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WTF? Amy Schumer Backs Out, Now Says Talk of Moving was a Joke?!

Amy Schumer backed out, but she can do this ONE THING that will redeem her!



Comedian Amy Schumer faces the reality of a Donald Trump victory and stumbles over her previous words as she backs out of her previous notion that she would leave America if Hillary lost to Trump.

The American people have spoken! The same people who probably bought her movie and show tickets also voted for a shake-up in American politics. It’s not even that people particularly liked Donald Trump, but the people want the corrupt government to get a good shaking.

Amy Schumer and a few other celebrities have expressed their intent on leaving America if Trump wins. Here we are. Pack your bags. Sell your home and buy a one way plane ticket to “no-one-gives-a-f*ck-istan” and make good on your words.

Or stay. I’m cool with Amy Schumer staying in America because it provides us with another crybaby to giggle at. I feel bad laughing at adults in a mean way, but sometimes they do things that are so beyond stupid that you find yourself shaking your head and asking yourself what they were thinking.

Amy is possibly the most tolerable of the group of people who said they would leave. Many of the rest, like Cher, have been out of the spotlight and seek attention. Miley Cyrus simply does anything to get people to look at her, especially her idiotic fake crying scene where she couldn’t contain herself in one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen.

It’s OK, Amy – you can stay. You can keep complaining. You can keep lobbying about guns and we will keep pointing out that it’s not the tool, but the person behind it, who commits the crime. We will cover you and remind you about how you look and sound like an idiot. Normally you get paid to be funny, but you’re at your best when you’re on a stage making ZERO points.

Train Wreck was a decent movie and John Cena was pretty creepy in it, and I even paid for my tickets to watch it. I put money in your pocket. If you’re staying in America and providing us something to write about, then maybe you might indirectly put money in my pocket too. Probably enough to buy a diet Doctor Pepper and a cheeseburger, but it’s better than nothing.

Now that I think of it, I’d really like Amy to stay. So please stay in America, give us something to poke fun at, and entertain us with your gathering of millennial idiot crybaby snowflake fans.

We get it. It was a joke. We know how comedy works. I didn’t expect you to leave, but I expect some of the others to already have a condo rented in a third world country since they think America is so bad.

If Amy Schumer wants to impress me, then she’ll do the ultimate joke. An epic trolling of proportions that may not ever be matched.

Get on the plane and go. Leave for a while. Convince some of those other snowflakes to pack up and head out with you. Trick the other celebrities into leaving. Upon completion of your mission, you may return and you’ll be pretty awesome if you accomplish something like convincing 20 liberal moron celebrities to leave the country for us. Your fans in other places may not agree, but this is America and we’re great again, so it’s all good. We were always great, just hit a few snowflake protesters on the way.

At least help us out and get the Kardashians out of America. Maybe board a plane with them, trick them into buying one way tickets, have them sell their home?

If Amy does this, then I think she earns a pass into our hearts. She would be like an internal operative spy crushing the leftists liberal celebrities from the inside. I would give her crazy amounts of respect if she lured these hack celebs out of America and left them stranded somewhere they don’t even like.

I would watch her next movie twice if she pulled this off. I’d be at the theatre dressed as Caitlyn Jenner in an Amy Schumer t-shirt, stuffing my face with buttery popcorn and laughing at her jokes like it’s the best thing on Earth since deer jerky.

Anything to get that talentless hack family out of this country while taking a few other she-hags like Miley, Cher, and Madonna. Madonna’s mouth should be full right now, if you catch my drift.


Louder with Crowder – “First of all the interview where I said I would move was in London and was said in jest. Not that anyone needs more than a headline to count something as official news,” she wrote on Instagram.

The star added in her lengthy post that she was grieving. “I am furious. I cry for her and for all the smart people I love…”

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Melania Just Showed Up With Incredible Surprise For Woman After Hearing What Her 1 Wish Was



The Trumps have already kicked off the Christmas season by accepting the White House Christmas tree a few days earlier than the typical tradition since the family is heading to the “Winter White House” in Florida for Thanksgiving this week. They’ve already proven that they are doing things much differently than their predecessors, by bringing the reason for the season back in a way the country has missed for the last eight years. No matter how busy the First Lady is with her holiday duties and upcoming Thanksgiving festivities with her family, she dropped everything and did something incredible when she heard about a South Dakota woman’s one wish.

There’s arguably no other president and first lady in history as approachable and personable as the Trumps have been and this latest “gift” to an average woman in middle America proves that. When the Donald Trump promised to be a president to the people, he did just that and Melania came right alongside him with the same resolve as first lady.  Watertown, South Dakota resident, Candace Schumacher, can certainly attest to that after Melania played elf to this woman who definitely wouldn’t have gotten a response if Michelle Obama was still the first lady.

