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EXCLUSIVE: WWP Execs Exonerated, NY TIMES Fake News Hurt Millions Of Wounded Vets!

Our exclusive interview with a founder of the Wounded Warrior Project



The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) has been helping injured veterans since its inception in 2003, 2 years after the deadly terror attacks that rocked the nation on 9-11. Since its inception, the organization became the #1 veterans charity in the world. This year, WWP surpassed the 100,000 mark in terms of veterans they provide assistance to. Work the Wounded Warrior Project does has seen billions of dollars go to help severely injured veterans, and that doesn’t even include the charity’s day to day operations.

Gregory Galeazzi

Who has WWP helped? Veterans like Army Captain Gregory Galeazzi. Galeazzi lost both of his legs in Afghanistan in 2011. His right arm was severely injured, also. The WWP came to his aid by pledging to pay for advanced prosthetics training, and helped boost his morale by buying him tickets to New England Patriots games, and connected him with music teachers who helped him learn to play guitar despite his arm being so critically damaged.

When reports surfaced about possible WWP’s misuse of donor funds last year, Galeazzi told the Military Times, “I’m worried that whole safety net isn’t going to be there anymore. I’ve got a standing offer from them to help with advanced prosthetics training, whenever I’m ready they’ll cover the costs. You don’t know what it’s like to have that kind of safety net and cushion if you need it.”

Galeazzi went on, “Those are things that people may see the costs, but it’s something you really can’t put a value on. Most people can’t see my experiences and what the group has meant. But they can see a two-minute news report that shits on the whole organization.”

We were in contact with Captain Galeazzi via email and he thanked us for taking on this story so as to vindicate those in the WWP who have been hurt by the allegations of wrongdoing by Fake News outlets such as the New York Times.

Jennifer Norris

The Wounded Warrior Project doesn’t just help those who have been injured on the battlefield, but also those wounded in other ways. Jennifer Norris was a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force. She retired in 2011 due to PTSD caused by a sexual assault. She spoke glowingly of WWP on her site after attending a series of events designed to assist those with PTSD caused by military sexual trauma:

“Wounded Warrior Project has been a godsend in my life. It started with the first program I attended about a year ago and has only continued to get better. This month I attended the WWP Physical Health and Wellness Expo at the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Florida. I absolutely loved everything about what I learned at this place. I had done a ton of research the year prior trying to rebuild my life after the injuries I sustained in the military and was so relieved to learn that I was on the right track. The trainers were professional and helped simplify what is a very overwhelming process if you try to learn about physical heath and wellness on-line.”

Norris continued: “Wounded Warrior Project is definitely investing in veterans with both physical and mental wounds. The programs offered by WWP are a nice compliment to what the VA is currently doing but WWP is taking it a step further. WWP “takes a holistic approach when serving warriors and their families to nurture the mind and body, and encourage economic empowerment and engagement.”

These heroes and tens of thousands of others have two things in common. They fought selflessly to defend their country, and, upon their return to the states, the Wounded Warrior Project generously provided them with the support they needed to adjust to civilian life.

After being attacked by the New York Times and CBS News last year, Wounded Warrior Project has fallen on hard times, and many severely wounded veterans are no longer receiving assistance. But now the truth has come out. The reports by the Times and CBS that Wounded Warrior Project was misusing funds has been completely debunked. Not only were tens of thousands of wounded veterans harmed by the lies maliciously told about WWP, but two of the founding members were fired by the board of directors, and now they’re speaking out.

Al Giordano

Freedom Daily spoke exclusively to Al Giordano, a Marine vet & co-founder and former Chief Operating Officer of WWP.

In 2009, Steve Nardizzi, another co-founder, became CEO of WWP. Both he & Giordano have been credited with building the Wounded Warrior Project into a charity powerhouse for injured veterans. That’s when MSM began running fake news about the organization.

On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, the New York Times ran a story based on the testimonies of several employees of WWP who were disgruntled over their termination from the charity. The former employees who had been fired had created a private Facebook page with which to communicate with one another. There they plotted to take down Wounded Warrior Project, and the New York Times was more than eager to help.

