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WA Times Columnist: “Enquirer Correct On 2 Of Cruz’s Mistresses.” – Gets Fired



Update: At the time of this article, Amanda Carpenter Tweeted this out:

This is not the kind of Tweet you’d see from someone appalled at being accused of sleeping with a married man. Especially a married man who happens to be running for president. This is the kind of Tweet you see from someone who is resigned to the fact that they’ve been caught. If she were appalled at the accusations, her Tweet would have included about 20 F words, screaming, “You F-ng idiots! I slept with Ted Cruz?????? IDIOTS!!!!” I mean, any sane person would respond that way. Or they’d laugh and then say the same thing. I don’t think Amanda Carpenter is sane, though. Why? Because…

Amanda Carpenter slept with Ted Cruz.

True? We’re not sure, although, at the end of the day, when the “Ted Cruz Sex Scandal” has run its course, we’re pretty sure that that will be the headline that every major media outlet in America will be running with. Why do we believe that? Enquiring minds, read on.

On Wednesday March 23rd, the National Enquirer ran an online teaser about it’s upcoming newsstand edition saying that GOP presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, has had 5 mistresses.

enquirer cruz mistresses online crop

While the grocery store tabloid isn’t exactly known for its “credibility,” it should be noted that the rag did break the story of 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful, John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter. Even the liberal New York Times covered the story. The allegations turned out to be true.

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john edwards story crop

The Enquirer blacked out the eyes, and pixelated the photos of the women that the publication said had been involved with Cruz in order to hide their identities, but, Twitter sleuths easily uncovered 3 of the women who were apparently seduced by Cruz.


Washington Times columnist Drew Johnson Tweeted that 2 of the mistresses named are accurate.

Johnson went on to explain a little about what had been going on behind the scenes.

The Washington Times fired back, Tweeting that Johnson “is NOT a columnist with us,” but two Tweets later, stated that his employment had been terminated that day. Technically true, but strange that Johnson HAD been a columnist for them prior to his Tweets about Ted Cruz.

The funny thing? Johnson was a Washington Times columnist. One of the women pictured in the Enquirer who apparently had an affair with Cruz was also a Washington Times columnist (Amanda Carpenter). Carpenter was Senator Cruz’s senior communications adviser and speechwriter from 2013-15.

amanda carpenter

She looked a little different back then.


Johnson stated “From what I know, at least 2 of the women named as Cruz mistresses by the National Enquirer are accurate.”

How would Johnson know about those who “may” have slept with Cruz? I dunno, water cooler gossip, perhaps? Work for the same corporation, word gets around. People talk. Happens everyday. Especially in politics.

Oh, in case anyone’s wondering, Johnson is not a Trump supporter.

Back to Carpenter.

Just this month Carpenter created a “blackball” list of conservatives who endorsed Trump.

Carpenter regularly spews hate towards those who support Trump.

The funny thing is, a triple-amputee Iraq War vet founded this site (Freedom Daily), and he supports Trump. I guess Amanda Carpenter hates veterans who had their arms & legs blown off & will blackball them, too.

So, who are the other women named by the Enquirer who allegedly slept with Ted Cruz?

One is Donald Trump’s national campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson. Pierson, an African American, supported Cruz during his 2012 Senate bid.

A quick Google search shows Pierson in close proximity to Cruz during the campaign.

Ted Cruz, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate made a stop at the Tea Party Express mobile phone bank on a bus in a hotel parking lot in Richardson on Monday, May 28, 2012. Ted talks to a volunteer, left, did not want to use her name, and Katrina Pierson, right, of Garland. (David Woo/The Dallas Morning News) 06032012xNEWS

Ted Cruz, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate made a stop at the Tea Party Express mobile phone bank on a bus in a hotel parking lot in Richardson on Monday, May 28, 2012. Ted talks to a volunteer, left, did not want to use her name, and Katrina Pierson, right, of Garland. (David Woo/The Dallas Morning News) 06032012xNEWS

Cruz-and-Pierson 2

Cruz-and-Pierson 3

Pierson gave a very Strong repudiation regarding her possible “involvement” with Senator Cruz, though. This is how we expect an innocent person to react when falsely accused of wrongdoing.

Pierson did not sleep with Ted Cruz. You can tell by her reaction to the allegations. Also, she’s much too classy a person to do that sort of thing.

Amanda Carpenter, on the other hand, is normally quite active on Twitter, has not reacted at all about the allegations. Many on social media have commented on her “lack of Tweets” since news of the possible scandal broke.

