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WATCH as Man Drives Hummer H1 Through Flood In Houston, Texas..CRAZY!!



Texas does everything bigger! This is AMAZING! I’m buying a Hummer now! Wow! I wanna drive underwater!

Texas is inundated with torrential rain and biblical flooding. Roads are turning to rivers and carrying cars off all over the joint. Perfect time to take the ol’ Hummer out for a test drive!

What It's Like To Drive A Hummer H1 Through A Flooded City

Just when I thought the H1 was kind of played, these are exciting all over again.

Looks like there’s an outfit in Houston called EVS Motors that sells heavily farkled Hummer H1s as a brand called “Search And Destroy.” The trucks look straight out of a movie set, like some kind of superhero/black-opsmobile for rich guys who want to play solider.

What It's Like To Drive A Hummer H1 Through A Flooded City

They have three “Tiers” of progressively heavier loadouts but each truck is a rolling shock-and-awe campaign. I have to admit they’re remarkably cool looking.

Anyway, it appears that they’ve taken the Houston floods as an opportunity to test their mettle (“metal” too, I guess) in the kind of extreme environment people who own these trucks must pray for every day.

What It's Like To Drive A Hummer H1 Through A Flooded City

It’s a little more hardcore than the puddle-splashing DeMuro and I did in Philadelphia last year– at some points the water is well over the hood here.

I’m guessing from the square-orientation that this video was shot for Facebook live, but it’s still a shame they couldn’t get a passenger to hold the camera so it wouldn’t be quite so Cloverfield. Still pretty wild.

Here’s the long cut if you can handle 18 minutes of square-screen video:

Via Truck Yeah

Houston, TX – More than a foot of rain has fallen in Houston over the past two days. According to CNN, at least five people have been killed in flooding that has covered the Houston region which has forced the evacuation of hundreds.

Michael Walter, who is with The Houston Office of Emergency management said things are starting to improve but Houston continues to have areas of high water across the roadways.

In his Interview on Here and Now, Walter urges the public not to drive into areas of high water. He said, “If you cannot see the roadway, that water is too high for you.”

In the video above, a camera from inside a Hummer H1 appears close to being underwater as it powers through a flooded area and successfully navigates itself back out of the water.

More rain is expected to fall today and a flash flood watch remains in effect for Houston until 7 a.m. CT tomorrow.

Via Syracuse Post-Standard

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BREAKING!! Obama Just Made DISGUSTING Announcement About His Daughter! NEVER EXPECTED THAT!




The Obama family was spotted by paparazzi doing what they’re best at doing. This time it was only partially paid for by taxpayers. Half of the Obama family was on vacation in Miami, soaking up some sun, spending taxpayer money on security that had to travel. That’s when it got bizarre. Former President Obama became quite strange and creepy, even though he wasn’t spotted on the trip, but sure had something odd to say about it. Only Malia and Michelle were located in Miami, trying to soak up the taxpayer sun, and Barack still found his way to be mentioned in the article about the girl’s vacation. Nonetheless, Barack was pathetic, but that’s nothing new considering he went on an ‘apology tour’ during his Presidency.

The Daily Mail captured Malia and Michelle Obama in photographs as they pranced around Miami, hitting up elegant restaurants and flaunting their body in bathing suits while the taxpayer-funded security loathed behind begrudgingly. The article spoke about what the Obama girls were wearing, where they were going, and it was quite stalkerish. The job of a paparazzi to legally stalk people while they’re doing things is creepy. But then we bring it back to Barack Obama and his chat about his daughter, and that’s where it becomes strange.

Daily Mail reported:
“The former first lady also sported a long white blouse, a bandanna and large fold hoop earrings for the outing. Malia was looking similarly casual alongside her mother in a tan hoodie over her swimsuit, of which just her black bikini bottoms were visible. The tall teen toted in her hands a pair of white sneakers and her iPhone with a charger. She also was carrying a hefty-looking book – perhaps a bit of holiday break homework from Harvard University, where Malia is due to return later this month.

The ladies looked as though they didn’t have a care in the world, appearing as though the post-White House life suits them just fine.
The day at the beach appeared to be all about girl time as former president Barack Obama was nowhere to be seen. The former first lady also sported a long white blouse, a bandanna and large fold hoop earrings for the outing. Malia was looking similarly casual alongside her mother in a tan hoodie over her swimsuit, of which just her black bikini bottoms were visible.
The tall teen toted in her hands a pair of white sneakers and her iPhone with a charger.

She also was carrying a hefty-looking book – perhaps a bit of holiday break homework from Harvard University, where Malia is due to return later this month. The ladies looked as though they didn’t have a care in the world, appearing as though the post-White House life suits them just fine. The day at the beach appeared to be all about girl time as former president Barack Obama was nowhere to be seen.”