Giordano steered us to Professor Doug White, an author, recognized expert on charities, and former Director of the Masters of Science in Fundraising Management program at Columbia University. Professor White became aware of the hit piece done by the New York Times and compiled a 79-page independent report on the matter.

White pointed out in his independent report that the Facebook group included Len Stachitis, Executive Vice President of Strategic Giving of WWP. Stachitis was terminated for covering up the theft of donor dollars from his direct reports including Teresa Nichols, Manager of Major gifts, another member of the Facebook group.

Dave Philipps, a reporter for the Times, had been contacted by the group of fired WWP employees in June of 2015. Giordano relayed to us that while some former employees spoke glowingly about what WWP had done for them personally, they lied about how the charity was being managed. They had a score to settle. And Philipps ate it up.

Nothing good that Philipps was told about WWP made it into his final article for the New York Times.

What did Philipps leave out of his hit piece?

  • That employees told him that WWP saved their lives and even their marriages.
  • That Dan Nevins, an Army vet who lost both of his legs in Iraq literally cried about what WWP had done for him. Philipps laughed about it.
  • That WWP had awesome morale and the lowest employee turnover for any charity – half the industry standard.
  • That WWP had been voted the best non-profit to work for 3 years in a row – Philipps said it was worst.
  • That WWP set up a private health care network with $70 million over three years to 4 hospitals for injured veterans to receive free mental health counseling.
  • That WWP set up a Trust Fund with $100 million to take care of veterans whose parents couldn’t so they wouldn’t have to have the government put them into nursing homes.
  • That Al Giordano and Steve Nardizzi got rave reviews from the WWP Board of Directors for how they did their jobs… Every. Single. Year.

A third party company was even brought in to do the internal polling in order to avoid the possibility of employees feeling “pressured” to rate their bosses in a favorable light.

None of these things made it into the New York Times’ hit piece on the Wounded Warrior Project. Everything that was perceived to be negative about the charity, even the lies the disgruntled, fired employees told Philipps, made the cut, though. Imagine that.

The biggest lie the New York Times told about Wounded Warrior Project? That they only spent 60 cents of every dollar donated for wounded veterans.

The New York Times cited a report from charity auditor “Charity Navigator” that WWP spent “lavishly” on executives & administration rather than on vets. It turns out, the reporting was completely bogus, and just recently, WWP was afforded a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator, it’s top rating, for the fiscal year 2015. Of course, for the New York Times, the story is all that matters, regardless of who is hurt if the story is 100% BS.

Wounded Warrior Project’s past finances were audited by FTI consulting and the Better Business Bureau. They found that there was NO “lavish spending” on the part of WWP and that the charity, in fact, gave 81% of contributions to injured vets.

Professor White explained in his report how the inaccurate reporting came about. His conclusions are damning – for the Fake News New York Times that is. In his report, he states that:

“Many of the allegations made in the CBS News and The New York Times reports were either wrong or misleading. Both news organizations relied too heavily on too few on the record to generate reports that would have such a damning impact on a charitable organization and  those it serves. Each organization should run an apology story.

Chief Executive Officer Steve Nardizzi and Chief Operations Officer Al Giordano, Wounded
Warrior Project’s two top executives before they were fired after a financial review was
conducted in response to the media allegations – a review that stunningly did not result in a written report – were overseeing a modern, national charity. Each, by any standard, result, or metric, performed well. The finances were sound and WWP’s impact was strong.

In terms of helping veterans, their families, and their caregivers, there was a constant and growing level of success. The ex-employees who complained were naïve to think that any single expenditure meant the organization was wasting money. The complaints were not based on an overall understanding of how the organization worked or how charitable organizations generally work.”

Today, Steve Nardizzi and Al Giordano have been vindicated as over 300 media outlets have so far carried the story that WWP was in fact NOT misusing donor funds. Nardizzi and Giordano were fired because of FAKE news put out by the New York Times, and by CBS News (We’ll have an exclusive follow-up story on CBS News’ stunning part in the take-down soon, also).