Carpenter gave a tepid response when asked to denounce the Enquirer’s story on CNN. Watch the forced laugh at 0:45.
She went on to say that if someone wants to comment on it they can “talk to my lawyer.”

The third woman Senator Cruz apparently had a tryst with is Sarah Isgur Flores.

Sarah-Isgur-Flores fox news

sarah flores dress

According to, “Isgur Flores has been a legal advisor to Romney’s PAC, Romney for President, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. She worked as political director for Ted Cruz’s PAC, Texans for Ted Cruz, served as deputy communications director for the Republican National Committee and worked on Carly Fiorina’s Unlocking Potential Project. She was the deputy campaign manager for Fiorina’s presidential campaign.”

Late last year, a Pro-Cruz Super PAC gave $500,000 to a pro-Fiorina super PAC. Some are saying it was “hush” money to silence Flores alleged affair with Senator Cruz.

ABC News reported: “it’s unusual for one of these groups to give money to an opponent, especially when the candidate it supports is still in the race.”

Flores has offered no repudiation regarding the Enquirer’s story, or to those who believe she is one of the women pictured in the article.

Regarding Cruz, many on Twitter are suggesting that:

Do the “help” have sex with candidates/elected officials/the politically motivated? Oh, 100% for sure. From high school politics on up, politically active women are attracted to politically active men and vice-versa. It’s fast & easy for those involved. I’ve seen it first hand.

I met a political friend of mine when I went to CPAC this year. She told me, “the whole purpose of going to CPAC is to get drunk & laid.” From what I could tell observing the attendees, she was 100% correct. Awesome times, & a 100% right on. But that’s a whole other story. Of course, if you’re a candidate/elected official, or a political activist who’s married, yeah, sorry, all bets are off. You stick with the one who brought you. Don’t be a John Edwards.

For now, all we can do is await the investigations.

In the meantime, enjoy the official theme song of political operatives, candidates, and elected officials worldwide.
You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals, So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.”

Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot's Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.

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BREAKING!! TRUMP PISSED! Gowdy Just Exposed ‘Secret Society’ Plotting Trump Assassination




It should come as no great surprise that President Trump has a lot of opponents in Washington. To be fair, they made their positions clear long before he took office, and have been sticking to them ever since. The opposition was made even clearer with the Russia collusion investigation that has been launched and drug out for the past year. Many of us hoped that even though the left was violently opposed to President Trump and many of his policies, they wouldn’t actually resort to violence to silence him. We might have been wrong.

It’s a perfectly legal recourse for a party who doesn’t believe in a candidate or President to check him or her out thoroughly and see if there are any inconsistencies that can be exploited for the purpose of removing them from office. What isn’t perfectly legal is having forces within the Justice Department set about falsifying evidence, or withholding it from a congressional probe, but that is just what’s been happening.

The FBI was supposed to be investigating President Trump’s campaign, but when it became clear that they were compromised, Congress started to investigate some of the members of that special investigation. What they found was proof positive that many laws were broken in an effort to keep President Trump from office. Leading the charge against the injustices in the FBI is former prosecutor and current Representative Trey Gowdy along with Representative John Ratcliffe. According to Real Clear Politics, they informed Fox News that this information could spell the end of some careers on Capitol Hill:

“Reps. Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe join FNC’s Martha McCallum to talk about another newly released text message between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. This time, Strzok implies a “secret society” of federal agents worked to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.

‘It is possible these text messages that are missing, perhaps they really were lost. Perhaps it is another strange coincidence,’ Ratcliffe said. “It is harder and harder for us to explain one strange coincidence after another.”

‘We know that Strzok and Page had an intense anti-Trump bias,’ he said. ‘And that’s OK, so long as they check it at the door and do their job. We learned today in the thousands of text messages we have reviewed, that perhaps they may not have done that. We know about this ‘insurance policy’ that was referenced trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.’

Ratcliffe continued: ‘We learned today about information that in the immediate aftermath of his election, there may have been a ‘secret society’ of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI, to include Page and Strzok, working against him. I’m not saying that actually happened, but when folks speak in those terms, they need to come forward to explain the context.’

About the ‘secret society,’ Gowdy said: ‘You have this insurance policy in Spring 2016, and then the day after the election, what they really didn’t want to have happen, there is a text exchange between these two FBI agents, these supposed to be fact-centric FBI agents saying, ‘Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.’ So I’m going to want to know what secret society you are talking about, because you’re supposed to be investigating objectively the person who just won the electoral college. So yeah — I’m going to want to know.’