As we’ve previously reported, it’s the responsibility of the first lady to decide the Christmas decor theme and make all the decorating arrangements for the White House. Melania hasn’t announced what her special plan is for the tree she and son Barron Trump just accepted today, but we’re sure it won’t disappoint and also won’t avoid the greeting “Merry Christmas” that her husband brought back into the season. However, Schumacher has a few ideas for the first lady and shared her big dream with Melania in a heartfelt letter she wrote to the White House requesting the honor to be among this year’s Christmas decorators.

Schumacher was watching Home And Garden Television (HGTV) when she saw former First Lady Michelle Obama giving a tour of the White House at Christmastime to show off the halls were decorated. The decor was extensive and Schumacher, whose favorite hobby is decorating for the holidays, was impressed but curious about how one gets a gig like that. She did a little research and wrote letters to her state representatives about the potential for such an opportunity. They went unanswered until she penned a note to Melania Trump.

“There was no application or anything. I just said I was interested in decorating the White House,” Schumacher said, according to Aberdeen News. “There was no response and my kids kept telling me it was such a long shot. If you want to do something, you have to go for it or else it’s just a wish. You don’t want any regrets. You have to see what you can do in life.”

She wrote the right woman who was more than happy to grant her wish of a lifetime that Schumacher thought would be a longshot. While the Obamas were in office, the honor of decking the White House halls was reserved for paid professionals, rather than talented Americans who want the volunteer opportunity simply for the experience of it. Doing it this way not only reaffirms that the White House is the “People’s House” it also cuts our a massive unnecessary expense of paying people to decorate out of taxpayer funds.

Aberdeen News reports:

Despite it being the most famous house in all of the United States, Watertown’s Candace Schumacher should feel right at home in the White House over the Thanksgiving weekend.

 Schumacher has been selected to decorate the White House for Christmas this year, making her first-ever trip to Washington, D.C. one that she won’t soon forget.
 She will be among a group of nearly 75 volunteers representing 20 different states taking part in the annual decorating tradition.

“I’m so humbled and grateful for this opportunity. Hundreds of thousands of people will be seeing this on TV and it’s such an honor to represent Watertown and South Dakota as well,” Schumacher said. “I’m proud for Watertown and South Dakota. I don’t think another person from the state has ever done this before.”

Many of the details are being kept secret from the selected candidates. They do know that they will be divided into smaller groups and each group will be responsible for a certain room in the White House. Schumacher doesn’t know what room she will actually be decorating.

It’s incredible that the first lady is granting people their wishes and opening the White House doors to Americans who want to show their love for the country, the season, and the first family by decorating for this special time of year. What a difference a new presidency makes, especially after the Obamas shut the People’s House down to the people by eliminating all White House tours. With the Trumps living there, it feels like home.

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Eminem Just Got DEVASTATING Dose Of Karma 1 Week After Telling Trump And His Fans To ‘F’ Themselves



Ever since Trump won the election, liberal butt-hurt has been on full display. Obama-worshiping celebrities are worst types of liberals, with rappers like Snoop Dogg now utilizing  their “talent” to act out Trumps assassination plots in their music videos, as they jive around making terroristic threats to a catchy beat.

Several weeks ago, washed up aging rapper Eminem was the latest celebrity to vomit his opinion about President Trump into the universe, where he tailored a song specifically for Colin Kaeprnick, praising the third-string quarterback’s disrespect for our country, where the remainder of the song was written to bash President Trump. Eminem then told any fan of his who had voted for Trump to basically “F themselves,” displaying yet again the “tolerance” of the left.

Now just one week after Eminem’s anti-Trump song went viral among liberals, karma has just smacked the 45-year-old so hard, he might just get launched all the way to the Compton trailer park where he belongs. “Slim Shady” recently decided to freestyle about how much he hated Trump, taking the stage on Saturday Night Live to perform his new single, “Walk On Water.”

The aging Eminem was hoping that his new hit single could rocket him back into the spotlight he lost back in the early 2000’s, but his uninspiring performance promoted several of his fans to give some unsolicited advice that has absolutely crushed Eminem’s ego.

 Not only were some of his fans disappointed and telling Eminem to go back to the trailer park, but the Daily Mail reveals even more brutal comments that appeared across social media following what should’ve been Eminem’s “comeback performance:

“Eminem is SKEWERED on social media after his bizarre performance on SNL.”

“Eminem doing a time machine performance and it ain’t helping the fact that he’s washed up and old,’ a user wrote,

“Awful performance on SNL. @Eminem.”

“Eminem sucks so bad and it sounds like he’s spitting every time he talks @nbcsnl make it stop,” one user wrote, breaking specific elements in the performance which they believed weren’t up-to-snuff.

Another groused: “Eminem is terrible…damn does the dude have any sense timing/rhythm? Well at least he got the grey dyed out of his beard… that’s something I guess.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, one said: “Wish I could text my 7th grade self like: ‘Omg b****, Eminem still raps in 2017 and he sucks!’”