The disgusting thing about all of this? Despite being proven wrong, neither the New York Times nor CBS will publish a retraction of their false stories. The Wounded Warrior Project is on schedule to lose $300 million in donor funds since the fake news stories came out. This has devastated WWP and its ability to help more wounded veterans, according to Giordano. Millions of veterans have been affected.

Even the uber-liberal Washington Post reported on WWP being cleared of any wrongdoing under Nardizzi & Giordano.

“After months of investigation, the Better Business Bureau has cleared the Wounded Warrior Project, one of the nation’s largest veterans charities, of ‘lavish spending,’ and gave the nonprofit organization its seal of approval. The bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance report found that Warrior Project spending has been “consistent with its programs and missions.””

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly covered the news. Watch at 3:48 into the video.

The devastating effects of the New York Times’ Fake News on the WWP will be felt by wounded veterans for years. Retired Army lieutenant general Mike Linnington, the current CEO of WWP explained to the Florida Times that:

I am concerned that we don’t have the ability to fuel the mission. In terms of impact, the sad tragedy of the last year is programs and warriors were negatively affected by inaccurate or grossly exaggerated reporting. That is what is very concerning.”

The Wounded Warrior Project was built into the world’s premiere veterans charity with one goal in mind – to do all they could to assist our heroes wounded in battle or while in service to their country. They have literally affected millions of lives. The New York Times, with its disgusting, vile, purposeful ignoring of the facts, did more damage to wounded veterans than any war could. And they should f-cking pay for it.

Watch for our upcoming exclusive story on how CBS News sought to bring down WWP & hurt wounded American veterans. We’ll be interviewing the former CEO of WWP who was fired when CBS & the New York Times published the FAKE NEWS about the charity.

NOTE TO READERS: If you have any doubt about this story, please read the entire 79 page investigative report that was done by a neutral investigator. Many people were duped and got it wrong, now it’s time to do the right thing- CLICK HERE TO READ REPORT 


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By Jeff Rainforth
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Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot's Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.


BREAKING: Prepare To PUKE When You See Who Is Already Leading The Race For 2020 In Polls Right Now



A new poll just came out showing who is leading the Democrat field for president in 2020. And the results are downright terrifying.

The Socialist Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, who won the coveted New Hampshire primary in his unsuccessful bid to upset Crooked Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democrat primaries, continues to garner more support than any other presidential hopeful in the party which he uses to run under when it’s convenient. He actually beat out party superstars such as former Vice President ‘Crazy Uncle’ Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

Most Democratic primary voters, 58%, are undecided or could not think of a name when asked whom they would support. But sadly, the poll found that Democratic primary voters most readily mentioned the socialist Bernie Sanders at 14%, Joe Biden at 5%, Hillary Clinton at 5%, Elizabeth Warren at 4%, and Joseph Kennedy at 4%.

Sanders’ support actually rose when the respondents were provided a list of potential candidates. This could be due to Democrat voters having short memory spans due to prior drug use. When given a list of front-runners, the poll revealed 31 percent support for the self-described socialist, compared to 24 percent for Biden, and 13 percent for Warren. The survey comes out as Sanders is planning his second trip to New Hampshire in two months, though he has declined to say if he intends to run in 2020.

Town Hall Reports:

Can We Talk About Bernie Sanders And His Wife Being Under FBI Investigation?

Oh, the ghosts of Burlington College are back to haunt the Sanders. In 2016, reports about Sen. Bernie Sander’s (I-VT) wife, Jane, running the college into the ground, coupled with his tax plan, made for some good cannon fodder against the self-described democratic socialist’s financially reckless agenda during the 2016 primaries. Yet, what was missed was the fact that the FBI began peering through the financial records of the college, which had secured a $10 million loan, $3.65 million of which came from the Church, to expand the campus along Lake Champlain. The local Catholic diocese had owned the property and had just settled on sexual abuse charges that totaled over $17 million. They were eager to sell. Still, the college’s plan to expand seemed lofty. It only had an enrollment of around 200. In short, this expansion project sunk the college, but the loan to secure the purchase involved Sen. Sanders, who reportedly placed pressure on the People’s United Bank for the loan. Yes, Democrats will deflect saying that, Brady Toensing, Trump’s campaign chair in Vermont, was the one who dug into this transaction and found possible evidence of bank fraud. Still, the couple has dismissed the claims until now; lawyering up for an investigation that has spanned months that was started under the Obama administration. Politico had a lengthy piece on the subject (via Politico):

Sanders and his wife have been trying to ignore the federal investigation since reporters for VTDigger, an online publication, confirmed the FBI’s involvement in April. The original request for an investigation into the potential bank fraud did indeed come from Brady Toensing, an attorney who chaired Trump’s Vermont campaign, and whose January 2016 letter to the U.S. attorney for Vermont put federal agents on the trail.