The Daily Mail spoke about the details of the girl’s vacation before it transitioned into what Barack Obama was up to and talking about. He was babbling on about his talk with Letterman, and that’s where it became ‘pathetic’ and readers must have become a bit creeped out. Obama’s chat with Letterman was a drooling confession to his pathetic self, something many readers have known about since watching the former President rule the greatest country in the world with no guts, glory, or manhood that fellow men would look up to.

Daily Mail continued:
“He discussed her move-in day with David Letterman on the talk show legend’s new Netflix project My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

Obama told him that he speaks with his daughter regularly because he is ‘pathetic,’ adding President Barack Obama said he was a wreck when he dropped his daughter Malia off at Harvard University. The 44th commander-in-chief discussed move-in day when he appeared as the first guest on David Letterman’s new Netflix talk show ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman’.

Obama then described how he speaks with the 19-year-old regularly because he’s ‘pathetic’.

‘It was like open-heart surgery man,’ Obama told Letterman of moving his oldest daughter into her college dorm in August 2017.

‘And it was was interesting to see how everybody handled things differently. Michelle had a cleaning glove and was scouring the bathroom…Sasha tries to be cool because she didn’t want to admit that she was going to miss her sister so she was helping make the bed and fold clothes. I was basically useless.”

Useless? Pathetic? Why don’t they tell us something we don’t know? It’s peculiar to describe yourself as inadequate or pathetic. That’s not what people want to hear considering this was the 44th President of the United States. Former Presidents aren’t supposed to be pathetic. They’re supposed to be leaders and not weaklings bowing down to their daughters. How can she look up to him if he’s self-professed as pathetic?

That was a bizarre conversation with Letterman.

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BREAKING News! FBI Agents Just Arrived In Little Rock – It’s STARTING!!



What do you get when you untie the hands of the Justice Department and a President with some backbone in the Oval Office? An investigation into corruption! Whenever there is a party control change in Washington, the way there was during the last election, there is always a lot of talk about investigations. The difference between when liberals get into power and when conservatives get into power is that the liberals are allowed to investigate and usually find nothing, but Republicans are left dealing with adults acting like toddlers and a much smaller chance to investigate wrongdoing.

We’re still seeing a pattern of ticked off Clinton members getting in the way of justice. The last time this happened was when President Bush was elected in 2000. The outgoing Clinton administration and leftover Democrats made Bush’s life as miserable as possible. It took the nation being shaken by 9/11 to finally solidify his cabinet and take the focus off of the petulant toddlers in Washington and back on more significant issues.

This time around, Clinton didn’t win, but she and many of her supporters still throw a fit about it. The Justice Department is finally ready to get down and dirty to investigate her actions in an attempt to win the election.

The Conservative Post reports that the FBI is in Little Rock, Arkansas, where the Clintons used to live, and they are ready to sift through everything the Clintons own to find evidence of any crimes committed by Hillary Clinton.

“With James Comey finally out of the way, the Justice Department is going after Hillary Clinton like it should have years ago.

Earlier this month, the Department launched a fresh investigation into alleged criminal activity by Hillary when she served as Barack Obama’s secretary of state.

In particular, Clinton stands accused of engaging in “pay-to-play” politics with regards to an agreement with Russia that’s been labeled “Uranium One.”

But that’s not the only serious charge.

There’s mounting evidence that the Clinton Foundation was the recipient of enormous sums of money quite possibly in return for policy favors from Hillary.

The Hill reported that FBI agents stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas, where the Clinton Foundation was started, are taking the lead in the case.

They’ve already interviewed a number of witnesses, with much more activity promised in the coming weeks.

This is just the beginning, but we might finally see ‘Crooked Hillary’ get what’s coming to her.”

Americans have hopes and dreams about Hillary Clinton going to prison. Even many who weren’t concerned about her before the 2016 election has found the accusations leveled against her to be disturbing enough to make them want and warrant an investigation. As so many liberals told us when it came to President Trump’s campaign “if no wrong was done, they have nothing to worry about, so why not investigate?” We say the same thing about Hillary Clinton. If she has nothing to hide, then there is nothing to worry about.

Before anyone screams about privacy, just remember that she put herself in the position to be investigated when she became a Senator and the Secretary of State. She hasn’t been a private citizen for a very long time. Everything about her life is open for discussion. Thankfully, this investigation recently opened.

Here are more details about the much-anticipated investigation from The Hill:

“The Justice Department has launched a new inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of State, law enforcement officials and a witness tells The Hill.

The officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said the probe is examining whether the Clintons promised or performed any policy favors in return for largesse to their charitable efforts or whether donors made commitments of donations in hopes of securing government outcomes.

The probe may also examine whether any tax-exempt assets were converted for personal or political use and whether the foundation complied with applicable tax laws, the officials said.

One witness recently interviewed by the FBI described the session to The Hill as “extremely professional and unquestionably thorough” and focused on questions about whether donors to Clinton charitable efforts received any favorable treatment from the Obama administration on a policy decision previously highlighted in media reports.

The witness discussed his interview solely on the grounds of anonymity. He said the agents were from Little Rock and their questions focused on government decisions and discussions of donations to Clinton entities during the time Hillary Clinton led President Obama’s State Department.

