s hopeful Mattis will continue the policy as planned.

“It would be unconscionable to reverse course now and continue to force transgender recruits to hide their gender identity in order to enter the military,” she said in a statement.

Broadway-Mack said there are already “thousands of brave transgender men and women openly and proudly serving our nation today.”

“We are hopeful that Secretary Mattis understands this fact,” she continued. “It is crucially important that he move forward with the timeline and implement the final piece of this policy allowing anyone who is qualified and willing to serve, regardless of their gender identity.”

Any credible Psychologist who isn’t blinded by the extremist liberal ideology that has enveloped the Psychology field will be more than happy to tell you Transgenderism isn’t real. It has always been considered a mental disorder until the leftist who write the DSM-5, or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, decided to reclassify it to fit the liberal agenda in 2013.

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Thank Our Military Servicemen And Women But Praise Our Heroes

Chuck Yarling



With the continuing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places across the globe, well-meaning citizens are increasingly calling all of our military servicemen and women as well as veterans: heroes.

One could draw an argument that this began with President Bush and the beginning of these current conflicts after the voracious attack by Muslim extremists on 9/11. As a veteran, President Bush visited the troops in the field during unannounced trips and continued his actions by visiting wounded military men and women in the hospital – again without the press.

Without a doubt, this overt display of patriotism by the American public is something that we see more frequently now that President Trump is in office. Indeed, the former candidate and now president, has made it a mission of his to keep his and America’s attention on our military.

Most Americans appreciate Trump’s actions. However, it is now obvious that too many people, pundits, and even military organizations are calling all active duty military as well as veterans “heroes”. Many of us veterans think the word reduces the significance of those whose actions have proven themselves to actually be heroes.

Perhaps this comes from one of the definitions of a hero. defines hero as

A person who, in the opinion of others, asspecial achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal. 

However, take a look at a second definition of a hero from

A person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.

Please don’t get misunderstand: our soldiers really appreciate your kind gestures and appreciation. Indeed, please feel free to thank them for their service, dedication to their mission, and let them know that you appreciate the sacrifice they are making to their personal and their families lives by choosing to serve our country. However, be aware that the definition of a hero should be anyone who has performed a courageous act of valor for someone else without regard for his or her own safety or life.

For instance, consider those firefighters who entered the smoking buildings of the twin towers in New York City right after the attacks by Muslim jihadists. How about the passengers on Flight 93 who intentionally fought off their attackers resulting in its crashing in a Pennsylvania field, all of whom perished because of their actions?

Then, of course, there are those courageous servicemen and women about whom you’ve read of their receiving the Silver Star or Medal of Honor medals. These are the highest medals available to be given by our military. All of these people deserve to be called heroes!

President Trump recently called veterans ”This Country’s Greatest National Treasure”. This is a perfect description that many of us veterans easily accept.

Just remember: when our military men and women go about the job to which they committed themselves, they are not heroes and they will gladly accept your thanks for their service. However, many of us do ask that you lavish your praise upon our true heroes.

They’re the ones that really deserve it!

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First US Air Force Muslim Cleric Found Guilty As Undercover Detectives Discover Bust Him In MAJOR Plot



You’ve probably heard the phrase “they let the fox guard the hen house” at some point. Basically, it’s said someone who is supposed to be protecting something probably wants to do harm to it themselves, like a fox would want to do to hens. The lesson we’re supposed to learn from that is that we should choose our protectors carefully because we will have to trust them fully.

This has been a point of contention for many who think that the military is compromising itself by allowing Muslims to enter its ranks. Since our war on terror was started by Muslims who consider it their “holy duty” to kill as many Christians as possible in order to achieve some sadistic and delightful afterlife, it seems counterproductive to let those who share the same order in the very military tasked with fighting that war.

Air Force captain Sharior Rahman, who is a Muslim chaplain, is being charged with a crime that could get him punishments ranging from $3000 in docked pay, all the way to getting thrown out on his ear. According to the Conservative Daily Post, it’s looking more like he’ll land on the slap on the wrist end of the spectrum:

“Air Force Captain (O-3) Sharior Rahman, who serves as a chaplain/imam at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, was convicted by a military judge under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) of larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny resulting from an incident of shoplifting he and his wife committed last year. In a shocking turn of events, the officer who acted as a judge, COL. Mark Milam, penalized the convicted imam by requiring only that he forfeit $3,000 of his pay for one month. Seeing as CPT. Rahman lives on an Air Force base, that hardly seems like a punishment.”

The incredibly light punishment is especially troubling since Rahman is not only representing the United States military, but he’s representing the entire country to the locals. This level of disrespect is one that stems from a deeply ingrained teaching that while they might have to get along with those around them, Muslims are inherently better, and therefore should get to do what they wish.

In some ways, we might be considered lucky that the Air Force got a peek into the mind of this person they’re letting wear their uniform before he did something much worse. If it’s his religion that’s prompting his disregard for laws, that could lead to bigger problems, and if he’s just your general overly materialistic jerk, that also usually leads to trouble if he has access to any sensitive information.

Here are more details from our source about the exact nature of Rahman and his wife’s crimes:

The charges come from an arrest involving CPT. Rahman and his wife, who were caught stealing about 70 euro worth of groceries from an Edeka store in Hamburg, Germany. A second case occurred about two weeks later when the Rahmans were accused of stealing from the Exchange on Ramstein Air Force Base (an Exchange, often also known as a PX or Base Exchange, is basically a department store for the military) but no charges were filed as a result of that case.

Undercover Store Detective Thomas Bex from the Edeka in Hamburg reported to the military court that he knew the Rahmans were stealing when he saw them put fish in their basket, but never payed for the fish before leaving. Exchange Detective Albert Arseneau told the court that he observed, via cameras in the Exchange, Sanam Rahman, CPT. Rahman’s wife, placing make-up items in her bag, as well as being handed a jump-rope by CPT. Rahman which she then put in her large handbag.