On January 10, 2016, in the midst of Sanders’ sudden stardom—just weeks before the votes in Iowa and New Hampshire—the U.S. attorney for Vermont was sent a “Request for an Investigation into Apparent Federal Bank Fraud.”

Backed by six exhibits and a dozen documents, the four-page letter described how Jane Sanders had “orchestrated” the purchase of 33 acres along Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont’s largest city, where her husband had minted his populist political brand as mayor. The deal closed in 2010, when the senator’s wife was president of Burlington College, a tiny, obscure, nontraditional school that always seemed to be struggling for students and funds. The letter alleged that to secure a $10 million loan and execute her grand plan to expand the college, Jane Sanders had falsified and inflated nearly $2 million that she’d claimed donors had pledged to repay the loans.

Sanders had “successfully and intentionally engaged in a fraudulent scheme to actively conceal and misrepresent material facts from a federal financial institution,” the letter alleged. It pressed for a federal investigation into potential bank fraud.

Beyond the glare, federal investigators and FBI agents started to pull apart the $10 million financial arrangement. They showed up at Burlington College to sift through hard drives, audit reports and spreadsheets. They began to interview donors, board members and past president Carol Moore. “I was contacted and spoke with an FBI agent numerous times last spring, again last summer,” Moore told Vermont Public Radio in May 2017, “and recently, maybe a month ago.”

A second letter to federal prosecutors in early 2016 alleged that Senator Sanders’ office had pressured the bank to approve the loan application submitted by Jane Sanders. “Improper pressure by a United States Senator is a serious ethical violation,” the letter asserted.

The records showed that Sanders had assured People’s United Bank and the state bonding agency that the college had $2.6 million in pledges to secure the loan. Internal college audits showed that only $676,000 in actual donations came in from 2010 to 2014. Sanders listed two people as having confirmed pledges for more money than they had offered; neither knew their pledges had been used to support the loan. A third donor had offered a $1 million bequest, to be paid upon her death. Instead, the college’s loan application counted it in funds to be paid out over the next few years.

The donor, Corinne Bove Maietta, told VTDigger she had made the bequest contingent on her death, but was surprised the college counted the $1 million toward paying off the land loan. “They had me in increments?” Maietta asked, from her home in Florida. “No, never.” She and her accountant said Sanders asked Maietta to sign documents confirming the donations, but they declined. Maietta said investigators with the Federal Deposit Insurance Agency had interviewed her about the loan details. At the time, Sanders declined to comment.

Brady Toensing wrapped these figures and facts into the January 2016 letter to the U.S. attorney and the FDIC, requesting an investigation into what he termed “apparent federal bank fraud.” In March 2016, Toensing doubled down in another letter to federal officials. This time, he made an allegation that struck to the core of Bernie Sanders’ clean-government image. “As a result of my [initial] complaint,” Toensing wrote, “I was recently approached and informed that Senator Bernard Sanders’s office improperly pressured People’s United Bank to approve the loan application submitted by the Senator’s wife, Ms. Sanders.”

Now, the article does say that the evidence for such the allegations is thin, and that the senator’s pressuring might have been mere “casual suggestion.” According to legal experts the publication spoke to, proving bank fraud means, “it requires that the act be performed knowingly.” Not an easy task, but there was certainly enough to go on here for the FBI to take a look. The rest of the investigation is now in the hands of President Trump’s Department of Justice and the Vermont U.S. Attorney’s Office, which is vacant at the moment. The Sanders have reportedly retained the legal representation of Rich Cassidy, who represented former Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Can you imagine for one second what it would be like to go from having President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to having these two communist fraud dinosaurs in the White House? We would go from class, to two individuals who look like they haven’t showered or groomed themselves since the late 60’s. Please America, wake the hell up.  This isn’t a game and our country isn’t about socialism. We already tried that with Barack Hussein Obama and it didn’t work.

