US Marine Shows Entitled Thug What Freedom Tastes When He Shoves a Loaded Gun Down His Attackers Throat

In possibly the most incredible “hell yeah” moment ever to be caught on camera, a US Marine who did four tours in Iraq had an epic surprise waiting for the thug who came into his liquor store to rob him. Unfortunately for the would-be thief, he would soon have his ego wrecked after learning the incredibly hard lesson that you NEVER want to attempt to make a United States Marine your victim.

Fifty-four-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander has had his fair share of dealing with thugs during his 30 years in the service, and since his time spent overseas, always has his pistol on his hip waiting should anything happen. Needless to say, when the would-be thief targeted Alexander’s liquor store in Marionville Missouri, he would soon learn that he had picked the wrong man to be his victim.

The video begins as the thief pulls out a pistol and points it in Alexander’s face. Then in a split second, the US Marine turns the tables on the thug, instantly brandishing a weapon of his own while he shoves the man’s arm down to his side to regain control of the situation.

Here’s a hilarious version of the attempted holdup which someone creatively added animation to. Don’t laugh too hard!

Below is the local news report that gives more details of how the situation went down, along with an interview with the Marine hero who has now become the talk of the town:

Now THAT is how you take care of business! Got to love our Marines! Retired or not these guys don’t take crap from anyone! I love it!

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