When Arseneau confronted the pair, he says that CPT. Rahman remained cool and collected throughout his questioning, but at one point his wife took off on foot and hid in a men’s restroom nearby. Arseneau walked into the restroom after she came out and recovered the stolen items from the restroom, where it is apparent Sanam Rahman hid them.

Attempts to defend against the charges mostly involved attacking the evidence, claiming that a mistake had been made and they had just ‘forgotten’ to not pay, or attempts to claim that CPT. Rahman was unaware of his wife’s wrongdoing. MAJ Marquita Ricks, acting as defense for the CPT. Rahman tried her best to defend his actions and those of his wife, but the evidence was obviously against them.

Luckily, there is still a slim chance that the imam may be removed from service. Becoming a military chaplain requires that an organization endorses you to serve in such a capacity. This organization, such as a recognized religious organization like the Catholic church, can withdraw their endorsement of a chaplain at any time and for any reason, which will usually result in their separation from the service.

H/T: Conservative Daily Post 

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BREAKING: Trump Sending US Marines Armed To The Teeth To Take Over After What Muslims Were Caught Doing



For the past 8 years, Barack Hussein Obama wiped his backside with our Constitution while emboldening our enemies and alienating our allies. With the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Obama made it no secret he was on the side of the Palestinian terrorists, where he gave sovereignty of Israel’s holiest sites to these terrorists, while concurrently putting Iran on a path to nuclear arms so they could bomb Israel into oblivion. Just 24 hours after President Trump announced he’d be moving the the US Embassy to Jerusalem, now our military is on high alert after the sickening plot that Obama’s Muslims have vowed to carry out.

Liberals are already collectively losing their minds over President Trump choosing to side with Israel, as they’re always vocal supporters of Muslim terrorists whenever they’re given the decision to choose sides. The Muslim world is equally enraged over our Presient’s decision to stand with the country of Israel, and now their nasty threats have spawned an immediate response from the United States military, where Trump has deployed additional troops to the area in preparation of the “day of rage” that these Muslim terrorists have planned as a violent response to the new embassy.

Info Wars reported:

Three “days of rage” are expected to take place across the region in response to the plan, prompting the U.S. Central Command to brush up on contingency plans and beef up security at American embassies across the Middle East.

Trump’s decision “is almost certain to provoke protests and potentially violent skirmishes at and near American government and facilities U.S. nationals own and operate in Israel and the occupied territories, the Middle East as a whole, and beyond,” reports The Drive. “The reported U.S. military moves make it clear that they are well aware of this fact.”

Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Trump that recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a “red line” for Muslims, while Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz said the plan would “constitute a flagrant provocation of Muslims”.

Newsweek reported the move “could inflame the Muslim world”. There are also reports that ISIS could be preparing retaliatory attacks.

As part of its planned backlash, Hamas has urged “the youth and the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank” to “respond with all means available to the US decision that harms our Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a red line and the resistance will not allow any desecration of it.”

President Trump isn’t playing around and is sending in a badass unit of Marines who will be armed to the teeth and ready to take on any Muslim terrorist who tries to retaliate against America’s decision to place the embassy in Jerusalem. Info Wars went on:

Special Marine Corps FAST units will be on hand to be deployed around the world to embassies and diplomatic posts. They will be armed with “.50 caliber M2 machine guns or 40mm Mk 19 automatic grenade launchers, as well as specialized riot control gear.”

“If the reaction to the U.S. government’s change in policy on Jerusalem proves to be too much for those teams to handle, the Marines also have dedicated crisis response elements for operations in Africa and the Middle East forward deployed in Rota, Spain and in Kuwait respectively,” writes Joseph Trevithick. “These Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces have MV-22B Osprey tilt-rotors and KC-130 aerial tankers to help rush additional personnel across those regions in an emergency.”

This move by our new Commander-in-Chief is sending a clear message to the world that we stand with Israel, a gesture that’s no doubt sending shock waves through the Muslim community and infuriating our former terrorist-loving president. Obama tried desperately to destroy Israel while in office, where we all can remember the vile thing Obama did to Israel over Christmas last year, where he backed a Security Council resolution that turned over Israel’s most historic and holy sites to Palestinian Hamas and Fatah terrorists.

Obama was also behind the taxpayer-funded campaign to oust Netanyahu from office back in 2015, where the Washington Post exposed Obama’s plot, going on to say that Obama “had the worst relationship of any U.S. president with the elected prime minister of the Jewish State.”

This isn’t the first time that President Trump has tried to make things right with Israel following two presidential terms of Barack Hussein Obama treating the country of Israel like absolute crap. As Israel’s land continues to be up for dispute by a coalition of Muslim terrorists and nasty liberals around the world, President Trump finally put an end to the debate by the single action he took at the West Wall earlier this year, solidifying once and for all where America stands on this issue.

Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu in a solemn act of solidarity, President Trump donned a yarmulke, and prayed at the West Wall along with other Jewish leaders, in a historic move that has never been done by a sitting president in our country’s history. The diplomatic nod not only bolstered Israel’s claims to the holy site, but sent the silent message to Muslims around the world that this area belongs to the Jews, and to keep their grubby hands off of it.

This is such a drastic change from what we got used to under Barack Hussein Obama, who did everything he could to stab Israel in the back during his tenure as president. Now America finally has a president who represents the values and sentiments that most Americans have towards Israel, who Christians revere as “God’s chosen people.” You can be sure that liberal snowflakes everywhere are melting over President Trump sending our military to Israel to protect our most cherished ally.

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