The evidence that these two bring paints a scary picture as to what has been happening behind closed doors. We trust those in law enforcement to look out for the best interests of the nation. This is just the opposite; they seem to be looking for their own best interests, and the laws and will of the people are no more than an after thought, or a punishment to be avoided.

According to Your News Wire “The inspector general also discovered that the FBI ‘failed to preserve’ five months worth of Strzok-Page texts for a crucial period in the Russia investigation — from Dec. 14, 2016 to May 17, 2017. Considering the explosive information revealed by Gowdy and Ratcliffe regarding one of the text messages, it has become clear the FBI is attempting to cover its tracks.

Gowdy, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, vowed to investigate the text messages further.

‘I’m going to want to know what secret society are you talking about because you are supposed to be investigating objectively the person who just won the electoral college. I‘m going to want to know,’ he said on Fox.

In a tweet on Monday, Ratcliffe said that his review of the Strzok-Page texts ‘revealed manifest bias among top FBI officials’ against Trump.”

The DNC pushed for this investigation into Russian collusion, and it was the worst possible move they could have made. From the perspective of the mainstream media or any of the powers that be in Congress, they could have carried on and hinted and pushed the narrative without the investigation, but they didn’t. They were just so sure that he was guilty, so sure that he had to play the same dirty, colluded gamed that they were playing, that they had to have transparency. Well, they got their transparency, and when they did, we all got to see the dirty underbelly of how the liberals fight their political battles.

[H/T: Real Clear Politics]

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In what is one of the most terrifying, but not surprising, interviews ever to come out of the political arena. Republican Representative Paul Gosar from the great state of Arizona is now suggesting that the Obama administration had indeed weaponized the executive branch in pursuit of partisan political purposes.

Congressman Gosar came to this conclusion after reading a classified four-page memo which was composed by Republican Congressman Devin Nunes from California. Nunez, who chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, claimed that in the memo Gosar described serious abuse of executive power as a habit across the Obama administration, the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI. The memo is yet to be released to the public.

Gosar linked the following Obama-era operations and events as prime examples of a pattern of the highly partisan weaponization of the executive branch by Obama and his lackeys. The Fast and Furious gun-running operation, the handling response and coverup of the September 11, 2012, Islamic terrorist attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi where 4 lives were lost including that of our ambassador to Libya, the IRS’s targeting of dissident charities and non-profits such as the Tea Party, and the surveillance of persons connected to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Donald Trump himself.

Partial Transcripts Below:

MANSOUR: I want to pivot really quickly to this infamous #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag about the memo that the House Intelligence Committee Chairman wrote about, explaining what was going on with the FISA warrants that were issued by the Obama administration. Can you tell us – I know that you’ve read the memo, it hasn’t, obviously, been released to the public – what can you tell us about how this memo came about and what’s in it?

GOSAR: Well, this memo is a summary of emails and traffic that has been picked up by the intelligence and judiciary systems. Some of it is exactly what you may have seen that has been exposed to the sunlight already. Other things may not. But what it basically does is, that, if you don’t think that Fast and Furious, if you don’t think that Benghazi, for the lack of accountability, if you don’t think the IRS, and if you don’t think the unmasking has something to do with the weaponization of our Department of Justice and our intelligence services, think again.

MANSOUR: Wow. Okay. What is the likelihood that this memo with be released by Congressman Nunes?

GOSAR: In our conference, there is a heated debate about when, not if, and we want it out sooner than later. The American people need to see this. There are other things associated with it because this is just the tip of the iceberg. It names names, and those names, they should be owed their day in country, but if it is what’s presented, there are some heads that need to go to jail and not come out for quite some time.

Gosar reiterated his description of the aforementioned pattern of partisan political weaponization of the executive branch when asked about former U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power’s requests for “unmasking” American citizens’ identities captured via FISA surveillance operations, among whom were “Trump associates.”

And He Added:

POLLAK: Let me ask you this: there were some reports over the last year, and we actually were part of reporting this, that there were a number of individuals in the Obama administration who had requested the unmasking of the identities of Americans who were swept up in foreign wiretaps. And Samantha Power, the former ambassador to the United Nations, who doesn’t really have a national security function, had conducted a large number of these unmasking requests. Are we going to learn more about that? Are we going to see into the operation of the outgoing administration and why they did what they did?

GOSAR: Joel, I’m going to be very careful. I’m not an attorney, but if you don’t think that Fast and Furious, if you don’t think that Benghazi, for the lack of accountability, if you don’t think the IRS and the unmasking are tied together with the weaponization of our Department of Justice and political advocates, think again.