Please share if you agree the Sanders have no business in our White House….

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24Hrs After NFL Commish Tells Fans To Stop Talking About Protest, Shocking Veteran’s Day Plan Gets Out



When word got out that NFL officials were going to be holding an emergency meeting over the protests that have plagued their sport, the country thought they would emerge with a “white flag” on the issue and announce a hail mary in hopes of saving themselves from further failure. Instead, they perpetuated the disappointment and sealed their unfortunate fate for the rest of the season and perhaps even the future of the sport. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has had so many chances since early August when pre-season football and the protests began to do the right thing and doesn’t. Now, he’s sealed the unfortunate fate of the NFL forver with what he’s decided to do now.

Despite the NFL and NFLPA calling it a “productive meeting,” it was only productive in making matters worse for their industry when it didn’t seem like that couldn’t be possible. After coming out of the three-hour pow wow, the statement on what they discussed and conclusions they had come to was to continue to do nothing about kneeling while “promoting a positive social change and address inequality in our communities,” the statement said. This announcement was followed up with another detrimental statement to the sport when Goodell came out on Wednesday to say that protests are here to stay and that he’s basically sick of hearing about it and wants to get back to football.

He might be sick of discussing it, but Americans are sick of him allowing it and seeing it on the sidelines, destroying a sport much of the country used to enjoy. He can get back to football, but furious fans are planning to meet him on the field for the most important weekend of the year that doesn’t go well with what these kneeling athletes are doing.

The disrespectful antics are not going to be allowed to take place on Veterans Day weekend if a certain group of patriots have a say and the matter. They are making sure they do and that their voice is hear loud and clear with what they have planned for this special patriotic weekend.

Breitbart reports:

Main Street Patriots are rallying fellow citizens to show their support across the United States for the American flag and the national anthem on Veteran’s Day weekend as a way to send a message about the importance of standing and saluting during the playing of the national anthem at NFL football games.

The conservative group is encouraging Americans to join their Flags Across America movement next month.

“I have watched professional football since the time there were two separate leagues – AFL and NFL in the late 60’s,” Debbie Dooley, co-founder of the group told Breitbart News. “Sports has always been an arena where we are united in support of our favorite teams.”

“We are not Democrats or Republicans, we are simply fans,” Dooley said, adding that the NFL players are “seeking to change that by attempting to shove their political views down the throats of fans.”

Dooley is hoping people will fly flags everywhere over the weekend and on Veterans Day — even if it’s not in an NFL stadium. “I urge patriotic Americans to exercise their First Amendment rights and boycott the NFL and their sponsors,” Dooley said.

It’s not just NFL players who get to freely enjoy the rights granted them through the FAmendmentdment, every American can and should express themselves too in this very incredible way. If this massive show of flag and the message represented with it is offensive to those kneeling, then maybe it’s time they find a safe space in another country that doesn’t expect the same respect for Olf Glory.

“Flags Across America symbolizes Americans coming together and showing respect and honor to our nation’s flag and the freedom and liberty it symbolizes to the world,” co-founder Ralph King said, Breitbart reported. “It is also to honor the veterans that fought and died so we can maintain that freedom and liberty.”

“The U.S. flag and the freedom for which it stands, at levels never before witnessed in our country, is under constant attack from the Left and now pampered sports figures,” King said. “We cannot allow these attacks to go unanswered. Now is the time to be united standing in defense and proper recognition of Old Glory,” King said.This is about more than just the flag and anthem – although those are important. Sports stars used to be heroes and role models. When the NFL and other sports began lowering their standards for character all the other problems followed.

These protests are more about the message players supposedly started taking a knee for. It’s metastasized into something else entirely that’s a cancer on society. Sports stars used to be heroes and role models but when the NFL and other sports began lowering their standards for character all the other problems followed. If you’re boycotting, this is the one weekend to get involved for long enough to send a message back to the players and the league with a big visual that can’t be ignored. The “protest” is bigger than theirs.