The FBI office in Little Rock referred a reporter Thursday to Washington headquarters, where officials declined any official comment.

The Wall Street Journal reported late last year that several FBI field offices, including the one in Little Rock, had been collecting information on the Clinton Foundation for more than a year. The report also said there had been pushback to the FBI from the Justice Department.

Officials also said the Justice Department was re-examining whether there are any unresolved issues from the closed case into Clinton’s transmission of classified information through her personal email server. Former FBI Director James Comey in 2016 concluded Clinton was “extremely careless” in handling that classified information and that there was some evidence of legal violations, but he declined to recommend charges on the grounds that he could not prove Clinton and her top aides intended to break the law.

His decision was roundly criticized by Republicans, and recent revelations that his statement was watered down by edits and that he made the decision before all witness interviews were finished have led to renewed criticism.

A senior law enforcement official said the Justice Department was exploring whether any issues from that probe should be re-opened but cautioned the effort was not at the stage of a full investigation.”

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Frank Lea



Former President Obama has plans for a library, but there could be more than meets the eye. He recently unveiled his 3D rendered model and onlookers noticed something bizarre and disturbing about it. They couldn’t believe what they saw. Obama spent eight years trying to sympathize with Muslims and get Americans to turn Islamic. Or at the very least, convince Americans to accept the primitive culture of the Islamic religion – the one who beheads, murders people for being gay, marry child brides, honor kills family members, and oppresses women by forcing them to wear specific clothing and not allowing them to have individual freedoms than men have.

Obama wanted Americans to be accepting of Islam, but Islam isn’t accepting of American values or culture. The number of uncivilized behaviors that stem from the Islamic religion is just not what Americans do. This is our country, our values, and our giant mixing pot of culture. There is room for civilized culture and behaviors, but there’s no room for intolerance, crime, murder, and oppression. Obama basically took a knee on our flag every time he sympathized with the Islamic religion – the same culture that savagely hijacked planes and tore down the World Trade Center. While Americans are very accepting of people who act and behave in a rational societal manner, there’s still no room for those who frown upon American values and fail to assimilate.

It’s no surprise that Obama leaves office and continues pressing his thumb up his nose while trying to get Americans to assimilate to Islam. His newest project, a large library, looks like a mosque. Does Muslim culture influence his library? Is he building a secret Trojan Horse to horde his Muslim friends into? Why does his American library look like there could be a hidden Muslim congregation gathering in the basement?

Daily Caller reported:
The plans for the future Obama presidential library have just been released, and they are quite progressive, to say the least.

The library is scheduled to be built in Chicago, Illinois and will be within a stone’s throw of the University of Chicago, Jackson Park and the South Shore Cultural Center. The design includes three buildings: a museum, library and forum.

The library’s design and location has been a source of controversy itself within the Chicago community. The new 3D renderings for the park — released Wednesday — will only throw fuel on that fire.

Here are a few pictures of Obama’s library.

Here are a few pictures of something that may have been an influence to Obama’s library.

When it comes to adding fuel to the fire, its good to mention that many residents of Chicago don’t want anything to do with Obama or his building. Even though Chicago may be Obama’s “hometown” claim, but that hasn’t resonated well with the residents who have protested the construction of the building.

Obama selected the Jackson Park location and people protested. They don’t want it. They believe it would cause rapid gentrification which would mean the people who live there now might be forced out due to higher rent. Even though gentrification is a good thing in the long run, there’s always a period where societal clashes and class wars could erupt. The people of Chicago may have used the gentrification topic as an excuse. Perhaps the people just didn’t want to see an increase in Muslim activity.

National Review wrote:
In May of this year, protesters began a campaign to implore the Obama Foundation, the group overseeing the library’s construction, to sign a community benefit agreement (CBA), which would commit the Foundation to setting aside jobs for residents around the library, protecting low-income housing, supporting black-owned businesses, and strengthening neighborhood schools. The Foundation refused, and when a resident asked Obama himself to sign the agreement at a September public meeting about the library, Obama refused as well. The issue many Chicagoans take with the library isn’t simply the absent CBA or the use of park land, but the way the Foundation has steamrolled them at every stage of the process. And it’s hard for them to ignore the irony underpinning the whole ordeal: Obama’s stated purpose for his library is to inspire visitors and locals “to make a positive change in their communities,” yet the project has already begun to alienate the very community it’s meant to change.

Maybe Obama should take a hint. The residents don’t want his nonsense in their town. Does anyone? Obama alienated America when he went on “apology tours” and wanted everyone to sympathize with the religion that took down the World Trade Center. Obama has a long way to go if he genuinely wants to win the hearts of Americans, but linking himself to Islam is not the way to do it. For most, it may be too late. The radical Islamic sympathizer may have already sealed the deal of his legacy. This atrocious building he’s constructing in Chicago isn’t receiving the attention he hoped. What did he expect?

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