POLLAK: Wow. So this could relate back to those controversies, as well?

GOSAR: Here’s the thing. If you look at Fast and Furious, Joel, this was about one of the most precious and most instrumental aspects of individuals to hold a government accountable: having the Second Amendment. If you can take that, if you can lack the accountability that popped up with Benghazi, where you didn’t protect American citizens and those in harm’s way, if you can target your opposition with the IRS and then you can unmask them with anybody and then spread that information – not just unmask them, but spread that information to all other agencies and top brass – now, what you’ve got is the beginnings of a Banana Republic. That means that you have an autocratic demise to the democracy and to the republic and hold your political foes to their detriment.

Listen to the interview.

This is what happens when the American people get suckered into electing a nobody who came out of nowhere as their president. All because of his skin color, nothing else. Barack Hussein Obama is a man who has never even run a lemonade stand until the day he decided to run for office. And he never stood out in anything other than knowing how to read a speech well enough that the liberal population in our country could fall for him unconditionally. And now we learn he is what President Nixon could have only dreamed of being.

Please share if you want to see the Obama Administration investigated…

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Frank Lea



President Donald Trump has a lot of thinking to do over the next few weeks. His motto of “drain the swamp” is about to hit closer to home as our very own US Attorney General Jeff Sessions finds himself in the midst of the FBI’s deleted text messages problem. Another problem to add to his list of worries is the possible secret society that lurks within the FBI and how it relates to Sessions.

Jeff Sessions was apparently on Trump’s team, appearing to stay strong amid the allegations that surrounded Trump with petty nonsense about Russia, collusion, and anything else the leftists created to throw shade on the Presidency. Trump drains the swamp and may have to cut off Attorney General Jeff Sessions if anything about the deleted text messages comes close to implicating him in a crime or guilty by association. In fact, Sessions may go down if anything comes up that determines a Clinton family member is guilty of a felony and he fails to act. That would place Sessions in a position that does not best support the White House, and he’d be the most prominent part of the swamp to be drained to date.

Multiple people had faith that Sessions would perform at the highest level, but now it seems like there’s a level of distrust between him and the general public. There are rumors abound that he’s connected to the Deep State theory. When it seemed like Sessions was aligned with the plan of Trump, it later became more apparent that Sessions may have his own agenda. If that’s true, then he probably didn’t expect the lid to be blown off the top this fast. One year into Trump’s presidency and he’s about to ax the Attorney General.

Does the public trust Jeff Sessions anymore?

The Gateway Pundit reported:

“CNN recently listed Jeff Sessions’ accomplishments as US Attorney General as follows –

In an October memo, he directed all US attorneys to implement new violent crime reduction strategies as part of the renewed DOJ program Project Safe Neighborhoods…

Sessions has spotlighted the gang’s [MS-13] brutality and cross-border connections…

The DOJ has sought in court — with mixed success — to salvage another of the President’s signature agenda items: the travel ban…

…the withdrawal of several DOJ directives that appeared to lessen protections for transgender people…

Amid calls for more investigations by the President and several Republican members of Congress, Sessions has initiated multiple reviews, in addition to a probe launched separately by the DOJ Inspector General…

But nothing to date has been accomplished to address either by this AG. Instead, a short time after he was sworn in, AG Sessions recused himself from anything Russia, brought in creepy Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein who then immediately brought in corrupt Robert Mueller to partake in an illegal, wide-open, unconstitutional witch hunt into President Trump!

Day after day, we the people, hear and read of more and more criminal activity within these institutions. Sessions ignores or announces investigations into these actions by deep state personnel. Criminals in the FBI continue to work and get paid. Americans continue to pay their bills. Mueller commits crimes, steals documents under attorney – client privledge and is allowed to continue.”

What should President Trump do? If the public screams for Sessions to go and they no longer trust him, then is it time for Trump to pull the cord? Should Trump flush Sessions out of the swamp and find a replacement who will be more aggressive in following Trump’s plan of making America great?

There are so many people calling for the lockup of Hillary and her crime syndicate, looking further into Obama and his potential criminal friends, and cutting the head off the Deep State concept that so effortlessly thrives in criminal activity without facing prosecution.

How far will Trump go to identify and expose the underlying criminal paths that many people have secretly followed? Will the swamp ever be fully drained or will it be replaced with other swamp creatures who are linked to that secret criminal society that supports their personal agenda over the likes of America?

If you were President Trump, then what would you do? How would you react to the deleted text message scandal? What about the wrath of Hillary? How would you deal with all of this and who would you prosecute first?

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