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Matt Palumbo

Watch What Happens As Soon As Mouthy Celebs Start Trashing TRUMP On Stage! AWESOME!




The Golden Globes awards ceremony was last night, and Meryl Streep made an emotional speech to her leftist friends in the audience tonight (a.k.a., nearly the entire audience) during it. It sure took a lot of courage to go up on stage and recite the only acceptable views within Hollywood.

She’s been an open Hollywood liberals for decades, and what Streep and her ilk fail to recognize is that we weren’t just rejecting Hillary when we elected Donald J. Trump, we were rejecting the arrogant leftism of Hollywood.

Here’s her speech in its entirety:


Of course, there were just a feeeeeeew conservatives in the audience, and their reaction to her speech was priceless.


Mediaite comments:

Two well-known Hollywood conservatives who were in the room also weren’t exactly feeling Streep’s address. And at one point, the camera panned on them and we got this reaction shot.

Yep. Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson, who worked together on the war film Hacksaw Ridge, didn’t look thrilled with what Streep was saying.

Once they were shown on screen, we got a decent amount of reaction on Twitter to their expressions.


Trust me, my reaction wasn’t much different.

Isn’t everyone sick of listening to arrogant, clueless Hollywood celebrities pretending that they’re educating us?

Matt Palumbo

Police Get Last Laugh On Cocky Thug With BRUTAL Lesson They Left On The Back Of His Brand new Truck




Well, here’s a reminder that you don’t exactly want to be cocky in front of the people who have the power to put you in jail as a criminal.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize it’s a bad idea, but it’s not all too uncommon for drug dealers to boast about the fruits of their “labor” on social media – the cash, cars, and random luxury goods. Given countless stories out there of people who’ve lost their jobs over comments they made on social media they didn’t expect certain people to see, you’d think that people would wise up. I guess it’s no surprise that drug dealers aren’t among those who know better.

According to Bunker Buster News:

Police in an unidentified jurisdiction apparently decided to have a little fun at the expense of one of these criminals who found himself busted, according to Mad World News, and it’s sure to leave everyone who sees it smiling knowing there is some justice in the world.

While we don’t know many of the the details to this story, Mad World News said that police arrested a drug dealer and impounded his truck as a result of that arrest. A picture of that truck later appeared on Twitter showing that police actually did much more than that.

To act as a deterrent – and boast about the fruits of their own labor, police got creative with what they did to his truck. They turned it into police property, and put the words “This vehicle belonged to a drug dealer: He went to jail and we are driving his car” on the back.

Well, it’s clear who got the last laugh on that one.

Police in the UK had the same idea too. And lucky them – they managed to nab a Rolls Royce as a result.

Catching drug dealers is apparently more profitable than dealing drugs!

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Matt Palumbo

Liberals Are Demanding You Download This App To ‘Protect’ You From Conservatives — Look What It REALLY Does!

This Proves liberals are idiots!




Following the election of Donald Trump, the narrative of an epidemic of “fake news” quickly emerged. It’s not hard to see why.

The media in its entirety absolutely despised Donald Trump – and he still won. How could they explain away his victory aside from competition from media that couldn’t possibly be as reliable as them?

In reality, people simply woke up to the B.S. that the media was spinning. If you want proof that “fake news” for those in the liberal media is synonymous with nothing more than “conservative news,” (unlike “CNN” for the rest of us). Just take a look at who the “experts” consider fake news.

As Right Wing News reported:

Harvard University, a.k.a. snowflake central has just established a research guide on fake news. It just so happens that all of those identified on their fake news guide happen to dozens upon dozens of respectable conservative websites…and they are being described as “unreliable” or “fake”.

The Daily Caller, for instance, is labeled as being “political,” “clickbait,” and having “bias,” whereas The Daily Kos is labeled as “political” “clickbait,” yet is considered “credible.”

Several other influential conservative outlets are included on the list of potentially fake or discredited sources, such as Independent Journal Review, Newsmax, Conservative Review, and The Washington Free Beacon, though none of their liberal counterparts, like Vox, Slate, or Buzzfeed, are on the list.

In fact, the word “conservative” appears 19 times on the list while the term “liberal” appears only 4 times.

Even if you consider the sites above to be sensationalist (and Newsmax, Conservative Review, and the Free Beacon seldom are), that hardly makes them “false.” Maybe “disagreeable” is the word they were looking for.

You can view the full list here.

Hilariously, websites like The Onion, Andy Borowitz’s column, and Clickhole are listed as “fake news,” when everyone and their mother understands that they’re satirical.

And of course, Freedom Daily gets an honorary mention. Thank God they didn’t forget us.

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Matt Palumbo

BAD News For 3 Anti-Trump Judges Who Allowed Obama To Wiretap, After Trump Finds BIG Secret They Hid

Obama’s shadow government is falling!




Last weekend, Donald Trump made an explosive claim that during his campaign Trump Tower was wiretapped – and that then-President Barack Obama was behind it.

Trump offered no evidence for the claims, but what he said may be some “truthful hyperbole” (a term Trump himself coined).

As former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy summarized in National Review, Obama’ Justice Department considered a criminal investigation aimed at a number of Trump’s associates – and found nothing criminal.

After that fail, they converted the investigation into an intelligence probe under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Elements of that story have been confirmed by The New York Times, the BBC and McClatchy newspapers.

FISA surveillance has to be approved by a special court, which almost always allows the government to spy on people when asked. To the Obama administration’s surprise, the Justice Department refused in this case. As McCarthy noted, this is notable because “the FISA court is notoriously solicitous of government requests to conduct national security surveillance.”

The Obama administration wasn’t ready to take no for an answer and came back during the final weeks of the election with a narrower request that didn’t specifically mention Trump. That narrower request was granted by the court – though no articles confirming it mention any wiretapping.

But who the heck was it who signed off on those FISA requests that were initially denied.

According to the Gateway Pundit – none other than Loretta Lynch.

According to ABC, all applications to the FISA Court were signed off on by the Attorney General and therefore if any applications were processed in the past year, they were signed off on by Loretta Lynch. This means that Lynch signed off on any requests for wire tapping President Donald Trump during the Presidential race. This is disheartening knowing that she released a video over the weekend calling for the need for more marching, blood and death on the streets. This also means that she chose not to investigate the Clinton Foundation for illegal activities but rather signed an application to wire tap President Trump.

The Gateway Pundit also notes that “Five of the current eleven judges on the court are scheduled to be on the court for President Trump’s entire first term with six of the judges’ terms expiring before January 2021. Seven of the judges are scheduled into the year 2020.”

And with that, we just found one more part of the swamp that needs to be drained.

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