What’s hilarious is this isn’t the first Trump-bashing celebrity to get a massive dose of well-deserved karma immediately after publicly bashing our president. Carrie Underwood delivered a disgusting anti-Trump performance  on stage at the CMAs, going on to break a bone shortly afterwards.

Amanda Shea via mPolitical reported:

Country music fans who are typically conservative and support our president and appreciate what he’s done to make America great again, lost all respect for Underwood and Paisley after they decided to turn against the fans and the president on stage at the CMAs. With total disregard for who was watching and the CMA executives orders, hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood suggested Trump’s a cheater in a song performance and put on skits poking fun of some things he’s done in the public eye. They clearly crossed the line and the show’s instant ratings plummet proved it, but Underwood just took a really hard fall that her former fans are calling “karma” for her nasty anti-Trump antics.

It’s pretty hilarious that no matter what liberals do to destroy our president, their antics always manage to blow up in their faces. But how fitting is it that


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What The NYT Said They Are Teaching Black Kids To Do To White Kids Because Of Trump Will Make You SICK!

They’ve gone Way too far This time!



Most of us now have a very firm grasp on how difficult racial issues have become in America today. No matter how much a person wants to bridge the gap, if another person claims they were offended, all those efforts were wasted. White privilege and social equality seem to be the mantras of 2017, and it’s only getting worse.

While the idea of making everyone equal might sound really great, unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening. In what we hope started out as a sincere campaign to combat ill-treatment of African Americans, has morphed into an all-out war on Caucasians. The irony isn’t lost on most that the treatment that social justice warriors claim to be fighting is the treatment that they’re handing out.

Let’s be clear, no one is saying that the treatment of African Americans in this country in the past was right. However, it’s also not right to punish this generation of white privilege holders, just because you feel the pain of those in your past. But that’s just what one Law School professor in advocating that we do in his op-ed for the New York Times. Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro re-published the piece so that you and I can enjoy a peek into the mind of the conscientious social justice warrior, and how they’re raising their kids:

On Saturday, The New York Times ran yet another execrable op-ed, this time from Professor Ekow Yankah of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University. This op-ed argued that black children should not be friends with white children and that their parents ought to warn them off of such relationships. This assuredly makes things awkward at Yeshiva University, a Jewish school.

The piece begins with Yankah’s oldest son, who is 4, talking about his friends:

‘My oldest son, wrestling with a 4-year-old’s happy struggles, is trying to clarify how many people can be his best friend. “My best friends are you and Mama and my brother and …” But even a child’s joy is not immune to this ominous political period. This summer’s images of violence in Charlottesville, Va., prompted an array of questions. “Some people hate others because they are different,” I offer, lamely. A childish but distinct panic enters his voice. “But I’m not different.” It is impossible to convey the mixture of heartbreak and fear I feel for him. Donald Trump’s election has made it clear that I will teach my boys the lesson generations old, one that I for the most part nearly escaped. I will teach them to be cautious, I will teach them suspicion, and I will teach them distrust. Much sooner than I thought I would, I will have to discuss with my boys whether they can truly be friends with white people.

Meaningful friendship is not just a feeling. It is not simply being able to share a beer. Real friendship is impossible without the ability to trust others, without knowing that your well-being is important to them. The desire to create, maintain or wield power over others destroys the possibility of friendship. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous dream of black and white children holding hands was a dream precisely because he realized that in Alabama, conditions of dominance made real friendship between white and black people impossible.

As against our gauzy national hopes, I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible. When they ask, I will teach my sons that their beautiful hue is a fault line. Spare me platitudes of how we are all the same on the inside. I first have to keep my boys safe, and so I will teach them before the world shows them this particular brand of rending, violent, often fatal betrayal.

Of course, the rise of this president has broken bonds on all sides. But for people of color the stakes are different. Imagining we can now be friends across this political line is asking us to ignore our safety and that of our children, to abandon personal regard and self-worth. Only white people can cordon off Mr. Trump’s political meaning, ignore the ‘unpleasantness’ from a position of safety. His election and the year that has followed have fixed the awful thought in my mind too familiar to black Americans: ‘You can’t trust these people.’…I do not write this with liberal condescension or glee. My heart is unbearably heavy when I assure you we cannot be friends.'”

Shapiro adds his own comments to the professor:

“The condescension is real, and the glee is palpable. To teach your children not to hope for a day when black and white can be friends – in fact, to teach your children now that such a day isn’t here – is asinine. And to pretend that every Trump voter is replete with hatred is just as asinine. But racism and bigotry are fine so long as they come from the Left, apparently.”

Once again, we find that every woe this country has begins and ends with both Donald Trump and white people. It gives the impression that there’s never going to be peace because those who claim to want it are actually stirring up the hate. The mantra that the white guilt will never be enough and that African Americans will have to mete out punishment as they see fit is an ideology that will only lead to more hatred and fear. The roles might end up being reversed, but it will still breed fear, and with fear comes conflict.
[H/T: Daily Wire]

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