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Gold Star Families FURIOUS At What Libs Did Behind Their Backs After They Got Them To Trash Trump’s Remarks



Over the last several days, the left has upped their attacks on President Trump by using Gold Star families as their nasty fodder. After Trump stated that Barack Obama didn’t call families of fallen soldiers, liberals and the mainstream media have been doing all they can to shift the blame back to the president. Now these families are furious seeing how they are being manipulated into doing the left’s dirty work, and are firing back in a big way.

The loss of a family member is never easy but when a military family member passes away in combat it can be even more difficult. That is why a phone call from the president of the United States can bring tremendous comfort to a grieving family trying to make sense of their loss. Earlier this week, President Trump commented on the lack of phone calls that previous presidents including Barack Obama didn’t make to the families of fallen soldiers.

“The traditional way, if you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didn’t make calls, a lot of them didn’t make calls,” Trump said. “I like to call when it’s appropriate.”

Of course, the left sprung into action to protect Barack Obama from the bad publicity by weaponizing Gold Star families against the GOP and President Trump. 

After that, suddenly Gold Star families began to appear on CNN and articles wrote in The New York Times attempting to smear President Trump’s lack of leadership. Though the most successful smear article came from the Washington Post, where a Gold Star father stated that President Trump offered $25,000 but never delivered on his promise. Then, The Associated Press posted a glorified classified ad on Twitter in hopes of finding more families that would be willing to trash President Trump.

“Are you a member of a Gold Star family who’s had contact with the White House? Confidentially share your story here,” the AP tweeted.  

Now, some Gold Star families are sick of being used as political fodder and are speaking out against these dirty leftist tactics publically.

Here is more from BizPac Review:

The father of one of the Green Berets killed in Niger offered a blistering rebuke of the fervid criticism being directed at President Donald Trump over a condolence call to a widow of a deceased soldier.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Arnold Wright, the father of Army Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, said he spoke with Trump on the phone and the president’s remarks were “appropriate.” He also said his son did know what he signed up for.

“I’ll say it: my son knew what he signed up for. He signed up to be a Green Beret. He had no illusions about what that meant,” said the Gold Star father who also served in the military. “My son came from a military family with a tradition that dates back to 1812. He fully knew what it means to serve and the risk involved.”

Wright’s input coming after Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., politicized a phone call Trump made to the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, ripping the president for his “insensitive remarks.”

Representative Frederica Wilson

Wilson, who’s furiously spinning the incident in Niger as “Mr. Trump’s Benghazi,” was sitting with Johnson’s widow as she spoke to Trump and claimed he told the grieving woman her husband “knew what he signed up for.”

Trump has denied the claim and tweeted Wednesday that Wilson, “totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action.”

White House chief of staff John Kelly, a retired United States Marine Corps general who lost his son in Afghanistan in 2010, thought Trump’s remarks were “completely appropriate” and “respectful,” according to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Wright said he spoke with the president for about 20 minutes, saying “the tone was great” and that he had no qualms with it coming two weeks after his son was killed.

“His comments were appropriate,” he told Time Magazine.

“He talked to me about the loss of my son and how he served with honor and dignity and he just wanted to give me a call to thank me,” Wright said. “I told him the kind of man Dustin was. We talked about his deployment.

“We got troops out there with no air cover. There are still teams in the country. That was the main point that was the conversation.”

There are plenty of issues that need to be addressed in our country and for the left to be obsessing over protecting Barack Obama seems somewhat counterproductive. These Gold Star families have suffered a loss that never will completely heal, and for the left to weaponize their pain is cruel and insensitive. It is way past time for Democrats to give up on their neurotic attacks on President Trump and work together for the good of the country and leave Gold Star families out of it.

H/T [Fox News]




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Gold Star Families FURIOUS At What Libs Did Behind Their Backs After They Got Them To Trash Trump’s Remarks

Over the last several days, the left has upped their attacks on President Trump by using Gold Star families as...

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